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No. Item


Apologies for absence, declarations of interest or any other communications from Members




Minoo Dhiri


Minutes of the meeting held on 12 November 2014 pdf icon PDF 64 KB


Page 1 Item 2 The wording ‘Mohammed Chaudhry complained that there were flaws in the process for establishing the Board’ should be changed to ‘Mohammed Chaudhry complained that the process of establishing the Board was unconstitutional .....


Page 3 Item 5 ‘Debbie Brenner asked ...’ should be replaced with Flavia Beckwith asked ...’





The minutes of 12 November 2014 were accepted with the following amendments:


Page 1, Item 3 Apologies for absence, line 8


“Mohammed Choudhry responded that he felt that the Board was unconstitutional, left the room and took no further part in the meeting.”


Be amended as follows:


‘Mohammed Choudhry responded by stating that the meeting was unconstitutional and he was not prepared to attend as the representative of the Independent Advisory Group in effect resigning from the Safer Neighbourhood Board.’


Page 3 Item 5 ‘Debbie Brenner asked ...’ to be amended as ‘Flavia Beckwith asked ...’


Page 4 Item 7 that the paragraph


‘Rachel Heydon enquired into whether the Neighbourhood Inspectors could attend the meeting. Rob Weir responded that they should attend so that local priorities could be agreed.’ 


Be amended as follows:


‘Rachel Heydon enquired into whether the Neighbourhood Inspectors could attend the meeting. Rob Weir responded that, as the Safer Neighbourhood Board is a more strategic meeting he did not think it would be appropriate for Neighbourhood Panel Inspectors to attend other than exceptionally if there was a particular issue or presentation.’





Matters arising from the minutes


Rob Weir will speak to the Ward Panels to agree representation and get dates for Hounslow Forum so that Ernest Cooper can attend.


Rob Weir to make sure that Neighbourhood Panels meet one week before SNB so that issues can be brought forward


Ernest Cooper reported that he had some concerns that he appeared to be representing both Hounslow and Isleworth Safer Neighbourhood Panels without the specific agreement of the Chairs to these Ward Panels and requested that this representation be formalised.


Rob Weir agreed to speak to the Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panels about representation and agreed to link Ernest Cooper to the Chairs once permission from the Panels had been obtained.  He reported that once the dates were agreed for the Hounslow Safer Neighbourhood Ward Forum he would share these with Ernest Cooper so that he could attend the meeting.


Flavia Beckwith reported that she had some concern regarding the joint panels, in particular the Chiswick Brentford Forum.  Brentford were reluctant to attend a Chiswick Forum.


Rachel Heydon reported that the Safer Neighbourhood Inspection Panels met separately to the Area Forums.  Activities of the Safer Neighbourhood Inspection Panels were included in feedback to Area Forums.


Rob Weir reported that issues raised by the Safer Neighbourhood Inspection Panel could be brought forward to the Hounslow Safer Neighbourhood Board.  In order to facilitate this Rob Weir recommended that the Inspection Panel meet one week before each Safer Neighbourhood Board so that any relevant issues could be brought forward.


Chris Benson asked whether Chris Boucher was happy to represent both Out West and an Area Panel.


Nigel Farmer reported that the Hounslow Community Network were to put forward a member nomination.  Chris Boucher confirmed that he was happy to represent Hounslow Community Network.


Item 5 Examination of Crime Statistics (MOPAC data)


Carl Bussey offered to to break down statistics from the MOPAC report prior to the meeting in order to meet the specific needs of the Board to ensure that the statistics presented at the Board were relevant to Hounslow in future.  Rob Weir agreed and requested that Sabeel Khan provide some support in identifying relevant statistics. Nigel Farmer agreed to arrange a meeting between Sabeel Khan and Rachel Heydon to consider which statistics should be included in the report.


Chris Benson agreed that statistics, being based on percentages, were often misleading and did not give a true reflection of particular issues he shared an example of one statistic indicating a 100% change (improvement) in outcomes, which in actual numbers related to a change of one reported incident becoming two reported incidents.  Members were urged to read the statistics alongside the actual figures.


Debbie Brenner expressed concern about the current layout of the minutes.


Carl Bussey reported that he felt the figures were not reflective of local information and indicated that events may be under reported in certain instances, he felt the Safer Neighbourhood Board needed to have access to more relevant local information.


Councillor Richard Foote expressed concern that the reported figures were masking underlying trends.


Carl Bussey reported that changes to the definitions of incidents which fed into the statistics were leading to misleading figures.  There was a need to read statistics differently for example the figures for Domestic Violence could also indicate  ...  view the full minutes text for item 15.


MOPAC Funding


Jane Medici to resend SLA to Rachel Heydon

Board (Nigel Farmer) to arrange meetings for newly formed Bid Committee (Liz Gaffney, David Hardman (Treasurer), Rachel Heydon, Rob Weir and Police representative nominated by Carl Bussey and Rea Sachdeva to meet and prepare bids with support and guidance from Chris Benson (MOPAC).  Final approved bids to be ready before 30 June 2015.


Chris Benson reported that Hounslow Safer Neighbourhood Board would receive £51 276 in the coming financial year to fund projects which met the MOPAC criteria.  Due to the late development of the Hounslow SNB Hounslow had received a higher level of funding.  Unused funding had been allowed to be carried forward from the 2014/15 year to 2015/16 year.


Chris Benson suggested that the HSNB put together small working parties to draw up the bids and he would look at draft bids and provide comments to support the development of successful bids. He said that bids for projects would need to be with MOPAC by 30 June 2015. 


Liz Gaffney asked whether 30 June 2015 was the deadline for the submission of successful bids.  Chris Benson confirmed this.


Chris Benson agreed that there would need to be a named treasurer and an account for the money to be paid into, this could be a council account. 


Rachel Heydon requested clarification with regards to when the next round of funding would begin.  Chris Benson reported he could not confirm amounts that might be available for the next financial year.


Councillor Richard Foote proposed that a small executive be set up to manage the process of bidding.


Chris Benson offered to bring anonymized samples of other Borough’s successful bids to the meeting.  He would include a range of bids for community and youth groups.  The funding could be used for anything not falling within the statutory duty of the Local Authority.


Chris Boucher expressed concern about spending for the sake of spending.  Chris Benson said that the SNB needed to make ‘smart’ bids which reflected emerging trends.  Chris Boucher reported that an example of this would be work around child sexual exploitation which had included specific work to raise awareness and get support from Taxi Companies.  Chris Benson suggested that the Youth Crime Conference would be an opportunity to spend this funding wisely.


Councillor Richard Foote suggested that issues which were not currently moving forward such as Female Genital Mutilation and Domestic Violence against women be focused on.  Councillor Richard Foote felt it was important to use the funding to raise awareness of people’s rights.  Councillor Richard Foote said he would like to see a Borough wide project around violence against women and children.


Chris Benson recommended that the SNB identify

(1) what the project was for;

(2) what outcomes would be targeted;

(3) how these would be achieved; and

(4) what the cost would be. 


The process needed to be quick and easy.


Chris Benson reported that funding criteria could be found in the guidance and quoted the section on not funding projects falling within the statutory responsibility of the Borough, funding could not be used to fund a post, nor could it be used to support the core administration of the Safer Neighbourhood Board.


The Safer Neighbourhood Board agreed to put together a Bid Group who would be able to make all decisions regarding the funding applications and have full authority  ...  view the full minutes text for item 16.


Examination of Crime Statistics/(MOPAC data) pdf icon PDF 767 KB


Carl Bussey to prepare summative, relevant MOPAC report with a breakdown of local statistics before each SNB if possible.


Nigel Farmer to arrange meeting between Sabeel and Rachel to consider stats to be prepared.


Chris Benson to provide links to the application form and criteria for MOPAC funding.


Agenda Item 5 – Examination of Crime Statistics (MOPAC data)


Carl Bussey reported that LBH was one of only 2 local authorities in London to reduce crime statistics.  Carl Bussey reported this was down to the good work being done by Rob Weir and his team, the use of CCTV and good partnership work with local business, particularly licensed establishments. 


It was reported to the Board that the theft to order of keyless motor vehicles was carried out by organised gangs across London and was not a Borough specific crime.  The police had begun an awareness raising campaign, stopping and speaking to drivers of vulnerable cars.  Work was also being done with the motor industry to adjust vehicle design to improve security of these cars.  The impact of this would only be seen up to three years down the line due to the time it would take to feed changes into production.  This was a pan London policing campaign.


Carl Bussey reported that the MOPAC figures on Rape and Serious Sexual Offences appearing as LA specific statistics should not be considered local figures as these specific crimes were investigated by a central unit and not by local Police Forces.


Rachel Heydon said that it would be useful to have historic statistics included in the report so that changes could be more easily appreciated.  Carl Bussey agreed that figures need to be more relevant as they did not currently give an accurate local picture.  Carl Bussey reported that although there had been a reduction in anti-social behaviour, in real terms, and that while public confidence in policing was high, the public perception of anti-social behaviour was that it was increasing.  Public perception was often media lead, improvements needed to be communicated better to ensure public confidence improved.


Rachel Heydon asked whether the improved perception of policing could be down to the increased visibility of the police.





Report on complaints against the Police


MOPAC data to include stats of improved outcomes or good news stories from local police force after Complaints stats (Positive Policing)



Carl Bussey reported that the different approaches across London raised some concerns, all new complaints had to be dealt with at Inspector level.  Carl Bussey reported that he would like this reviewed with a less bureaucratic, more ‘customer service’ focussed approach.  He reported that many complaints were minor procedural matters which could realistically be dealt with at the point of contact.  By introducing a more customer centred approach the public would be better served, with a change in the way complaints were processed.


Debbie Brenner reported concern that ‘hate crime’ statistics had been glossed over and that xenophobia was showing an increase on the recorded crime statistics. 


Rob Weir reported that while the statistics showed an increase in Racist and Religious Hate Crime, in comparison to other London Boroughs Hounslow had a good record of tolerance.  There was a very small Jewish Community in Hounslow with few concerns.  The Open Mosque initiative being run in the Borough’s mosques had proved extremely popular, with high levels of visitors recorded.  Rob Weir reported that this had been having a positive impact in the local communities, with improved understanding and tolerance being evidenced among local communities.


Carl Bussey reported that, in comparison to the rest of London, Hounslow was showing a lower increase in hate crimes.  In the context of Global concern, the work happening in Hounslow has been positive in spite of the 33.3% increase.  Work was being done around Mosques, the police have undertaken an active dialogue which had had a positive impact and would continue.


Debbie Brenner agreed that good work was being done in the Borough.  Debbie Brenner reported that having a Faith representative on the Safer Neighbourhood Board was an important and positive step and that Friends of Faith were pleased to be members.


Liz Gaffney asked for clarification of the 22.6% increase in knife crime.  Carl Bussey agreed that this did indicate an increase in knife crime.  The statistic did not reflect the number of under 25 (Youth) involved.  The true picture was actually far less worrying, with only a smattering of incidents across the Borough, some domestic, most slight injuries and lots behind closed doors not involving the public.


Rob Weir reported that Operation Equinox had achieved positive outcomes.  London Borough of Hounslow had amongst the highest arrest rate for carrying offensive weapons.  Carl Bussey agreed that the Equinox figures had been impressive.  Rob Weir’s team had been doing ‘knife sweeps’ looking for and removing stashed weapons before clubs closed in the evening.  This proactive approach meant there were fewer knives in circulation at the most volatile point of the day, with positive results.


Flavia Beckwith said that she would like to see more positive statistics showing where the police were doing well.  Carl Bussey agreed that there was a need for more thanks and would encourage MOPAC to include these.  Rob Weir reported that the police had many positive stories which could be shared, occasions when members of the public had written or called to  ...  view the full minutes text for item 18.


Report from the associated groups Independent Custody Visitors/Independent Advisory Group/ Stop and Search Community Monitoring Group


Carl Bussey to find volunteer from IAg



Carl Bussey reported that the Independent Custody Visitors needed more volunteers.  However, the vetting process was currently onerous.  MOPAC had done some work to streamline the process.  Custody Suites within local stations were no longer the responsibility of the Borough Commander and were managed centrally, unless an incident took place in the station, which affected the Custody Suite.  In this case it would become the local force’s responsibility.


Carl Bussey enquired whether any arrangement had been made to secure an IAG representative on the Board and agreed to follow this up and seek and a volunteer from IAG.




Carl Bussey to find volunteer from IAG.



Upcoming changes to the Local Policing Model and Ward Teams


Rob Weir reported that a review of the local policing model had lead to changes.  8 officers had now been freed up from administrative tasks to concentrate on local policing.


Rachel Heydon asked for clarification regarding the structure of local policing.  Rob Weir said that in the Safer Neighbourhood Model there were now 5 teams on each area which meant five sergeants, a PCSO and Officer and 3 Police Officers in a team.  The biggest change was to the shift patterns which had lead to police being more visible as more were now working day time shifts.  There was now a dedicated ward officer to concentrate on local ward priorities.


Criminal Investigation Department now investigated assault not local ward officers with the intention of freeing ward officers to concentrate on Anti Social Behaviour and local crime although some flexibility still remained to ensure their ability to respond to any situation.


Local emergency response had now grown in size and was better equipped to deal with wider issues.


Rob Weir reported that Ward Officers were less needed to fill in centrally.  Ward Officers responsibility included being the named officer for local issues.


Councillor Richard Foote reported that the public appreciated the increase in police visibility.


Carl Bussey reported that deployment of policing needed to be constantly reviewed as an increasing proportion of crime was less visible and was on-line and computer based.




Any Other Business


Rob Weir to bring planning for World Cup to next meeting


Councillor Richard Foote asked whether the board was aware of the cumulative impact of the policy (allowed under licensing Act) which enabled the LA to stop issuing licenses where too many existed in an area.  A questionnaire was being sent out to affected areas.


Nigel Farmer reported that the consultation had started and would feed into the report.


Ernest Cooper reported some concern that the Ward Panel had not heard anything about the consultation.


Nigel Farmer and Richard Foote agreed that there was a need for evidence to support the case for refusal of licence.


David Hardman welcomed Rea Sachdeva saying he hoped to see her at the meeting again.


Ernest Cooper asked whether LBH was doing anything to allay fears regarding antisocial behaviour in relation to the upcoming Rugby World Cup.  Rob Weir reported that there was planning in progress, which he would share at the next meeting.  Earnest Cooper asked whether there were any plans to go to residents with this.  He asked whether there were any plans in place for wards bordering the Twickenham stadium area for the Rugby World Cup.


Rob Weir to bring planning for World Cup to next meeting


Rachel Heydon reported that from 1 April LBH would have a local Adult Custody Suite visitors (mental health) group and that she would like to have somebody from the mental health team represented on SNB.  She confirmed that the Adult Custody Suite visitors would receive training.  They were currently struggling to find enough visitors for the day time.  Debbie Brenner suggested putting a request for volunteers onto Hounslow Community Network.  Rob Weir reported that the police were appreciative of the hours of work Rachel Heydon had put into developing the Custody Suite Visitors programme.


David Hardman asked whether SNB would be able include time for the public to speak on future agendas.


Ian Ross of Outside Chance reported that they had delivered over 1000 workshops in Hounslow schools focusing on educating young people about the dangers of becoming involved in gangs and crime.  Ian Ross added that it had become increasingly difficult as a voluntary group to promote their work or get new bookings.  He said there had been an increased resistance within schools to the work of voluntary groups in schools.  Councillor Richard Foote will speak to Councillor Tom Bruce about this.


Date of next meeting


3 June 2015