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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Public Meeting Room, Feltham Library, Feltham High Street

Contact: Wendy Merry 0208 583 2061 or Email: wendy.merry@hounslow.gov.uk 

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Other communications from Members


The Chair welcomed Ben Tomlinson, who would be replacing Kate Tomkinson as Area Participation officer, while she was on maternity leave.


Minutes of the meeting held on 8 September 2016 and matters arising pdf icon PDF 156 KB


Minutes of the meeting held on 8 September 2016 (agenda item 2) were agreed.


Matters Arising


a)    Councillor David Hughes advised that concerns had been raised through Members’ case work about inappropriate activity at Hatton Cemetery, for example, people having picnics. Members agreed that officers would be asked to investigate and provide a report to the next meeting (item 9, page 3 refers).

b)    Councillor Anderson noted that the Forum had requested that a letter be sent to residents clarifying the position in connection with future development around Station Estate Road and Nursery Close and asked officers to confirm that a letter had been sent (item 3 page 2 refers).


Petitions pdf icon PDF 98 KB

·         Petition for fence around play area by Alf King Centre.


See petition for fence around play area at Alf King Centre (agenda item 3)


Laura Clarke, lead petitioner, explained the petition to the Forum. Members supported the request and asked that funding be provided to enclose the playground or that the project be added to the S.106 wish list. Uttam Gujral advised that she would ask the Planning Policy manager to email Ms Clarke and copy ward Members in.


Open Forum


An opportunity for members of the public to address the meeting on general issues relating to the agenda and other issues not on the agenda.  Please note that individual cases cannot be discussed. 


The Open Forum will be for a duration of 10 – 20 minutes, at the Chair’s discretion. Individual members of the public will not exceed 2 minutes each of speaking time. If there is a significant amount of interest in an issue, the Chair can arrange for a separate public meeting for that issue to be heard and if there is a large group of people interested in an item, one person will be asked to speak as the spokesperson.


Feltham Town Centre Road Improvements


June Stewart raised concerns that S,106 monies were being used towards the cost of legal fees in connection with the planned road improvement works around Feltham Town Centre. Christopher Deakins, Team Leader of Capital Projects & Development advised that S.106 monies were part of the funding for the whole project, which would also include funding from Network Rail and Transport for London.


Air Raid Shelter at Bridge House Pond


Angela Parton advised that an air raid shelter had been uncovered in the embankment at Bridge House Pond, which she felt should be preserved. Mr Deakins advised that it would not be possible to preserve the air raid shelter because it was under the land required for road widening. He did confirm, however, that the air raid shelter had been inspected and documented and could be viewed before works were carried out. Members suggested that pictures could be taken, local schools involved and possibly arrangements made for a time capsule.


Enforcement Team Update pdf icon PDF 253 KB


See presentation (agenda item 5)


Gerry McCarthy, Head of Enforcement, Community Safety and Commercial Regulation and Ian Inman, Team Leader, made the presentation.


In response to questions from Members, he advised that a performance report containing all monthly data would be available next year and that he would bring it back to the Area Forum in the spring to show Members how well it was working.


Members noted that there was a report tabled showing statistics and asked that the report be published, along with an explanation.


Local Police Update pdf icon PDF 618 KB


The Forum welcomed A/Insp. Clive Aplin to the meeting, who highlighted the main points in the presentation.




a)    That data about the outcomes from arrests in connection with drug related offences be provided to the next meeting.

b)    That information about increases in Neighbourhood Watch groups would be provided, by ward.

c)    That A/Insp. Aplin would chase up police officers to ensure that Members were notified of local ward meetings.

d)    That the statistics would be broken down into domestic and non-domestic crime.

e)    That A/Inp. Aplin would arrange for a colleague to also attend the next meeting to make a short presentation on the programme work being done by the police.


Hounslow Road Cycle Improvements pdf icon PDF 213 KB


See report by Christine Phillipps, Transport Project Officer (agenda item 7)


Christopher Deakins presented the report.




a)     That Mermbers note the responses to the consultation on one-way working in the service road in front of Nos. 40–62 Hounslow Road, and approve its implementation, subject to the Statutory Consultation process.

b)     That the Area Forum delegate authority to the Executive Director for REDe to carry out the required statutory consultations on the proposals.

c)     That the Area Forum delegated authority to the Executive Director for REDe to resolve where possible any objections received to the statutory consultation.

d)     In the event that any objections received remained unresolved, that the Area Forum delegated authority to the Chair of the Area Forum to determine the objections in consultation with ward councillors.

e)     If no objections were received or once any objections received were resolved, that the Area Forum delegated authority to the Executive Director for REDe to implement the scheme.

f)      Officers noted Members’ wish to see weight limitations implemented, if possible.


Items for Future Meetings


No items were noted.


Any other business

Any business which the Chair agrees to accept on grounds of urgency.


a)    Councillor Mitchell asked for clarification to be provided about the temporary bus stops on the High Street, outside the library.

b)    Councillor Christie advised that Crossover Policy had not been updated and asked officers to investigate.


Date of next meeting is 26 January 2017


The date of the next meeting was noted.