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Venue: Public Meeting Room, Feltham Library, Feltham High Street

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Communications from Members


Councillor Khan, the Vice-Chair, chaired the meeting in the absence of the Chair, Councillor Elizabeth Hughes.


Councillor Mitchell advised that Oakhill School, in lower Feltham, had applied to create a two-form school. There had been a big campaign against the application because it would have meant that they would lose 60 school places. The Government had refused the application and he thanked everyone, who had been involved.


Councillor Foote advised that Jo Drew, who had been working for the Neighbourhood Police Team, was leaving the Council and he felt that she had done a superb job.


(Councillor Chaudhary joined the meeting at this point).


Minutes of the meeting held on 17 September 2015 pdf icon PDF 147 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 17 September 2015 (agenda item 2) were agreed


Matters Arising


Councillor Anderson advised that residents at No.30 Spinney Drive had applied for a crossover on health grounds, but it had been rejected. He noted that crossovers were subject to a policy review in autumn and he raised concerns that the Forum had taken a decision in supporting the request for a crossover, which had not been acted on. He felt that there was a question about the review promised in the autumn and the decision taken by the Area Forum, which had not transpired (item 24, page 10 refers).


Kate Tomkinson, Area Participation Officer, advised that there would be an update on the Feltham Masterplan in January. The Royal Navy Club petition had been to Borough Council and had been referred to the Area Forum. A report was expected in January (item 32, page 17 refers).


(Councillor Mir joined the meeting at this point).


Open Forum


This is an opportunity for members of the public to address the meeting on general issues relating to the agenda and other issues not on the agenda.  Please note that individual cases cannot be discussed. 


It would be helpful where possible if issues can be submitted in writing prior to the meeting. A pro-forma is included at the back of the agenda pack to assist this.


Please note that you can also use the pro-forma to submit suggestions for any topics you would like to see discussed at future Area Forum meetings.


Cambria Court - Lyn Dalgleish advised that yellow lines had been put in Cambria Court and they had been removed on Thursday. The clerk advised that Gareth James, Transport Project Officer, would be providing a report about Cambria Court to the Forum in January.


Hatton Road - Kevin Stephens advised that he had been told that there would review of alternatives for speed reductions in Hatton Road 18 months ago but nothing had been done. Councillor Foote advised that the review was a statutory review, which was done 12 months after the system had been put in place. He advised that he would check with officers to find out what was happening.


Project Updates - Councillor Gurung asked for updates from officers in connection with a link project for Hanworth Park, Hounslow Road cycle park improvements and Wigley Road improvements.


Local Police Update pdf icon PDF 312 KB

Additional documents:


See Feltham Sector Presentations (agenda item 4)


Sgt. Graeme Dixon presented the report. In response to questions from Members, he advised that the drugs crime was more likely to be to do with cultivation than trafficking.


With regard to domestic violence, he advised that 80% of female homicide cases were someone they knew and the figure was 50% for men. They were rolling out domestic violence training for officers, which Sgt. Dixon had attended and described as ‘eye opening’.


Sgt. Dixon advised that officers had been identified to carry out evening patrols targeting burglaries in the Hounslow Road area. He made a note of roads mentioned by Councillor Malik, including Viola and Byward Avenue. He advised that he would feedback Councillor Malik’s concerns that residents felt unsafe following the burglaries and arrange for information about the growth in Neighbourhood Watch in Feltham North to be provided back to him.


In response to concerns about the increase in number plate theft, he advised that it usually took place to disguise a vehicle. There were tactics used by the police to make it less effective. They had access to tamper-proof number plate screws and could give them out for free.


Councillor Mitchell raised concerns about hotspots for drug problems in Feltham West ward and advised that he would support an application for the use of CCTV cameras there. Sgt. Dixon advised that they had achieved some success in combatting anti-social behaviour in the Bedfont area and advised that he would support the use there. Councillor Foote felt that the problem with domehawk cameras was the cost of replacement, which was £5k for each one. He was aware that they were needed but advised that they were restricted by funding.


Draft Leisure & Cultural Strategy 2015-2020


Stefania Horne, Head of Parks, made the presentation. She advised that they had published the draft strategy and the consultation had been extended until the day after the meeting.


In response to questions, she advised that there had been 300 responses to the consultation and the feedback had been quite positive. The focus groups were active and they were using the answers to re-shape the strategy. The information would be used to go out to further consultation later on.


Bedfont Lakes Country Park Presentation


Stefania Horne, Head of Parks and Chris Slack, Ecologist from Bedfont Lakes Country Park presented the report.


Mr Slack talked about the wildlife at the park and the educational profile. He advised that many families and community groups used the park throughout the week and the park did outreach work, which included taking workshops out to schools. There was number of set volunteer days and people could book the park to carry out education activities or to host birthday parties.


Ms Horne advised that they needed to work on a development plan to improve the facility. A masterplan was being produced to improve the visitor experience and support the educational work. A business plan was also needed and measures were put in place would need to help sustain the park for the future. She advised that they would engage with a consultation process to ensure that what they did fitted the aspirations of the community.


Councillor Foote felt that the Park was a success story for Hounslow and that they had the type of facility, which did not exist anywhere else in London. He also acknowledged the substantial work done by residents and volunteers.


In response to questions, Mr Slack advised that the playgrounds were regularly inspected for health and safety improvements and there was a defibrillator on site. There were a number of people, who could be contacted in an emergency after dark. He acknowledged that there were no toilets at present and advised that they were looking to bring in adequate facilities as part of the plan.


In terms of accessing funding, Ms Horne advised that the masterplan would be used as a tool to approach organisations for funds. They would be able to apply for pots of funding, when they had developed their vision and they would need to ensure that they had prepared a solid enough plan.


Creative People & Places Hounslow Presentation


Jan Lennox, Director of Waterman’s, advised that the programme of Creative People and Places was an Arts Council funded programme to increase engagement in the Arts. Hounslow had been awarded £929,000 over three years on the basis of an outline programme.


TajbirSettie, Feltham Community Arts worker, advised that the programme had been developed after consultation with communities and small arts groups. The top thing Feltham wanted, which had come out of the consultation, was a community band and that was in the process of getting that off the ground. It would be taking place at the Reach Academy and Ms Settie advised that she could leave contact details for anyone, who was interested.


In response to questions, Ms Lennox advised that the Hounslow Youth Music Service would run the community band. Councillor Gurung advised that he would like to see a band involved in the Remembrance Service and Ms Lennox advised that she would pass his comments on.


Requests for more events like the recent one held in Bell Square, Hounslow had come up in the consultation. Ms Lennox advised that they had held some events in Feltham Centre, which had worked very well and they were looking to hold some more in the summer.


Engagement work would be done from out of the hubs but Ms Lennox advised that an initial issue was which building to use. She felt that the library was a good short-term solution but it didn’t work for everything so they were still looking.


Councillor Foote commented that he felt that the project should be run by the grass roots rather than managed from the top.


Citizen's Engagement pdf icon PDF 78 KB


The Chair advised that the item had been withdrawn because of last minute changes made to the report by Councillor Dennison. The report would be brought back to the January meeting.


Small Grants pdf icon PDF 126 KB

Additional documents:


See report by Aine Hayes, Third Sector Partnerships Manager (agenda item 9)


Kate Tomkinson presented the report.


Councillor Gupta queried the Rivers Academy application for £500; he felt that schools would normally have their own funding. He also commented that they had not shared information with the Forum or interacted with them.


Kate Tomkinson advised that the application met the criteria and it was up to Members to use their discretion as to whether to approve the application. She understood that the school would be organising the tea party and advised that the Forum had funded the school previously, but they had returned the grant because it had not gone ahead.


Councillor Gupta felt that the grant should go ahead, but that the school needed to be more interactive with the Forum. He asked that a note be made in the letter to Rivers Academy to say that the Forum would appreciate some feedback.


Members noted that there was an error in the Childminders application.


Ms Tomkinson advised that an email could be sent with the correct details on the following day, if Members were minded to approve the grant in principle.


Councillor Christie advised that David Henry Waring Home may wish to increase the money they had applied for to widen out their event and Ms Tomkinson asked for the paperwork to be provided to enable that.


She suggested the Forum vote on the applications they were happy with. The Chair clarified that applications 1, 3 & 4 were approved and they wanted to increase the grant to DHW, which Members agreed. Item 2, the Childminders application would be subject to amendment.


Councillor Gupta suggested that the applications be emailed to Members in future.




a)    That a small grant of £235 to David Henry Waring Home for promoting and encouraging residents to get more involved in their local area be approved. The grant may be increased, subject to the submission of further details.

b)    That a small grant of £500 to Childminders for building stronger neighbourhoods be approved, subject to the correct details being approved by the Forum.

c)     That a small grant of £500 to Rivers Academy for building stronger neighbourhoods be approved. The letter to the Academy to include a request for feedback to be provided back to the Forum.

d)    That a small grant of £500 to Feltham Food Bank for building stronger neighbourhoods be approved.


Items for Future Meetings


Kate Tomkinson advised that Feltham Vision and the Masterplan would be coming to the Forum meeting in January.


Any other business

Any business which the Chair agrees to accept on grounds of urgency.


a)    Councillor Mitchell advised that local residents were setting up a Friends Group for Bridge House Pond and would be meeting the following Thursday evening at Christ Church in Hanworth Road.

b)    Councillor Atterton asked for an update on Hounslow Urban Farm and Hounslow Heath.


Date of next meeting is 28 January 2016


The date of the next meeting was noted.