Hounslow Council

Agenda item

Open Forum

An opportunity for members of the public to address the meeting on general issues relating to the agenda and other issues not on the agenda.  Please note that individual cases cannot be discussed. 


A number of questions had been submitted in writing before the meeting and were considered as follows:


Area Forum consultation on the Residential Extension Guidelines Supplementary Planning Document:

The Isleworth Society asked why the proposed Residential Extension Guidelines Supplementary Planning Document had not been referred to Area Forum before the consultation began, in accordance with the timetable that had been presented to the Residents Associations Forum.  In view of this it was asked whether the consultation should be deferred and/or period of consultation extended to enable wider notification.   Councillor Curran noted that Councillor Dennison would investigate any particular concerns as the responsible Cabinet Member for consultation, adding that this particular guidance was long awaited.


Call-in for Nazareth House site:  

The Isleworth Society asked why its request for a call-in for planning application P/2017/2235 – 00937/A/P32 (Nazareth House Site Windows) had not been included for review in the Area Forum agenda.  The Chair read the response from the Development Management team “There is a lack of clarity as to the outcome following the November 2015 reports that officers are seeking to clarify before responding to The Isleworth Society request (particularly in Councillor Dennison’s absence) and that we wish to be sure that officers are able to apply a consistent and open-handed approach across the Borough.  It should be noted that the Isleworth and Brentford Area Forum has never been afforded the opportunity to comment on the November 2015 proposals because the report was withdrawn from the agenda at the 12 November 2015 meeting.  The qualification or selection criteria for ‘recognised amenity societies’ were still being worked on and would be resolved. The Isleworth Society can, however, be assured that the application in question will not be determined until this matter is resolved.”  Councillor Curran provided assurances that further clarification would be provided by Councillor Dennison at the next meeting of the Area Forum. (ACTION: Councillor Dennison)


Community Toilet Scheme:

St John’s Residents Association sought clarification as to which businesses had agreed to allow public access as part of a community toilet scheme, following the decision taken by Cabinet in May 2017, without any consultation, to remove on street toilets outside Isleworth Station and a toilet with disabled access in Brentford.  Particular concerns were raised in light of the level of antisocial behaviour in the vicinity of Isleworth rail station.  Councillor Curran sought to provide assurances that no further public facilities would be removed until a scheme was in place.


112 Bus Route:

St John’s Residents Association drew attention to the publication of proposals by Transport for London to extend bus route 112 from Brent Cross to Osterley Tesco via the Great West Road.  Given the route used the North Circular Road and regularly got stuck in traffic for over an hour, clarification was sought as to whether this was the best way to improve public transport facilities in Osterley without serving the new schools.  Gareth James confirmed that he would pass comments on to colleagues at Transport for London and encouraged residents to submit any further comments through the residents’ consultation portal.


School Crossings:

St John’s Residents Association raised concerns at the number of accidents and casualties witnessed by local residents since Cabinet had agreed in March 2017 to withdraw the school traffic patrol on the corner of Grainger Road with St John's Road. Given this situation, together with the recent redesign of the junction and the alleged lack of action or consultation on any promised zebra or pelican crossing, the Association asked whether the decision to withdraw the officer from September could be urgently reconsidered.  


The following response from the Traffic and Transport team was presented “The provision of a zebra crossing is on our project list as one of the 90 projects programmed to be delivery by May 2018.  Traffic and topographical surveys have been completed.  Outline design is underway and consultation material is being drafted with a view to being shared with members by mid-September.  If agreed, consultation is due to commence by the end of September.”


When asked whether the officer could be retained in post until a safe alternative crossing was in place, Councillor Sampson confirmed that she had been in discussions on proposals with Isleworth Town Primary School since day one.  She confirmed that she had worked with the Blue School, which had match funded a school patrol. 


Traffic and transport question:

Local resident, Richard Eason, noted that traffic and transport were key issues for local residents.  He asked what local councillors were planning to do about working with local residents to design and implement effective solutions to reduce excessive traffic, reduce unnecessary short journeys, deter inappropriate through traffic and therefore reduce associated air and noise pollution.


Members confirmed that consultation was carried out on major traffic schemes and that efforts are made to close through routes to mitigate rat-running to reduce pollutants.  Air quality monitoring had been increased.  The Council worked with many residents groups in an effort to reduce the number of vehicles on the roads, improving the environment for all in the borough.