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Venue: Public Meeting Room, Feltham Library, Feltham High Street

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Petitions pdf icon PDF 64 KB

For the Area Forum to receive petitions, as follows:

·       Hanworth Royal Naval Association – Mr Wadley

·       Hanworth Air Parcs Leisure Centre – Ms Stevens

·       Staines Road Parking – Mr Pietru

Additional documents:


Royal Naval Club

Mr Wadley spoke in support of the petition. He advised that the Royal Naval Club was a long-established club and the lease was due to run out in six weeks’ time. He raised concerns about not receiving a response from the Council in relation to extending the lease because the club was finding it difficult to run the business or take future bookings without knowing whether they could proceed.


Councillor Foote advised that he had arranged for the club to meet with officers to negotiate an extension to the lease and believed that it was being dealt with. They had discussed options to extend the lease, which would require the club to vacate until the building started.


The Chair noted that the officer dealing with the matter had left the Council and it was agreed that Councillor Foote pick the matter up and liaise with ward Councillors.


Hanworth Air Parcs

Ms Stevens spoke in support of the petition. She advised that it was on behalf of early morning customers at Hanworth Leisure Centre, who were mostly paying by direct debit. They were concerned about the poor maintenance of the gym and changing rooms. She advised that the equipment was also poorly maintained and the customers felt that it was not good enough.


The Chair advised that the matter would be referred to Councillor Mayne, who was the Cabinet Member for Leisure and response would be provided back to Ms Stevens via the clerk.


Staines Road - Resident’s Parking

In the absence of a speaker, Mark Frost, Head of Traffic & Transport, advised that he believed that the lead petitioner had already been contacted and a written response would be provided to him.


Open Forum - for a maximum of 10 minutes

An opportunity for members of the public to address the meeting on general issues relating to the agenda and other issues not on the agenda.  Please note that individual cases cannot be discussed. 



Bridge House Pond

Richard Clark updated the Forum on the Friends of Bridge House Pond Group. He advised that they had held two meetings and their AGM would be in March. They would be working with Carillion in relation to getting the shrubs cut back and he advised that they had been very supportive.


With regard to traffic and transport improvements, Mr Clark felt that there was a lot of focus on the level crossing but he had concerns about road widening over the bridge, trees along the road and pedestrians He advised that the group wanted to see improvements to the proposals.


There was a community clean-up day planned for 27 February. The group had plans and ideas about maintenance and improvements for the area and Mr Clark commented that the path to the Alf King centre needed looking at.


The Chair advised Mr Clark that he would be able to apply for a small grant for events, once the group had been properly constituted.


Power League

Debbie Ayde from Tudor Estate Resident’s Association, referred to a flyer concerning Power League of Sunbury. She noted that they had been given planning permission for a location in Hanworth and were advertising as Sunbury, which Ms Ayde felt was misleading advertising and unacceptable.


Councillor Foote advised that he also objected to the advert and that he would be raising the issue the following day.


Tilley Road Parking

Ms Dickenson provided the Forum with photos to show parking problems in Tilley Road. She advised that they had applied for a CPZ and it had been passed a year ago. All consultations had been done and residents had voted for it to go ahead but it was being withheld.


The Chair advised that a moratorium had been put on the proposed CPZ because the rest of the estate was concerned about overspill on parking and the knock-on effect. The matter was discussed again later on in the meeting (item 9, Parking Around Feltham), where it was agreed to go ahead with the CPZ in Tilley Road.


Telecom Mast

Nic Moore from Tudor Estate Resident’s Association advised that the Association was opposed to an application for a telecom mast on the elevated slip road of the A316. He commented that 14 sites in the vicinity had already been rejected.


Geoff Hugall, Planning Officer, advised that the site was on the upper ramp near the roundabout, next to the bus stop. The height was 12.5m, but the perceived height was greater because of the ramp. He advised the public that they could write to his colleague, Katy Marks, with their objections and warned that they would have to grant the application if no objections had been received within the time limit.


Sandycombe Road

Mrs Fraser advised that there was a CPZ in Sandycombe Road, but it was not being enforced. She understood that the offending vehicles were mini cabs, who were moving off too quickly, before officers could do anything.  She had also been told  ...  view the full minutes text for item 48.


Local Police Update pdf icon PDF 70 KB

Additional documents:


See Police Update Report (agenda item 4)


Inspector Chris Mulrooney presented the slides. Following the presentation, he reported back on incidents in Clapham, which had involved a double barrel shotgun and suspect being identified as living in Ruscombe Way and an update on a stabbing in a shop in Bedfont last year, where officers would be getting awards because of life-saving action, which they had taken at the scene.


In response to questions from Members, Inspector Mulrooney advised that search warrants had been issued in connection with drugs offences and at least one cannabis factory was being discovered per month. Arrests had been made and led to convictions.


With regard to anti-social behaviour, Insp. Mulrooney advised that they had a dedicated unit at Hounslow, who responded to all calls and that he could provide an analysis to the next meeting.


Priorities were set every three months at ward panels meetings and he advised Members that they were welcome to attend. In response to questions and comments, Insp. Mulrooney advised that he would let Members know when meetings were taking place and would also send them the monthly reports.


In response to a question about the vacant co-ordinator’s post, he advised that liaison officers were being reorganised and there would be a representative for each area.


Budget 2016-2017


This item was withdrawn because Councillor Dennison was unable to attend the meeting.


Revised Citizen Engagement Report pdf icon PDF 54 KB


This item was withdrawn because Councillor Dennison had been unable to attend the meeting.


Civic Pride - Presentation on The Southville Centre pdf icon PDF 9 MB


Ex-manager Noveen Phillips and current manager Jennie Tweedy made the presentation. Ms Phillips advised that they been set up as a charity and had been managed by Green Corridor. They were now looking at going forward under the Feltham Development Community Association. They had undertaken community development on Highfields and were looking to develop a service across the west of the Borough.


Ms Tweedy advised that the Centre aimed to tap into community funding attached to the sale of the community building in Feltham High Street. The funding would initially be used at Southville Centre as part of a 5-year plan. The Centre already had a high public profile from the work they had done integrating existing services and working with volunteers.


(Councillor Mitchell joined the meeting at this point).


The Forum noted that a significant number of people had signed a petition to keep the Centre. Councillor Gupta advised that there had been one meeting with the Leader of the Council and there would be a second meeting to discuss the long-term future. There was a commitment that most of the services would stay and the Centre would keep going. There was funding to support the Centre from the sale of the People’s Centre and S.106 monies.


Hounslow Local Plan Reviews: West of Borough and Great West Corridor pdf icon PDF 72 KB

Additional documents:


See report by Chris Smith, Planning Policy Team Leader (agenda item 8)


Michael Thornton, Planning Policy Manager made the presentation. He advised that the consultation was open until 22 February.


In response to questions, Michael Thornton advised that there would be plenty of time for the public to have their say about the Local Plan Reviews because they were just at the start and setting the agenda for things to consider. A draft plan would be available in the summer and he advised that the summer would be the ideal point to get involved.


The Chair asked for some information to be put in the Council’s HM magazine.


With regard to Heathrow Gateway, Mr Thornton advised that the proposal was about limiting damage from Heathrow. The concept of Heathrow Gateway was possible if they built a new rail line and would only happen if the transport proposal went through. The Gateway was dependent on transport links and they would know more by the summer.


With regard to the suggestion that there could be a station in Hanworth, Mr Frost advised that a new station could be in Hanworth if there was residential surrounding it and Kempton Park station was to close. It would depend on whether the Jockey Club was interested and they were looking to find out if they were.


In relation to tube connections, Mr Frost advised that Terminal Four would be downgraded if the third runway went ahead. He felt that a better proposal would be to take the train to Terminal Five and there was potential to extend the Piccadilly line. Buses from Feltham currently had to do a loop around the perimeter road and Transport for London felt that there should be a similar airport tunnel in the south.


The Chair asked Mr Frost to keep Members in the loop and for a report back at the next stage.


Parking Around Feltham


Mark Frost advised that CPZs (controlled parking zones) for Tilley Road and Kings Road had been considered. With regard to Tilley Road, there had been support for a CPZ as a result of both the informal and detailed consultations. However, there had since been a petition requesting that the matter be re-considered because of concerns about displacement. With Kings Road, there had been a petition and an informal consultation but not further detailed consultation.


Mr Frost advised that similar issues had occurred across the Borough. Displacement was difficult to deal with, but they were tending not to refuse just on those grounds and if the residents of one road did not want it, they could leave that road out and review it again at a later date.


There were other issues around parking and the use of existing car parks. A study had not yet been carried out, but it was something they planned to do.


Councillor Mitchell agreed that parking and displacement was a problem in Feltham. He advised that commuters were coming in and parking to take advantage of travel zone six and people parked on estates because they did not want to pay for using the car parks. There were parking problems in the middle of Highfields, which was where cars from Tilley Road would be displaced if there was a CPZ. He advised that they were looking at other options for parking, possibly at other times.


The Chair noted that residents in Tilley Road had asked for a CPZ and the Area Forum had supported that. She questioned whether it was necessary to keep a moratorium on Tilley Road or if that should move ahead, having already agreed that they would do it. She felt that the Forum should be putting some momentum into other issues. Mr Frost advised that they were able to extend the CPZ to other roads and if there was displacement.


A resident raised concerns about a CPZ for Kings Road/Queens Road because he had spoken to residents and felt that they would oppose it.


Mr Frost advised that they still needed to go out to detailed consultation on Kings Road and the Chair pointed out that, if there was a full consultation, a letter would go to each house in the street.




That a CPZ for Kings Road would go to the next stage of consultation and a CPZ for Tilley Road would go ahead and be implemented.


(Members moved suspension of standing orders at this point in the meeting, to allow for the remaining items of business to be determined).


Hatton Road Stage 4 Road Safety Audit pdf icon PDF 35 KB


See report by Mark Frost, Head of Traffic & Transport (agenda item 10)


Members noted that officers had requested the police to carry out further enforcement to improve compliance and they also felt that an enforcement camera would help with improvements.




a)    That the results of the Stage 4 Road Safety Audit be noted.

b)    That the road be kept under review through the Council’s general Borough-wide collision analysis work.


Street Improvement Fund pdf icon PDF 45 KB

Additional documents:


See report by Mark Frost, Head of Traffic & Transport (agenda item 11)


Mark Frost presented the report and advised that there was a total of £100k across the Borough for 2016/17.


The Chair advised Resident’s Groups that they would need to approach their ward Councillor in order to access funding.




a)    That the work progressed to date on ‘Street Improvement Fund’ projects for 2015/16 be noted.

b)    That it be noted that applications to the Fund for 2016/17 was now open and would close at the end of February 2016.


Feltham Town Centre Traffic & Transport Improvements pdf icon PDF 213 KB

Additional documents:


See report by Christopher Deakins, Capital Projects and Network Management (agenda item 12)


Christopher Deakins, Capital Projects and Network Management, presented the report and advised that there was broadly support for the proposals. Issues around the proposals were as follows:


  • There were concerns about the level crossing because it was a longer distance to go over the ramp and bridge if it was closed.
  • Facilitating longer trains would mean extending the platform. It was not the London-bound end because it was more costly and did not overcome closure. The crossing was also a safety issue and there were concerns that there may be a serious incident.
  • They had to widen the road to allow for traffic movements and there were concerns about loss of the park at Bridge House. Mr Deakins advised that they would still need to widen the road on the pond side if they widened the other side of the road.


In response to questions, Mr Deakins advised that widening was being done to facilitate a footbridge on Hounslow Road, subject to future funding being available to allow that to be done. There was no scope for putting trees on top of the bank, but they were looking at options to green the wall over the pond and putting trees in the adjacent park at Bridge House. He had also spoken to the people from mosaic art about the possibility of some artwork at one of the consultation events.


In relation to a road closure in Hounslow Road, Mr Deakins confirmed that a road closure would be required. The whole level of the road would change and all the services under the road would be diverted. He advised that he would bring back details of the traffic management plan and an update to the Forum in May.




a)    That authority be delegated to the Executive Director for Regeneration, Economic Development & Environment (REDe)to undertake detailed design for the proposals set out in paragraph 3.6 and appendix A of the report.

b)    The authority be delegated to the Executive Director for REDe to carry out the required statutory consultation on the proposals.

c)     That authority be delegated to the Executive Director for REDe to resolve, where possible, any objections received to the statutory consultation.

d)    In the event that any objections received remain unresolved, authority be delegated to the Chair of the Forum to determine the objections, in consultation with the Ward Councillors.

e)    If no objections are received or once any objections received are resolved, authority be delegated to the Executive Director for REDe to implement the scheme, subject to the successful determination of the required planning application and confirmation of available funding.


Former Hanworth Library Stopping Up pdf icon PDF 93 KB

Additional documents:


See report by Rob Heslop, Principal Transport Planner (agenda item 13)




a)    That in view of the granting of planning permission 00550/N/P3 (P/2015/2040) and subject to the applicant first paying all costs associated with this proposal Members resolve to make a draft stopping up order in relation to the highway outside Hanworth Library, Hanworth, as shown on the map appended to the report, under Section 247 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (“the Act).

b)    That authority be delegated to the Director of Regeneration and Economic Development (REDe) to publicise the draft stopping up order under the procedure set out in Section 252 of the Act.

c)     If no objections are received or any objections received are withdrawn, authority be given to the Director of REDe to confirm the making of the stopping up order under the procedure set out in Section 252 of the Act.

d)    If there are outstanding objections, the Director of REDe will report back to the Bedfont, Feltham, Hanworth Area Forum, so that Members may consider the objections and determine whether to proceed with the proposal (which would then have to be referred to the Mayor of London as noted in paragraphs 3.3 & 3.4 of this report).


Cambria Court, Feltham - Amarpal Soor pdf icon PDF 144 KB


See report by Amarpal Soor, Team Leader – Parking Management Developments & Parking, Traffic and Transport (agenda item 14)




a)    That the results of the preliminary CPZ consultation be noted and that the CPZ should not be progressed.

b)    That he lead petitioner and residents be notified of the consultation results and the Forum’s decision.


Items for Future Meetings


The Chair proposed that three public meetings be held to discuss the following topics:


  • Health
  • Community Resources
  • Environment


She advised that, as public meetings, they would not be clerked but relevant officers and contributors would be invited to attend. There would also be more of an opportunity for the public to speak.


Any other business

Any business which the Chair agrees to accept on grounds of urgency.


Councillor Gupta advised that he had asked the Rivers Academy to attend a meeting because they were undergoing a consultation with parents about changes to their admissions policy. He advised that he had responded opposing the changes and the Department for Education and the Cabinet Member for Education would also be opposing the changes. He advised that the consultation was on the School’s web site and he asked that people  respond. The Chair advised that she would object too on behalf of the Area Forum and confirmed that the School would be attending the Area Forum meeting in March.


Date of next meeting is 17 March 2016


The date of the next meeting was noted.