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Appointment of the Chair of the Area Forum

To confirm Councillor Harleen Atwal Hear as Chair of the Area Forum, as agreed at Borough Council on 23rd May 2017.


The Clerk asked Members to confirm the appointment at Borough Council of the Chair, Councillor Harleen Atwalhear.




1.     The appointment of Councillor Harleen Atwalhear as Chair was confirmed.


Appointments of the Area Forum for the Municipal Year pdf icon PDF 238 KB

Additional documents:




1.     The Area Forum noted the following appointments confirmed at Borough Council on Tuesday 23 May 2017:


1.     The Chair was confirmed as Councillor Harleen Atwalhear.

2.     The Area Forum Vice-Chair was confirmed as Councillor Daanish Saeed.


2.        Appoint an Area Forum representative on the Community Investment Advisory Panel:

1.     The Area Forum representative was confirmed as Councillor Shantanu Rajawat.

3.      The Area Forum agreed to postpone the nomination of co-opted members to the beginning of the new administration in 2018

4.      The Area Forum considered and decided against the establishment of a sub-group.


Consultation Advisory Panel (APO) pdf icon PDF 180 KB

Additional documents:




1.     The Area Forum noted the terms of Reference of the Consultation Advisory Panel.

2.     That the nomination of one member to sit on the Consultation Advisory Panel was agreed as the Vice-Chair of the Area Forum.



Area Forum Terms of Reference confirmed at Borough Council 230517 pdf icon PDF 207 KB




1.     The Area Forum agreed the terms of reference confirmed at Borough Council on 23rd May 2017.


Apologies for Absence, Declarations of Interest or any other Communications from Members


Apologies for absence were noted from Councillors Daanish Saeed and Surinder Purewal.


There were no declarations of interest noted.


1 Minute Silence for Grenfell Tower Residents


One Minute silence was observed for the victims of Grenfell Tower and also for the late Councillor Shiv Charn Gill.


Councillor Gurmail Lal gave tribute to Councillor Shiv Charn Gill remembering the guidance he gave to young people and as a Councillor for many years.


Local Policing Update pdf icon PDF 271 KB

MOPAC (Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime) data for crimes can be found at the following website:



Ward priorities and promises can be accessed at:




See the report at agenda item 7, page 14 presented by Inspector Clive Aplin.


Inspector Aplin:


·       Reviewed the new model of community policing from Monday 17th July 2017 which divided the Borough into 20 sectors.  10 for east of the Borough and 10 for West of the Borough.  Each sector would have 2 dedicated ward officers and a PCSO looking after local issues. The DWOs would be ring fenced and not able to be taken off wards to undertake other roles.

·       Reviewed the police report highlighting issues of concern in each ward.

·       Confirmed that the 16% increase in crime figures were in line with metropolitan police figures.  The recent major incidents in London had taken Officers away from community work and resulted in an increase in local crimes.

·       Would look into arranging ward panel dates so that Councillors and residents could attend.

·       It was possible that an increase in crime figures was a sign of better results from police work.




To note the report






There were no petitions presented at this meeting.

There were no updates on petitions at this meeting.


The Hermitage Update - Sean Doran, Principal Conservation Officer

Verbal Update


Sean Doran, Principal Conservation Officer, attended the meeting to provide an update on the Hermitage.  He had recently taken up the post and had a limited update.  He was presently preparing a review of the Local Conservation Plan to be presented to Cabinet and the Area forum in September.


He had been in post since 31st May and had only limited time to review the Hermitage as he was currently reviewing local conservation plan as a whole to submit to Cabinet in September.  In his update he confirmed:


·       That the site was now in a terrible state of repair and any restoration of the property would be limited to the footprint of the building.

·       That he spoke to Historic England on 11th June and an application could be made to Heritage England to delist the building.

·       That he would like to meet the new owners of the property to discuss a way forward.

·       He expected there would be some sort of development along the footprint of the original building and that there was interest from parties keen to take on the site.


The Chair invited Mr Clyde Scott who represented the developers/owners to make a statement.


Mr Scott made the following points:


·       Mr Scott expressed his frustration with Officers and that it was impossible to take the project to restore the building forward.

·       The site was now saturated with Japanese knotweed and it would be necessary to dig 3 metres deep to remove it.

·       The perimeter of the building had been reinforced and new gates installed.  He had wanted to install metal gates but was refused by the Conservation Officer.  This was unfortunately not enough to deter rough sleepers from entering the premises. 

·       He was unable to find the reason why the building was listed at all.

·       Finding a way forward had dragged on for more than 10 years and he felt that this was partly due to the poor communications with Planning.  In reply Sean Doran confirmed that he would prioritise the issue and offer more support and would be working with Mr Scott to find a resolution. 


Mr Blackett said that there had been no meaningful operations on the site for over 15 years and now the building was falling down.  He thought the building was originally listed as the original house was within the building itself.  He accepted that too much time had passed and suggested the site be developed for social housing. 


Councillor Kaur proposed an action plan with time lines to move the issue forward.

Action: Plan to be drawn between all three parties and involve Sean Doran, Mr Scott and Councillors Kaur and Atwalhear.



·       To note the update.

·       To draw up an action plan for steps required and timeline to resolve the issue.



Hounslow Highways (Information)

Hounslow Highways will provide a presentation on progress and future plans at the September Meeting. Please email to the Clerk areas that Members and residents would like specifically included in that presentation.


This item was deferred to the next meeting.


Play Streets (Information) pdf icon PDF 199 KB


Gareth James briefed the Forum on the new Play Streets Project and referred attendees to literature available on how to make applications.


The project was jointly managed by Traffic and Community Partnership and was very popular. 


Councillor Lily Bath said that it was a really good idea and asked if this had been promoted through the school newsletter.  Gareth replied that there were plans to promote the project in the next Hounslow Matters and that both he and Ayesha was open to receiving ideas on how to promote Play Streets.




To note the update.


Open Forum for questions from the public (maximum of 30 minutes)


       Questions will be allowed at the Chair’s discretion.

       The Chair will normally only allow one question per item.

       Items on the main agenda should not be raised in the open forum.

       Individual cases cannot be discussed.

       Items submitted to the Chair in advance of the meeting are welcomed.


Mr Blackett requested an update on the opening of Southall Lane Waste Handling Facility and the return of Space Way to public use and asked if the new Space Way facility would be comparable to the facilities at Greenford Recycling Centre.


Councillor Mann provided an update on the new waste and recycling programme for Hounslow:


·       There was a delay with Southall Lane due to new fire risk and safety regulations requiring extra work to be done to the building.

·       Space Way would not immediately open to the public until Southall Lane was properly in operation.

·       He did not think that the update to Space Way would have the same facilities as the Greenford Recylcing Depot.

·       The model of recycling for Hounslow was different to other Boroughs and remained kerbside separation as future plans were to sell recycled waste to invest in priority council services.

·       The target was to improve recycling to 50%.




·       To note the update


Mr Blackett also expressed concern about the lack of investment in Heston Park.

Action:  To invite an Officer to attend the Area Forum to share concerns about Heston Park and how it is managed.



i)      Those wishing to address the Area Forum on any of the items listed on the agenda for decision (with the exception of planning applications) should contact the Committee Administrator, Irene Bowles on 020 8583 2075 with details of the proposed submission as soon as practicable and no later than two working days before the meeting. The Chair will decide whether or not to grant the request to speak and notification will be given of the decision.

ii)     For all highways matters, if there are members of the public with opposing views regarding the proposal the Chair will allow both sides to speak. Generally, speakers will only be allowed to speak on issues where funding is available.

iii)    Each party will be given no more than 5 minutes to speak. The time allotted could be reduced if, for example, the Chair wishes to accommodate several speakers on the same item.

v)     The Area Forum will consider submissions on 3 items per meeting.

vi)    Written submissions should be made to the Committee Administrator no later than4pm on the day of the meeting.


Important information on planning applications called-in to Area Forum:


The Area Forum is no longer the decision making body for planning applications, following changes to the planning procedure agreed at Borough Council on 19 June 2012.


Planning applications can be called-in by Members of the Area Forum for the purpose of agreeing whether the application should be decided by officers under delegated powers or by Members at the Planning Committee.


Speakers will not be permitted to address the Area Forum on planning applications, but can submit any representations they may have on the particular application to the relevant planning case officer. They can also apply to speak at the Planning Committee, should a report be taken to that meeting for decision.


Date of next scheduled meeting is 21st September 2017

Proposed items for Agenda


The date of the next meeting was confirmed.


Any other business, which the Chair considers to be urgent


A CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) Update was tabled for Members information to show the allocation of S106 and new CIL funding in the Area.


CIL allowed flexibility on where money was spent to improve places.  Much better way for residents to be directly involved in putting forward ideas.  Attendees were referred to the website to view.  There was also a information booklet for residents and community groups to propose ideas for use of CIL money.




To note the report.