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Venue: Brentford Free Church, Boston Manor Road, Brentford

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7.30-7.35pm - Apologies for Absence, Declarations of Interest and any other Communications from Members


The Chair opened the meeting by asking all present to stand in silence in tribute to all those who had lost loved ones in the terrorist attack on Westminster the previous day.  He expressed his gratitude to those who offered assistance in the aftermath.  There followed a minute’s silence. 


Councillor Louki had submitted apologies for his late arrival.  There were no declarations of interest.


7.35-7.50pm - Local Policing Update (Inspector Edwards) pdf icon PDF 218 KB

21.03.17 – Police reports for Brentford, Syon and Osterley & Spring Grove wards attached with the electronic pack and circulated to members by email.  Copies will be available at the meeting for reference.


See report from Inspector Steve Edwards, Sector Inspector, Agenda Item 2.


Insp. Steve Edwards provided a briefing on policing across all four wards.  He paid particular note to work by officers to eradicate antisocial behaviour (ASB) around the Haverfield and Green Dragon estates in Brentford, which included high visibility patrols of the area, information sharing with Hounslow Housing’s CCTV team and the use of ASB Dispersal Orders for individuals who caused issues but did not live in the area. 


Insp. Edwards noted the rise in two-wheeled vehicle thefts and reiterated previous advice to owners to secure their vehicles against theft by tethering it to a solid structure.  


He apologised that a report had not been submitted for Isleworth ward agreed to send a written policing update through the Clerk for the meeting record when available.


7.50-8.00pm - Statement on the future of Brentford Lodge (submitted by Toni Camp, Senior Joint Commissioning Manager, Mental Health, LBH) pdf icon PDF 101 KB


See briefing note from the Senior Joint Commissioning Manager, Mental Health, Agenda Item 3.


The submitted statement was read out at the meeting.  Concern was noted that the Brentford Lodge facility could revert to being used as offices rather than for patient care.  Members requested a more detailed presentation on the proposals for the site to their next scheduled meeting in June.


Councillor Louki joined the meeting at this point.


The Chair opened questions to the floor.  Shirley, a longstanding local resident, drew attention to the aging population and highlighted the need to support to continued use of Brentford Lodge, which offered the perfect set up for respite care or recovery.  The Chair indicated that the site on which Brentford Lodge was located had been bequeathed to Brentford in the 1920s for health provision.  He supported its continued use as mental health service provision, acknowledging that proposals had been discussed to use the building as a base for the local NHS locality team. 



·       Members noted both the submitted statement and comments at the meeting in support of the continuation of health provision at this site.

·       It was requested that a more detailed presentation on proposals for the site should be included on the next scheduled Area Forum meeting in June.


8.00-9.30pm - Church Street, Isleworth - Traffic Management Monitoring Report pdf icon PDF 711 KB

21.03.17 – Appendix N – St John’s Road Worple Road flow comparison: Addendum to report attached with electronic agenda pack and circulated to members.  Copies available at the meeting.


27.03.17 – Presentation slides from the meeting attached with the electronic pack for reference.

Additional documents:


See submitted reports from the Head of Traffic and Transport, Agenda Item 4.

The Chair reminded members that he had allotted 15 minutes each for speakers in objection and support in respect of this item.  Once both sides had presented their submissions the officers would be invited to introduce the report, following which questions would be taken from members and those in attendance. A total of 90 minutes had been allocated for this item.

With the permission of the Chair Mr Matt Koster-Marcon, Church Street Residents Association addressed the meeting in support of the continued closure of Church Street.  Using PowerPoint and having circulated to members an information pack in support of the continued closure of Church Street to traffic, Mr Koster-Marcon referred to responses to the consultation, the physical geography of Church Street and the traffic calming measures already trialled by the Council to address residents’ concerns. 

Mr Koster-Marcon referred to the strong support by a number of local residents’ for the continued closure, which he suggested had benefitted the area in terms of opening up the riverside, reducing pollution and generating fewer car journeys on the local network.  He also drew attention to positive feedback from local businesses and statutory agencies including the London Apprentice public house, Cathja and West Middlesex University Hospital.  Mr Koster-Marcon acknowledged that there were still improvements to be made, such as better signage for motorist and improved cycle lanes.  This was an opportunity to look positively at alternatives for businesses on the Syon Estate, such as the possibility of reopening the London Road access.

In closing Mr Koster-Marcon asked the Area Forum to look at the evidence, listen to officers and take into consideration the alternative to keeping Church Street closed.  He thanked Ruth Cadbury MP for her support and read out a brief statement on her behalf.

Again with the permission of the Chair the case against the continued closure of Church Street was presented by Will Tyler (Octink), local residents Dr Sally Connolly, Topher Martyn and Annie Aloysius, David Lazenby (Wyevale Garden Centres) and David O’Connor (Brentford and Hounslow chambers of commerce).  Between them they presented the following case:

·       Mr Tyler attributed staff losses and falling revenue as a direct result of the closure of Church Street.  He stated his opposition to the closure, which he said only benefitted the minority. 

·       Dr Connolly stated that those living in Syon Park had not been consulted.  She referred to a petition of over two thousand signatures supporting the reopening of Church Street and drew attention to the fact that sections of Park Road were as narrow as Church Street.  She added that pollution monitoring was not being carried out correctly, indicating that the monitoring equipment had been set too far back from the roadside.  Members should take into consideration the level of residential development in the wider area, which would further increase pressure on the transport network.  Dr Connolly suggested the public transport data in the submitted report was misleading.  In closing she  ...  view the full minutes text for item 51.


9.30-9.40pm - Planning Applications called in to the Area Forum pdf icon PDF 330 KB


See report from the Executive Director of Regeneration, Economic Development and Environment, Agenda item 5.


14 College Road, Isleworth (00294/14/P4)

Councillor O’Reilly explained that she had called in the College Road planning application, suggesting there were inconsistencies between the officer’s recommendation and decisions taken on similar applications since the introduction of the conservation area.  Councillor Curran proposed that this matter was determined by planning officers in consultation with ward members and agreed to set up a meeting on Councillor O’Reilly’s behalf.  This proposal was supported by all members present.


Land rear of Station Parade, Boston Manor Road, Brentford (00133/R/ON/P1)

Councillor Collins noted receipt of a petition submitted in objection to the planning application for this site.  Councillor Dennison had called the application in and suggested it should be considered by Planning Committee, subject to the officer recommending approval of the application. Should the officer recommend refusal, Councillor Dennison moved that it should be determined under officer delegated powers.  This was supported by all members present.



·       Members agreed that the application in respect of 14 College Road, Isleworth (00294/14/P4) for the formation of a vehicle access with associated changes to the front boundary wall should be determined by officers under delegated authority in consultation with ward members.

·       Members noted the submitted petition containing 53 signatures objecting to the planning application in respect of Land rear of Station Parade, Boston Manor Road, Brentford (00133/R/ON/P1) for the erection of building to contain 6 flats incorporating waste storage/ bin storage and associated landscaping. 

·       Members agreed that the planning application (00133/R/ON/P1) should be determined by members at Planning Committee, subject to the case officer’s recommendation to approve the application. 


9.40-9.50pm - Petitions Update pdf icon PDF 260 KB

Petitions to be considered:

·       St John’s Road, Isleworth: request for controlled parking

·       Algar Road, Byfield Road and Tolson Road, Isleworth: request for controlled parking

Additional documents:


Request to make St John’s Road, Isleworth TW7 a controlled parking zone:

Councillor Dunne referred to the submitted briefing note and suggested that there would be an opportunity to review the situation again in line with the neighbouring Linkfield Road ‘area’ proposals.   With the Chair’s permission the lead petitioner, Eve Crehan, addressed the meeting to illustrate residents’ frustrations with the current parking situation, drawing particular attention to the northern end of St John’s Road near Isleworth Rail Station.



·       Members noted the submitted petition and agreed to notify the lead petitioner of the Area Forum decision.

·       Members agreed that, in light of the conflicting results of the initial analysis of the Linkfield Road ‘area’ consultation, compared to the requests by petitioners, the contents of this petition should be incorporated into the forthcoming briefing note and discussion with members in relation to the Linkfied Road ‘area’ proposals.


Request for parking controls in Algar, Byfield, Tolson roads, Isleworth:

With the Chair’s permission the lead petitioner, Sally Court, addressed the meeting to detail residents’ concerns about their current parking problems and to confirm residents’ request for a full controlled parking zone (CPZ) as opposed to the extension of the current rugby match day controls. 


Mark Frost, Head of Traffic and Transport, acknowledged residents’ concerns but noted the cost implications of moving to a full CPZ, coupled with the fact that it would not be feasible to introduce a full CPZ for only the ‘Four Roads Area’.  Mr Frost proposed instead that residents would benefit from being included in the extended rugby match day controls, adding that it would be easier to change the zone’s hours of operation following consultation with all those within the extended zone.  Mr Frost’s proposal was unanimously supported by members who asked that ward members be consulted on the matter.



Members noted the submitted petition and agreed to notify the lead petitioner of the Area Forum decision.

(a)  Members agreed that a simultaneous design and formal (statutory) consultation should be carried out with residents of Algar, Byfield & Tolson Roads as a proposed extension to the current Twickenham Event Day controlled parking zone (CPZ);

(b)  The proposed extension would operate on event days 12 noon to 12 midnight in line with the existing Twickenham Event Day CPZ;

(c)  Where possible, officers should resolve any objections received to the formal (statutory) consultation and implement the scheme and in the event of any objections remaining unresolved, agree that these objections should be determined through Chief Officer Delegated  Authority in consultation with the relevant ward councillors;

(d)  Residents of Algar, Byfield & Tolson Roads should be kept informed of the consultation and its outcome.


9.50-9.55pm - Minutes of the meeting held on 26 January 2017 and Matters Arising pdf icon PDF 388 KB

Additional documents:


The minutes of the meeting held on 26 January 2017 were agreed and signed by the Chair as a correct record.


Matters Arising:


Minute 41: Update on the Duke of Northumberland River project (2nd para):

Referring to the sentence “She [Gaye Galvin] provided assurance that the fence was not proposed for removal in the near future, …” Councillor Dennison sought and received confirmation from the Chair that no further action would be taken in respect of the removal of the fence unless the matter came back to this Area Forum.


Area Forum Action Plan (Mark Frost, LBH)


This item was deferred to the next scheduled meeting of the Area Forum.


Urgent Business

Any other items which the Chair accepts for consideration on grounds of urgency.


No urgent business was raised.


Date of next scheduled meeting - Thursday 15 June 2017


The date of the next meeting was noted.