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Osterley Station Controlled Parking Zone - Review of parking in St Mary's Crescent, Osterley


See report from the Head of Traffic and Transport, Agenda Item 12.


Councillor Louki vacated the Chair for the discussion on this item, having declared a personal interest in the matter.  Councillor Linda Green chaired this item as Vice-Chair in the Chair.


Seth Twombley, Traffic and Transport, introduced the submitted document and, responding to members’ questions, noted that enforcement action would be taken against commercial vehicles parking illegally.  Officers reminded members that parking tickets were not displayed in the vehicle where drivers used the RingGo payments system.  Officers agreed to report members’ questions as to whether a ‘Park and Stride’ scheme had been considered for Nishkam School to colleagues in the Transport Planning Team. It was confirmed that no cost reduction/ dispensation was available for those who paid for parking for the maximum four hours within a controlled parking zone.


With the permission of the Chair, Mr Bob Kiddle, Captain at Osterley Bowls Club, addressed the meeting to raise his concerns at the officer’s recommendation not to change the CPZ operational hours at this time.  He noted the Pay & Display parking bays on the south side of the Crescent and refuted residents’ claims of high levels of commuter parking.  Mr Kiddle suggested reducing operational hours to 10am-12pm, which was commonplace across the borough and prevented commuter parking whilst still facilitating parking for other users.  A change in operational hours would enable club members to extend play in the afternoons rather than being restricted to evening daylight hours outside the current operational hours, which was particularly restrictive during winter months.


Residents supporting a reduction in hours did not accept residents’ arguments that vans/ commercial vehicles were a ‘threat’ to resident parking.  The officer’s report supported the argument that the majority of responses had been from those in favour of reducing the operational hours. 


In support of the officers’ recommendation a St Mary’s Crescent resident highlighted what they described as ‘significant problems that would happen if the operational hours were to be changed’, adding that Cole Hire had expanded its business and now used St Mary’s Crescent as an overflow car park.   Overturning the officer’s recommendations would be detrimental to residents’ quality of life.  Whilst acknowledging that Bowls Club visitors were considerate, there had been instances of drivers obstructing residents’ driveways for long periods. 


Councillor Louki noted that he had requested this item be discussed at Area Forum because of the disagreement aired between parties at a previous meeting.  He stated that ward members had already discussed the matter in detail and suggested that the statutory consultation would provide an opportunity for wider consultation.  Councillor Louki moved to amend the current operational hours for St Mary’s Crescent from their current hours of 9.30am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday to the new times of 10am-12pm Monday to Friday. The motion was seconded by Councillor O’Reilly who indicated she was also aware of a number of commercial vehicles parking along St Mary’s Crescent during the day and noted concerns in relation to the long-term survival of both the Bowls Club and Osterley Library.


Councillor Green called for a vote on the amended motion before moving to the substantive recommendation.  Members voted by majority in favour of amending the current hours of operation along St Mary’s Crescent to 10am-12pm Monday to Friday as follows:


For: Councillors O’Reilly, Carey, Collins, Lambert, Louki, Mayne, Sampson and Curran.

Against: None.

Abstain: Councillors Dunne, Dennison and Savin.


As this motion had been proposed and seconded and agreed, the substantive recommendation fell.



(a)  Members note the results of the detailed design and statutory consultations and agree that the current hours of operation along St Mary’s Crescent be amended to 10am-12pm Monday to Friday.


(b) Residents be notified of the statutory consultation outcome and of this Forum’s decision.


Councillor Louki returned to the Chair for the rest of the meeting. 

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