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Hartham Road - Petition requesting a CPZ


See report from the Director of Environment, Agenda Item 8.


The Chair informed members that discussion on Hartham Road and Amhurst Gardens would be done separately to allow Councillor Hardy to address the meeting on Amhurst Gardens and withdraw from the meeting during the discussion, following his declaration of interest in relation to this item. Members agreed to discuss Hartham Road first.


Hartham Road:

Satnam Sahota, Team Leader of Developments & Parking, introduced the submitted report on Hartham Road and invited members’ questions.  Councillor Hardy requested that consultation should include residents of Hartham Close and Deepwell Close, which could be affected by displacement should a CPZ be implemented.


8.58pm – Councillor Reid left the meeting.


Members requested that preliminary consultation be carried out now, including timing and location (particular sections of road) options because of the variance of views amongst local residents.


9.00pm – Councillor Reid returned to the meeting.


With the permission of the Chair a local resident addressed the meeting on the effects of the London Road CPZ in terms of displacement. Councillor Hardy called for a more holistic approach to assessing the parking needs for the whole area, citing the inadequate parking provision in planned developments and the need for residents on London Road to move their cars during the CPZ mornings and evening enforcement hours.


Councillor Hardy moved that the provisional consultation be carried out as per members’ discussion above, which was seconded by Councillor Reid.


Voting Record:

Voting For: all councillors.


Amhurst Gardens:

With the permission of the Chair, Councillor Hardy addressed the meeting and expressed the view that a CPZ was needed for Chase Court residents. He noted that he had asked Chris Calvi-Freeman, Head of Transport, about the possibility of extending the existing Twickenham Road CPZ along the pavement past the entrance to Amhurst Gardens to the south. According to Mr Calvi-Freeman, the southernmost section of Amhurst Gardens might become one-way at some point in the future, subject to consultation. Councillor Hardy asked whether officers in Parking and Traffic were aware of each other’s competing plans.


9.11pm – Councillor Hardy left the meeting.


Mr Sahota noted that was aware of the proposals under consideration by Traffic officers but was unsure when they were due to be implemented and would therefore consult Mr Calvi-Freeman on the matter.


The Chair mirrored Councillor Hardy’s comments on the benefits of extending the Twickenham Road CPZ to the south along the pavement in front of Isleworth Town School and suggested a review of the Twickenham Road parking situation. He indicated that, although most Amhurst Gardens residents now had crossovers into their properties, there had been strong opposition amongst them to the introduction of a CPZ around Chase Court. Mr Sahota suggested that, given Chase Court’s proximity to West Middlesex Hospital, most of the cars parked on that section of the road belonged to non-residents. He expressed the view that the recommendation to incorporate Chase Court into the CPZ would not have a negative effect on the majority of residents in Amhurst Gardens.


Councillor Reid requested that residents of Amhurst Gardens receive notification of the incorporation of this section of road to the CPZ, over and above the normal statutory notice requirements, which would allow those residents who wished to object the opportunity to do so. The Chair asked that ward councillors be kept up to date on any issues which might arise.


Voting Record:

Voting For: all councillors (with the exception of Councillor Hardy, who was not in the room for this vote).



That members note the petition and agree that officers carry out a preliminary consultation on CPZ proposals in an area encompassing Hartham Road, Hartham Close and Deepwell Close and Amhurst Gardens, and that the outcome be reported to a future meeting of this Area Committee.


That members agree to the inclusion of the section of Amhurst Gardens shown on the map at Appendix C in the Twickenham Road CPZ.


That officers proceed with the formal (statutory) process to amend the Twickenham Road CPZ Traffic Management Order to include the section of Amhurst Gardens proposed.


That the lead petitioners be notified of this committee’s decision.



·        That Satnam Sahota include Hartham Close and Deepwell Close in the preliminary consultation, as requested by members.

·        That the consultation include options for the proposed CPZ in the form of a selection of times and days.

·        That the consultation include options for the proposed CPZ in the form of which sections of the roads should be included in the CPZ.

·        That the residents of Amhurst Gardens be made aware of the decision to include the section of road in front of Chase Court in the Twickenham Road CPZ – over and above the statutory notification so that residents can submit objections if they wish.

·        That ward councillors are kept informed of any objections to the inclusion of the section of Amhurst Gardens in this CPZ.


9.29pm – Councillor Hardy returned to the meeting.

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