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Venue: The Hogarth Hall, Chiswick Town Hall

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Apologies for absence, declarations of interest or any other communications from Members


Declarations of Interest:



·         Councillor Thompson advised that he had received a lot of correspondence regarding 31 Barrowgate Road.

·         Councillors Todd advised that he sat on the Dukes Meadows Steering Committee.

·         Councillor Lynch advised that he was a Trustee of Chiswick House and Gardens.


Front Counter Consultation- Borough Commander Raj Kohli


The Chair welcomed Raj Kohli, Borough Commander, to the meeting to give a presentation about the police station front counter consultation. He advised that the public consultation was open and would be open until 6 October 2017.


Mr Kohli presented some figures which outlined that despite the public perception, Chiswick had a relatively low number of crimes. He accepted that not all crimes were reported to the police, however, in comparison to other areas, the number of incidents in Chiswick were quite low. 


7:35pm: Councillor Davies and Councillor Oulds joined the meeting.


Mr Kohli advised that the Chiswick High Road police station had been earmarked for closure and the closure would result in a saving of approximately £350,000 a year. He advised that a dedicated inspector would be allocated to the Chiswick area to oversee the closure of the front desks and to be a contact for any concerns about crime in the area. He advised that there were two unfilled posts for PCSOs and that those posts were in the process of being filled.


In response to questions, Mr Kohli advised that a decision on whether to sell the building had not yet been made. He advised that if the building was sold it could generate approximately £7.5 million which could then be reinvested back into the police service.


He advised that the London Borough of Hounslow would retain one 24hour police station only in Hounslow as that was the central point for the Borough. There would be three dedicated hubs where the police teams would be located. Mr Kohli advised that there would be two ward officers and one PCSO dedicated to each ward.


7:40pm: Councillor Lee joined the meeting.


In response to concerns about the closure, he advised that the maximum number of visits to Chiswick police station on an average Monday was approximately 8 people. He advised that the issues reported at the police station could just as easily be reported using an app on a smart phone. A visit to a police station to report a crime could often take two or three hours, however it could be done in two to three minutes using the smartphone app. He emphasised that people were no longer using police stations to report crime and they were beginning to see the benefits of reporting online or via an app on a phone. He advised that there were currently 73 police stations across London and the closures would mean that in the future there would be 33 stations. He emphasised that there would be substantial savings made as a result of the closures.


A member of the public raised concerns about the elderly not having access to smartphones with apps to report crime. Mr Kohli advised that the 101-telephone number to report crimes would still be available and there would also be hubs that local people could access.


Mr Kohli outlined the various ways that people could respond to the consultation including online, via Facebook, twitter and via email.  ...  view the full minutes text for item 15.


Chiswick Mall CPZ Review - Consultation Results pdf icon PDF 309 KB

Additional documents:


See the report of the Senior Traffic Engineer – Agenda Item 5


Councillor Todd advised that he had met with a number of residents living in the roads specified in the report prior to the consultation and it was clear that action had to be taken. He advised that new developments such as the Premier Inn had a detrimental impact on residents and parking. Councillor Todd endorsed the recommendations within the report and recommended that the operating hours of the CPZ be changed to Mon-Sun 9am – 8pm. Mark Frost, Head of Traffic and Transport, advised that there was support for a change/extension of the operating hours and that a further consultation would be an option.


Councillor Todd moved approval of the recommendation. This was seconded by Councillor Hearn and a vote for approval was unanimous.




That Councillors considered the outcome of the consultation and agreed that:


a)  The roads in the eastern cluster of the Chiswick Mall CPZ, namely Airedale Avenue South, British Grove South, Chiswick Lane South, Chiswick Mall, Church Street, Mawson Lane, Netheravon Road South and Pumping Station Road, remain unchanged due to the support for the existing Chiswick Mall CPZ and its operational times of Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm;


b)  The roads in the western cluster of the Chiswick Mall CPZ, namely Corney Road, Dartmouth Place, Paxton Road, Short Road and Sutherland Road, be converted into a separate CPZ due to support received for different operational hours;


c)  Subject to Members approving recommendation 1.1 b), the proposed new CPZ be progressed to the formal (statutory) consultation stage with the operational hours of Monday-Sunday, 9-8pm


d)  Subject to Members approving either recommendation c officers resolve any objections received to the formal (statutory) consultation and progress the operational changes to the scheme and, in the event of any objections remaining unresolved, agree that these objections be determined through Chief Officer Delegated Authority in consultation with the relevant Ward Councillors;


e)  Those consulted be informed of the decisions.






Cycle Superhighway 9 - Joy Wigg (TfL) Mark Frost (LBH)


The Chair welcomed Mark Frost (Head of Traffic and Transport LBH) and Joy Wigg (TfL) to give a presentation on the Cycle Superhighway 9.


Mark Frost advised that the consultation was now open seeking residents views on the proposals for Cycle Superhighway 9. The consultation would remain open for responses until 31 October 2017. He advised that there were a lot of materials and information about the scheme available online.


Ms Wigg advised that there would be 10 further consultation events scheduled where residents could ask further questions and discuss the plans in more detail with representatives from TfL.


The Chair advised that the Chiswick Calendar would also be organising a separate meeting dedicated to a discussion of the Cycle Superhighway 9.


The following concerns were raised:

-       Local businesses on the Chiswick High Road would suffer, especially those with dining on the pavements. Joy Wigg advised that there would be further consultations carried out with retailers and local businesses.

-       Concerns were raised about the impact on air quality with more traffic generated on Chiswick High Road due to a reduction in lanes.

-       Concerns were raised about the impact of the reduced of pavement space in front of the Church of Our Lady of Grace & St Edward. Concerns were raised that the loss of pavement space would have a huge impact at events such as weddings, funerals and first communions where parishioners often gathered on the pavement outside the Church.

-       Concerns were raised with regard to the safety of pedestrians, it was felt that pavement space for pedestrians, wheelchair users and pushchairs was being sacrificed to allow for the cycle superhighway.

-       Concerns were raised in relation to the plans to reduce the pavement by two-thirds by British Grove and ‘on carriageway’ proposals were suggested as an alternative to the segregated cycle lanes.

-       Many residents suggested that the Cycle Superhighway would be better suited to the A4 rather Chiswick High Road.

-       Further concerns were raised about the short consultation period. It was suggested that such a controversial proposal should have had a much longer consultation period.


In response to concerns about the consultation period, Mr Frost advised that four weeks was a standard consultation time. He advised that there would also be a further statutory consultation period in the future. He advised that the decision would be made jointly by three Councils and TfL. The scheme would have to be approved by the Cabinet Body of each of the three Councils and the TfL Board.


Ruth Mayorcas spoke in favour of the scheme and emphasised the health benefits of the cycle superhighway and the positive impact it would have on air quality.


Mr Frost emphasised that there were very  different and competing demands for the road space on Chiswick High Road and it was highly unlikely that there would ever be complete agreement.


The Chair thanked Mr Frost and Ms Wigg for their presentation and urged residents to respond to the consultation. He reminded residents  ...  view the full minutes text for item 17.


Edensor Gardens 'area' Proposed CPZ - Consultation Results pdf icon PDF 221 KB

Additional documents:


See the report of the Senior Traffic Engineer – Agenda Item 6


Mark Frost, the Head of Traffic and Transport presented the report. Councillor Todd endorsed the report and moved approval of the recommendations. This was seconded by Councillor Thompson and a vote in favour of the motion was unanimous.




1.1       That Members noted the contents of the briefing note, which detailed the results of the Edensor Gardens ‘area’ proposed controlled parking zone (CPZ) consultation;


1.2       That the proposed controlled parking zone not be progressed due to a lack of support from businesses/residents;


1.3       That officers notify businesses/residents within the consultation area of the outcome of the consultation and decision(s) taken.



Dukes Meadows Consultation - Stefania Horne (LBH)


The Chair welcomed Stefania Horne, Head of Parks and Nick Trim, from Continuum Leisure to give an update on how the Council was proceeding with the upgrading project. Ms Horne advised that there would be a public consultation in October/November 2017 to help inform a planning application. The consultation would be an ongoing process during the planning application process. It was hoped that the planning application would be submitted in November 2017.


Ms Horne advised that local people would receive a mailshot in the next few weeks and by October 16th the plans would go live online. There were also plans to hold an Open exhibition on October 31st at Chiswick Town Hall. She advised that there would also be meetings arranged with stakeholders.


The Chair thanked Ms Horne for the update and advised that this item was to inform people that the consultation was taking place and to remind them to respond with their views.



Chiswick Community Champion Update - Councillor McGregor


Councillor McGregor, Chiswick Champion updated the Chiswick Area Forum on the following issues:


  • Councillor McGregor had met with the Head of Lifelong Learning at the Arts Educational School in Turnham Green to discuss ways that the Chiswick Area Forum could offer support and encouragement to the school and its activities
  • Councillor McGregor had been interviewed by Chiswick Buzz TV about his role as Chiswick Champion and his priorities ahead. He had advised that economic wellbeing for Chiswick was a key issue.
  • There had been a press release raising awareness of a new government “litter innovation fund” encouraging residents and community/volunteer groups to apply for funding.
  • He advised that he would be meeting with representatives from Enjoy Work at Chiswick Business Park as well as Hounslow Chamber of Commerce and that he would be involved in promoting Small Business Saturday on 2nd December
  • At a meeting with Jeremy Hunt, Cllr McGregor had been advised that there were no plans to close Charing Cross Hospital.

·         The Chiswick Book Festival had been a hugely successful event.



Hounslow Highways Presentation - presentation by Hounslow Highways & Melanie Gadd, Head of Environmental Services pdf icon PDF 686 KB


The Chair welcomed Martin Clack (Divisional Director Hounslow Highways), Rebecca Mastrogiannis (Environment and Sustainability Manager, Hounslow Highways) and Alysse Strachan (Contract Manager LBH) to the meeting.


Martin Clack gave a presentation about the PFI contract and the next twenty years. He advised that over the next twenty years the Council and Hounslow Highways would move into the maintenance part of the contract. He advised that at this stage, Hounslow Highways had successfully met all of the targets set out in the PFI contract. 


The Chiswick Area Forum raised concerns about littering and overflowing bins in public places. Concerns were raised that overflowing bins in public places also attracted more fly tipping. It was emphasised that more had to be done to ensure that public bins on streets and in parks were emptied more regularly. Mr Clack acknowledged that littering was a problem. It was challenging but Hounslow Highways were committed to dealing with the issue and were considering different ways to target resources to tackle the problem.


Councillor Hearn questioned whether there had been an increase in fly tipping and littering since the change in domestic collections to two weekly collections. Ms Strachan felt it was too early tell whether the change in domestic collections had impacted on fly tipping at this stage. She stated that fly tipping had decreased on private land but increased on streets and in parks but it was too early to be able to pinpoint the cause at this stage. 


A member of the public raised concerns that Hounslow Highways had not complied with terms set out within the PFI contract in relation to conservation areas. He emphasised that the contract stated that replacements of road/pavement surfaces and street lighting must be carried out ‘like for like’. He expressed concern that these aspects of the contract were not being adhered to. Mr Clack advised that the PFI contract contained many key performance indicators and outlined that the contractor would face penalties if they were not compliant. Ms Strachan confirmed that the Council applied the fines rigorously where works were not completed to the required standards and that the contract was monitored very closely by the Council.


The Chair thanked Mr Clack, Mrs Mastrogiannis and Mrs Strachan for the presentation and closed this item.


Planning Applications called in by Members of the Area Forum pdf icon PDF 574 KB


See the report by Marilyn Smith – Agenda Item 4


31 Barrowgate Road


The application for 31 Barrowgate Road was called in by Councillor Peter Thompson. He introduced the application and advised that it proposed the erection of a two-storey house with habitable rooms within the roof space with associated parking, cycle and bin storage to the rear of 31 Barrowgate Road.



John King and Tom Paul architects for the applicant, spoke in support of the application and Mr Michael Attenborough spoke in objection.


(9:50pm: Councillor Thompson moved suspension of standing orders until the end of this item. This was seconded by Councillor Lee and the motion was carried)


Councillor Thompson felt that the development would have a significant impact on neighbouring properties. He raised concerns that the development would result in a significant loss of light, privacy and outlook for neighbouring properties. He recommended that a detailed discussion of the application would be required. This was seconded by Councillor Lee and a vote in favour of the motion was carried. 



That planning application number 00079/31/P6 be determined by Members at Planning Committee if recommended for approval or be determined by officers under delegated authority if recommended for refusal.



Will to Win Tennis Club


Councillor Lynch advised that this item had been called in following concerns from residents about noise and the impact that the development would have on the large Bat colony at Chiswick House. He recommended that a proper bat survey be completed before the application was taken to the planning committee for consideration. This motion was seconded by Councillor Barwood and a vote in favour of the motion was carried.




That a formal bat survey to assess the impact of the development on the nearby bat colony be carried out before the application was determined.




Encouraging use of two wheels for short trips - Mark Frost pdf icon PDF 469 KB


See the briefing note by the Senior Transport Officer – Agenda Item 13




That the briefing note was noted.


Neighbourhood Policing Team update pdf icon PDF 216 KB



The discussion on this item was deferred to the next meeting.




Local Plan review and area proposals for Great West Corridor and West of Borough - Drafts for Consultation - Danalee Edmund (Planning Policy LBH) pdf icon PDF 257 KB



The discussion on this item was deferred to the next meeting.




Issue Tracking pdf icon PDF 96 KB



The discussion on this item was deferred to the next meeting.





Minutes of the meeting held on 4 July 2017 pdf icon PDF 143 KB


Confirmation of the minutes was deferred to the next meeting.



Urgent Business


Any business which the Chair agrees to accept on grounds of urgency.


There was no urgent business.


Date of next meeting - 14 November 2017


The date of the next meeting was noted.