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Welcome and Introduction/Apologies for absence


The Chair welcomed the members of the HSNB and the new Youth Representative Debbie Oluseye (Hounslow Youth Council) was introduced.


Raj Kohli introduced A/CI Dee O’Brien as the newest addition to the senior leadership team for the Hounslow Police.  Dee O’Brien will be the Borough Commander’s nominated deputy and will speak on his behalf when attending meetings.  CI Jon Kennedy (not present) has been appointed as the Neighbourhood Policing lead following Rob Weir’s change in post.


Rachel Heydon expressed her concern at the lack of communication from the police regarding Rob Weir’s change in post.  It had been planned to share this information at the SNB meeting.  Dee O’Brien will be paying particular attention to the need to improve communication once she takes on her new role in the New Year.


Minutes of the meeting held on 16 September 2015 pdf icon PDF 73 KB


The minutes of 16 September 2015 were accepted with the following correction:


P5  Report on Complaints against the Police


Replace the sentence ‘Raj Kohli reported that Hounslow received among the highest level of complaints.’


With:  ‘Hounslow shows a 36% reduction in complaints and is below average.’


Matters arising


It was reported that no meetings, as had been agreed, were held with Ernie Cooper.  Ernie Cooper was concerned that he was representing both Isleworth and Hounslow without this being agreed and asked that this be followed up with the chairs of the ward panels.


Raj Kohli reported that the use of up to 8 taser officers had been authorised as of 21st December 2015.


Debbie Oluseye questioned whether the taser’s had been put to use, Raj Kohli responded that, while they had not been fully used recently, there had been a small number of ‘red dot’ incidents in the last 3 months. 


Raj Kohli invited Debbie Oluseye (Youth representative) to go on a patrol with Hounslow officers.  Debbie asked whether this invitation could be extended to other young people from the borough as an activity that could help break down barriers.  Raj Kohli agreed that this would be possible.


P5 Domestic Violence


Chris Benson reported that he was still attempting to get a useful response from the analysts regarding the breakdown of the statistics.


Commendation Panel update – no panel had been held recently, the invitation to Rachel Heydon to attend the next panel would be followed up.


Raj Kohli confirmed that PC Gary Coffin would be invited to attend the next SNB meeting.  PC Coffin had recently received an award for the work he was doing.


P6. Custody Visitor Report - Flavia Beckwith provided an update confirming that only 4 visits had been conducted.  Chris Benson added that MOPAC was working to address the issues and were changing the procedures.  Raj Kohli agreed that ICV could make use of a room at the station for meetings.


P7.  Steve Hutchinson agreed to represent IAG at future SNB meetings.




Raj Kohli to e-mail contact details for the Ward Panel Chairs to Rachel Heydon.


Chris Benson will share information (with Rachel Heydon) on how other borough’s Ward Panel’s work together, with the police and Safer Neighbourhood Board.


Dee O’Brien to create a group e-mail for Rachel Heydon of  all ward panel chairs so information can be circulated to them 


Raj Kohli invited the youth representative to go out on patrol and agreed to extend the invitation to other young people identified through the Youth Service / Council.  Young people need to be over 18.


Dee O’Brien is to get ‘Gaby’ to put Rachel Heydon on the invitation list for the next Commendation Ceremony.


Steve Hutchinson to act as IAG representative on the Board.


MOPAC Funding and Projects


Chris Benson reported that projects needed to be commissioned by the end of the financial year,  he did have some possible projects but needed more detail.  All bids need to be in by the end of March.


Rachel Heydon suggested that a bid be put together to fund work with the Life Project (work being done by the Police alongside the Fire Brigade).


Chris Benson advised that successful bids should spend the money and then invoice MOPAC.  Information regarding costs should be sent to Permjit Chadha as well as any ideas for bids.




Rachel Heydon to provide bid for funding for the Life Project to MOPAC.


Flavia Beckwith to provide the contact details for the Chiswick Neighbourhood Inspector to Rachel Heydon.


David Blackett is to prepare and submit an invoice for the agreed project to MOPAC,


All Board Member invited to send any project ideas to Permjit Chadha and Rachel Heydon to prepare before the deadline.


Youth Crime Conference


Positive feedback had been received and the report was in the process of being finalised.


Rea Sachdeva asked how youth could be targeted on a larger scale and questioned what the follow up there had been from schools who attended.  Steve Hutchinson agreed to follow up with the schools.


Raj Kohli said that the Met would participate in providing feedback for the report as well.




Steve Hutchinson will follow-up with schools regarding the sharing of information from the Youth Crime Conference.


Youth and Police to contribute feedback and comments to the final report, to be sent to Jane Medici.


Examination of Crime Statistics / (MOPAC data) pdf icon PDF 677 KB


A/c Borough Commander Supt Raj Kohli spoke to the report, he said that the statistics could be misleading, the borough was no more violent than before and that it was good to compare across the Met area which provided a more positive picture.  There had been some concern around hate crime not being correctly recorded with officers sometimes not flagging particular incidents as hate crime when there was a lack of evidence.


Flavia Beckwith questioned the number of thefts from vehicles in Chiswick.  Raj Kohli said that this was a problem with expensive cars in the area often having expensive items left on display.  It had been found that thefts took place when there was no local officer on duty.


Flavia Beckwith added that a firmer line needed to be taken with ‘boys on mopeds’ who created a particular problem.  Dee O’Brien responded that the police could not chase the scooters, especially when the rider had no helmet, due to potential risk to the scooter rider. 


David Blackett reported that although there had been a 30% increase, nationally, in domestic violence and abuse this was lower in Hounslow.


Chris Benson reported that the Safer Neighbourhood dashboard had now been published and could be accessed with a password.


Public Confidence and satisfaction and Reports on Complaints against the Police


The police had seen a reduction in ASB related issues but were concerned that the public’s perception was that this was on the increase as some activities seen as ASB by residents were not in fact classified as ASB (such as littering) and were not dealt with by the police.  The police would be working closely with the council’s community safety team on this in future.


Dee O’Brien reported that information leaflets were being used in areas identified as having lowest confidence in the police.  ASB is highest during the summer months although it is not only a youth problem and perpetrators cover the full age range.


The statistics include all crime apart from youth crime. The police were concerned ASB was misunderstood and was used to target general youth social activity rather than true ASB crime.


Police satisfaction by residents actually dealing with police is above average, Hounslow is not a ‘complained about’ borough with concerns being primarily about incivility, inaction and occasionally the use of force.


Raj Kohli was pleased to be able to share a positive result for a long term case of DV following the good investigative work and intensive support of local police officers.  He further attributed the record number of days without burglaries to the work of the borough task force team.




‘Good News’ to be added to the next Agenda – Permjit Chadha


Reports from the associated groups:

·         Independent Custody Visitors

·         Independent Advisory Group

·         Stop and Search Community Monitoring Group


No reports had been received.


Rugby World Cup feedback


It was reported that the event had been successfully policed with only a few issues around the borders of the area.  Ernie Cooper reported that as a resident he had been impressed with the way it had been managed and reported that residents had not experienced any problems.



Any Other Business


Ernie Cooper was appreciative of the work of the Safer Neighbourhood Teams, particularly on fireworks night.


Raj Kohli informed the Board that Hammersmith Police Station was scheduled for refurbishment and that during the period of refurbishment Hammersmith officers would parade from Chiswick.  Chiswick would not be closing, and it was planned that additional officers would be located there.  Hounslow was aiming to have a single parade site from this time for the borough in Feltham, to improve logistics.  This arrangement would continue indefinitely once the Hammersmith refurbishment was completed.


Flavia Beckwith expressed concern that this would result in a slower response time for Chiswick.  Raj Kohli responded that with better access to resources, response times would in fact improve.  In addition future cross-borough work meant that cars closest to the incident, regardless of the borough, would respond first.  It was confirmed that the changes planned for Chiswick were public knowledge and were able to be shared.


Dates for meetings 2016 / 2017

Thurs 9 June ‘16

Wed 14 Sept ‘16

Tues 6 Dec ‘16

Thurs 16 March ‘17



22 March 2016

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