Hounslow Council

Agenda item

Open Forum

An opportunity for members of the public to address the meeting on general issues relating to the agenda and other issues not on the agenda.  Please note that individual cases cannot be discussed. 


The following questions were submitted in advance of the meeting for a response:


St John’s Residents Association sought clarification on the progress and time scale for the Hounslow Highways ponding rectification programme and whether this works would be funded from penalties levied on contractors for poor performance and not met by the ratepayers. It was acknowledged that the deadline for this work was 2018 and residents were encouraged to report any such required repairs direct to Hounslow Highways to ensure that they were included on the list of necessary works.


St John’s Residents Association also drew attention to broken and removed play equipment in Thornbury Park that had not been repaired or replaced for more than two years.  A response submitted by Carillion confirmed that some play equipment had been identified as faulty and was removed around seven years ago and was, therefore, not carried over into the current maintenance contract. There was in place a programme of inspection and maintenance and, subject to funding being available, bids could be made for replacement play equipment. 


Local resident, Christine Diwell, drew attention to the number of reported flytipping hotspots outlined in the Hounslow Highways reports and sought clarification on the actions taken to improve street cleanliness and to deter occupants of flats above shops from putting rubbish bags out on non-collection days. Assurances were given that Hounslow Highways used its full range of actions to improve cleanliness across the borough’s streetscene, including the issuing of fines, raising awareness within local schools and adopting the Keep Britain Tidy action plan. The borough had begun investigating fly tips as crime scenes to raise awareness and catch the perpetrators. 


Ms Diwell had also submitted a question in relation to the enforcement of the borough’s vehicle crossover policy.  Under the PFI contract, Hounslow Highways held enforcement powers.  It was noted that some of the current processes were being reviewed by HB Law before further action was taken. Mark Frost noted that he was happy to discuss this matter in more detail with Ms Diwell outside this meeting, in her capacity as a Lay Assessor.


Ms Diwell’s third question related to the actions agreed in May 2016 in relation to the North Street, Isleworth - traffic management options (IBAF, 26.05.16, Agenda Item 13).  Mark Frost, Head of Traffic and Transport, confirmed that those actions were being progressed.  Specifically in relation to the non-DDA compliant footways around Tolson House, Isleworth, Councillor Mayne requested a report back to Area Forum at the earliest opportunity.


Responding to Ms Diwell’s question as to why the Area Forum Action Plan had not been included in the agenda for September and November, Mr Frost confirmed that an update would be provided later this evening.


At the meeting an update was sought on progress of the Boston Manor Road cycle path. Mark Frost, Head of Traffic and Transport, confirmed that the detailed design process had been procured and that the item could be ready to report back to this meeting in March 2017 following consultation with ward councillors.


Conscious of the business still to be discussed on the agenda, the Chair noted and written responses would be provided for any submitted questions not already raised during the Open Forum.