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Agenda item

Police Reports

Presented by Inspector Jonathan Shard.


Please see the police reports (agenda item 4)


The reports were presented by Tony O’Brien, Dedicated Ward Officer for Hounslow Heath. He confirmed that Chiswick police station would close early in 2018, although it would host Hammersmith officers for 18 months. Hounslow police station would remain open 24/7 however. The merger between the Hounslow, Hillingdon and Ealing police was beginning to take shape and the new set up for the Borough would be launched in May 2018. A pan-Borough Neighbourhood Resource Team would will be created as a ‘tasking’ team and would provide back-up to the wards. The neighbourhood policy would remain at the heart of local policing. All officers would be equipped with tablets by the end of November which would enable them to stay out on patrol and compile reports without having to return to the station. The facility to enable the public to report crime online had been launched on that day (9 November) but the existing 999 and 101 services would remain available.


With regard to reported anti-social behaviour (ASB) in and around School Road two ward officers and a PCSO were tasked with dealing with it along with a back-up unit. The area had become something of a magnet for drug dealers because of its alleyways and lack of CCTV coverage but fortunately residents did an excellent job of supplying intelligence such as locations of hidden drugs; it was common practice for criminals to hide drugs (and weapons) for retrieval later in case they were searched by police. A number of arrests had been made the previous day during drugs raids, which was an ongoing battle. The large number of alleys and open areas in and around the High Street, along with street furniture which attracted rough sleepers and street drinkers, brought its own problems.  A number of rough sleepers and street drinkers had moved into the area following the removal of street furniture in Whitton Road.


PC O’Brien agreed with Mr Wright’s views as set out in Open Forum, that ASB would move away if the suggested changes were made outside Holy Trinity Church. Police were examining the possibility of using CPOs to bar regular offenders from the High Street but it was a long process. It was hoped that the refurbishment of the Montague Road car park would remove rough sleepers.


Cllr Colin Ellar advised that he had been contacted by New London College on Staines Road to inform him that drug deals were believed to take place in Upton Road; there were also rough sleepers in the underground car park. This would possibly jeopardise the redevelopment and so would it be possible to tackle the issues through careful design? PC O’Brien believed that it could help. Cllr Mukesh Malhotra said that there were issues in his ward with anti-social motorcycle use on Hounslow Heath, often very late at night, and people making fires to burn rubbish at the former garden centre; he asked what could be done. PC O’Brien advised that eight youths had been subject to confiscation of mopeds as they refused to engage when tackled. CCTV may be helpful as would better locks on the gates. He had chased moped offenders often but without back up an officer on foot was under a severe disadvantage. Area Participation Officer Joan Conlon suggested that the Borough Commander be invited to speak to the Area Forum at its January 2018 meeting, given the high concerns about crime and disorder and ASB. Members agreed unanimously.


Cllr Bob Whatley proposed that Standing Orders be suspended given the late hour, seconded by Cllr Ajmer Grewal, which was unanimously agreed.

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