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West Area Committee (Monitoring)

This page lists the meetings for West Area Committee (Monitoring).


Information about West Area Committee (Monitoring)

The West Area Committee (Monitoring) is now called the West Area Committee.


The Borough Council on 24 May 2011 abolished Area Committee Planning Committees and revised the terms of reference of the Monitoring Area Committees to include Planning items for comment and Highways decisions. For more information please see the agenda and minutes of  Borough Council 24th May.



West Area Committee

The West Area is one of five area committees operating across the borough.

Each is committed to providing clear, accountable, community leadership and tackling the unique challenges and needs of their area. The committee monitors and reviews services delivered by the Council and other agencies in that area.


An area committee is made up of Councillors and members of the public with extensive knowledge of the area co-opted onto the committee. The current Chair of the West Area Committee is Councillor Paul Jabbal.Full membership can be found below.

The meetings allow for local consultation and discussion and are an opportunity for members of the public to raise issues of concern during the open forum.

The area committees are crucial in shaping the local area to meet the needs and aspirations of their residents, providing a forum for local decision-making on a wide range of matters.

Meetings are open to the public and details of the meetings are available from the link above and are held in Feltham Library.

West Area priorities 2007-2010

Priority 1: Providing positive activities for young people in the west area with a particular focus on improving educational achievements

Priority 2: Reducing crime within the West area

Priority 3: Improving services for elderly people

Priority 4: Improving the health of the area and investigation into the reasons behind specific health issues affecting the local area

Priority 5: Building a stronger and united community in the west area

The West Area Plan is available here.

Achievements 2008/9

Amongst many others:

The new Bedfont Road Bridge has opened, linking Bedfont Lakes to the community.

Overseeing the on-going traffic and parking issues related to the Feltham Town Centre Redevelopment.


If you would like further information please contact:

Katrina Bell, Principal Committee Administrator, on 020 8583 2072 or katrina.bell@hounslow.gov.uk