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Venue: Brentford Free Church, Boston Manor Road, Brentford

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Apologies for Absence, Declarations of Interest and any other Communications from Members


The Chair welcomed all present to the meeting.  Members agreed to change the published order of business in order to accommodate those presenting to the meeting.


Apologies for lateness were submitted on behalf of Councillor Dennison, who joined the meeting during the Local Policing Update item.


Declarations of interest were submitted by Councillor Dennison for Agenda Item 9a (Reynard Mills planning application) on grounds that he had been part of the consultation and that he lived close to the application site and would, therefore, not be taking part in the discussion on this item.



The Chair noted the submission of the following petitions:

1.     “Halt the closure of Church Street, Isleworth to vehicles on 7 December 2015.  Ask the wider local community its view in order to develop a traffic management proposal fit for the area.”

2.     “No wheelie bins in Lateward Road, Brentford!”


Church Street, Isleworth:

Mrs Tamsin Turner presented a petition in relation to the Church Street, Isleworth closure.  She told members that she represented 1700 people with this petition, indicating that the Area Forum was not listening to their electorate by proceeding with the trial closure of Church Street.


Wheelie Bin Rollout:

Mr Paul Slattery also submitted a petition containing signatures from 48 of the 64 homes in Lateward Road, Brentford in objection to the Council’s wheeled bin rollout in the area.  He suggested that the Council’s rollout was viewed by local residents as a ‘fait accompli’ and raised concerns that residents had not been consulted on the need for wheelie bins.  The area of Brentford Mr Slattery lived in consisted of Victorian streets with small front yards.  The large 140litre bins were too large for many residents’ needs, particularly as the local community was well versed in recycling, with recycling levels well above the national average, supported by the long-standing local Brentford Recycling Action Group Group (BRAG).  Mr Slattery’s concern was that, rather than promoting further recycling, these large bins would encourage residents to throw everything into one large container.  The rollout would also negatively impact on the length of time it took to clear rubbish from streets on collection days.  In closing Mr Slattery drew attention to a number of other areas across the UK that had been negatively impacted by the unwanted introduction of wheelie bins. 


Councillor O’Reilly joined the meeting at this point.


In response to the submission of the Church Street petition Mark Frost, Head of Traffic and Transport (present at this meeting in his capacity as the Area Participation Officer), stated that the petition raised a number of concerns that had been acknowledged by all concerned.  He drew attention to the fact that the impact of the trial was as yet unknown and encouraged residents to use the dedicated web pages set up on the Council’s website: (www.hounslow.gov.uk/churchstreet).  Mr Frost confirmed that the Council would be writing to all residents and businesses in the area and installing signage in the vicinity in preparation for the launch of the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 49.


Update on roll out of wheelie bins - Tom Burgess and Matthew Williamson pdf icon PDF 143 KB

Additional documents:


See report from the Director of Regeneration, Economic Development and Environment, Agenda Item 3.


The Chair introduced the officers present as Matthew Williamson and Thomas Burgess of the Council’s Waste and Recycling Team. Due to the increasing level of noise from the large group of residents attending the meeting in support of the petition against the introduction of wheelie bins in the area, the Chair felt obliged to ask those present to give the officers an opportunity to present their report, after which there would be an opportunity for members and residents to address the meeting.   


Matthew Williamson provided a brief update on the rollout, the primary reasons for which being the predicted decrease in the amount of waste that would be sent to landfill, which represented a strong incentive in light of the increases in landfill tax charged to local authorities; the increased uptake of recycling across the borough, acknowledging the risk that some residents may favour using their wheelie bins rather than recycle; and the improvements to the streetscene, which was supported by the positive response from those residents who had taken part in the initial wheelie bins trial in 2013. 


Following approval of the rollout in August this year, officers had assessed all roads across the borough.  All residents receiving a wheelie bin were sent letters in advance that detailed the scheme and included information on the appeals process.  Residents wishing to appeal could do so in writing or over the phone and an officer would visit their property to carry out a further assessment.  If the officer judged that there was space for a wheelie bin, a letter would be sent to the resident confirming this.  Should the resident wish to appeal against that decision, the matter would be passed to senior management for consideration.


The Chair invited questions first from members and then from residents.  Members asked whether officers were assured that the rollout was the right thing to do when it was based on such a small number of respondents to the consultation following the 2013 trial (See Appendix 1 of the submitted report).  Thomas Burgess confirmed that residents who took part in the trial had been consulted in writing and the response had informed the decision to proceed with the rollout, coupled with the evidence that waste levels had reduced and that recycling was on the increase. 


When asked what the process was for those with disabilities to appeal, Matthew Williamson stated that the Council offered ‘assisted collection’ where the bin could be stationed at a point on the property convenient to the resident.  Some residents would retain their black sack collection under the ‘special assisted collection’ and all of this information was included in the letter to residents. 


In response to residents’ concerns about the amount of space taken up in small front gardens by the wheelie bins, officers reiterated the appeals process to request a reassessment of their properties, which could then take into account previously unforeseen circumstances such as  ...  view the full minutes text for item 50.


Consultation on Hounslow bus routes - Gary Murphy and Peter Headland, Transport for London


Consultation leaflets circulated at the meeting “Proposed changes to bus services in Hounslow Ealing and Twickenham – Bus routes E8, 110, H28, 635 and 481”, available on the TfL consultation pages via the following web link: https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/buses/e8-110-h28.  


Mr Gary Murphy informed members that the consultation had begun on 9 November, the objective of which was to obtain feedback on the proposals from the community.  Once the consultation closed on 18 December feedback would be reviewed before the final scheme was produced.  Mr Murphy stressed the importance of obtaining as many views as possible and encouraged everyone to circulate the consultation widely.  Mr Peter Headland referred to the published leaflet on the proposals and stressed that the views of the service users were welcomed, as Transport for London had not yet made the final decisions. 


The Chair took questions, first from members and then from the public gallery.  Councillor Curran sought clarification on the 235 bus route in Brentford.  He had written to the Deputy Mayor of London and spoken with the Chief Executive of Barratts Homes.  Should there be no further movement by next week, Councillor Curran confirmed that he would contact the Mayor of London direct on the matter.  Councillor O’Reilly noted concerns that a small percentage of residents had not received the consultation letters to their homes.  Members were informed that a delivery firm had been hired to distribute the consultation material, although TfL had received assurances that GIS monitoring was undertaken to ensure that all leaflets were delivered. 


Concerns were raised in respect of the proposed diversion of the H28, which would be disadvantageous to Osterley residents wishing to get to West Middlesex University Hospital where the alternatives of parking privately at the hospital or taking a taxi were much more expensive.    


When asked whether the extension of the E8 to Hounslow would increase wait times between buses or if additional buses would be deployed along the route, Mr Murphy indicated that the proposal was for the route to retain the same frequency but stated that the details would follow after the review of the current contract and the ongoing consultation.  Mark Frost reminded members of the Shaping a Healthier Future proposals and the requests to improve services to West Middlesex University Hospital as a result.  The E8 extension was evidence of TfL’s willingness to respond to that identified need.  Mr Murphy was unaware of any proposals to increase the number of buses using Great West Road but would take Councillor Savin’s query back to colleagues.  


With the permission of the Chair, Amhurst Gardens resident Jon Hardy addressed the meeting to raise residents’ concerns at proposals to route the double decker E8 bus along Amhurst Gardens, citing the loss of valuable trees along the route, the fact that Amhurst Gardens was used as one of the main emergency routes to the hospital and the current congestion caused to both Amhurst Gardens and Twickenham Road by the single decker H28 bus. 


Residents raised the following issues of  ...  view the full minutes text for item 51.


Local Policing Update - Sgt. Al-Hashimi pdf icon PDF 50 KB

Reports for Isleworth and Osterley wards only. Verbal update for Brentford and Syon wards at the meeting.


See submitted police update report, Agenda Item 2.


Sergeant Al-Hashimi took questions on the submitted report.  He provided a verbal update on policing in Brentford ward, paying particular note to the seizure of mopeds in relation to anti-social behaviour on the Haverfield Estate and the positive work undertaken by police colleagues in relation to street drinkers on the Clayponds Estate.


Sgt. Al-Hashimi referred to the proposed budget cuts within the Metropolitan Police Service, anticipated at around 40% of the policing budget.  He noted that more detailed information would be available to members in the near future. 


Graffiti levels continued to be a concern for Brentford.  Officers had been collating images of the tags in the hope of apprehending those responsible.  Ironically, part of the difficulty in gathering evidence of the graffiti was that tags were cleared within 24 hours of being reported to Hounslow Highways. 


Sgt. Al-Hashimi acknowledged residents’ frustrations with street drinkers but reminded members that Hounslow borough was a Controlled Drinking Zone (as opposed to a No Drinking Zone) so the treatment of individuals found drinking in public had to be proportionate and took into account whether those individuals were engaging in anti-social behaviour.  Sgt Al-Hashimi agreed to report back to colleagues Councillor Louki’s concerns in relation to reports that British Transport Police officers had not witnessed street drinking at Isleworth Rail station, despite being reported as present at the time.


Councillor Mayne requested an update at the next Area Forum in relation to cycling on pavements, including a report on the number of Fixed Penalty Notices issued to individuals to date.  Sgt. Al-Hashimi stated that individuals cycling on pavements and riding bikes and motorised bikes at speed through parks could be stopped and questioned by police.  Referring again to the work carried out on Haverfields and Clayponds estates, Sgt. Al-Hashimi reminded members that officers had the power to seize bikes where necessary.  The Chair noted that this topic would be discussed at the January 2016 meeting of the London Road Safety Council. 


Councillor Curran referred to the decision by Licensing Panel last evening to revoke the license for Hounslow Café Society, Windsor Close, Brentford, following a serious incident in October and thanked police colleagues for their efforts in supporting this process.


In response to a question on safer neighbourhood panels, Sgt. Al-Hashimi confirmed that the meeting for the Brentford area still met on a quarterly basis at the usual venue on Netley Road from 7pm (next meeting tomorrow, Friday 13 November).  He acknowledged that the membership was currently not representative of the local area and encouraged anyone who wished to join the panel to contact the local police team in the first instance. 



Members noted the update provided on local policing in Brentford and Syon, together with Sgt. Al-Hashimi’s responses to questions on graffiti, policing the boroughwide Controlled Drinking Zone, cycling on pavements and the proposed budget cuts to policing.


Update on recent merger of West Middlesex University Hospital Trust and Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust

Verbal update from Sue Jeffers, Managing Director of the Hounslow Clinical Commissioning Group


Sue Jeffers, Managing Director of the Hounslow Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), confirmed the acquisition of West Middlesex University Hospital by Chelsea and Westminster Foundation NHS Trust as of 1 September 2015. 


Ms Jeffers was keen to point out that this acquisition was viewed by management and staff at both hospitals as a merger and that both organisations were working together to make the transition as smooth as possible.  Each site retained its own dedicated management teams and front line services would continue on both sites.  A staff consultation was underway and the new Chief Executive of the organisation, Lesley Watts, was meeting GP practices in Hounslow. 


Staff morale was strong at the West Middlesex site and it was planned to incorporate Chelsea and Westminster’s patient experience nurse model at the West Middlesex site to help improve patient experience ratings. 


The merger meant that Hounslow and Richmond residents could become members of the Foundation Trust.  Roadshows and an open day had been held and recruitment was underway for new members. 


In response to questions Ms Jeffers confirmed that there was an expectation that management would look at economies of scale in the new organisation and actively work to achieve reductions in the financial burden held.  She committed to reporting back to colleagues at West Middlesex on residents’ concerns about the pooling of rainwater at the bus stand on the site.  In addition to this she wanted to ensure that both the CCG, the hospital and the Council were able to liaise with each other and provide a coherent submission on the proposals laid out in the current bus route consultation.


Ms Jeffers drew attention to the fact that both hospitals had been listed as major hospitals under the Shaping a Healthier Future proposals and, as such, both sites were looking at developing services across both the planned and non-elective care services.  It was noted that the CCG would be submitting an Estate Strategy to NHS England in the New Year in respect of Out Of Hospital services, which would include details of proposals to create 5 localities for the borough (mirroring the Area Forum areas).  The expectation was that each locality would have a primary care hub located within that area.  Discussions were underway with colleagues at West Middlesex to see whether one of these hubs could be located at the hospital site.  Councillor Collins noted that he sat on the Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee on Shaping a Healthier Future in his role as scrutiny member.  The Chair thanked Ms Jeffers for her attendance. 



Members noted the update on the recent acquisition, which came into effect on 01 September 2015. 


Open Forum

An opportunity for members of the public to address the meeting on general issues relating to the agenda and other issues not on the agenda.  Please note that individual cases cannot be discussed. 


Members noted the following questions submitted in writing in advance of the meeting:


Education provision – submitted by Brentford Community Council:

“We would like to ask the Forum to request a paper from their officers to:

1.     State the number of additional school age children who will be in Brentford by 2030. 

2.     The number and size of additional schools required to meet this need.

3.     The total land requirement.

4.     Review of the sites which have been considered for school sites during the preparation of the Local Plan.

5.     Identification of additional sites for schools if required.”


Members noted that this question would be passed to the relevant Council department and a response taken to the next available meeting of this Area Forum. 


Air Quality – submitted by St John’s Residents Association:

“How much S106 money is currently available to spend on Air Quality Monitoring in the IBAF Area and Boroughwide?  How much has been spent in the past 12 months and how much is proposed to be spent in the next 12 months?”


Members noted the following response, prepared and read out at the meeting: “According to the information supplied by S106 Officer, there are no further S106 funds available to be spend in the IBAF Area of borough wide as there has been no S106 AQ income during 2014 and 2015.  On the basis that this original query was raised in January (2015), S106 monies spent in the IBAF and borough wide, in 2014, in £890 and £6231 respectively.  S106 monies spent in 2015 in the IBAF area and borough wide were £1116 and £7814 respectively, assuming fairly even spend across all the wards.  It should be noted that the amount of S106 monies spent may appear to be small, but it should be borne in mind there was no S106 income in 2014 and 2015.”


Church Street trial closure:

Further questions were asked during the Open Forum seeking clarification on the criteria for monitoring the trial closure of Church Street, the reasons for the 18 month trial period and how success of the trial would be judged.  Mark Frost indicated that the trial would be used to measure a number of areas including journey times and traffic flows along Twickenham Road, safety issues (officers received regular reports from the Metropolitan Police Service on traffic collisions) and air quality levels.  He reminded members of plans to bring an interim report back to this Area Forum by the end of 2016.  Councillor Curran reiterated that this was a trial period and not a permanent closure and encouraged residents and stakeholders to make representations to the Council during the trial period. 


9.40pm - In view of the lateness of the hour, members agreed to suspend Standing Orders to no later than 10.15pm in order to continue with the business of the meeting. 


Leisure & Culture Strategy consultation - Imran Choudhury pdf icon PDF 180 KB


See presentation slides from the Director of Public Health, Agenda Item 5.


Imran Choudhury, Director of Public Health, briefed members on the 4 key themes of the consultation and encouraged everyone to submit their responses before the closing date of 16 November.  He drew attention to the budget savings required over the coming four years, at least £2.3million of which were expected to come directly from the Council’s Leisure and Culture Services budgets, and indicated that consideration would be given to the options listed within the presentation slides. 


Councillor Louki asked whether the separate consultation on the borough’s parks could be extended, as it had only recently be published.  Mr Choudhury provided assurances that the consultation could be extended for a couple of weeks.


In response to Councillor O’Reilly’s concerns that the consultation questions did not include policy proposals, Mr Choudhury stated that this stage of the consultation was aimed at achieving a high level approach and that consultation questions had been left open to encourage respondents to tell the Council what services they really valued, what they could live without and to provide an opportunity for residents to suggest ways forward.


Mr Choudhury acknowledged concerns raised at the meeting about the length of the consultation document and the difficulties residents had completing the form, which first had to be downloaded and printed before being filled in. 

Councillor Lambert pointed out that the short form could be filled in online but echoed residents’ concerns that the full consultation document could not be completed and submitted electronically. 


Mr Choudhury assured members that officers would work to improve documentation for phase 2 of the consultation and that he would consider extending the consultation period for both the parks survey and the Draft Leisure and Culture Strategy to allow residents more time to submit their comments.



·       Members noted the presentation on the consultation. 

·       Members requested an extension of both the Draft Leisure and Culture Strategy 2016-2020 consultation and the Parks and Open Spaces Survey, in order to enable as many residents and stakeholders as possible to engage with the process.


Review of Citizen Participation - Robert Coomber pdf icon PDF 188 KB

Following the decision at Borough Council on 15 September to approve the recommendations to achieve more effective citizen participation, this report aims to set out the implications for planning and planning enforcement.  The Borough Council reports (Agenda Item 8 of the meeting) can be accessed on the Council’s website at: https://democraticservices.hounslow.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=254&MId=8965


See submitted report from the Lead Member for Finance and Citizen Engagement, Agenda Item 8.


Councillor Dennison noted that the report contained a number of drafting errors and asked members to agree to withdraw this item from the agenda and bring it back to a future meeting of the Area Forum, which was unanimously supported by members present.



Members agreed to withdraw this item from the agenda and bring it back to a future meeting of the Area Forum.


Update on submitted amendments to Reynard Mills planning application pdf icon PDF 164 KB

Additional documents:


See report from the Director of Regeneration, Economic Development and Environment, Agenda Item 9.


Councillor Dennison, having declared an interest in this item, did not take part in the discussion. 


Gavin Chinniah, Planning Officer, referred members to the details of the amendments contained within the submitted report. 


10.10pm - In light of the lateness of the hour, Councillor Curran moved that agenda items 9, 9a, 10, 11 and 12 should be delegated to the Chair in consultation with the relevant ward councillors and chief officer.  This motion was seconded by Councillor Sampson and agreed by a majority vote of all members present (with the exception of Councillor Dennison who was not present for this item). 



·       Members noted the officer’s presentation on the minor amendments to the planning consent for Reynard Mills, Brentford.

·       Members agreed that the decision to approve the proposals should be delegated to the Chair in consultation with Syon ward councillors and the relevant chief officer.



Please Note:

Subsequent to the meeting, the following decision was confirmed on 17 November 2015:

·      Brentford ward members, in consultation with the Chair of the Isleworth and Brentford Area Forum and the Chief Officer, agreed that the changes as detailed at the Area Forum meeting on 12 November 2015 should be delegated to officers for approval, subject to the traffic management schemes being clearly defined. 


Planning Applications called in by members pdf icon PDF 220 KB

This item has been included as a late addition to the published agenda at the request of the Area Forum Chair, Councillor Mel Collins. 


See report from the Director of Regeneration, Economic Development and Environment, Agenda Item 9a.


Members agreed to delegate the decision on this matter.  See discussion contained within Minute 57 (above).



Members agreed that the decision on the officer’s recommendations should be delegated to the Chair in consultation with local ward councillors and the relevant chief officer.


Small Grants Report - Mark Frost pdf icon PDF 126 KB

Additional documents:


See submitted report, Agenda Item 10.


Members agreed to delegate the decision on this matter.  See discussion contained within Minute 57 (above).



Members agreed that the decision on the officer’s recommendations should be delegated to the Chair in consultation with the relevant ward councillors and the responsible chief officer.


Please Note:

Subsequent to the Area Forum meeting the following decision was confirmed on 4 December 2015:

·       It was agreed that funding should be awarded to the 4 applicants listed in Appendices A and B of the submitted report, based on the information provided.


Brentford FC Matchday Road Closures: Objection to Traffic Management Order - Mark Frost pdf icon PDF 118 KB

Additional documents:


See submitted report, Agenda Item 11.


Members agreed to delegate the decision on this matter.  See discussion contained within Minute 57 (above).



Members agreed that the decision on the officer’s recommendations should be delegated to the Chair in consultation with local ward councillors and the responsible chief officer.


Wyke Estate CPZ Consultation Results - Mark Frost pdf icon PDF 129 KB

Additional documents:


See report submitted, Agenda Item 12.


Members agreed to delegate the decision on this matter.  See discussion contained within Minute 57 (above).



Members agreed that the decision on the officer’s recommendations should be delegated to the Chair in consultation with local ward councillors and the responsible chief officer.



Area Forum Action Plan Update - Mark Frost


It was agreed that, in light of the extraordinary meeting on the matter held on 8 October 2015, an update on the Area Action Plan should be deferred to the next scheduled meeting of the Area Forum.


Minutes of previous meetings pdf icon PDF 100 KB

This item includes minutes of the meetings held on 16 July and 17September and an outline of the discussion taken at the special meeting of the Area Forum to discuss the Action Plan on 8 October 2015.

Additional documents:


The minutes of the meetings held on 16 July 2015, 17 September 2015 and 8 October 2015 were agreed and signed by the Chair as a correct record.


Urgent Business

Any other items which the Chair accepts for consideration on grounds of urgency.


Community Engagement Fund:

Members noted Councillor Collins’ proposal to use Community Engagement Funding for the restoration of the Brentford War Memorial and encouraged him to submit an application in respect of that proposal to the Council’s Community Partnerships Unit. 


Hounslow Cycling Campaign:

Councillor Dunne referred to a letter from Brian Smith, Borough Coordinator of the Hounslow Cycling Campaign, which had been circulated to all members in advance of this meeting and attached with the electronic agenda pack for reference.  On his behalf she asked members to provide an update to the next meeting of the Area Forum in respect of the Space for Cycling Campaign ASKs for each ward detailed in the circulated letter.


Date of next scheduled meeting - 21 January 2016


The date of the forthcoming meeting was noted.