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No. Item


Apologies for Absence, Declarations of Interest and any other Communications from Members


Apologies noted from Councillor Sampson, O’Reilly, Green and apologies for lateness from Councillor Dunne.


Councillor Louki declared an interest in the Northumberland Estate Area item and noted that he would not take part in the discussion on this matter.


Marlborough Road 'Area', Brentford - Results of Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) Preliminary Consultation - Mark Frost pdf icon PDF 214 KB

Additional documents:


Mark Frost, Head of Traffic and Transport, introduced the submitted report, drawing attention to the fact there had been insufficient support from local residents to progress to the next stage of consultation.  Councillor Dennison noted that ward members had requested a wider consultation in order to ascertain where the parking issues lay.   


Pointing to the results of that consultation, Councillor Dennison moved an amendment to the officer’s recommendations to progress to design consultation stage proposing split operational hours on Monday-Friday for residents of Epworth Road, Marlborough Road, Syon Lane, Bramble Close and Lodge Close, Isleworth. 


Councillor Curran seconded the motion and at the vote Councillor Dennison’s amendment was carried by majority as follows:

For: Councillors Curran, Dennison, Lambert, Savin and Collins.

Against: Councillor Carey

Abstain: Councillor Louki



  • That the Area Forum considered the outcome of the consultation;
  • That officers progress to design consultation, proposing split operational hours on Monday to Friday, for the following roads; Epworth Road, Marlborough Road, Syon Lane (from x to x), Bramble Close and Lodge Close, Isleworth;
  • That the lead petitioner be notified of the Area Forum’s decision.


Northumberland Estate West ‘area’, Isleworth - Results of Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) - Preliminary Consultation - Mark Frost pdf icon PDF 674 KB

Additional documents:


Mark Frost, Head of Traffic and Transport, introduced the submitted report, drawing attention to the response rate and suggesting a 10am – 12pm operational time to tackle the issue of commuter parking. 


Mark drew attention to the submission of 180 responses all in the same handwriting and all against the proposed parking controls, which prompted officers to complete further checks against the Electoral Roll and discounting all 180 on suspicion of possible fraud (see Para 6.1 of the submitted report). The Chair, having declared an interest in this item, confirmed he would not take part in the discussion or the vote. 


In response to questions the following points were raised:

·       Members noted residents’ concerns about particular parking issues around commuter parking and school drop off times and the request for split operational hours to address these issues;

·       It was further acknowledged that parents driving their children to school may not adhere to controls so better enforcement of operational hours was the key.  Residents asked that the fact that CPZs restricted parking, not offloading or picking up should be pointed out in the consultation letters so that residents were made aware of this fact when deciding whether or not to support controls in their area;

·       Residents also pointed to the issue of displacement parking from other controlled areas;

·       Concerns were raised that information had not been included in the consultation letter about the option of purchasing visitor permits – it was confirmed that residents within a CPZ could purchase a limited number of visitor parking permits per year but that any unused passes did not include an expiry date;

·       Residents asked whether officers drew from data on existing CPZs to inform their proposals on new areas;

·       Mark drew attention to the additional expense involved in installing a crossover after a CPZ had begun;

·       CPZs were reviewed six to twelve months after installation except where residents report back independently that they’re satisfied with the arrangement.  Officers tended to relay on resident feedback as opposed to commissioned parking surveys, which only provided a single day’s snapshot of the parking situation in a particular area; 


8.05pm – Councillor Mayne joined the meeting at this point.


Residents of Hartham Road drew attention to additional parking pressures from local taxi firm and the new car-free London Road development (old Skoda garage).  When asked whether different roads could have differing operational hours, Mark confirmed that single road CPZs were very rare.   Councillor Dennison asked officers to remove the London Road development from the submitted plan, as previously agreed.


Councillor Dennison moved that the area be considered in two separate parts, sub-dividing the zone along the railway line.  He moved that officers progress to design stage for the southern side on the proposal of split operational hours.  This was seconded by Councillor Curran and approved by majority vote as follows:

For: Councillors Mayne, Curran, Dennison, Lambert, Savin and Collins.

Against: None

Abstain: Councillors Carey and Louki.


Councillor Dennison moved that officers progress to design consultation for the northern  ...  view the full minutes text for item 30.


Local Policing Update pdf icon PDF 8 KB

Additional documents:


Sergeant Kevin Sinclair provided an update on staffing for local police teams, confirming that neighbourhood teams would be ringfenced to their ward, with the view to ensuring officers were more visible and contactable.  Borough police had begun ‘My Investigation’, which enabled officers to see an investigation from start to finish.  Sgt. Sinclair also drew attention to an initiative starting for the east of the borough to tackle two-wheel-enabled crime.  Members heard that officers were using DNA spray, which was used to mark an individual involved in a particular crime and took between six and eight weeks to wear off – or several months if sprayed on a vehicle thought to be involved in a particular crime. 


A number of officers working out of Chiswick police station were Level One pursuit trained, which meant that they could pursue a motorbike or scooter suspected of being stolen. Operation Bumblebee was underway again for the Autumn/ Winter months, including high visibility police patrols late evenings in the community.


In response to questions Sgt. Sinclair noted the following:

·       Residents were asked to report incidents of anti-social behaviour (ASB) so that officers patrols could be prioritised to include those areas most in need. 

·       Sgt. Sinclair acknowledged continued concerns around cycling on pavements, noting the hotspots highlighted this evening and providing assurances that requests for additional patrols of these areas would be submitted.

·       Members requested an update on the pilot initiative by PC Donna Kemp (Isleworth ward) to involve local residents in carrying out speed checks in 20MPH zones. Drivers received a warning letter for the first offence but subsequent offences were subject to payment of a fine.


The Chair thanked Sgt. Sinclair for his attendance and wished to record his thanks to PC Robert Miller who had been instrumental in setting up eight new Neighbourhood Watch schemes in Osterley.


Open Forum

An opportunity for members of the public to address the meeting on general issues relating to the agenda and other issues not on the agenda.  Please note that individual cases cannot be discussed. 


The following questions had been submitted in writing in advance of the meeting for response:


The Isleworth Society – Cycling on pavements:

A question from The Isleworth Society referred to the July Area Forum discussion on unauthorised pavement cycling, which had included a request for more use of banners, previously displayed on lamp posts in Isleworth, stating ‘Cyclists: Don’t Cycle On Pavements’.   “A remaining Isleworth banner sports logos of “Mayor of London, Think!, London Borough of Hounslow and TfL. (tfl.gov.uk/safetytips)”.   Do Members not agree it would be worthwhile for IBAF to request investigating and implementing return of the previous banners and/or an increase in their number over a wider area?”


Mark Frost, Head of Traffic and Transport stated that these banners tended to be displayed at identified hotspots, which would first have to be identified.  Those remaining were most likely to be left over from a previous campaign. Whilst he acknowledged residents’ wish to have something to refer pavement cyclists to on the street, he indicated that behaviour change was carried out by uniformed police officers. 


The Isleworth Society – North Street pavements:

This question referred to previous Area Forum discussion on North Street traffic management options (26 May 2016 – Minute 105, Bullet Point 7 “The Area Forum requested that officers carry out a review of the current layout of the pavement around Tolson House, Isleworth, as the pavements were no longer DDA compliant.”).  The Isleworth Society asked, following the requested review, when is it envisaged that work will be authorised/ implemented to remedy the fact North Street pavement from junction with Twickenham Road to Tolson House is no longer compliant?


The following response from Traffic and Transport was read at the meeting:

‘Officers have undertaken surveys to ascertain opportunities to improve footway widths on North Street at its junction with Twickenham Road.  These have revealed that footway widening would require loss of parking and the likely necessity to make North Street one-way in or out.  It is noted that there are proposals to introduce a resident only parking zone in this area which, if progressed, will change parking demand.  It is therefore considered appropriate to progress those works first and review the situation in regards to parking demand before progressing this proposal any further.” 


In response to the statement from Traffic residents noted further concerns about the camber of the footpath along North Street. 


St John’s Residents Association – No Entry London Road to Linkfield Road:

St John’s Residents Association welcomed the introduction of the no-entry from London Road into Linkfield Road, which dramatically reduced the volume of traffic down Linkfield Road and reduced traffic on the school run.   The Association asked how many fines had been issued by CCTV camera since its introduction.


In response Mark Frost confirmed that warning letters had been sent to residents who mistakenly entered Linkfield Road from London Road since the No Entry was introduced.  However, fines would be issued from October onwards.


Parking Enforcement – question submitted at the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 32.


Cycle Superhighway 9 - presentation by Joy Wigg (TfL) and Mark Frost (LBH) pdf icon PDF 1 MB

The meeting will include a presentation on CS9.  Consultation documents on the proposal can be accessed prior to the meeting at: https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/roads/cs9/?cid=cs9


See presentation slides submitted by Transport for London, Agenda Item 4.


Joy Wigg (TfL) and Mark Frost (LBH) introduced the item and invited comments and questions.  Members comments included concerns around access for those with disabilities using bus stops and bypasses along the route.  Members added concerns that the presentation did not appear to include information on plans for Kew Bridge Road during its busiest traffic period in the AM peak and sought clarification on how the route work fit with plans to redevelop moorings at Brentford’s Watermans Park, how it joined up with the eastbound link around the Lionel Road reconstruction and how the proposed designs worked around the relatively narrow stretches through Brentford and Syon wards. 


Questions from the floor included the following:

·       Residents raised concerns at the impact on local bus routes, including 237 and 267;

·       There was doubt at the 20% reduction in traffic along the South Circular (presentation slide 5), which it was suggested might not be taking into account increased traffic volumes around rugby and football events;

·       Clarification was sought on air pollution figures around the Kew Bridge junction, and along the stretch between Wellesley Road and Kew Bridge Road;

·       Residents noted concerns for pedestrians’ safety along narrow sections of the route;

·       It was suggested that the consultation meetings were not publicised widely enough;

·       Proposals to improve the cycle lane along the Great West Road caused residents to call for it to be regularly cleaned as a minimum requirement.


In response Ms Wigg provided assurances that TfL continued to actively review the borough’s bypasses and consult with disability groups. She also noted that officers were working with the Council’s Parks team on the proposals for Watermans. 


The Chair encouraged residents to attend the planned consultation events and asked that responses to the questions submitted this evening could be included with the agenda for the next scheduled meeting in November. 


Draft Great West Corridor Local Plan review and Brentford East Supplementary Planning Document - Alan Hesketh (Planning Policy LBH) pdf icon PDF 254 KB

This Area Forum is being asked to note and support the Local Plan Review reports considered at the Cabinet meeting agenda on Tuesday 19 September (Agenda Item 6).

Additional documents:


See submitted report from the Interim Head of Regeneration, Spatial Planning, Business Services, Environmental Strategy, together with the presentation slides from the meeting (attached as a reference copy with the electronic agenda pack), Agenda Item 5.


Alan Hesketh, report author, suggested taking discussion on this item together with the Local Heritage Update (Agenda Item 6).  He took members through a slide presentation, briefing them on the reasons for carrying out the consultation and drawing particular attention to the Local Plan Timetable. 


Sean Doran, Principal Conservation Officer, briefed members on the consultation for both nominated conservation areas and invited residents and members to contact him with any queries after the meeting. 


In the discussion that followed the following points were raised:

·       Residents sought clarification on the number of affordable homes to be built;

·       It was suggested that the six-week consultation period represented an enormous burden on residents who volunteered their time on local matters – particularly when considering the simultaneous timing of three major consultations as presented here.  Referring to the ‘six week minimum’ requirement laid down in the Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) a request was made to extend the consultation period further to facilitate resident input into the process;

·       Support was noted for the re-appointment to the Conservation Officer post;

·       A request was made for something to be done to celebrate the 50th anniversary in 2018 of the introduction of conservation areas. 


Councillor Curran acknowledged residents’ concerns around the restrictive timing of the consultations but drew attention to the constraints and deadlines within which local authorities had to work.  He invited residents to speak to him outside this meeting where they had particular concerns they wished to discuss.



That the Area Forum notes the public consultation on draft Great West Corridor Plan and Brentford East Supplementary Planning Document, as approved at Cabinet on 19 September 2017.


Local Heritage Update - Sophia Laird and Sean Doran (LBH) pdf icon PDF 256 KB

Additional documents:


See briefing notes and Conservation Area Appraisal documents submitted in respect of both the Grand Union Canal & Boston Manor Conservation Area and the St Paul’s Conservation Area, Brentford, Agenda Item 6.


The discussion for this item was included with that for Agenda Item 5 (Draft Great West Quarter Local Plan review and Brentford East SPD) earlier in the meeting.



Members noted the submitted documents and encouraged residents to participate in the consultations.


Encouraging use of two wheels for short trips - Mark Frost pdf icon PDF 300 KB

This item includes information on the launch of Ealing's dockless bike sharing scheme.


See submitted briefing note from Traffic and Transport, Agenda Item 7.



Members noted the submitted information and encouraged residents to submit their feedback and views on the initiatives to transportplanning@hounslow.gov.uk


Petitions Update - Mark Frost pdf icon PDF 142 KB


See update report submitted by the Area Participation Officer, Agenda Item 8.



Members noted the petitions update.



Area Forum Action Plan pdf icon PDF 223 KB

Please note that this item is not to be discussed at this meeting but will be the subject of a specially arranged meeting of the Area Forum scheduled for Monday 9 October. 


See submitted Area Forum Action Plan, Agenda Item 9.



Members noted the Area Forum Action Plan.


North Street Controlled Parking Zone - Mark Frost pdf icon PDF 248 KB

Additional documents:


See submitted briefing note from Traffic and Transport, Agenda Item 12.


Councillor Mayne moved the officer’s recommendations, including the proposal to include Swan Street in recommendation 1.1 a) and remove it from recommendation 1.1 d).  The recommendations as amended were agreed by majority vote as follows:

For: Councillors Collins, Curran, Dennison, Dunne, Green, Louki and Mayne.

Against: None

Abstain: Councillors Lambert and Savin



1.1           That Councillors note the results of the controlled parking zone (CPZ) detailed design consultation and agree that:

a)    The CPZ proposals be advanced to the formal (statutory) consultation stage for North Street, Silverhall Street, Swan Street and the extent of the adopted public highways in Harcourt Close and Hartland Road;

b)    The proposed CPZ operational times be submitted to the formal (statutory) consultation as Monday-Friday, 9.30am-5pm;

c)     Subject to Councillors approving recommendations 1.1(a) and (b), it is further recommended that, where possible, officers resolve any objections received to the formal (statutory) consultation and implement the scheme and, in the event of any objections remaining unresolved, agree that these objections be determined through Chief Officer Delegated Authority in consultation with the relevant ward councillors;

d)    The proposed CPZ not be progressed in the remainder of the consultation area, namely Percy Gardens, Pathenia Drive, Lower Square and Manor House Way, or the Hounslow Housing managed areas of Harcourt Close and Hartland Road;

e)    Residents and businesses within the consultation area be informed of these decisions.


Minutes of the meeting held on 27 July 2017 pdf icon PDF 218 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 27 July 2017 were agreed and signed by the Chair as a correct record.


Matters Arising:


Minute 19: Open Forum (Community Toilet Scheme):

The following response was read out at the meeting as an update to matters raised at the July meeting: “We have identified over 138 alternative facilities that residents can use within the Borough when the Automated Public Conveniences are closed.  These are promoted on the Disabled Go website and the council’s website (under the Your Neighbourhood map search link at the bottom of the front page).  We are working to move these into a downloadable leaflet for residents to print for themselves and for promotion throughout the voluntary and community sector; particularly those who issue radar keys to residents.  The next stage will be to invited business to join and promote their facilities for use by residents.  Once this has been completed we will authorise the closure of these facilities as agreed by Cabinet.”


Urgent Business

Any other items which the Chair accepts for consideration on grounds of urgency.


No other urgent business was raised.