Hounslow Council

Committee details

Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education

Purpose of committee

Hounslow’s Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education advises the Education Authority and local schools on religious education (RE).  It has specific powers relating to “collective worship” in schools, and it also provides members for a group which regularly reviews the RE syllabus (the Agreed Syllabus Conference).  However, its main role is to promote good practice in this area of the curriculum and to foster understanding and positive relationships between different religious communities in the Borough.  If you have any general queries, please contact Democratic Services at the Council, on 020 8583 2075 or at democratic.services@hounslow.gov.uk.


  • Najeeb Ahmed   
  • Councillor Candice Atterton   
  • Alan Crabtree   
  • Eileen Crabtree   
  • Nasra Dirir   
  • Natalie Evans   
  • Councillor Linda Green   
  • Mike Kenton   
  • Louise Lawn   
  • Marais Leenders   
  • Mr John Leeson   
  • Steve Line   
  • Mr Sarup Singh Mahon   
  • Basil Mann   
  • Morgan Mirams   
  • Mark Newton   
  • Lesley Prior   
  • Faouzi Saffar   
  • Mr Alamdar Hussain Shah   
  • Dr Ranvir Singh  (Chair) 
  • Isabel Tayler   
  • Haresh Vyas   
  • Tusita Weerrakoon   
  • Gregory Wolcough   
  • Mehmoona Yousaf   

Contact information

Support officer: Email: wendy.merry@hounslow.gov.uk 020 8583 2061.