Hounslow Council

Agenda item

Establishment of and Appointments to Council Bodies 2017/18 and Confirmation of the Constitution

Report by the Head of Democratic Services




·         That the terms of reference for the Council bodies detailed in the report be agreed;

·         That the Chief Executive be given authority, in consultation with the Mayor, to make any adjustments necessary to ensure political proportionality rules following receipt of nominations from area committees to those bodies subject to such rules

·         That the current constitution be confirmed for the municipal year 2017/18, subject to any future amendments that might be made by the Council during this period.

·         That the appointments to the Council bodies below be agreed:




Sub-Groups of the Cabinet


Community Investment Advisory Panel Membership:

6 Councillors. This is an informal Cabinet Advisory body and therefore not a decision making body.  The Chair must be the Cabinet Member for Communities (for Corporate Grants and Community Relations).  The other five members are nominated by each of the area committees.  If this results in a political imbalance in terms of proportionality, other additional members are appointed by the Chief Executive.


·         Theo Dennison (Cabinet Member with responsibility for communities)

·         Four Labour Members (usually nominated by the area forums)

·         One Conservative Member (usually nominated by the area forum)



Disability Community Forum

5 Councillors including the Cabinet Member for Equalities and Diversity who would be expected to act as Chair. This is an informal Cabinet Advisory body.


·         Candice Atterton (Cabinet Member with responsibility for Equalities and Diversity)

·         Mel Collins, Mukesh Malhotra

·         One Labour Member

·         One Conservative Member

Affordable Housing Committee

3 members of the Cabinet including the Cabinet Member with responsibility for Housing, the Cabinet Member with responsibility for Finance


·         Steve Curran (Chair)

·         Theo Dennison

·         Katherine Dunne




Overview and Scrutiny

and Associated Sub-Groups


Overview and Scrutiny Committee

(10 Councillors and up to 3 non?voting co?opted members). No Cabinet Member may sit on this body.


  • John Chatt (Chair)
  • Lily Bath, Peter Carey, Bandna Chopra, Colin Ellar, Linda Green, Guy Lambert, Shaida Mehrban, Myra Savin, Peter Thompson

Scrutiny Panels


These are created by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee at its first meeting following the annual meeting of the Council




Regulatory Bodies

(Standing Committees of the Council

and their Sub-Committees)


Planning Committee

(15 Councillors)


·         Councillor Bob Whatley (Chair)

·         Harleen Atwal Hear, Bandna Chopra, Mel Collins, Pritam Grewal, Bishnu Gurung, Guy Lambert (Vice-Chair), Adrian Lee, Tony Louki, Khulique Malik, Shaida Mehrban, Hina Mir, Sheila O’Reilly, Shantanu Rajawat, Corinna Smart 

Licensing Committee

(15 Councillors)


·         Shantanu Rajawat (Chair)

·         Harleen Atwal Hear, Manjit Buttar, Peter Carey, Bandha Chopra, Richard Foote, Puneet Grewal, Bishnu Gurung, Guy Lambert, Adrian Lee, Tony Louki, Shaida Mehrban, Surinder Purewal, Daanish Saeed, John Todd

Pension Fund Panel

(5 Councillors)


Although appointments to the Panel are made on an annual basis, because of the need for specialist training and shared experience, the Party Groups are asked where possible to ensure that there is continuity in membership of this body over the four year life of the Council.


·         Mukesh Malhotra (Chair)

·         Guy Lambert, Surinder Purewal, Shantanu Rajawat, John Todd

Pension Board

Membership comprises of two employer representatives, one of which to be the London Borough Hounslow, the largest employer and Two scheme member representatives. Member representatives in this context refer to members of the Pension Scheme i.e. active members, deferred members, or pensioner members.


At least one employer representative will be a Councillor from any party but who may not be a member of the Pension Fund Panel.  Appointments to be made by an appointments panel rather than Council so this body is included for information rather than action.


·         Sam Hearn (Chair)

Revenues Appeal Panel

(9 Councillors)


·         Mel Collins (Chair)

·         Lily Bath, Samantha Davies, Bishnu Gurung, Guy Lambert, Mukesh Malhotra, Shaida Mehrban, Peter Thompson

·         One Independent Member

Audit Committee

(5 Councillors)


·         Surinder Purewal (Chair)

·         Colin Ellar, Sam Hearn, Guy Lambert, Mukesh Malhotra (Vice-Chair)

Standards Committee

(9 Councillors)


·         Pritam Grewal (Chair)

·         Felicity Barwood, Mel Collins, Colin Ellar, Adrian Lee, Mukesh Malhotra, Shaida Mehrban, Hina Mir, Surinder Purewal

Schools Forum

(1 Councillor: the relevant Cabinet Member is appointed to this body as a non-voting member)


·         Tom Bruce (Cabinet Member For Education, Children’s Services and Youth Services)


Schools Admissions Forum

(2 Councillors – informal body)


·         Tom Bruce (Chair)

·         Linda Green


Complaints Panel

(Pool of fifteen members required - informal body)


·         Candice Atterton, Harleen Atwal Hear, Manjit Buttar, Bandna Chopra,  Mel Collins, Samantha Davies, Linda Green, Sam Hearn, Tina Howe, Tony Louki, Mukesh Malhotra,  Robert Oulds, Surinder Purewal, Myra Savin, Gurpal Virdi

Corporate Parenting Panel

(5 Councillors – informal body)


·         Tom Bruce (Chair)

·         Candice Atterton, Manjit Buttar, Paul Lynch, Daanish Saeed.

School Travel Assistance Appeals Panel

15 members to act as a pool from which members will be drawn for each hearing (previously known as Special Educational Needs Transport Appeals Panel)


·         Keith Anderson, Harleen Atwal Hear, Tom Bruce, Mel Collins, Linda Green, Tony Louki, Paul Lynch, Mukesh Malhotra, Alan Mitchell, Robert Oulds, Surinder Purewal, Daanish Saeed, Myra Savin, Jagdish Sharma

·         One Conservative vacancy

Governor Appointments Panel

(15 Councillors: for individual panels, any two Councillors taken from list of nominees)  


·         Candice Atterton, Felicity Barwood, Manjit Buttar, Bandna Chopra, Mel Collins, Linda Green, Puneet Grewal,  Bishnu Gurung, Sam Hearn, Guy Lambert, Paul Lynch, Hina Mir, Surinder Purewal, Myra Savin, Jagdish Sharma, 

Health and Safety Committee

5 Councillors and five staff side members.  Chair to be a Councillor, vice-chair to come from the staff side.


·         Candice Atterton (Chair)

·         Keith Anderson, Richard Foote, Gerald McGregor, Bishnu Gurung

Members Constitution Working Party

5 Councillors


·         Steve Curran (Chair)

·         Mukesh Malhotra, Ed Mayne, Sheila O’Reilly, Jagdish Sharma

Local Safeguarding Adults Board

The Care Act 2014 makes it a statutory requirement that all areas have boards which as a minimum include representatives from the police, clinical commissioning group and local authority. The guidance emphasised the links with local children’s safeguarding boards and health and wellbeing boards. There is no guidance about whether elected members should be members of the board but in practice Authorities usually invite the relevant Cabinet Member to attend.

·         Kamaljit Kaur

Employment Appeals Panel

All members are appointed to this panel and may be called to sit at panel meetings which are constituted and run as set out in the Council’s Grievance and Disciplinary Procedure. This is an informal body.

·         All 60 Members








(these are Standing Committee of the Council)


Bedfont, Feltham, Hanworth Area Forum (formerly the West Area Forum)

(Councillors for Bedfont, Hanworth Park, Feltham North, Feltham West, and Hanworth Wards and up to 3 non?voting co?optees)


Councillors Keith Anderson, Candice Atterton, John Chatt, Samia Chaudhary, Sam Christie, Richard Foote, Sachin Gupta, Bishnu Bahadur Gurung, Tina Howe, David Hughes, Elizabeth Hughes, Hanif Khan, Khulique Malik (Chair), Hina Mir, Alan Mitchell (Vice-Chair).

Central Hounslow Area Forum

(Councillors for Hounslow Heath, Hounslow West, Hounslow Central and Hounslow South Wards and up to 3 non?voting co?optees)


Councillors Tom Bruce, Bandna Chopra (Vice-Chair), Colin Ellar, Ajmer Grewal, Pritam Grewal (Chair), Puneet Grewal, Mukesh Malhotra, Nisar Malik, Shaida Mehrban, Jagdish Sharma, Corinna Smart, Bob Whatley.

Chiswick Area Forum

(Councillors for Turnham Green, Chiswick Riverside and Chiswick Homefields and up to 3 non?voting co?optees)


Councillors Felicity Barwood, Samantha Davies, Sam Hearn, Paul Lynch, Gerald McGregor, Adrian Lee, Robert Oulds, Peter Thompson, John Todd.

Heston and Cranford Area Forum

(Councillors for Cranford, Heston West, Heston Central and Heston East Wards and up to 3 non?voting co?optees)


Councillor Harleen Atwal Hear (Chair), Lily Bath, Raj Bath, Manjit Buttar, Sukhbir Dhaliwal, Kamaljit Kaur, Gurmail Lal, Amrit Mann, Surinder Purewal, Shantanu Rajawat, Daneesh Saaid (Vice-Chair), Gurpal Virdi.

Isleworth and Brentford Area Forum

(Councillors for Osterley and Spring Grove, Syon, Brentford, Isleworth and up to 3 non?voting co?optees)


Councillors Peter Carey, Mel Collins, Steve Curran, Theo Dennison, Katherine Dunne, Linda Green (Vice-Chair), Guy Lambert, Tony Louki (Chair), Ed Mayne, Sheila O’Reilly, Sue Sampson, Myra Savin.




(including statutory bodies which are not formally part of the Council decision making structure)


Tenants, Leaseholders and Sheltered Tenants Joint Consultative Committee

(1 Councillor - the Lead Member with responsibility for Social Housing – informal body)



Katherine Dunne

Hounslow Community Safety Partnership Board

(3 Councillors - one to be the relevant Cabinet Member)


Hanif Khan

Mel Collins

One Conservative Member


Hounslow Health and Wellbeing Board

The full membership of this statutory committee is listed below as part of its terms of reference. Its Councillor representatives are as follows:

1.      Leader of the Council – Chair

2.      Cabinet Lead for Adult Social Care, Health Services and Public Health

3.      Cabinet Lead for Green Policy and Leisure

4.      Cabinet Member For Education, Children’s Services and Youth Services

5.      Cabinet Lead for Environment


  • Steve Curran (Chair)
  • Tom Bruce, Samia Chaudhary, Kamaljit Kaur, Amrit Mann


Hounslow Health and Wellbeing Board Children’s Delivery Group

(replaces Children’s Trust Board and sits under the Hounslow Health and Wellbeing Board)


Has one Councillor member – the Cabinet Member For Education, Children’s Services and Youth Services

Tom Bruce


Gunnersbury Park Joint Advisory Panel

(3 Councillors)


Mel Collins, Samantha Davies, Myra Savin


Adoption & Permanence Panel

(1 Councillor)


Paul Lynch


Fostering Panel

(1 Councillor)


Myra Savin


Hounslow Together (Local Strategic Partnership)

(1 Councillor – Usually the Leader or Deputy Leader of the Council plus one other member if required)


Amrit Mann

SACRE (Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education)

Group D of the SACRE is formed of no more than six representatives of the Education Authority  – need not be Councillors/currently 2 Councillors appointed


Candice Atterton, Linda Green


Safer Neighbourhood Board

This body is overseen by the Mayor's Office for Policing And Crime (MOPAC) who agree its terms of reference (rather than the Council).  However, these have been included below for completeness. It currently includes the relevant Cabinet Member as a non-voting member.

Hanif Khan (non-voting capacity)





AGENDA ITEM 5: Appointment to Outside Bodies 2017/18


In accordance with the legal clarification in paragraph 6.1 of the report, where the responsibility for an appointment would usually lie with the Cabinet rather than Council, the entry is so marked. 





Name of Organisation


Number of Representatives

Local Authorities' Aircraft Noise Council

Amrit Mann

(This is a Cabinet Appointment)

Local Government Association General Assembly

Steve Curran, Nisar Malik, Amrit Mann, Mukesh Malhotra

(This is a Cabinet Appointment)





Name of Organisation


Number of Representatives

Strategic Aviation Special Interest Group

Amrit Mann, Bob Whatley





Name of Organisation

Number of Representatives

London Councils’ Leaders’ Committee (S.101 Joint Committee)

Member: Councillor Steve Curran.

Deputies: Councillors Theo Dennison and Amrit Mann.

London Councils’ Associated Joint Committee (London Councils Transport and Environment Committee)

Member: Councillor Amrit Mann.

Deputies: Councillors Manjit Buttar and Bob Whatley

London Councils’ Associated Joint Committee (London Councils Grants Committee)

Member: Councillor Theo Dennison.

Deputies: Councillors Ajmer Grewal and Sachin Gupta

London Councils’ Greater London Employment Forum

Councillor Ajmer Grewal

West London Waste Authority

Councillor Amrit Mann






Name of Organisation


Number of Representatives

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Council of Governors (TRUST)

Kamaljit Kaur

Crane Valley Park Steering Group

Tony Louki

Heathrow Airport Consultative Committee (HACC)

Colin Ellar, Richard Foote, Guy Lambert, Mukesh Malhotra, Amrit Mann, Shaida Mehrban

London Home & Water Safety Council

Mel Collins

London Road Safety Council (formerly the London Accident Prevention Council) (TRUST)

Mel Collins, Bishnu Gurung

Mortlake Crematorium Board

Felicy Barwood, Linda Green, Myra Savin

Reserve Forces & Cadets Association (Greater London)

Bishnu Gurung

South West Middlesex Crematorium Board

Bishnu Gurung, Tina Howe, Corinna Smart,

Thames Landscape Strategy Steering Group

Paul Lynch, Corinna Smart

Thames Water Liaison Committee

Ed Mayne, Bob Whatley and 2 officers

Twickenham Stadium Events Committee (formerly the Rugby Football Union Concert & Match Day Committee)

Linda Green





Name of Organisation


Number of Representatives

Bedfont Lakes Country Park Trust Fund Panel (TRUST)

Keith Anderson, Sam Christie, Bishnu Gurung, Hina Mir, Alan Mitchell

Brentford and Chiswick Merged Charities (TRUST)

Felicy Barwood and Myra Saving (already appointed for a four year term)

Brentford Dock Limited

1 vacancy

Chiswick House and Gardens (Trustees) (TRUST)

Paul Lynch and one Labour vacancy

Chiswick Parochial Charities (TRUST)

Felicity Barwood (already appointed for a four year term)

Chiswick Pier Trust (TRUST)

Sam Hearn, Corinna Smart

David Henry Waring Home Committee (TRUST)

·         Keith Anderson, Sam Christie, Alan Mitchell (three Labour vacancies)

·         Katherine Dunne (Corporate Trustee)

Disability Network Hounslow (TRUST)

Mel Collins

Duke of Edinburgh Award Links Committee (note – the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme is a national organisation, but it has local Links Committees across the country and so has been classified as a Hounslow based charity instead of a national one)

Mel Collins, Ed Mayne (already appointed as a two year appointment)

Feeding Future (COMPANY)

2 officers

Michael Marks

Clive Palfreyman

Gunnersbury Museum and Park Development Trust (TRUST)

Samia Choudhary

Hanworth Village Hall Management Committee (TRUST)

Bishnu Gurung

Heston & Isleworth Old People's Welfare Committee (TRUST)

Harleen Atwal Hear, Surinder Purewal, Daanish Saeed (and two Labour vacancies)

Heston Parochial Charities (TRUST)

Harleen Atwal Hear, Bandna Chopra, Mukesh Malhotra, Surinder Purewal,

Hounslow Community Association Ltd (TRUST)

Bishnu Gurung (and 2 vacancies)

Hounslow Community Transport Management Committee

Guy Lambert

Hounslow Economic Business Forum

Mukesh Malhotra

Hounslow Heath Advisory Committee

John Chatt, Colin Ellar, Mukesh Malhotra, Corinna Smart

Hounslow Music Service

Tom Bruce (Cabinet Member For Education, Children’s Services and Youth Services)

Hounslow Virtual College for Looked After Children, Post 16 and Care Leavers Management Board

Tom Bruce

(one vacancy for another Member representative of the Corporate Parenting Panel)

Isleworth & Hounslow Charity Ltd Trustee Board (TRUST)

10 (four year term) (appointees as before)

Thomas Layton Museum Trust

Mel Collins, Richard Foote, Guy Lambert, Tony Louki, Myra Savin

Town Twinning Association of Hounslow

Bishnu Gurung, Khulique Malik, Nisar Malik, Mukesh Malhotra

Watermans (TRUST)

Myra Savin



(NOTE: Subsequent to the meeting, the following appointments/changes were agreed by Council urgency process for the municipal year 2017/18:  

·         Hounslow Community Safety Partnership Board: Councillor Bishnu Gurung to be appointed so that the membership is now Councillor Khan, Collins and Gurung

·         Chiswick Parochial Charities: Councillor John Todd to be appointed so that the membership is now Councillors Barwood and Todd

·         Chiswick House and Gardens Trust: Councillor Myra Savin to be appointed to this so that the membership is now Councillors Lynch and Savin

·         Thomas Layton Trust: Councillor Sam Hearn to be appointed to this body in place of Councillor Tony Louki who was appointed in error, so the full membership of the body will be Councillors Collins, Foote, Lambert, Savin and Hearn.)

·         Hounslow Community Safety Partnership Board: Councillor Gerald McGregor to appointed to the body into the Conservative vacancy.)




Supporting documents: