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Health and Safety Committee

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Information about Health and Safety Committee


The membership of the Committee consists of five councillors, one of whom will be the Chair and five Staff Side representatives, one of whom will be the Vice Chair.

The committee will meet twice per year.

The aim of the committee is to improve Health and Safety compliance in the Council and across the Borough and identify any general Health and Safety issues or concerns which may affect employees and residents.

The specific functions of the committee will be:

to ensure that the Council complies with its health and safety obligations;

to recommend to Borough Council adoption of strategic health and safety

policies and performance standards applicable to the Council’s operations;

to monitor the Council’s compliance with its health and safety policies;

to assess the Council’s compliance with current and proposed health and

safety legislation;

to consider key risks associated with Council operations and to ensure

common processes and procedures for mitigation are in place;

to receive and consider recommendations arising from internal and external

investigation reports of significant accidents/incidents within the Council;

to consider accidents and/or incidents and work related ill health statistics in

order to identify any emerging trends or patterns;

to consider and adopt as appropriate reports and recommendations from ,

health & safety professionals, the Trade Unions and other specialist managers and staff;

to monitor the health and safety culture that exists within the Council and

ensure an appropriate health and safety audit programme is in operation;

to monitor the Council’s arrangements for developing health and safety

competencies for managers and employees and receive feedback on the

progress made to identify training needs and deliver training programmes;

to consider health and safety issues that may have strategic, business and

reputational implications for the Council and to recommend appropriate

measures and responses.