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Apologies for Absence, Declarations of Interest and any other Communications from Members


Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs Tom Bruce, Ajmer Grewal (on Mayoral business) Pritam Grewal, Puneet Grewal, Mukesh Malhotra and Corinna Smart.


Police Reports pdf icon PDF 122 KB

Additional documents:


Please see agenda item 2 for the reports. Sgt Mark Ogunwe of Hounslow Central SNT presented the reports along with PC Aaron Atkins and answered questions from members. Sgt Ogunwe apologised for the failure to supply a report for Hounslow Heath and the fact that the reports were not in RAG format as requested. He assured members the matter would be rectified in future.


Sgt Ogunwe advised that one arrest had been made following two stabbings in Kingsley Road which had occurred when an argument between two groups of men escalated. The victims’ injuries had initially been classed as life threatening but no longer were. The investigation was ongoing.


Police were currently engaged in activity to reduce burglary and focussing on Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) which had led to a number of vehicles being seized and several arrests. SmartWater packs were being distributed free of charge across the Central Hounslow area and elsewhere, allowing up to 30 items to be marked indelibly, an effective tool in finding stolen goods and thereby combatting burglary.  A number of arrests had also been made in connection with begging and police were looking into the issue of Criminal Behaviour Orders under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.  Police were working with St Mungo’s to identify rough sleeping locations and target support.


PC Atkins had carried out research into shoplifting in Hounslow Central, which accounted for a third of such offences across the entire Borough. This was attributable to the large number of shops in the High Street but there had not been a spike in recorded offences over the past year. Police were working with large stores with known poor security to improve the situation and held regular meetings with management of individual large stores as well as the Treaty and Blenheim Centres, plus appropriate Council officers. Deborah Dobson, Hounslow Business Against Crime Co-ordinator, had been due to attend to discuss the matter of shoplifting. Unfortunately she was unable to attend but submitted a report which has been published as part of the agenda (item 2).


Members asked what could be done to allay concerns about anti-social behaviour (ASB) and deter violent crime and were advised that police were documenting ASB in hotspots such as Kingsley Road using the Airspace system (a dedicated ASB computer program), implementing dispersal zones and were working with the Council’s Licensing team as well as carrying regular patrols on Kingsley Road.   


Minutes of the Meeting held on 15 September 2016 pdf icon PDF 127 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 15 September 2016 were agreed to be an accurate record and signed.




Matters Arising


Minute 28 AOB: (page 16)


Cllr Colin Ellar advised that some of the tarmac used to replace block paving dug up at Bell Corner had since been replaced with block paving but not all – Cllr Ellar had been told that there was a shortage of the correct material.


Petitions pdf icon PDF 18 KB

The following petitions were received too late for a report to be produced but are to be noted at this stage.


The first petition, regarding a CPZ extension to include Clare Road, carries 43 signatures and will be brought back to this Forum on 19 January.

The second, regarding the withdrawal of the 110 bus, has 63 signatures and has been referred to the Council’s Traffic and Transport team who have advised that it is a matter for TfL.

The third, with 180 signatures, refers to the closure of the Hounslow Heath Golf Centre by Parpost Ltd which occurred on 30 September. This petition was not received by Committee Services until 28 October.

Additional documents:


It was agreed by the Chair that a petition requesting a Controlled Parking Zone extension to include Clare Road be discussed during Open Forum, as a residents’ spokesperson was in attendance and wished to speak to the matter.


The petition regarding the withdrawal of the 110 bus service received the following response from Mark Frost, Head of Traffic & Transport:


·         Bus service planning is the responsibility of TFL.

·         A consultation on possible changes to this bus route (and some others) was held late last year

·         https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/buses/e8-110-h28/

·         45% of respondents supported the proposal, 19% objected.  The rest had no opinion.

·         TfL therefore implemented the change

·         It is worth noting that they also extended route E8 from Commerce Road, Brentford to Hounslow.  They have also offered to run the E8 via Amhurst Gardens which would bring it closer to West Middlesex Hospital and better replace the 110’s route between Hounslow and West Mid that has been withdrawn.   However residents of this road objected to this proposal on the basis of the impact on their quality of life from having their road traversed by a high frequency double decker bus.


Cllr Bob Whatley questioned how a public consultation could obtain such support for the removal of a bus service to a hospital. Cllr Colin Ellar advocated that members should lobby the Mayor of London.  Area Participation Officer Joan Conlon asked if members would like to invite a spokesperson from TfL to the next meeting of the Forum to discuss the matter, which members agreed unanimously. It was suggested that the Mayor be copied in.


The second petition, regarding the closure of Hounslow Heath Golf Centre at the end of September received the following response from Stefania Horne, Head of Parks:


“Hounslow Council is the freeholder of Hounslow Heath golf course, however the site has been managed by a private operator called Parpost. 

The contract to Parpost was heavily subsidised by the Council and in the current financial climate it was no longer sustainable to subsidise a private leisure operator with a low level of membership. The operator notified the Council that it was in the process of going to administration and no longer able to operate on site unless the subsidy was increased, therefore the contract was terminated. The site was made secure and public access maintained.


This change to how this site is managed allowed us to be more efficient with our limited resources and spend on services for the benefit of the wider community. The Council is in discussions with the local community and stakeholders to explore the best options for improvements to help shape the future of Hounslow Heath.”




Open Forum for Questions from the Public (Maximum of 30 Minutes)


St Stephen’s Conservation Area:


Ms Moira Johnson spoke on behalf of the St Stephen’s Residents’ Association on the subject of the replacement of white paving stones with tarmac in the St Stephen’s Conservation Area. She described the stones as an integral part of the distinctive Victorian streetscape of the area and asked:


Why had the area seemingly been singled out for this treatment when all other conservation areas had been given white paving stones;

What had happened to the funding the Association had been told was allocated for this purpose:

Why had a number of pledges and guarantees been broken, Cllr Colin Ellar had signed off that white stones would be used; and

Why had no response been given to the RA since early September and no explanation for the decision been given?


Residents felt that the area was somehow resented and was being downgraded, with no action being taken against replacement windows, satellite dishes, loss of boundary walls and gardens concreted over and the conversion of family dwellings to Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO). The Residents’ Association asserted that the area was an architectural gem despite the damage already done and a real asset to Hounslow which should be preserved. No response had been received from the Council’s Leader or Deputy Leader and a petition was underway. It was intended to take the matter to the media, the Victorian Society, English heritage and if necessary the Local Government Ombudsman.


The following response had been submitted by Sabeel Khan, Highways Contract Manager and was read out by the clerk:


“The Council and Hounslow Highways has previously received enquiries in respect of footway treatment for Parkside Road, Argyle Road and The Avenue. In accordance with the Contract, these three roads are in a Link and Place Category 5D which results in them being in “Band 4”. This means that the treatment for the footway should be Dense Bitumen Macadam (Black Asphalt) as a ‘like for like’ treatment would be applied even though it is in a conservation area – this is the standard approach for all conservation areas across the borough.  For Band 4 roads in non-conservation areas, the treatment would be to replace existing surfaces with Dense Bitumen Macadam (Black Asphalt). 


In the early days of the contract a footway project called ‘Project Snapback’ highlighted some areas across the borough that were to receive unnecessary ‘upgraded’ treatments e.g. black to white in industrial areas, and these were traded off against areas that would benefit from upgraded treatments e.g. outside churches.  The section of Parkside Road between Hanworth Road and St. Stephen’s Road would qualify for Snapback treatment due to the position of St. Stephen’s Church and the Vicarage.  However this would only apply on the Church side and would not extend to the opposite side or the remaining section of Parkside Road between St. Stephen’s Road and Argyle Road. 


The remaining roads within the St. Stephen’s Conservation area will also receive a ‘like for like’ treatment i.e. black to black  ...  view the full minutes text for item 36.


Results of formal (statutory) consultation on the introduction of limited waiting parking bays in Central Avenue/Heath Road, Hounslow pdf icon PDF 220 KB

Additional documents:


Please see the report and appendices (agenda item 6.1).

Mr Ian Harman requested that further parking restrictions be introduced as his private driveway was blocked on a regular basis by people parking for the local shops. He accepted that there had been a consultation when the restrictions that had caused the issues were to be introduced but he had unfortunately not grasped the implication at the time. He also called for local shopkeepers to ask customers to park with consideration. Amarpal Soor, Team Leader, Parking Management, read out the report.


Members discussed the matter in full and decided to agree the officer’s recommendations with an additional stipulation that a consultation would later be carried out into implementing Mr Harman’s request. Both Mr Harman and Mr Soor agreed and the Forum agreed unanimously. Mr Harman was provided with a phone number to call Enforcement when his drive was blocked and Area Participation Officer Joan Conlon advised that she would request that police speak to shopkeepers about customer parking.




That the Central Hounslow Area forum agreed that:


a)    Notwithstanding the objections received, officers shall proceed with the implementation of limited time waiting bays, as shown in Appendix C, at the junction of Central Avenue and Heath road, Hounslow;

b)    Those previously consulted on these proposals be informed of the Forum’s decision; and

c)    There shall be further consultation on the proposals contained in appendix E of the original consultation, placing yellow lines across driveways, to be conducted once the bays shown in Appendix C are in force.


Licensing Presentation

Verbal update on licensing issues in the central area by Lewis Aldous, Licensing Manager.


Licensing Manager Lewis Aldous gave a verbal presentation on licensing issues within the central area. He advised that under the terms of the Licensing Act 2003 the Council, as Licensing Authority, was largely obliged to grant licence applications unless very good and specific reasons could be given. As a result a very large number of premises now sold alcohol for consumption off the premises, often until very late at night or even 24 hours; this caused grave concerns in some areas. As a result the Licensing team had drafted proposals for a Cumulative Impact Policy (CIP), covering an area of central Hounslow where it could be demonstrated that alcohol outlets were causing social harm. A great deal of hard evidence was required by law to introduce such a policy, which needed to be sufficiently robust to stand up to appeal in a court of law. This Policy had been passed by the Council and had come into force in July 2015. Since then the Authority’s default position was to refuse applications for new licences within the defined CIP zone as well as requests for extended hours for existing licences and no new applications in the zone had been granted.


Mr Aldous outlined several examples of successful reviews and prosecutions of premises in breach of alcohol and gambling licences, the latter being a particularly difficult task and Hounslow were one of the first boroughs to review a betting shop licence.  The market in Hounslow High Street is a private operation but other stalls, pavement cafes and shop fronts were licensed and there had been successful prosecutions of traders in breach. No licence was needed to give out leaflets for religious, political or charity purposes but commercial leafleting was licensed; the fees brought in helped to fund enforcement.


Members asked about complaints received from takeaways in the High Street about food stalls. Mr Aldous advised that the private company Tudor Markets dealt with the stalls but all were rated by the Council’s Food Safety Team. Regarding an unlicensed banqueting hall Mr Aldous advised that Licensing had no powers to prevent a restaurant running a “bring your own” policy but said that noise issues should be reported to the Pollution Team to enable a case to be built up if necessary.  


Hounslow Community Network pdf icon PDF 138 KB

Presentation by Debbie Brenner, Chair, HCN


Ms Debbie Brenner, Chair of Hounslow Community Network, was unfortunately unable to attend the meeting. She submitted a flyer for the organisation, published as agenda item 8.


Hounslow Heath Junior School Expansion pdf icon PDF 901 KB

Presentation by Paul Hancock of PWA Designs and Aun Qurashi, Senior Project Manager.


Please see the slides at agenda item 9.


Paul Hancock of PWA Designs presented the slides. In response to questions from Members Aun Qurashi advised that a number of objections to the proposals had been received from Hounslow Heath Infants School, who were major stakeholders in the design. A number of meetings had been held over the last year or two but it was essential to balance their concerns with the constraints of the site.


Regarding proximity to Heathrow’s southern runway Mr Hancock stated that the building would comply with current building regulations but it would be very expensive to implement soundproofing against the high level of aircraft noise. The building would be sealed and air would be drawn through underground tubing, which would help to cool air in summer and keep it warm in winter; this would assist with keeping running costs down as well as being environmentally friendly. Mr Qurashi advised that the building would have to meet an excellent standard in its environmental assessment and was in line for funding from Heathrow for mechanical ventilation, however there was some uncertainty about that. The funding would cover mechanical ventilation only, not air conditioning. Cllr Colin Ellar asked if the airport authority had contributed funding and the Forum was informed that they had not. Cllr Ellar stated that the airport had a moral duty to contribute funding to mitigate its impact. Chair Cllr Bandna Chopra stated that she had been informed by the CEO of Heathrow that there was very significant funding available. Cllr Nisar Malik asked officers to ask if the Leader had requested funds from Heathrow and if so, what response (if any) had been received. Mr Qurashi agreed, adding that any funding would be very welcome.


Standing orders were suspended at this point with unanimous agreement to allow the meeting to continue after 10 pm.


Update from Enforcement Team pdf icon PDF 820 KB

Verbal update by Gerry McCarthy, Head of Enforcement.


Please see the slides at agenda item 10.


The presentation was made by Nick Millard, Neighbourhood Enforcement Manager and Team Leader, Central Hounslow Kumail Haider. Mr Haider advised that the team had been engaging with the probation service since March 2016 and were obtaining Community Payback work on several Council owned sites, including Hounslow Heath, which were not serviced by any contractors. In addition the Council were using Community Protection Notices, served on landlords under the Crime and Policing Act 2014, to get private land cleared where necessary.


Following questions from members it was confirmed that responsibility for clearing litter from parks lay with Carillion but the Enforcement team investigated littering and flytipping. Regarding dumped vehicles and flytipping around garage blocks that were still owned by the Council following sale of the associated housing it was confirmed that the Enforcement Team retained responsibility on land owned by the Council, otherwise it was the landowner’s responsibility. A significant amount of flytipping, specifically of mattresses, was a result of landlords dumping them when tenants changed in short term letting which was exacerbated by the fact that many tenants did not know the correct ways to dispose of waste. Criminals were also involved as waste disposal was lucrative and the licence needed to carry out the business was expensive so they took money from clients and flytipped. Kingdom Security were a contractor employed to deal with highway obstruction, fly posting, beggars and other issues who were very efficient at dealing with simple cases. Further extension of their powers were being looked at.


Any other business the Chair wishes to take on the grounds of urgency.




Protocol for Speaking


i)             Members of the public or applicants should contact the Committee Administrator, Bill Lee, on 020 8583 2068 with details of the proposed submission as soon as practicable and no later than two working days before the meeting.  The Chair will decide whether or not to grant the request to speak and notification will be given of the decision.

ii)            For all highways matters, if there are members of the public with opposing views regarding the proposal the chair will allow both sides to speak. Generally, speakers will only be allowed to speak on issues where funding is available.

iii)           Each party will be given no more than 5 minutes to speak.  The time allotted could be reduced if, for example, the chair wishes to accommodate several speakers on the same item.

iv)           The Area Committee will consider submissions on up to 3 items per meeting.

v)            Written submissions should be made to the Committee Administrator no later than 4pm on the day of the meeting. 



The date of the next scheduled meeting is 19 January 2016