Hounslow Council

Agenda item

Open Forum

An opportunity for members of the public to address the meeting on general issues relating to the agenda and other issues not on the agenda.  Please note that individual cases cannot be discussed. 


The following questions were raised during the Open Forum:


1.     How the Council proposed to monitor traffic speeds in 20MPH zones:

Mark Frost reported that the current focus was on rolling out across the borough.  Once complete a programme of monitoring would be linked to collision data and recent resident feedback.  Advice from NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) was that the combination of a 20MPH zone with traffic calming measures was most effective, however signage only still acted to reduce traffic speeds.  It would be a decision for the police whether they enforced the lower speeds within those zones.


2.     Request for flashing speed sign indicators on St John’s Road, Isleworth:

Mark asked for more details on the proposed site before consideration could be given to this request.


3.     Whether air quality monitoring was undertaken in Isleworth and Osterley & Spring Grove wards:

Mark acknowledged the increasing public interest and awareness of this issue. He confirmed that permanent monitoring stations were located at Boston Manor Road near the M4 motorway elevated section.  Readings from these stations could be supplemented by random diffusion tube samples temporarily sited across the area, such as one at Busch Corner in Isleworth. 


Responding to questions on what the Council planned to do to reduce harm to air quality in this area, Mark confirmed that the Council had made representations to the Mayor of London’s proposals on the extension of the existing low emissions zone.  He added that Chiswick High Road was to be a low emissions bus zone, necessitating the upgrade of all buses, including the 267, which used Twickenham Road as part of its route.  The Chair reiterated the Council’s stated position on Heathrow Airport as ‘better not bigger’.


4.     Whether members had agreed to proceed with recruiting co-opted members:

The Chair confirmed that the recruitment of co-opted members to the Area Forum would be deferred to the first meeting of the new administration following the forthcoming council elections in Spring 2018.  [Clerk’s additional note: This was confirmed for all Area Forum meetings at the January Area Forum Chairs and Vice-Chairs meeting]


5.     An update was sought on the introduction of controlled parking for residents of Clayponds Estate, Brentford:

Informal consultation had been completed. Negotiations were required with Hounslow Highways on the scheduling of the road resurfacing.  Statutory consultation was anticipated to be carried out in February with the view to implementing the parking controls by early summer.


6.     Residents noted concerns at the lack of detailed information and sought an update on the submitted change of use planning application for Brentford Lodge, Boston Manor Road:

Councillor Dunne suggested convening a meeting with the Hounslow Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and local residents on the matter.  It was noted that the question could be raised at the Brentford and Isleworth locality patient group was due to meet tomorrow (27 January).   An update could then be taken to the March Area Forum. 


A response would be prepared and circulated to the resident and members for the following submitted questions:


7.     Whether the technical criteria used to assess potholes had been circulated to members and made public:

See the “Defect Investigatory Levels” leaflet attached to minutes, circulated with the published minutes of the meeting.


8.     An update on the timetable of proposed works in relation to the Gunnersbury Park regeneration:

See headline update provided by Gaye Galvin on Gunnersbury Park later in this meeting (Agenda Item 5).  A briefing was also provided on this matter to members of the Gunnersbury Park Joint Advisory Panel, which met on Friday 27 January 2017 (agenda and papers available for reference on the Hounslow Council website).


9.     Whether the legal processes in relation to the management of illegal vehicle crossovers had been reviewed and Hounslow Highways/ Hounslow Council was now in a position to process full remedial action:

Hounslow Highways continues to issue enforcement letters to properties who appear to be illegally crossing the footway to access an off-street parking place.  The ability for Hounslow Highways, as a private entity working on behalf of the council, to issue formal Fixed Penalty Notices as provided for in the relevant legislation is still being reviewed.   Where such activity poses an immediate and severe safety risk, Hounslow Highways will act to physically prevent such movement from occurring through the provision of bollards or other such physical obstructions to prevent vehicle passage. 

Supporting documents: