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Police Reports


Please see agenda item 2 for the reports. Sgt Dave Turtle presented the reports. He described the overall picture as reasonable but stressed the service was not complacent. There had been an increase in recorded crime but it was from a low base, so an apparently large increase of 20% did not represent a large number of offences. There had been a spike in burglaries in November and December, which was usual for the time of year plus an increase in car crimes which had been attributed to a small number of criminals originating from outside the area, mainly the Thames Valley. There was no evidence that blocking devices had been used to interfere with electronic security measures but Sgt Turlte acknowledged that, although rare, such incidents did occur. Police used ANPR to prevent car crime and mobile crime, such as burglary teams travelling in and out of the borough by car and they also targeted drivers using mobile phones, with some success, often working with officers from other London Boroughs and Thames Valley Police. Regarding anti-social behaviour (ASB) in the High Street, police had arrested a small number of beggars and he called on attendees to work with the police in tackling this issue by reporting ASB, begging, littering, threatening behaviour etc.


Members asked if the five knives found in the weapon’s sweep had been found in hiding places or taken from suspects. Sgt Turtle advised that knives and drugs had been found hidden under bushes, a common tactic used by gangs to avoid police searches. Officers were requested to increase patrols in Beaversfield Park as well as areas around parades of shops. The officer advised that with several demonstrations coming up in London the service would be stretched but would do their best. The police were examining plans to allocate two dedicated officers to every ward although PCSOs were no longer being actively recruited. There was no longer a dedicated Drug Squad either as that had been felt to be too specific as well as being part of the CID rather than the SNTs. The majority of drug offences were low level and dealt with at ward level, with any organised activity being referred to CID. Members advised of having personally witnessed drugs being sold to children and referred to high levels of crime and ASB at Hounslow East underground station, including two stabbings during a gang fight. Police were aware and were doing all they could to disrupt the activity.

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