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Apologies for absence, declarations of interest or any other communications from Members


Apologies for Absence:

Apologies had been received from Councillor Samantha Davies who would be arriving late as she was also attending a meeting at her place of work.


Declarations of Interest:

All Members had received correspondence in relation to Agenda Item 4.





Issue Tracking pdf icon PDF 182 KB


See the report by the clerk – Agenda Item 2


Overswing of the 94 bus

Mark Frost, Head of Traffic & Transport, advised that a video survey had been carried out which confirmed that the 94 bus was over-swinging onto the pavement. An engineer was looking into the issue and would devise some designs to alleviate the problem. Mr Frost advised that the designs would be sent to Councillors for their comments.


Taxi Drivers parking on Double Yellow Lines

Peter Eversden raised that issue of taxi drivers parking on double yellow lines whilst they waited for the taxi rank to be free. He advised that the taxi drivers had complained that the taxi rank was too short and if the E3 bus stop was moved there would be more space for taxis to stop. Mr Frost advised that he would look into whether it would be possible to provide a larger taxi rank.


Parking outside St Michael & All Angels Church

Councillor McGregor requested additional parking bays opposite St Michael & All Angels Church. He advised that there was a parking scheme but there was no control over it and the result was parking chaos and congestion, particularly during school drop off and pick up. Councillor McGregor advised he would discuss the matter further directly with Mr Frost outside of the meeting.


Fly-tipping on the Gunnersbury Park Gardens Estate

Rebecca Mastrogiannis, Hounslow Highways, advised that a CCTV camera would be placed on Princes Avenue for four weeks to monitor flytipping. The Chair requested that this item be kept on the Issue Tracking Sheet.


Cycle Racks

Mark Frost advised that the cycle racks on Chiswick Back Common were in the process of being installed.


Pedestrian and Wheelchair access Kew Bridge

There had been no change to the scheme at present. The Chair requested that the item be kept on the Issue Tracking sheet.


Wellesley Road Traffic Management

Mark Frost updated that TfL had carried out some modelling of the area to consider the impact at a strategic level.  He advised that TfL planned to carry out a consultation at some point in the Autumn. The Chair requested that the item be kept on the Issue Tracking sheet.


7:20pm: Councillor Oulds and Councillor Lynch arrived at the meeting


Parking outside William Hogarth School

Mark Frost advised that an assessment of the area had been added to the pending list of works for the Council’s traffic department. The Chair requested that the item be kept on the Issue Tracking sheet.


Chiswick Library

Councillor Todd advised that he had seen a leaflet advertising a sale of goods at Chiswick Library. He expressed concerns that the library could turn into a market area if there were regular sales events on site. The Chair requested that Chiswick library be kept on the Issue Tracker to monitor activities taking place at Chiswick library.




That the report was noted.


Update on the status of Planning Applications previously considered by the Chiswick Area Forum pdf icon PDF 15 KB


See the report by the clerk – Agenda Item 3




That the report was noted.



Area 2 Riverside - Detailed design consultation feedback pdf icon PDF 150 KB

Additional documents:


See the report by the Team Leader, Parking Management, Traffic &Transport – Agenda Item 4


Mark Frost, Head of Traffic & Transport, presented the briefing note. He advised that, following feedback from the Chiswick Area Forum, a detailed consultation for residents and businesses in Area 2 was carried out on 9th January 2017. The results of the consultation found that overall 63% of respondents were in favour and 37% were opposed to the proposal.


Councillor Lynch commented that residents of Sutton Court would be affected by the CPZ as their parking spaces would be lost. He noted that the streets opposed to the proposal were already narrow streets that would become even more congested as a result of displacement parking. In response, Mark Frost advised that Sutton Court was run by a private company and had its own parking area with space for approximately 100 cars. Sutton Court would not normally be issued permits for the CPZ area as it would be seen to be unfair as residents in the surrounding streets would not be able to park in Sutton Court’s car park. However, Mr Frost acknowledged that there were more cars than spaces at Sutton Court and that there could be a case to allow them to have permits. He advised that the argument for each side was finely balanced.


7:40pm: Cllr Davies arrived at the meeting.  


Mark Frost advised that the CPZ would be designed to operate in a way that assisted local businesses. He advised that whatever was done would have a impact somewhere else. 


Councillor Hearn felt it was important that if Sutton Court was included within the CPZ then Compton Crescent and Nightingale Road should also be included in the CPZ. If Compton Crescent and Nightingale Road were not included they would be heavily congested with cars that were displaced by the CPZ. Therefore, he proposed that Sutton Court, Compton Crescent and Nightingale Road be included in the CPZ area.



Dan Murphy, a resident of Sutton Court, advised that there were 100 parking spaces in Sutton Court and approximately 150 free permits had been issued. But despite the 100 spaces at Sutton Court there was still a significant overflow of cars parking in other nearby roads. If residents of Sutton Court were not able to buy permits for the CPZ area they would have to park a very long way away from home. He advised that there would be chaos with residents of Sutton Court not being able to park in neighbouring roads. Mr Murphy stated that the residents of Sutton Court were taxpaying residents and their needs also needed to be taken into account.


Roy Forshaw, a resident of Compton Crescent, advised that initially in 2009, the residents of Compton Crescent had voted against the CPZ but now with more displacement parking since the introduction of the Elmwood Road CPZ, more traffic and parking had started to encroach on Compton Crescent. The displacement of traffic and parking had resulted in more roads requesting CPZs.  ...  view the full minutes text for item 116.


Fisher's Lane - Assessment of zebra crossing request pdf icon PDF 316 KB

Additional documents:


See the report by the Team Leader, Parking Management, Traffic &Transport – Agenda Item 5


Mark Frost, Head of Traffic & Transport, presented the briefing note. He advised that following the submission of a petition from residents at Homecross House, for a zebra crossing, a full assessment had been carried out. However, the assessment found that the location in question had not met the requirements for a zebra crossing as it was not in frequent use or a point where many accidents had taken place.


Councillors expressed concern about safety for elderly residents crossing Fishers Lane and disagreed with the findings of the assessment. Councillor Thompson emphasised that it was very hard for an elderly person to cross the road due to the speed at which cars travelled on it.


Margaret Baker, a representative from Homecross House Residents Association, stated that there was no safe way to cross Fisher’s Lane. She advised that despite there being a 20mph speed limit, drivers on Fisher’s Lane did not reduce their speeds. Most of the time pensioners with reduced mobility tried to cross the road to get to the health centre on the opposite side of the road. She advised that there were two GP surgeries used by elderly and vulnerable residents on Fishers Lane.


Audrey Hoffman, a resident at Homecross Home, advised that her husband was knocked down by a car on Fisher’s Lane as he tried to cross the road. She emphasised that it could have been fatal and it was essential for an island and crossing to be installed before another accident occurred.


Mark Frost advised that after receiving the petition a technical assessment was carried out, however, the site fell very far short of the criteria and therefore a zebra crossing was not recommended. Councillor Davies felt that the Council’s assessment was flawed.


Councillor Thompson questioned whether funding was available if the Chiswick Area Forum wished to prioritise the installation of a zebra crossing. Mark Frost advised that Members could ensure that a crossing for Fishers Lane be put on the S106/CIL wishlist for when funds for the scheme became available.


The Chair stated that he and his fellow ward councillors, Councillor Davies and Councillor Thompson disagreed with the recommendation and felt that the installation of a zebra crossing was essential. He moved a motion that the officer’s recommendation be rejected and propsed an alternative motion for the matter to be put up for prioritisation for funding and that enquiries be made to see if the matter could be placed on the S106 Wish list. This was seconded by Councillor Davies and a vote was unanimously agreed in favour of the alternative motion.




(a)   That Members noted the results from the technical assessment, known as an ADPV2 assessment, carried out at the junction of Fisher’s Lane and Dolman Road;

(b)   That Members agreed that the request for a zebra crossing be added to the S106 Wish List as a priority.

(c)   That Members agreed that the lead  ...  view the full minutes text for item 117.


Public Forum


Double yellow lines at junctions

Ruth Mayorcas, a local resident, presented photos of cars parked on single yellow lines on corners of roads. She expressed concern at the impact on visibility and safety as the roads were heavily congested with parked cars. She requested that the Council install double yellow lines on the corners of all roads.


Councillor Thompson agreed that it was a problem all over Chiswick and that the congested roads also impacted on refuse collection and other services. However, he felt that double yellow lines would be ineffective without proper enforcement.


Action: Mark Frost to bring back a wider report on double yellow lines at junctions on all corners all over Chiswick to a future meeting.




Tim Mack, a local resident, raised the issue of potholes, in particular on Cavendish Road. He advised that he had reported the potholes to Hounslow Highways and had received a response. The response had stated that there were no defects on the road that met the requirements for repair. Mr Mack stated that the response was very disappointing as the potholes on Cavendish Road were clearly very dangerous. He also expressed concern that cyclists would use the pavements to avoid the potholes on the road endangering pedestrians.


Martin Clack, Hounslow Highways, advised that he would be happy to meet Mr Mack on site to give further details about how the investigation was carried out. He advised that Hounslow Highways was in the process of creating a leaflet for Members with an explanation of what constituted a pothole. In terms of the schedule of works, he advised that Cavendish Road was due to be resurfaced in 2020.


Alysse Strachan, Contract Manager LBH, advised that Hounslow Highways could look at the investigatory levels again. She advised that she was unable to promise that the potholes would be filled urgently as currently they had been assessed as not severe and it was not possible to carry out works piecemeal.


Councillor Lee felt it was unacceptable for residents to have to wait until 2020 for the repairs to be completed. Councillor Lee proposed that the potholes from Hartington Road into Cavendish Road by the sports pavilion be prioritised for repair by Hounslow Highways. The proposal was seconded by Councillor Lynch and a vote in favour of was carried.



That Cavendish Road be prioritised by Hounslow Highways for pothole repairs or resurfacing.


9pm: Councillor Lynch left the meeting.



CPZ revision for Paxton Road, Short Road and Sutherland Road


Caroline Green spoke on behalf of several residents and requested a revision of the CPZ in Paxton Road, Short Road and Sutherland Road. The current CPZ restricted residents only parking to Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm. However, residents felt that parking was extremely difficult in their streets and with two new housing developments with 137 units, parking would only worsen. Therefore, an urgent revision of the hours to include evenings and weekends was sought.


Mark Frost advised that if the general consensus across the CPZ  ...  view the full minutes text for item 118.


Results of formal (statutory) consultation on the introduction of junction protection (double yellow line waiting restrictions) in the Bedford Park CPZ, Chiswick. pdf icon PDF 279 KB

Additional documents:


See the report by the Team Leader, Parking Management, Traffic &Transport – Agenda Item 6


Mark Frost, Head of Traffic & Transport, presented the briefing note. He advised that in November 2015 the Lead Member for Transport approved a recommendation to proceed with a borough-wide ‘Junction Protection’ programme that sought to implement ‘at any time’ waiting restrictions (double yellow lines) at all junctions in the Borough over the following three years.


Councillor McGregor stated that double yellow lines were not aesthetically pleasing and that the implementation of the waiting restrictions would result in a waste of public money.


Peter Eversden, a local resident, welcomed the double yellow lines as many of the roads had become quite dangerous with cars parked on corners reducing visibility. He advised that drivers had to pull their cars out quite far to be able to see if the road was clear at the junction and this caused quite a hazard. He fully supported the recommendation to install double yellow lines at junctions.


Peter Eversden suggested that if possible it would be beneficial to install extra parking bays on Abinger Road.


Councillor Todd move approval of the recommendation. The recommendation was seconded by Councillor Lee and a vote for approval was carried.




That Members noted the contents of the briefing note and provided feedback on the revised proposals as set out in Appendix B & C for consideration by the Lead member for Transport.







Report on Trees pdf icon PDF 819 KB

Additional documents:


See the report from Hounslow Highways – Agenda Item 7.


Rebecca Mastrogiannis, Hounslow Highways, presented the report on trees. She advised that each tree in the Borough was inspected on a three-year cycle and following the inspection recommendations for works were made. She advised that any proposed works would depend on the location of the tree, the size and condition. Trees in Chiswick Homefields were currently undergoing works. She advised that residents were often raising concerns that works had not been carried out and she emphasised that the works had not been forgotten but that certain works had to be carried out at certain times of the year depending on the tree type.


The Forum was advised that some specific works had been carried out on Thornton and Mayfield Road and also in Bedford Park and that Hounslow Highways had been working with residents.


Mrs Mastrogiannis advised that residents often stated that they were unable to get in touch with Hounslow Highways about trees. She advised that the difficulty was that there was only one arboriculturist at Hounslow Highways and hundreds of queries were received. However, she recognised that the service was not up to scratch and that the concerns had been taken on board and Hounslow Highways were working hard to improve. 


In terms of private trees overhanging onto the public highway, the Area Forum was advised that Hounslow Highways were very strict and often used a Section 114 notice where the overhanging branches would be removed and the owner would be charged.


In terms of recent works, the Area Forum was advised that Cherry trees had been planted in Staveley Road and there had been effective joint working with the residents which was very helpful in identifying suitable sites on the road.


Following the storm, a couple of trees that had come down had been identified as diseased. As a result, a scan of the other trees was being carried out to identify any decay.



Marie Rabouhans, a local resident, stated that she would be happy to work with Hounslow Highways to help plant trees in suitable locations. The Chair suggested that Ms Rabouhans and Mrs Mastrogiannis could swap contact details to arrange to work together with suggestions for tree planting. 


Councillor McGregor advised that Andy Fisher, a local resident, had attended his surgery. Mr Fisher had advised that pollarding of trees on Dale Street had been carried out but the tree outside his house had been left untouched. Mrs Mastrogiannis advised that she was not sure why the tree was left untouched but she would check the details and email a response directly to Councillor McGregor. She also advised that the works to the London Plane outside 43 Abinger Road would be carried out.


Councillor Hearn requested that the trees be replaced in Regent Street. Mrs Mastrogiannis advised that the trees in Regent Street had been removed by Network Rail, not Hounslow Highways. Mrs Mastrogiannis advised she would try to find out more information about  ...  view the full minutes text for item 120.


Minutes of the meeting held on 20 September 2016 pdf icon PDF 228 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 20 September 2016 were agreed as an accurate record.


Minutes of the meeting held on 8 November 2016 pdf icon PDF 154 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 8 November 2016 were agreed as an accurate record.



Minutes of the meeting held on 24 January 2017 pdf icon PDF 245 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 24 January 2017 were agreed as an accurate record.



Urgent Business


Any business which the Chair agrees to accept on grounds of urgency.


There was no urgent business.


Date of next meeting - 16 May 2017


The date of the next meeting was noted.