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Venue: Brentford Free Church, Boston Manor Road, Brentford

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Appointment of the Chair of the Area Forum

To confirm Councillor Tony Louki as Chair of the Area Forum, as agreed at Borough Council on 23 May 2017


The Area Forum confirmed the appointment of Councillor Tony Louki as Chair for the forthcoming municipal year.


In light of the recent fire at Grenfell House, North Kensington, the Chair asked those present to observe a minute’s quiet contemplation as a mark of gratitude to those responders from the emergency services and to show solidarity for survivors of the fire. 


Appointments of the Area Forum for the Municipal Year pdf icon PDF 152 KB

Additional documents:


The Area Forum confirmed the appointment of Councillor Linda Green as Vice-Chair and serving Community Champion for this Area Forum for the forthcoming municipal year.


The Area Forum agreed the appointment of Councillor Tony Louki as its representative on the Community Investment Advisory Panel for the forthcoming municipal year.


The Area Forum agreed to postpone the appointment of an Area Forum sub-group and the recruitment of any of co-optees to the start of the 2018-19 municipal year. 


The Terms of Reference of the Consultation Advisory Panel were noted (Appendix A of the submitted report).


The Area Forum agreed the appointment of Councillor Linda Green to sit on the Consultation Advisory Panel.


Area Forum Terms of Reference and agenda plan 2017-18 pdf icon PDF 207 KB

To note the Terms of Reference document, as confirmed at Borough Council on 23 May 2017


The Area Forum noted the terms of reference document, as agreed at Borough Council on 23 May 2017.  The Chair circulated a provisional outline of a meeting plan for the coming year and asked for any suggested topics to be submitted for consideration via the Clerk.


Apologies for Absence, Declarations of Interest and any other Communications from Members


There were no apologies for absence or declarations of interest. 


Grenfell House fire:

In light of the recent fire at Grenfell House in Kensington, Councillor Dunne, Lead Cabinet Member for Housing, and Councillor Curran, Leader of the Council, wished to reassure members and the borough’s residents of the Council’s commitment to safety.  It was confirmed that all of the Council’s current housing stock was compliant with fire regulations and that fire risk assessments were ongoing.  Whilst there was as yet no requirement to have sprinkler systems in tower blocks, the Council continued to work closely with the London Fire Brigade (LFB) and confirmed that LFB advice on what to do in the case of a fire had not changed. 


It was noted that one of the Council’s residential tower blocks had been clad within the past 15 years and officers were currently reviewing the specifications for that work.  It was also noted that proposals to clad and refurbish Brentford Towers had been put on hold pending further advice from LFB and other authorities. The Council would keep residents informed as further advice became known.


Open Forum

An opportunity for members of the public to address the meeting on general issues relating to the agenda and other issues not on the agenda.  Please note that individual cases cannot be discussed. 


Question submitted in advance of the meeting:


St John’s Residents Association:

What steps are Hounslow Highways taking to prevent instances of abortive highway works where road signs are put up to suspend parking for a full day and no work takes place.  This happened on Linkfield Road and Mill Plat Avenue last week and also on Avenue Road. In all instances no letters were sent to local residents informing them of any works. It is appreciated that there is a very short window for resurfacing but the website needs to be updated and residents need to be properly informed in advance. When will these roads be resurfaced and when will the residents be informed?


Response by Hounslow Highways:

The usual communication process for informing residents of upcoming works is that pre-works letters are sent out 4 weeks in advance of the treatment works commencing.  On this occasion, as works are due to commence on the 3rd July, letters should have been sent out by week commencing 5th June. 


However, as a result of a breakdown in our communication process, letters informing residents of the upcoming scheme were not sent out in time.  These internal issues also affected the notification that would have advised residents that Hounslow Highways was experiencing a delay in commencing works due to an overrun of works on another site.  Linkfield Road and Mill Platt were signed and coned with ‘No parking/suspension’ signs in preparation of these works, however the signage was removed the same day when works did not start.


We sincerely apologise for the lack of communication residents have received from Hounslow Highways in regards to this scheme, and we do acknowledge that some form of communication should have reached the residents who would be affected. 


We will be reviewing our own internal processes and procedures as a result of this to ensure that it does not happen again. The information could have been advised through our website and via Twitter in this instance, however it was not considered that the communication would reach all who would be affected within timescale. We are working to resolve our technical issues by the end of this week, and are hopeful that letters will be sent out to all residents early next week to inform them of the upcoming works. 


To advise you in regards to this scheme, please note that pre-treatment works including joint sealing and patching pre-treatment will be carried out in preparation for the grip fibre works which will commence on the 3rd July.  As advised, Hounslow Highways will be sending letters to residents early next week explaining the Grip Fibre 6 Step Process, which includes the need for parking restrictions, when the pre-treatment is carried out.


Should we not be able to attend programmed works on roads in the future, we will send the necessary apology letter with a revised date.  We apologise again for any inconvenience caused to residents.


Melanie Gadd, Head of Environmental Services and Contract Management, acknowledged that  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


Local Policing Update pdf icon PDF 293 KB

·       Osterley Ward update report (late to follow – 14.06.17)

·       Please note that police colleagues will not be present at the meeting but that questions can be forwarded to them for response after the meeting.

Additional documents:


See submitted reports from Inspector Jonathan Shard, Sector Inspector, Agenda Item 6.


The Chair stated that, whilst the police update would continue to be a standing item on the agenda, a police officer would not necessarily be present at every meeting. He encouraged members to attend their local Safer Neighbourhood Panel meetings.


Members wished to record their thanks to Inspector Steve Edwards for his hard work as Sector Inspector during the past few years and wished him every success in his new role. 


Members sought clarification on what police and Council officers were doing to tackle the more general issue of graffiti.  It was acknowledged that Hounslow Highways’ record at clearing graffiti reported to the organisation was very good, particularly when compared to that of Transport for London (responsible for graffiti clearance along the A4 route) and Carillion (responsible for graffiti clearance from the borough’s parks).


Update on new waste and recycling collections - Melanie Gadd (LBH)

For more details on the new collections please visit the Council’s website: https://www.hounslow.gov.uk/info/20128/


See presentation slides submitted to the meeting, Agenda Item 7.


Alysse Strachan and Melanie Gadd, Environmental Services, took members through the presentation on the new waste and recycling collection process.  To date 30,000 properties had their new recycling boxes delivered.  From 10 July the borough would move to fortnightly rubbish collections. 


In response to questions the following points were raised:

·       Batteries were no longer accepted in recycling, as there were a number of locations around the borough where residents could deposit spent batteries.

·       Whilst small amounts of shredded paper could be included in an old envelope with paper recycling, residents were asked to think of using shredded paper in their food waste containers or as bedding for pets where appropriate.

·       It was proposed to look at improvements to recycling from flats once the current rollout was completed.

·       Applications for a larger wheelie bin would be subject to an eight week assessment period, during which officers would visit the property to ensure the application met the criteria.  In respect of residents’ concerns on the impact of fortnightly rubbish collections on disabled residents who required more capacity, officers provided assurances that arrangements were anticipated to be in place in time for the start of fortnightly collections to facilitate a smooth transition for those residents with identified needs.

·       When asked what help older/ frail residents would have to recycle storing and using the new boxes, officers confirmed that help was available for residents who requested an ‘assisted collection’.  After an assessment at the property, instructions would be sent to the recycling crew letting them know exactly where the containers should be picked up and returned to on collection days.

·       For maisonettes and low rise properties split into flats, at residents’ request only 50% of the recycling containers had been delivered to those properties to help ensure there was sufficient space to store the containers at the property.  Officers were happy to reassess the situation on an individual basis following an initial bedding in period.

·       Officers confirmed that a number of renewal notices had been sent to residents signed up to the borough’s garden waste service, although it was acknowledged that in an effort to ensure these notices were as eye catching as possible, it was possible that residents had mistaken it for junk mail. 

·       Assurances were provided that operatives had been instructed to stack containers and replace at residents’ properties, as opposed to throwing them, which could result in disciplinary action.

·       Officers agreed to check the calendar for garden waste collection in December in response to residents’ concerns that there was a month’s gap in collections.

·       When asked about the provision of a paper calendar for waste collections, officers noted that a ‘bin hanger’ would be delivered to all households once their new containers had been delivered and residents were encouraged to retain this for their records.  


Information item on Thomas Layton Collection pdf icon PDF 211 KB

This item was requested by Cllr Collins as in information item to note that items from the collection stored at the Library at the Treaty Centre in Hounslow have now been relocated to Feltham Library, where a more permanent home for the collection is being established.


See submitted briefing note from the Heritage and Arts Services & Major Projects Manager, Agenda Item 8.


Members noted the submitted update.  It was acknowledged that the date of the forthcoming meeting had moved to 25 July 2017. 


Update on Brentford Lodge site, Boston Manor Road, Brentford pdf icon PDF 174 KB


See submitted briefing from West London Mental Health Trust, London Borough of Hounslow and Hounslow Clinical Commissioning Group, Agenda Item 9.


Members acknowledged the update.  Councillor Collins noted concerns that the Brentford Lodge site, which he asserted had been bequeathed to Brentford residents as health provision, could be placed on the Council’s capital buildings list and sold.  It was noted that ward members would be following progress on plans for the site with interest in the weeks and months to come.


Verbal update on petitions to Area Forum pdf icon PDF 153 KB


See submitted petitions update, circulated at the meeting and published with the electronic agenda pack for reference, Agenda Item 10.


Members noted the update and requested that it should be retained as a standing item on the agenda for future meetings.


Dominic West referred to the petition requesting an extension to the 110 bus route and proposed taking this further, suggesting it was taken up to Tony Arbour as GLA member for the local area, which members supported.


Verbal update on Linkfield Road Area (resident parking and traffic management proposals)


See report from the Head of Traffic and Transport, Agenda Item 11.


Councillor Dennison noted that this item related to a number of petitions submitted over the past year (See Agenda Item 10).  He briefed members on the initial consultation and proposals to move to detailed design stage and drew attention to further developments to come towards the end of July 2017.  When asked about the consultation and implementation timetable, Cllr Dennison suggested the scheme could be implemented towards the end of this year, subject to any delays in the process.


Osterley Station Controlled Parking Zone - Review of parking in St Mary's Crescent, Osterley pdf icon PDF 356 KB

Additional documents:


See report from the Head of Traffic and Transport, Agenda Item 12.


Councillor Louki vacated the Chair for the discussion on this item, having declared a personal interest in the matter.  Councillor Linda Green chaired this item as Vice-Chair in the Chair.


Seth Twombley, Traffic and Transport, introduced the submitted document and, responding to members’ questions, noted that enforcement action would be taken against commercial vehicles parking illegally.  Officers reminded members that parking tickets were not displayed in the vehicle where drivers used the RingGo payments system.  Officers agreed to report members’ questions as to whether a ‘Park and Stride’ scheme had been considered for Nishkam School to colleagues in the Transport Planning Team. It was confirmed that no cost reduction/ dispensation was available for those who paid for parking for the maximum four hours within a controlled parking zone.


With the permission of the Chair, Mr Bob Kiddle, Captain at Osterley Bowls Club, addressed the meeting to raise his concerns at the officer’s recommendation not to change the CPZ operational hours at this time.  He noted the Pay & Display parking bays on the south side of the Crescent and refuted residents’ claims of high levels of commuter parking.  Mr Kiddle suggested reducing operational hours to 10am-12pm, which was commonplace across the borough and prevented commuter parking whilst still facilitating parking for other users.  A change in operational hours would enable club members to extend play in the afternoons rather than being restricted to evening daylight hours outside the current operational hours, which was particularly restrictive during winter months.


Residents supporting a reduction in hours did not accept residents’ arguments that vans/ commercial vehicles were a ‘threat’ to resident parking.  The officer’s report supported the argument that the majority of responses had been from those in favour of reducing the operational hours. 


In support of the officers’ recommendation a St Mary’s Crescent resident highlighted what they described as ‘significant problems that would happen if the operational hours were to be changed’, adding that Cole Hire had expanded its business and now used St Mary’s Crescent as an overflow car park.   Overturning the officer’s recommendations would be detrimental to residents’ quality of life.  Whilst acknowledging that Bowls Club visitors were considerate, there had been instances of drivers obstructing residents’ driveways for long periods. 


Councillor Louki noted that he had requested this item be discussed at Area Forum because of the disagreement aired between parties at a previous meeting.  He stated that ward members had already discussed the matter in detail and suggested that the statutory consultation would provide an opportunity for wider consultation.  Councillor Louki moved to amend the current operational hours for St Mary’s Crescent from their current hours of 9.30am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday to the new times of 10am-12pm Monday to Friday. The motion was seconded by Councillor O’Reilly who indicated she was also aware of a number of commercial vehicles parking along St Mary’s Crescent during the day and noted concerns in relation to  ...  view the full minutes text for item 12.


Area Forum Action Plan pdf icon PDF 224 KB


See submitted report from the Area Participation Officer, Agenda Item 13.


The Chair referred members again to his proposed meeting plan for the coming year, adding that it was his suggestion that the meetings of the Area Forum were also held in different venues around the area over the coming year (PP4).


Councillor O’Reilly noted concerns that her request for two rubbish bins to be located outside the gates of Osterley Park almost two years previously had not been acted upon (PP5) and requested a response from officers on the matter.


The Chair provided an update on the Love London Road item (PP3), confirming that bids were submitted and approved for S106 funding and that an update on the proposed works would be shared by Osterley & Spring Grove ward member with residents soon.


Councillor Sampson provided a brief update on the Redlees Park masterplanning item (PP7), confirming that approximately £2.3m funding was required to complete proposed improvements.  She expected a further update to come to Area Forum in the autumn. 


Minutes of the meeting held on 23 March 2017 and Matters Arising pdf icon PDF 313 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 23 March 2017 were agreed and signed by the Chair as a correct record.


Matters Arising:


Minute 52: Planning Applications called in to the Area Forum (14 College Road, Isleworth (00294/14/P4):

Councillor Curran confirmed he would ask the Head of Development Control to provide Councillor O’Reilly with an update on progress on this application.


Urgent Business

Any other items which the Chair accepts for consideration on grounds of urgency.


No urgent business was raised.


Date of next scheduled meeting - Thursday 27 July 2017 from 7.30pm


The date of the forthcoming meeting was noted.