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Heston and Cranford Area Forum

This page lists the meetings for Heston and Cranford Area Forum.


Information about Heston and Cranford Area Forum

As a result of decisions taken at Borough Council on 19 June 2012, (Agenda Item 8 “Review of the Structure of Area Committee Meetings to Improve Community Engagement”), the Heston and Cranford Area Committee has been renamed the Heston and Cranford Area Forum.


The Borough Council on 24 May 2011 abolished Area Committee Planning Committees and revised the terms of reference of the Monitoring Area Committees to include Planning items for comment and Highways decisions. For more information please see the agenda and minutesof Borough Council 24 May 2011.


For meetings held before 25 May 2011 please see Heston and Cranford Area Committee (Planning) or Monitoring.


The members of the Heston & Cranford Area Forum are the Councillors for the following wards:

Cranford – Daanish Saeed,  Sukhbir Dhaliwal and Gurpal Virdi

Heston Central – Harleen Atwal Hear, Manjit Singh Buttar and Surinder Purewal

Heston East – Kamaljit Kaur, Gurmail Lal and Amrit Mann

Heston West – Lily Bath, Rajinder Bath and Shantanu Rajawat


The Heston and Cranford Area Forum is one of five area forums operating across the Borough.Each is committed to providing clear, accountable, community leadership and tackling the unique challenges and needs of their area. The forum monitors and reviews services delivered by the Council and other agencies in that area.


An area forum is made up of local Councillors with extensive knowledge of the area. The current Chair of the Heston and Cranford Area Forum is Councillor Harleen Atwal Hear.


The meetings allow for local consultation and discussion.


The area forums are crucial in shaping the local area to meet the needs and aspirations of their residents, providing a forum for decision-making by local ward Councillors on a wide range of matters.


Meetings are open to the public and details of the meetings are available from the link below and are usually held in the Civic Centre on Lampton Road.


Electronic Records

From January 2003 the complete papers considered at the meeting are displayed. Many reports before this date are available electronically and can be emailed on request.


If you would like further information please phone the Committee Administrator, Joti Patel, in Committee Section, Democratic Services, on 020 8583 3356 or email joti.patel@hounslow.gov.uk