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Agenda and draft minutes

Venue: Brentford Free Church, Boston Manor Road, Brentford

Contact: Kay Duffy on 020 8583 2067 or at Email: IBAF@hounslow.gov.uk 

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Apologies for Absence, Declarations of Interest and any other Communications from Members


Apologies received on behalf of councillors Green and Savin, due to other Council business.


Apologies for early departure were received from councillors Mayne and Sampson, who would be leaving to attend ward meetings.


No declarations of interest were made.


Transport for London Update - presented by Joe Lewis (TfL)


See presentation slides discussed at the meeting and attached with the electronic agenda pack for reference, Agenda Item 4.


Joe Lewis, Senior TfL Sponsor for Ealing, Hillingdon and Hounslow, and Victoria Francis, Cycle Superhighway 9 Consultation Officer and project officer for the A4 between Syon Lane and Boston Manor Road, provided members with an update on TfL projects in the area. 


In response to questions the following points were raised:

·       Requests for additional trees along the A4 would fall within the Mayor’s Transport Strategy, which set out 10 criteria for a healthy street;

·       Concerns over cyclists’ safety at Ealing Road/ A4 junction and at Syon Lane/ A4 junctions were noted.  Mr Lewis noted that improvements to Ealing Road junction would form part of the Golden Mile planning and Cycle Superhighway 9 would present an alternative route for cyclists;

·       Improvements to the environment beneath the M4 elevated section was the responsibility of Highways England;

·       Members requested that the section of A4 west of Gillette Corner should also be improved, including the maintenance of the cycle path;

·       Concern was raised that signage for the cycle track at the Ridgeway Road crossing was not clear, having already resulted in a collision with a pedestrian at the bus stop;

·       The Chair requested that officers investigate the feasibility of converting some of the all-day parking bays close to Osterley Station to 30-minute parking bays to replace those lost to the new taxi rank in front of the station, as vehicles were now using the bus stop to set down passengers.

·       The transport study looking at bus routes would form a separate work stream and was, therefore, not covered in this presentation.


Mr Lewis invited members and residents to submit any further questions via the Clerk outside the meeting.  The Chair thanked officers for their attendance and invited them to return to the Area Forum when consultation began on further schemes.


Young People's Open Forum

As this meeting has been scheduled within Local Democracy Week, this item will be led by young people representing the local area who will ask members questions on the night.  The item is an opportunity for questions on general issues.  Please note, however, that individual cases cannot be discussed. 


The Chair noted that, as this meeting fell within Local Democracy Week, he had invited young people’s representatives to submit questions for the Open Forum.  Catriona Cheek and Asiyah Issa, representing Hounslow Youth Council, attended the meeting and asked the following questions:


1.     In my walk from Lampton School to my house (20 minutes down Spring Grove Road) there is nowhere to put my rubbish - this is a problem I've encountered a lot in Isleworth. Why are there no bins?”


Alysse Strachan, Senior Environmental Contracts Manager, confirmed there were in fact five bins along this route.  She indicated that bins tended not to be sited in residential areas to prevent fly-tipping.  Hounslow Highways was promoting the correct disposal of waste, both at home and outside the home.  Those found to be putting their domestic waste in a street bin could be liable to an £80 penalty charge. 


2.     “What's being done to tackle the drug dealing/taking that happens in Thornbury Park?


Nick Millard, Enforcement Team Manager, reported that officers worked in partnership with local police on this issue.  Community Protection Orders and Community Protection Notices were tools available to the Council to be used in respect of anti-social behaviour in the borough’s parks.  Proactive parks management also ensured overgrown planting was cut back to minimise the number of potential hiding places for any illegal activity.  The borough employed Park Guard to patrol the borough’s parks and officers worked with schools and police to educate young people on the affects of drugs.


3.     “What will the effect of the Youth Service Review be for young people in Isleworth and Brentford?”


Whilst acknowledging the need to make huge savings, Councillor Curran pointed to the need to work with the Clinical Commissioning Group to ensure the borough had the best services for its young people.  Councillor Collins suggested taking a presentation at this Area Forum from the Clinical Commissioning Group and mental health colleagues to discuss the funding being made available from Central Government over the coming three years to support service provision.


4.     “Young people in Hounslow are far less likely to cycle to school than the national average. What can be done about this?”


Mark Frost queried the available data informing this question, suggesting that Hounslow was neither the worst nor the best in uptake of cycling amongst school age children. It was acknowledged that people were deterred by safety fears and the advent of more segregated cycling lanes had seen the increased uptake of cycling by beginners, as did the provision of more free cycle training.  20MPH zones being introduced across the borough also helped improve safety. 


5.     “More young people are becoming involved in the Refugees Welcome Hounslow group.”


Councillor Dunne was already in contact with this group, which worked to identify accommodation for refugees once certain criteria were met.  It was acknowledged that Hounslow had a housing shortage and the group was discussing how to get more people involved in the process to speed up the time  ...  view the full minutes text for item 45.


Hounslow Highways: 25 Years and Beyond - Hounslow Highways (Martin Clack, Satbir Gill and Rebecca Mastrogiannis) and LBH (Alysse Strachan/ Sabeel Khan) pdf icon PDF 687 KB


Satbir Gill and Martin Clack, Hounslow Highways, and Alysse Strachan, Hounslow Council, attended the meeting to provide an update on the work carried out so far and the plans for the rest of the 25-year contract.   Powerpoint slides discussed at the meeting were attached with the electronic agenda pack as a reference copy following the meeting (Agenda Item 5).


In the discussion that followed the following points were made:

·       Members noted concern that ‘wardabouts’ were not followed up with an action plan by officers.  It was noted that the current procedure was for officers to respond within five days to member enquiries and within 20 days to resident enquiries;

·       Concerns were raised that some streetlights had been left on for weeks on end.  Attention was drawn to lights on Ealing Road, Brentford and officers were asked how often these were checked. Martin Clack noted that a central management system was in place to monitor the network, although this did not necessarily highlight ‘day burner’ lamps.  He agreed to follow up on the matter;

·       Following a resident being injured from a fall after tripping over a broken pavement that had previously been assessed as ‘below intervention level’ on Whitestile Road/ Challis Road, it was noted that Hounslow Highways were liable for the faulty paving.  Satbir Gill’s team was responsible for ensuring that the organisation met minimum standards.

·       Members asked how often bins were emptied, as anecdotal evidence suggested that many were full on weekends. Martin Clack reported that the move to the second phase of the contract included the purchase of new street cleansing equipment, which would allow Hounslow Highways staff to target areas more accurately and cleanse carriageways and footways more effectively;

·       Whilst there were no plans to create a specific mobile app, Mr Clack did provide assurances that the current Hounslow Highways website would be improved;

·       When asked whether the organisation was working to utilise street sweeping staff and litter pickers to enforce on fly-tipping, Mr Clack confirmed that all staff had a role in retrieving evidence from fly-tips to aid in the identification of the perpetrator;

·       When it was noted that Hounslow Highways did not paint rusty bollards or older street furniture to provide uniformity with newly installed furniture, Mr Clack confirmed that the organisation was required to maintain the assets and replace older furniture where necessary;

·       Assurances were given that leaf collection would be timely and targeted;

·       Clarification was sought on the contract standards for street cleansing along London Road.  Mr Clack confirmed that the performance indicator for London Road was to keep the cleanliness to the standard assessed by Keep Britain Tidy.

·       Concern was raised that St Margarets Road had not been graded accurately and that the road was subject to widespread fly-tipping and regularly fell below the minimum requirements.  Martin Clack sought to assure residents that, rather than a regular cleaning cycle, operatives worked to an output standard (COPLR standard). Alysse Strachan confirmed that operatives did work to a schedule and were expected  ...  view the full minutes text for item 46.


Parks Update - presented by David Stockdale (LBH)


David Stockdale provided an update on Redlees Park, Isleworth, including the proposed upgrade to the playground, expected to be completed in Spring 2018.  There was a proposal to convert the area at the top of the park, which had fallen into disuse, into a multi-function space.


In respect of the Duke of Northumberland River, Mr Stockdale noted river clearance on Worton Road and Shire Horse Way.  Fly-tips were also removed, as was a derelict fence.  Officers had introduced a dead hedge to attract wildlife to the river and sightings had already been made of a kingfisher. 


Plans progressed at Gunnersbury Park, including the imminent completion of the museum orks in Spring 2018 and a new café by January 2018.


In response to questions, Mr Stockdale agreed to report back on any proposals to replace broken play equipment at St John’s Gardens, Isleworth and at St Paul’s Recreation Ground, Brentford.


He also drew attention to the possibility of further Heritage Lottery Fund monies towards work at Boston Manor House and encouraged members and residents to take part in the consultation.


In response to the concern raised by residents that the newly installed fencing on Octavia Road did not accord with the design consultation, Mr Stockdale offered to put Ms Diwell in contact with the Borough’s Parks Team to discuss the matter further.


Traffic and Transport Update - presented by Mark Frost (LBH)


Mark Frost, Head of Traffic and Transport, confirmed that the deadline for any legal challenge to the permanent closure of Church Street, Isleworth had now passed.  The borough had won awards for actions taken on Church Street.


St John’s Road, Isleworth would soon be completed.  It was acknowledged that larger HGVs were exiting Copper Mill Drive across the pavement but this issue would also soon be resolved.


Works would be carried out to improve the appearance of the bridge on London Road, Isleworth.


Work continued on the introduction of 20MPH zones across the borough and on junction protection improvements. 


In response to questions Mark confirmed that a report was being drafted on the installation of a crossing on St Johns Road. 


He noted that the November meeting would include a presentation by South Western Railways on what their new franchise meant for Hounslow. 


The Chair thanked Mark for his team’s work with Sidmouth Avenue and Crawford Close residents for the works being carried out the green at Crawford Close.


Enforcement and Flytipping Update - presented by Nick Millard / David Thrale (LBH)


Nick Millard, Enforcement Team Manager, called for residents’ intelligence on fly-tipping hotspots and for locations where people gathered and loitered.  Contact could be made using the team email: pollution@hounslow.gov.uk


In the discussion that followed these points were raised:

·       It was suggested that the CCTV currently monitoring the school zig-zags on Linkfield Road, Isleworth could also be used to monitor fly-tipping activity.  It was noted that Hounslow Highways only managed a small number of cameras at specific locations, although it was acknowledged that traffic cameras could be moved where there was sufficient intelligence to do so;

·       It was further suggested that staff were required on site at Isleworth Station afternoons and early evening to monitor and mitigate the levels of street drinking and drug related activity at the site.  Nick Millard noted that he had recently met with enforcement sub-contractor, Kingdom, on this matter; 

·       Residents proposed that Hounslow Highways operatives could report back to the Council’s Enforcement Team on the location of NOx cannisters, which might indicate hotspots where individuals were loitering.  Mr Millard provided assurances that his team met regularly with Hounslow Highways to discuss issues and share data across the network;

·       Residents pointed to persistent fly-tipping at the rear of Sainsburys supermarket on London Road;

·       It was reported that a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) will replace the Controlled Drinking Zone (CDZ).  It is also possible to utilise Community Protection Warnings and Community Protection Notices, ensuring there was no gap in enforcement across the borough during the transfer from CDZ to PSPO;

·       In response to suggestions that residents of flats should be allocated a specific time for putting out their rubbish bags, Mr Millard stressed that residents were made aware and timed disposal was already in place.  The transience of the population in certain areas required the repeated reinforcement of the message. 


Urgent Business

Any other items which the Chair accepts for consideration on grounds of urgency.


There was no urgent business to discuss.



Date of next scheduled meeting - Thursday 23 November 2017

Please note this meeting will be held at Clayponds Community Centre, Clayponds Gardens, London W5 4RQ


Members noted the date and location of the next Area Forum meeting.