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Apologies for Absence, Declarations of Interest or any other Communications from Members


Apologies noted on behalf of Councillors Lily Bath, Shantanu Rajawat and from Councillor Surinder Purewal who would be leaving the meeting early to  chair Audit Committee. 


There were no declarations of interest.


Submission of residents’ petition: Burns Way, Shelley Crescent, Heston:

A petition containing 152 signatures was presented by residents of Burns Way and Shelley Crescent, Heston detailing residents’ longstanding concerns in relation to traffic speeds, environmental issues and general upkeep of the area.  Councillors acknowledged residents’ concerns and requested that officers prepare a response to the concerns for discussion at a meeting of this Area Forum.   Members noted the submission and agreed to pass the petition to the Mayor’s office following this meeting.


Update on Space Waye Re-use and Recycling Centre:

Members received a short update on the expectation that the facility – currently open to residents only on weekends - would be available to residents during weekdays again by the end of the calendar year, once the Council’s Southall Lane site was operational.  Further announcements would be publicised across the borough in due course.


Police Report

To follow


MOPAC (Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime) data for crimes can be found at the following website:



Ward priorities and promises can be accessed at:




Members noted the submitted local policing reports provided by Inspector Clive Aplin and PC Scales.  Inspector Aplin was keen to reassure members and residents that they lived in a safe area, explaining that crime figures could be inflated simply by the way a particular crime was defined.  Insp. Aplin confirmed that road rage incidents were not part of the MOPAC 7 key neighbourhood crimes recorded by local officers.  He detailed forthcoming policing operations over the winter months and appealed to residents to remain vigilant and report any intelligence to their local police. 


Insp. Aplin noted in response to questions that there were still vacancies on local Safer Neighbourhood Panels (SNPs) adding that details of meetings were published on the SNP pages on the Metropolitan Police Service website and that contact was made with those who had volunteered to be part of their local SNP.  Councillor Mann reported that he had attended ‘Coffee with a Copper’ sessions recently and encouraged the further rollout of these so that more members and residents could participate and meet their local officers. It was acknowledged that more could be done to publicise such initiatives, as not all residents had online access.  


Councillor Virdi sought an update on road traffic accidents, including one at the Hounslow High Street/ Bath Road junction, Insp. Aplin explained that such incidents did not fall within the remit of neighbourhood policing but that he would be happy to look into the matter.  He asked Councillor Virdi to supply him with any correspondence on the matter. 


Local resident Mr Hassan submitted a question to the Area Forum. However, it was deemed too personal to be dealt with by the forum and Mr Hassan was invited to speak outside the meeting with Insp. Aplin and his local ward members.  Mr Hassan’s second question was in connection with drug-related activity in Heston West ward.  Insp. Aplin sought to assure residents that drug related issues were not on the rise in Heston West.  He encouraged residents to report such activity to the police, adding that officers could visit residents in an unmarked car and plain clothes if necessary.


Open Forum for questions from the public (maximum of 30 minutes)


       Questions will be allowed at the Chair’s discretion.

       The Chair will normally only allow one question per item.

       Items on the main agenda should not be raised in the open forum.

       Individual cases cannot be discussed.

       Items submitted to the Chair in advance of the meeting are welcomed.


There were no matters raised during the Open Forum.


Hounslow Highways pdf icon PDF 687 KB


See submitted PowerPoint presentation (electronic copy for reference with the meeting agenda pack), Agenda Item 4.


Officers from Hounslow Highways and London Borough of Hounslow took members through the submitted slide presentation and invited questions. The discussion that followed focussed on ongoing issues with wardabouts (where officers took councillors around a specific area to look at highways-related issues) and members’ request for improvements on the Brabazon Estate.


Members heard of efforts to reduce fly-tipping, which included work to identify the perpetrators and educate local residents on the alternative means of disposing of their bulky waste items.  Officers encouraged residents to report any intelligence they might have on fly-tipping, which was a criminal offence.


In response to residents’ questions, officers reported that further work was being done to improve the online reporting of fly-tipping/ highways issues to make it easier for residents to submit photographic evidence. 


Concerns were raised about those roads that had not been resurfaced during the first five years of the Hounslow Highways contract.  Members suggested that not enough emphasis was put on local knowledge of particular roads, levels of complaints by local residents and footfall levels when assessing the relative network performance standard of local roads.  Officers were, therefore, asked to reassess the priority listings for local roads in light of members’ suggestions and report back to this Area Forum on their findings.


Members also noted concerns that roads previously listed for resurfacing had now been removed from those lists.  Again officers were asked to report back to this Area Forum on the reasons why roads had been removed from resurfacing lists.


Councillor Mann sought to explain that the need to curtail some of the originally agreed works had directly resulted from the reduction in Government funding. 


The Chair paid particular note to Walnut Tree Road, which had been highlighted as an issue, largely due to the mix of residential and commercial properties on the road.  She agreed to take this item back to this Area Forum in November as an action plan item to look at possible ways to resolve the issues faced by local residents and appealed to those residents to report any available evidence to officers building a casefile on the alleged anti-social behaviour by the commercial business.



·       Members noted the submitted PowerPoint presentation (see electronic copy for reference with the meeting agenda pack). 

·       It was agreed to take a detailed update to the November meeting of this Area Forum in response to issues raised in relation to Walnut Tree Road, Heston. 



Heston Park


Cindy Gardener, Senior Commercial Contracts Manager, responded to issues raised by residents in relation to the redevelopment of Heston Park.  In discussion the following areas were raised:

·       The completion of the main driveway from New Heston Road was expected once the final part of the housing development had been built;

·       Raised summer meadow areas on each corner of the park were due to be cut back in coming weeks as part of the countryside management of the park;

·       Residents’ complaints that the developer had not fulfilled their contract were noted.  The maintenance schedule was passed to Carillion in late summer 2017 and it was acknowledged that some further work was required to ensure maintenance was up to date;

·       Mrs Gardener stated that the boundary fencing along Grange and Walnut Tree Road was not included in the maintenance contract.



Members noted the update provided in response to residents’ issues raised on Heston Park and asked officers to provide timelines in relation to proposed works in the park. 


Conservation Area Appraisal Briefing Note pdf icon PDF 341 KB

Additional documents:


See briefing notes submitted at Agenda Item 6.



Members noted the submitted updates on both the conservation area appraisals for Hounslow’s conservation areas and on the Local List. 



The Hermitage pdf icon PDF 180 KB


See report submitted at Agenda Item 7.



Members noted the submitted report and agreed the recommendation for an action plan for the Hermitage site, to be taken forward by the Council’s conservation staff in discussion with the site owner.



Phoenix Way update


Members noted the update submitted on efforts made to prevent to use of Phoenix Way being used as a cut through for the motorway, and the expectation that automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras could be in place by January 2018.  Further updates would be reported to the November meeting of this Area Forum. 



Lampton School Bus Stop Update


Members noted the update provided at the meeting by the Area Participation Officer and asked that this matter remained a high priority for officers.



Petition: 12 Rosemary Ave Traffic Lights pdf icon PDF 166 KB


See submitted briefing note, taken to both this Area Forum and Central Hounslow Area Forum, Agenda Item 10.



·       Members noted the petition received requesting changes to the traffic signals at the junction of Bath Road, Vicarage Farm Road and Rosemary Avenue;

·       Members agreed not to progress any changes at the current time for the reasons set out in the briefing note;

·       Members agreed to the lead petitioner being informed of the Forum’s decision.



Minutes of the previous meeting


The minutes of the meeting held on 13 July 2017 were agreed and signed by the Chair as a correct record.



High Street Traffic Calming Report pdf icon PDF 127 KB

Additional documents:


See briefing note submitted at Agenda Item 11.



·       Members noted the public consultation that has been undertaken for the implementation of traffic calming on High Street, Cranford and The Avenue. Members agreed, notwithstanding the objections received, to progress with the detailed design and implementation of the proposed traffic calming on High Street, Cranford as per the outline design contained in Appendix A of the submitted report.

·       Members noted the results of the public consultation for The Avenue, Cranford and agreed, notwithstanding the objections, that if funding were to become available to progress to detailed design and implementation as per the outline design contained in Appendix B of the submitted report.



Date of next scheduled meeting

16th November 2017 at 7.00pm


The date of the forthcoming meeting was agreed as 16 November 2017.



Any other business, which the Chair considers to be urgent


Members and residents were encouraged to participate in consultations for the Local Plan Review and the West of Borough Area Review. 


It was also noted that consultation had begun on the Cycle Superhighway 9, with a proposed route from Kensington through to Brentford and possibly extending to Heathrow in future.


An update was provided to members on the Cranford Health Centre, the application for which had now been submitted to the Council for consideration (P/2017/3631).