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Welcome and Introductions


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and invited a round of introductions.


Apologies had been submitted on behalf of Alan Adams, Nicola Burbidge, Elizabeth Bruce (deputised by Barbara Benedek), Councillor Kamaljit Kaur, Victoria Oji, Stephen Otter (replaced as the Chair of Healthwatch Hounslow by Munira Thobani), Carolyn Regan, Roger Shortt, Lesley Watts (deputised by Tina Benson) and Patricia Wright (deputised by Anne Stratton).


The Chair welcomed Peter Mas-Mollinedo, newly appointed Chief Executive at Integrated Neurological Services.  Peter was accompanied at this meeting by his Deputy Chief Executive, Stephen Mortimer. 


Minutes of the meeting held on 14 September 2016 and Matters Arising pdf icon PDF 144 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 14 September 2016 were agreed and signed by the Chair as a correct record. There were no matters arising.


Sustainable Transformation Plan - Sue Jeffers (Hounslow CCG) pdf icon PDF 3 MB


See the presentation slides “NW London (Sustainability and Transformation Plan (NWL STP): Our plan for North West Londoners to be well and live well”, presented by Sue Jeffers at the meeting and included for reference with the electronic agenda pack, Agenda Item 3.


Sue Jeffers, Managing Director Hounslow Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), confirmed that rather than produce a separate local plan the STP Implementation Group would investigate how the NWL plan would be implemented locally over the next five years.  She provided some illustrative examples of how the plan would be delivered locally for each delivery area, adding that funding allocations for delivery would be dependent on NHS England approving the STP.


The Chair informed the Board that five of the eight NWL boroughs had issued a joint statement in support of the plan, whilst acknowledging the challenges faced by both Ealing and Hammersmith & Fulham in wishing to retain their Accident and Emergency facilities.  He assured members that, as a member of the governance board overseeing the delivery of the plan, he would ensure due diligence and further discussion with this Board was carried out to understand what it meant for Hounslow residents before plans were approved.


In the discussion that followed the following points were raised:

·       Reference was made to Hounslow’s improved statistics in diabetic care using GP performance dashboards.  Whilst Sue supported the request that these dashboards should be shared with patients groups, she highlighted the need to first secure permissions for that information sharing, on the basis that GPs owned the data contained within them;

·       A workshop would be held on 11 January when the Hounslow steering group would discuss specific areas of work on self-care and self-limiting illnesses.  Following this workshop it was proposed to publicise the proposals more widely and to encourage further voluntary sector involvement;


Councillor Bruce joined the meeting at this point.


·       When asked about the support provided to unpaid carers and the care-sector workforce development, Sue provided assurances that a pan-London organisation was in place to look at commissioning training, etc. for the capital.  A workforce programme was also in place both at NW London and borough levels.  In addition to this each CCG was expected to set up a Community Education Practitioner Network (CEPN), something Hounslow was currently in the process of doing;

·       Support for unpaid carers had been raised at the CCG Governing Body meeting earlier today.  Sue committed to liaising with the relevant staff to ensure further discussion on the matter;

·       Declaring an interest as one of the major sub-contractors for the One You project, Stephen Mortimer highlighted the benefits of commissioning services on longer timelines, and including an overlap at the beginning and end of particular projects that may require a longer lead-in and transition period.  The Chair noted that the Council was risk averse in relation to long-term contracts.  Acknowledging the point being made, Imran Choudhury indicated that he was satisfied with the current performance of the One You programme.  Sue noted that commissioners of services were  ...  view the full minutes text for item 12.


Health and Wellbeing Strategy Performance Report - Laurence Gibson (LBH) pdf icon PDF 265 KB


See report from the Director of Public Health and Leisure, Agenda Item 5.


Laurence Gibson, Public Health Consultant, introduced the submitted report.  In the discussion that followed the following points were raised:

·       Referring to the measures for dementia diagnosis, Barbara Benedek suggested that many individuals didn’t want a diagnosis, as patients had reported feeling abandoned by the health service post diagnosis.  Acknowledging her concerns, Imran Choudhury drew the Board’s attention to the fact that many indicators did not lie within the sphere of influence for local boroughs, as NHS England commissioned many services directly;

·       Concerns were raised around the interpretation and accuracy of performance measurement.  It was suggested that targets around non-linear measures (such as childhood obesity) were more difficult to accurately measure than those more linear targets (such as waiting times);

·       The Board was reminded that, whilst some of the chosen targets may not be the most relevant for a particular area, many nationally set targets had been chosen for the 2014 Health and Wellbeing Strategy because they could then be nationally benchmarked.  The Board’s attention was drawn to Table 1 of the submitted report, illustrating efforts to tackle Hounslow’s historical poor performance on child oral health had resulted in strong improvements;

·       The Board was now asked to consider when refreshing the strategy and action plans whether to retain these national targets or to set more locally relevant performance indicators, subject to securing robust data sources.  The Chair noted that, as some targets were linked to funding, an element of twin tracking could be adopted;

·       A request was made for year on year comparative data to be included in the performance reporting, so that the Board could track the trajectory of performance over the life of the strategy;

·       In response to a question on the different ways of reaching individuals with particular conditions, it was suggested that any equalities checks would be carried out at operational level by lead officers.  Munira Thobani requested that equalities data should be included in performance management reporting to be used as a learning tool for future projects.



The Board discussed and noted the updated performance against each theme from the Health and Wellbeing Strategy.


Tina Benson left the meeting at this point.


Commissioning of GP core contracts from April 2017 - Sue Jeffers (CCG) pdf icon PDF 254 KB


See presentation slides submitted for the meeting and included with the electronic agenda for reference after the meeting, Agenda Item 3.


Sue Jeffers, Managing Director of the Hounslow Clinical Commissioning Group, briefed members on the submitted slides and acknowledged concerns raised in relation to conflict of interest and the resulting risk of reputational damage.  It was suggested that local councillors should be involved on the Counsel of Members to represent local residents. 


Sue Jeffers confirmed that the Primary Care Commissioning Committee membership had not changed and meetings would be held in public.  Efforts would also be made to learn from what others were doing and the terms of reference would be reviewed to address the issues of conflict of interest and voting rights before March.  The Board was assured that GP contracts were set nationally and there were no plans to localise these contracts. 


The Chair expressed support for the move to more localised budgetary controls but agreed that governance proposals would need close scrutiny before any agreement was reached. 



·       The Health and Wellbeing Board noted the engagement that had taken place so far;

·       The Board noted the outputs of each due diligence work stream, including Finance, Governance and Workforce;

·       The Board noted the voting process and dates for Hounslow CCG.


Adult Safeguarding in Hounslow - Hannah Miller pdf icon PDF 149 KB

The Annual Report 2015-16 and Business Plan 2016-17 for the Hounslow Safeguarding Adults Board (HSAB) are included in the agenda for information.  Hannah Miller will present a verbal update on the Board. 


09.01.17 – Late report added to the electronic agenda: cover report.

Additional documents:


See reports submitted from the Hounslow Adults Safeguarding Board, including the cover report that was circulated to members and attached for reference following the meeting with the electronic pack, Agenda Item 6.


Hannah Miller, Independent Chair of the Hounslow Safeguarding Adults Board, introduced the submitted reports and invited questions.  In the discussion that followed the following matters were raised:

·       Integrated Neurological Services had been involved in the recent safeguarding review in Richmond.  Concern was raised that few individuals had wished to be involved in that review, which resulted in very few referrals to the service.  It was thought one of the reasons for low participation in the review was the requirement for individuals to agree to have their case reviewed by an independent body;

·       Hannah agreed that there was a role for the community and voluntary sector groups to provide support and help facilitate referrals for vulnerable individuals;

·       It was suggested that the move towards digitisation of many services could preclude some of the most vulnerable from accessing the necessary support;

·       In response to concerns that there was little evidence of translation material for black and ethnic minority groups, Hannah drew attention to what she believed had been a very effective poster campaign.  She added that the Communications and Engagement Task and Finish Group was relatively new and welcomed the offer of support by the Boards voluntary and community sector representatives, suggesting that they liaise directly with the Business Manager for the Safeguarding Adults Board on the matter (contact details available from the Clerk to the Board).



The Board noted the Hounslow Safeguarding Adults Board Annual Report 2015-16, Business Plan 2016-17 and Strategy 2016-17, as set out in the appendices to the submitted report.


Safeguarding Children in Hounslow - Hannah Miller pdf icon PDF 120 KB

The Annual Report 2015-16 and Business Plan 2016-17 for the Hounslow Children Safeguarding Board are included for information.

Additional documents:


See reports submitted from the Hounslow Safeguarding Children Board, Agenda Item 7.


Hannah Miller, Independent Chair of the Hounslow Safeguarding Children Board, confirmed that the submitted reports had been drafted by her predecessor and assured the Board of her plans to take detailed reports to this Board on an annual basis.  A visit from Ofsted was anticipated in the new financial year. 


Hannah was keen to develop a multi-agency approach to audit, given that a family could be involved with multiple agencies at any one time.  A Section 11 Audit (Children Act 2004) was underway for the borough at the moment and, as Hounslow had not undergone such an audit for some time, Hannah stated the results would form a baseline for the borough and provide reassurance that safeguarding measures were in place.


Members noted with interest the membership and attendance statistics for the borough’s Safeguarding Children Board, in light of the importance of the issues discussed at these meetings.  Hannah extended a formal invitation to the London Fire Brigade and stressed the importance that attendees should be a senior representative of their respective organisations and that each member should have her contact details.


Mary Harpley thanked Hannah for her efforts on both the Adults and Children’s Safeguarding Boards. 



The Health and Wellbeing Board noted the Hounslow Safeguarding Children Board Annual Report 2015-16.


Childhood Sexual Exploitation Update - Hannah Miller pdf icon PDF 403 KB


See report from the Independent Chair of the Hounslow Safeguarding Children Board, Agenda Item 8.


Hannah Miller, Independent Chair of the Hounslow Safeguarding Children Board, briefed the Board on the submitted documents, drawing attention to the work already completed and the challenges faced by the Board, and noting her support for the establishment of CSE Champions. 


Hannah agreed that the CSE reports could be shared with the Hounslow CCG Governing Body and would liaise direct with Sue Jeffers on the matter following this meeting.



The Board noted the submitted reports.


Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2018: Proposal for implementation - Laura Maclehose (LBH) pdf icon PDF 233 KB


See submitted report from the Director of Public Health and Leisure, Agenda Item 9.


Imran Choudhury, Director of Public Health and Leisure, introduced the report and sought expressions of interest for membership of the Hounslow PNA Steering Group.  


Peter Mas-Mollinedo, himself a pharmacist, suggested that changes to national pay awards for pharmacists was expected to have a significant negative impact on community pharmaceutical services over the coming years. 



1.     The Board noted that a revised Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) would be required for Hounslow by April 1st 2018;

2.     The Board approved the re-establishment of the ‘Hounslow PNA Steering Group’ to undertake this work on behalf of the Hounslow Health and Wellbeing Board;

3.     The Board noted that an external expert resource was being commissioned to support the preparation of the draft PNA 2018 report. This would be funded through the Ring Fenced Public Health Grant.


Any Other Business


In response to a question raised on the future of the Board, it was suggested that potential best practice was an area that would be addressed as part of the Board’s annual review process.


Date of next meeting - Thursday 16 March 2017 from 6.30pm


The Board noted the date of the forthcoming meeting.