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Chiswick Area Committee (Monitoring)

This page lists the meetings for Chiswick Area Committee (Monitoring).


Information about Chiswick Area Committee (Monitoring)

The Chiswick Committee (Monitoring) is now called the Chiswick Area Committee.


The Borough Council on 24 May 2011 abolished Area Committee Planning Committees and revised the terms of reference of the Monitoring Area Committees to include Planning items for comment and Highways decisions. For more information please see the agenda and minutes of  Borough Council 24th May.




Each of the five Area Committees holds two separate types of meetings.


The Monitoring meeting monitors and reviews services delivered by the Council and other agencies in that area.


Meetings are open to the public and there is an opportunity for members of the public to raise issues of concern. The Committee is able to co-opt up to three local people onto the Committee (in a non-voting capacity).


The members of the Chiswick Area Committee are the Councillors for the following wards:

Chiswick Homefields  -  Gerald McGregor, Robert Oulds and John Todd

Chiswick Riverside  - Felicity Barwood, Sam Hearn and Paul Lynch 

Turnham Green  - Samantha Davies, Adrian Lee and Peter Thompson.


The co-opted members up to May 2010 were David Beattie and David Hopkins. Recruitment for Co-opted members is currently underway.


Achievements – 2004/05

Improve Streetscene – Community consultation on spending money from S106 earmarked for Environmental Improvements and presentation and desire to meet the vision of the Save our Street Campaign

Chiswick Heritage Regeneration Area – clears plans and funding opportunities now in place including investment proposals LBH/English Heritage for Chiswick House and Grounds


Further enhancements to the Streetscape and the local Environment and parks

Continuing targeting of Crime Reduction initiatives.

If you would like more details, please phone Carol Stiles, Democratic Services Officer, on 020 8583 2066 or email: Carol.stiles@hounslow.gov.uk