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Apologies for Absence, Declarations of Interest and any other Communications from Members


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Colin Ellar, Nisar Malik, Shaida Mehrban, Corinna Smart and Bob Whatley.


The Chair called a minute’s silence in memory of a young woman killed in a road accident in Heston and expressed the hope that another woman critically injured in the same incident would recover.


Minutes of the meeting of 10 November 2016 and matters arising pdf icon PDF 390 KB


The minutes of the meeting of 10 November 2016 were agreed to be an accurate record and signed.


Matters arising:


Minute 35 Petitions (page 48):


Area Participation Officer Joan Conlon advised that a TfL representative had been invited to the meeting as requested to discuss the petition regarding the 110 bus route but had declined. Mark Frost had advised that it had been decided to divert the E8 bus route to West Middlesex Hospital, however TfL wished to use double decker buses for the service and residents of Amhurst Gardens objected; the matter was yet to be resolved.


Cllr Mukesh Malhotra asked if any enforcement was being carried out to prevent obstructive parking outside the gates of the now closed Hounslow Heath Golf course.


Minute 36 Open Forum (page 49):


Cllr Malhotra advised that residents were continuing to lobby against the replacement of stone paving blocks with tarmac pavements in St Stephen’s Conservation Area and were intending to appeal the policy.


Cllr Pritam Grewal stated that one community team were still to be placed in new premises after the closure of the Number 10 project (page 50.) Cllr Malhotra added that the team had looked at a number of alternatives, all unsuitable, but he had heard nothing further since Christmas. Ms Conlon advised that she would try to get more information and report back to members.


Minute 40 Hounslow Heath Junior School expansion (page 52):


Cllr Malhotra advised that he had written to two traffic officers about traffic issues around Martindale Avenue and Cambridge Road but had as yet received no response. He had been asking questions on the matter for two years and felt strongly that enforcement was inadequate.


Police Reports pdf icon PDF 125 KB

Update by Inspector Jonathan Shard.


Additional documents:


Please see agenda item 2 for the reports. Insp Jonathan Shard presented the reports. He described the figures as good overall, with crime generally down, especially in the centre. There had been a rise in residential burglary in Hounslow South but two members of a burglary team suspected of 12 offences in that ward alone had recently been arrested. The Inspector stressed that with statistics low a rise of 20%, although apparently alarming, may represent an increase from four to five offences. Each Ward Sergeant was heading up an average of one operation per week and each Ward Team was investigating an average of eight beat crimes, or one per officer, just 50% of the total at the same time last year. There had been a downturn in violence with injury offences which Insp Shard attributed in no small part to the Borough licensing sergeant and PC who had put in a great deal of hard work to tackle alcohol fuelled offences.


There had been an incident at the Morrisons’ site in Hounslow West when an illegal “party company” had gained access and put on an event publicised on social media. A large number of people, some underage, had attended where alcohol and drugs were sold. Police had dealt with it very successfully, throwing out a very large number of people and making ten arrests, closing the event by 02:00. Morrisons had since returned the keys and the landowner had upgraded security and intended to redevelop the site. Insp Shard asked members to report any vacant properties which appeared insecure. There had also been a small number of traveller camps on insecure open land which the Inspector also urged to members to be on the lookout for.


There had been a successful operation, codenamed “Grinch” over Christmas paid for by overtime funding which enabled extra officers to be deployed in the town centre. This had resulted in the apprehension of several bag thieves, resulting in a reduction in such offences. Joint working was being discussed by the Borough’s Chief Inspector and four Inspectors in monthly meetings and an operation involving 20 police officers was currently at the planning stage. Residents had asked for more police visibility when consulted on what would increase confidence.


Forthcoming changes included new IT upgrades with every officer being given an iPad or similar to enable them to directly access  computer files without returning to the station, allowing more time to be spent on patrol. This was to be paid for by the sale of buildings and was expected this summer. Hi Vis uniforms were to be issued from February.


In response to concerns from the members that violence with injury offences were still high Insp Shard assured the Forum that the figures included not only pushing and shoving but fear of violence and so weren’t necessarily incidents of actual violence. Regarding action against beggars in Hounslow High Street the Inspector advised that a team of four was dealing with the issue but also other  ...  view the full minutes text for item 47.


Hounslow Community Network pdf icon PDF 138 KB

Presentation by Debbie Brenner, Chair, HCN



Debbie Brenner, Chair of Hounslow Community Network (HCN), gave a short presentation on the organisation. She described HCN as a collection of voluntary groups working together to obtain a voice in local decision making. Representatives of the individual groups made up an Executive Committee of HCN which held open meetings to discuss working together. The group’s members sat on all the main partnership boards and formed a conduit between the voluntary sector and the Council and worked with council departments, for instance helping groups who had lost funding sources to identify replacements.


Examples of HCN’s work included setting up a consortium to help with pressure on A&E departments, doing community work with vulnerable elderly residents to help prevent hospital admission. Work was done to help address social inequalities and help was given to newly arrived migrants who did not know how to access support. Plans for 2017 included looking at the predicted fallout from further cuts to services. HCN had developed a compact with Hounslow Council, signed by Cllr Curran and Ms Brenner as a way of coordinating work between the voluntary sector and the Council.  


Ms Brenner advised that anyone wishing to join HCN could find how by googling “Hounslow Hub”; inputting information would enable groups to join for free.


The Chair thanked Ms Brenner and Cllr Malhotra echoed that sentiment, congratulating HCN on its important work and advocating that anyone working in the voluntary sector in the Borough should join.


Nantly House, 33 Lampton Road, Hounslow pdf icon PDF 3 MB

Redevelopment of the existing site, into a mixed use, mixed tenure scheme, of 77 apartments, 1 commercial unit of 405m2, with 40% affordable housing being provided.


Presentation by Barbara Richardson.


Additional documents:


Please see presentation (agenda item 4).


The presentation was made by Barbara Richardson, Managing Director, Property and Development Lampton 360.She described Lampton 360 as a trading company wholly owned by Hounslow Council which had been established in 2012 to build homes on surplus land owned by LBH. Nantly House was to be built to the London Design Standard, parking was limited to seven or eight spaces for Blue Badge holders only and no parking permits would be issued. It was anticipated that overall there would be a 41% lower carbon emission level than a comparable older development. The parking restrictions would be made clear to all buyers and as Lampton 360 would retain the freehold that would apply to all subsequent buyers of homes in the development.


Cllrs Ajmer Grewal, Pritam Grewal and Mukesh Malhotra expressed deep concerns that the lack of parking in this and several other current and recent developments would not prevent people buying cars but would create problems around the borough as extra people competed for fewer spaces. Two large car parks were being lost in the town centre and eight new housing developments with little or no parking were being built. This would be highly detrimental to the town centre’s retailers as parking was already difficult and would become much harder in future and the Councillors feared that shoppers would be deterred and go elsewhere. Ms Richardson advised that providing parking spaces would reduce the number of properties to be built and render the scheme economically unviable and no affordable housing could be provided. The area was very well served by public transport.


230-236 Hanworth Road pdf icon PDF 101 KB

Planning application call in. The Area Forum to decide whether the application shall be referred to the Planning Committee for a decision or returned to officers for a delegated decision.


Please see the summary (agenda item 5).


Cllr Mukesh Malhotra had called this item in and he advised that several local business owners had contacted him to express their support for the development. The applicant was the owner of other successful businesses and would be a conscientious operator. Local shopkeepers, particularly the café owners, felt that the premises would be beneficial, bringing more customers into the area and it was not accepted that the road would be obstructed. Cllr Malhotra moved that the matter be referred to the Planning Committee rather than be left to officer’s delegated decision. Cllr Pritam Grewal seconded the motion which was agreed unanimously.




That the application be referred on to the Planning Committee for a decision.


Open Forum for Questions from the Public (Maximum of 30 Minutes)


Mr Charlie Pluckett attended the hearing with a number of fellow members of the local residents’ association to speak on the matter of a house extension in Dene Avenue which had been begun without planning permission. He advised that the structure had completely inadequate foundations just 1’ deep and was also larger than what had been retrospectively applied for. Residents believed the building to be dangerously unstable and were extremely worried that it may collapse either on the neighbouring property or into Bulstrode Avenue.  Despite claims that the project was an extension it was not physically connected to the house and furthermore there was no party wall agreement, or any other agreement, with the owner of the neighbouring house, an elderly gentleman who was highly distressed by the matter. Builders had climbed onto the roof of his property and badly damaged the party wall and chimney, even attempting to move the garden fence to annex a strip of land. Disturbance was also caused by regular late night working which was still proceeding. Access to light for the house next door had been badly affected. Mr Pluckett stated that the building’s owner had claimed to be a builder and intended to construct further property in his garden including a bungalow for which plans existed.


No officer from Planning Enforcement was able to attend the meeting but Team Leader Desmond Adumekwe had advised that retrospective planning permission had been applied for and the Area Forum heard that this had been denied on all counts by delegated decision on 18 January. The owner would be compelled to demolish the extension as permission had been refused although he had the right to appeal the decision; if an appeal was made no enforcement action could be taken until the appeal had been heard.


Members asked for an investigation into the unlawful use of the pavement as a crossover by the unsuccessful applicant. Mr Pluckett thanked officers for their assistance.


Ms Joyce Diment attended to raise the issue of potential flooding by the Duke of Northumberland’s River (DNR) where it flows through the residential area of Riverside Walk and Bourne Close/Worton Green. She advised that residents did not feel that they had received a wholly satisfactory answer to their concerns and asked Councillors to raise questions on their behalf. Residents had been advised that the river would not flood because the Mereway Weir, 1½ miles upstream, controlled the flow of water down. The weir is automatic and at times of high flow drops to allow more water down the River Crane and less down the DNR. Ms Diment stated that the weir could not stop the flow, nor could the system react in any way if there was a blockage downstream as there was no means of it detecting such a blockage. The Project Update notes (please see agenda item 9), under the heading “Further Works” refer to a plan to put a one 1 metre wide aquatic ledge along the whole of the Riverside  ...  view the full minutes text for item 51.


Clare Road CPZ pdf icon PDF 202 KB

Briefing by Amarpal Soor.

Additional documents:


Please see the petition and briefing note (agenda item 7).


The briefing was presented by Amarpal Soor. Members questioned the officer and discussed the matter in full. Cllr Jagdish Sharma moved that the recommendations be agreed, which was seconded by Cllr Mukesh Malhotra. The recommendations were agreed unanimously.




The Central Hounslow Area Forum agreed that:


(a)  a simultaneous informal design and formal (statutory) consultation shall be carried out with residents of Clare Road as a proposed extension to the current Hounslow West Controlled Parking Zone;


(b)  the proposed extension will operate from Mon – Fri 9.30am – 5.30pm and Saturday 9.30am – 12.30pm in line with the recent expansion and existing Hounslow West CPZ;


(c)  where possible officers will resolve any objections received to the formal (statutory) consultation and implement the scheme and in the event of any objections remaining unresolved, these objections shall be determined through Chief Officer Delegated  Authority in consultation with the relevant Ward Councillors;


(d)  residents of Clare Road shall be kept informed of the consultation and its outcome; and


(e)  the lead petitioner shall be notified of this Forum’s decision.






Perkin Close CPZ pdf icon PDF 178 KB

Briefing by Amarpal Soor.

Additional documents:


Please see the petition and briefing note (agenda item 8).


The briefing was presented by Amarpal Soor. Members questioned the officer and discussed the matter in full. Cllr Mukesh Malhotra moved that the recommendations be agreed, which was seconded by Cllr Jagdish Sharma. The recommendations were agreed unanimously.




The Central Hounslow Area Forum agreed that:


(a) an informal design consultation shall be undertaken to extend the existing Hounslow Town Centre South (HTCS) Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) operational Monday to Friday 9:30am – 6pm and Saturday 9:30am – 12:30pm, with residents of Mauveine Gardens, Perkin Close and Williams Drive

(b)  (i)        If the design consultation receives majority support that a scheme shall be progressed to a formal (statutory) consultation and that, where possible, officers resolve any objections received, and any objections remaining unresolved, agree that these objections be determined through Chief Officer Delegated Authority in consultation with the relevant Ward Councillors;




(ii)           If little or no support is received to the design consultation that the proposed scheme is not progressed further;


(c) Residents of Mauveine Gardens, Perkin Close and Williams Drive, be kept informed of the consultation and its outcome; and


(d)          the lead petitioner be notified of this Forum’s decision.



Silverhall Park petition/DNR update. pdf icon PDF 79 KB

Update by Andy Hatzfeld of Carillion.

Additional documents:


The Silverhall petition was referred to the Isleworth and Brentford Area Forum. The Duke of Northumberland’s River update was presented by Andy Hatzfeld of Carillion.


Mr Hatzfeld advised that the tree stock around the Duke of Northumberland’s River (DNR) is a mixture of native English elm, hazel, ash, willow and elder and self-set sycamore and lilac. This has been unmanaged leading to a wall of vegetation surrounding the river, blocking out light and restricting aquatic vegetation. The project aims to remove much of the dead and dying timber and coppice and pollard the trees so that they can grow back healthily. Replanting with a mixture of native species, such as silver birch, hazel and alder, to increase diversity for birds and bats will take place in some areas.


The fence line along the river is in bad repair and damaged in several places. It also does not allow access to the river bank for management of the trees and removal of litter. This fencing allows minimal visual access to the river for residents on the eastern bank of the river, therefore the river flows through the community with residents having little interaction with this natural resource on their doorstep. A softer more natural boundary is envisaged for the river along Unwin Road where a hazel hedge will be planted along some areas. Alongside Octavia Road a single rail fence will be erected to allow viewing of the river and access for maintenance and litter removal.


Works to date


Community Engagement

Public Exhibition on Unwin Green

Exhibition available at www.hounslow.info/parks-open-spaces/

Posters on site

Specific works notification letters


Project Activities - October to December 2016

Removal of fence lines along Unwin Green and Octavia Road

Majority tree and shrub removal works completed along the Octavia road stretch with all deadwood, self-set trees, overgrown shrubs and accessible rubbish and years of fly-tip cleared.

New post and rail fence installed to protect the river.

The view of the river is superb and will be further enhance once vegetation flourishes in the spring.


Further Works

Further rubbish clearance along the lower banks and instream  

Creation of an aquatic ledge and berms to increase the ecological value of the river.

Future litter picking will be carried out by both Hounslow Homes and Hounslow Highways.





Budget Presentation pdf icon PDF 924 KB

Presentation by Cllr Theo Dennison


Please see the slides (please see the slides, agenda item 11).


Cllr Theo Dennison, Cabinet Member for Finance and Citizen Engagement, gave the presentation. He advised that two budgets had been set in the current year to enable a longer term view to be taken of the cutbacks forced on the authority by Government budget constraints. The budget would go to Cabinet in February 2017 and then to Scrutiny; only minor adjustments would be necessary in February 2018. He advised that the Council had no net debts and there was in fact a surplus of £16 million. Major changes to parking permits were to be introduced with large increases for the second and third car and also a surcharge for diesel vehicles.


It was noted that school funding would be cut by the Government (see www.schoolcuts.org) and the shortfall would have to be made up from general funds; Special Educational Needs was also to be subsidised from general funds.


There was no Government grant for Adult Social Care but the Council had found money, agreeing to £1 million increase to ASC funding in addition to the £1 million Government grant which was available for one year only.  The New Homes Bonus of £2.1 million was no longer available.


Members congratulated Cllr Dennison and his team on a very difficult task.


Any other business the Chair wishes to take on the grounds of urgency.




Protocol for Speaking


i)             Members of the public or applicants should contact the Committee Administrator, Bill Lee, on 020 8583 2068 with details of the proposed submission as soon as practicable and no later than two working days before the meeting.  The Chair will decide whether or not to grant the request to speak and notification will be given of the decision.

ii)            For all highways matters, if there are members of the public with opposing views regarding the proposal the chair will allow both sides to speak. Generally, speakers will only be allowed to speak on issues where funding is available.

iii)           Each party will be given no more than 5 minutes to speak.  The time allotted could be reduced if, for example, the chair wishes to accommodate several speakers on the same item.

iv)           The Area Committee will consider submissions on up to 3 items per meeting.

v)            Written submissions should be made to the Committee Administrator no later than 4pm on the day of the meeting. 



The date of the next scheduled meeting is 16 March 2017