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Welcome and Introductions


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and invited a round of introductions.


Apologies were noted on behalf of Alan Adams, Nicola Burbidge, Greg Ashman, Elizabeth Bruce (deputised by Barbara Benedek), Mary Harpley, T/Ch. Supt. Raj Kohli, Councillor Amrit Mann, Peter Matthew, Hannah Miller, Peter Mas-Mollinedo (deputised by Stephen Mortimer), Inderpal Mudhar, Jo Ohlson, Mobin Salahuddin, Councillor Corinna Smart, Lesley Watts (deputised by Karl Munslow-Ong) and Patricia Wright. 


Minutes of the meeting held on 10 January 2017 & Matters Arising pdf icon PDF 151 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 10 January 2017 were agreed and signed as a correct record by the Chair.  There were no matters arising.


Tackling Physical Inactivity in Hounslow Update - Imran Choudhury (LBH) pdf icon PDF 138 KB

17.03.17 – presentation slides included with the electronic agenda pack.

Additional documents:


See submitted report from the Director of Public Health, together with presentation slides from the meeting and attached with the electronic agenda pack for reference thereafter, Agenda Item 3.


Imran Choudhury, Director of Public Health, together with Marianne Boyle and Susie Wall, Public Health LBH, briefed members on the borough’s efforts to tackle inactivity in the borough.  The ‘whole systems approach’ model required everyone to work together in partnership.  It was suggested that, should the bid towards a Local Delivery pilot be successful, each member organisation should nominate a representative to engage in Stage 2 of the proposals, using the existing Board membership as a starting point.


In the discussion that followed the following points were raised:

·       The Board fully supported the development of an action plan and the enhancement of partnerships to tackle inactivity in the borough, recognising the synergies with the proposals within Delivery Area 1 (DA1) of the Sustainable Transformation Plan to radically upgrade prevention and wellbeing.

·       Sue Jeffers confirmed that the pilot had Hounslow CCG’s full backing.  Eight of the borough’s GP practices would be involved the Hounslow pilot and Patient Practice Groups (PPGs) and GP practices would be invited to support it.

·       Members suggested targeting those with mental health issues and learning difficulties, both of which raised barriers to being more physically active. 

·       Officers were asked to consider a broader target demographic and to ensure the offer included options such as drama, yoga and other activities to encourage physical movement outside mainstream sporting activities.  It was also important to recognise and cater for cultural differences.

·       It was also suggested that sport and movement activities could be employed as part of the respite package for carers.

·       The Board sought clarification that the funding would be used to build capacity for additional staffing as well as capital funding.

·       The Board unanimously supported the continued promotion of GPs prescribing physical activity to aid patients’ physical and mental wellness.



·       The Board noted the presentation and unanimously supported the supported the development of an action plan and the enhancement of partnerships to tackle inactivity in the borough.

·       It was agreed that each organisation on the Board should provide a named representative to engage in Stage 2 of the proposed Local Delivery pilot.



NWL Sustainability and Transformation Plan - Tony Clarke (West London Alliance) pdf icon PDF 136 KB

Additional documents:


See submitted report and attachments, Agenda Item 4.


Tom Shakespeare, West London Alliance, briefed members on the submitted documents using a slide presentation.  The Chair noted that, whilst broadly happy to support the Out Of Hospital Strategy, he was concerned about funding, adding that this the proposed level of transformation required both time and resources. 


Assurances were provided that, whilst the high level targets appeared generic, a detailed business case lay beneath each target for each local area.  Information presented to Overview and Scrutiny Committee could be shared with the Board’s members outside this meeting (Action: Kay Duffy).


Concern was raised that the submitted document did not refer to the involvement of carers or patients or the voluntary sector.  In response to concerns that the mapping exercise would be undertaken at regional and not local level, Mr Shakespeare sought to provide assurances to members that the structure had been designed to support local implementation. 


Sue Jeffers acknowledged that the strategy had been drawn up whilst the Sustainability and Transformation Plan funding was still available, adding that having a set of agreed NW London principles in place was particularly helpful.  However, she assured the Board that, whilst the work would still continue even without the STP, its existence helped to prioritise what was a very limited funding resource.



·       The Board noted the updated on the Local Services/ Out of Hospital Strategy for NW London.

·       The Board supported the direction of travel proposed for the Strategy.


Health and Wellbeing Annual Report - Imran Choudhury (LBH) REPORT TO FOLLOW


With the agreement of the Chair, this item was withdrawn from the agenda. 


Childhood Sexual Exploitation - Hannah Miller pdf icon PDF 570 KB


See submitted report from the Independent Chair of the Local Safeguarding Children Board, Agenda Item 6.


Members noted the submitted report and requested comparative data with other boroughs in order to ascertain whether Hounslow was reaching those individuals it needed to reach.


Councillor Bruce informed the Board that the NSPCC ‘PANTS’ campaign had been launched in January across the borough’s schools. 



The Board noted the submitted report.


Hounslow Suicide Prevention Strategy and Action Plan preparation proposal - Laura Maclehose (LBH) pdf icon PDF 442 KB


See submitted report from the Director of Public Health, Agenda Item 7.


Imran Choudhury briefed members on the submitted report, adding that an update would be brought back to the Board in November.



·       The Board agreed that Health and Wellbeing Board member organisations and other partners (Appendix 1 of the submitted report) participate in a local Multi-agency Suicide Prevention Partnership to oversee the preparation of a Hounslow Strategy and Action Plan.

·       An update to be brought back to this Board in November 2017.


Any Other Business


On the occasion of her retirement as Managing Director of Hounslow CCG, the Chair wished to record the Board’s thanks to Sue Jeffers for all her work and support, wishing her every success in the future in her role working to develop general practice across five CCGs.   


Date of next meeting - Tuesday 4 July 2017 from 6.30pm


The date of the next Board meeting was noted.