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Venue: The Hogarth Hall, Chiswick Town Hall

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Apologies for absence, declarations of interest or any other communications from Members



Apologies for Absence:

Apologies had been received from Councillor Peter Thompson who would be arriving late as he was also attending a meeting at his school.


Declarations of Interest:

Councillor Todd declared that he was on the panel/group working with officers on the Dukes Meadows project.


Discussion about an earlier start time for the Chiswick Area Forum


There was a discussion about an earlier start time for the Chiswick Area Forum meetings to allow Members to complete the business on the agendas.


Councillor Todd recommended that the meetings start at 7pm for a trial period until June 2017. This was seconded by Councillor Davies and agreed unanimously.




That the Chiswick Area Forum meetings would commence at 7pm for a trial period until June 2017.


Issue Tracking pdf icon PDF 301 KB


See the report by the clerk – Agenda Item 3


Chiswick Curve

The Chair reported that the application for the Chiswick Curve was refused at the last planning meeting and therefore this item could be removed from the issue tracker. 


Fly-tipping on the Gunnersbury Park Gardens Estate

The Chair was pleased to report that the situation had not worsened since the last clean up. It was agreed that this item would be kept on the issue tracker for a monitoring period.



The Chair reminded that a report on trees with details about planned works would be on the agenda for the meeting in March


Cycle Racks

Peter Eversden reminded the Area Forum that approval for the installation of cycle racks on Chiswick Back Common had been agreed some time back, but there had been no sign of any works to commence installation. He advised that the lack of cycle racks was resulting in bikes being chained to any available railing. Mark Frost, Head of Traffic & Transport, apologised for the delay in the implementation of the works. He hoped that works on site would commence very soon. The Chair asked for this item to be added to the issue tracker so that it could be monitored.


Kew Bridge Access

Councillor Hearn raised the issue of pedestrian and wheelchair access under Kew Bridge. Marilyn Smith advised that a new planning scheme had been submitted and that discussions were underway. The Chair requested that this item be added to the issue tracker so that the planning issues could be monitored.


Update on the status of Planning Applications previously considered by the Chiswick Area Forum pdf icon PDF 110 KB


See the report by the clerk – Agenda Item 4




That the report was noted.




Briefing note: Wellesley Road traffic management pdf icon PDF 454 KB

Additional documents:


See the report by the Senior Project Officer – Capital Projects and Network Management – Agenda Item 6


Mark Frost, Head of Traffic & Transport, presented the briefing note. He advised that a consultation outlining a number of different options had been presented to residents. A total of 563 responses to the consultation had been received, which was considered to be a fairly low response rate. Analysis of the responses had found that there was a majority in favour of option 1. Option 1 had proposed the closure of Wellesley Road and Stile Hall Gardens at their junctions with South Circular.


Mr Frost advised that before any closure was implemented the Council wanted to be clear about the wider impact on the traffic network. The Council was not permitted to publish the traffic order until TfL were satisfied with the predicted traffic impact. TfL would be undertaking some traffic modelling exercises and the Council had to wait until that work was complete before proceeding with the traffic order. 


Mr Michael Robinson and Ms Ruth Mayorcas spoke in favour of the closure. Mr Robinson advised that the residents would be disadvantaged themselves by the closure, however, currently the roads were being used as a rat run and motorists were driving very dangerously. He emphasised that closure was the only safe option. Ms Mayorcas referred to the impact of increased traffic on air pollution and the negative impact on the quality of life for residents. She emphasised that closure would result in less cars on the road and would be a safer and healthier option that would benefit all residents of Chiswick.


Mr Mark Boulding and Mr Nick Atkins spoke in objection to the closure and favoured the ‘do nothing’ option. Both Mr Boulding and Mr Atkins expressed concern with the findings of the consultation exercise. Mr Boulding stated that the majority of residents had actually voted for option 4 to do nothing but a flaw in the consultation had meant that some residents did not know that they could vote for option 4 ‘no change’. He stated that the consultation process had been unclear and the result was that the response had been prejudiced. 


Mr Frost clarified that the consultation process had not been flawed but that residents had to engage with the consultation process to be able to choose Option 4. He advised that with any consultation there was always an option to do nothing.


Councillor Hearn commented that closure could result in more congestion in nearby streets. He felt it would be important to wait for a more detailed analysis to better understand the wider impact.


In response to questions, Mr Frost advised that the traffic section could undertake a further consultation before any permanent arrangement for the road was agreed. This could potentially be undertaken in tandem with a trial.


Members expressed concerns that the first consultation exercise might be considered defective and that residents might not be aware of an ‘Option 4’ (do nothing) unless they had attended  ...  view the full minutes text for item 102.


Response to the consultation on Dukes Meadows - Kathleen Healy


Kathleen Healy gave a PowerPoint presentation with a response to the consultation on Dukes Meadows.


Councillor Steve Curran, Leader of the Council, joined the meeting and advised that there had been a lack of funding over the years and the plan for the future was to increase funding for the site. He advised that a joined-up approach between the Council and the Dukes Meadows Trust would be beneficial to try to attract as much funding as possible. He advised that the Council was working closely with lots of organisations and welcomed input and feedback from the Dukes Meadows Trust and recommended that the Trust attend the stakeholder meetings. He advised that there was a meeting coming up.


Kathleen Healy advised that the Trust had worked closely with the Council from the outset of the project and had received a lot of positive comments from stakeholders. She advised that the Trust had made a proposal for a general devolved management model similar to the Gunnersbury Park Trust and had carried out work to try to identify additional revenue and funds for parking. Councillor Curran advised that the Council agreed that in the long term a Trust would be put in place and would operate in a similar way to the Gunnersbury Park Trust.


The Chair thanked Ms Healy for her presentation and requested that the item be added to the issue tracker and be brought back to a future meeting with a further update in the summer.


Public Forum


Dangerous Potholes

Tim Mack, a local resident, raised the issue of potholes in Cavendish Road and Dukes Meadows. He advised that the potholes had worsened a lot in the last few weeks and they were particularly dangerous for drivers of powered two wheeled vehicles.


Action: Clerk to forward to Mr Mack’s concerns on to Hounslow Highways.




Tom Tevlin had submitted a public forum item but was not present during the discussion of the item. He had questioned whether there was any funding available to plant more trees in Chiswick High Road. Councillor Todd advised that Mr Tevlin had already emailed Hounslow Highways with the request had had received a response back from Hounslow Highways.



Anna Jackson, Chair of the Thornton Mayfield Residents Association, reminded the Chiswick Area Forum of the tree policy that was agreed back in 2005/2006. She reminded that residents in Chiswick had been told that the large London Planes would be pruned every 2-3 years. She expressed concern that the pruning works had not been carried out and the trees were now far too big. She asked that the crown reduction works be carried out in the Spring.


Members unanimously supported the comments made by Ms Jackson and agreed that the trees should be pruned every 3 years or sooner.


Noise Nuisance


Anna Jackson raised the issue of noise disturbances to residents due to commercial rubbish collections being carried out during anti-social hours. She queried whether there was a planning policy that would stop noise disturbances and restrict them to collections between the hours of 8am – 6pm


Marilyn Smith advised that there was no planning policy to enforce the collection hours. She advised that she would refer the issue to the enforcement team who would also be able to check if there was a refuse collection policy that referred to noise disturbances. She advised that she would ask the enforcement team to check and respond directly to Ms Jackson.



Parking issues on Duke Road


Councillor Davies raised an item on behalf of the Parent Support Advisor at William Hogarth School in Duke Road Chiswick. She had expressed concern regarding traffic and parking by parents in Duke Road. Two schools, William Hogarth School and St Marys School, had their entrances in Duke Road and it caused huge safety issues every morning in terms of cars dropping children off. She advised that there was a walk way which was used by William Hogarth School pupilswhich meant they had to cross the road to gain entry to the school. Cars continually parked across the walk way causing the children to have difficulty crossing the road. The school had already asked parents not to come down Duke Road past Fraser Street, but many parents had ignored the request and the school could not enforce it either. Councillor Davies expressed concern that it was only a matter of time before a child was seriously injured.


Mark Frost, Head of Traffic and Transport, advised that he was aware of  ...  view the full minutes text for item 104.


Planning Applications called in by Members of the Area Forum pdf icon PDF 356 KB

·         9 Burlington Road

·         156 Chiswick High Road


See the report by Marilyn Smith – Agenda Item 5


9 Burlington Road


This application was called in by Councillor Adrian Lee. He introduced the application and advised that it proposed the demolition of the existing single storey rear extension and the erection of a single storey side infill and rear extension, extension of a basement including front, side and rear lightwell, side and rear roof extension incorporating a front roof window.


Mr Jeffrey spoke in support of the application and Mr Jerry Davies spoke in objection.


Marilyn Smith responded to questions and advised that currently there was no policy on basements. However, simply the fact that it was an application for a basement was not a reason to refuse. She advised that the proposal were larger than usual and that there were some concerns about the materials.


Marilyn Smith advised that Members could agree that Officers be authorised to refuse the application under delegated authority and if Officers were minded to recommend approval that the application be referred to the planning committee.


Councillor Oulds reminded that a similar basement application had been refused by the Council and then overturned at appeal and the Council also had to pay costs. Therefore, he recommended that the application be determined by officers under delegated authority. This was seconded by Councillor Hearn and a vote in favour of the motion was unanimous.



That planning application number 00176/9/P2 be determined by officers under delegated authority.



156 Chiswick High Road



This application was called in by Councillor John Todd. He introduced the application and advised that it was a retrospective application for the installation of air conditioning units at the rear of the property and the installation of an acoustic screen.


Mrs Zinnia Angus spoke in objection to the application and advised that her main concern was noise pollution generated by the air conditioning units.  She advised that the installation of the air conditioning units had resulted in a continuous humming noise.  She expressed concern that the applicants had failed to adhere to the noise abatement notice that had been issued.


Anna Jackson advised that the Thornton Mayfield Residents Association totally supported the objection to the application. The applicant had made many promises in the past but had failed to keep them. She requested that the applicant install adequate measures in place to lower the noise pollution before any further applications were approved.  In addition, the outlook for neighbours had been negatively altered.


Marilyn Smith advised that there was a long running dispute with environmental health currently in respect of the noise pollution. She advised that the recommendation from the planning department was to approve the application with noise conditions and if those conditions were breached then both the planning department and the enforcement department could take action.


Councillor Todd raise concern about the findings of the Council’s enforcement officer with regard to noise levels. Ms Smith advised that the planning department could ask for the noise levels to be re-assessed.


Councillor Oulds  ...  view the full minutes text for item 105.


2017-18 Budget Presentation - Councillor Theo Dennison


Councillor Theo Dennison, Cabinet Member for Finance and Citizen Engagement, led members through his presentation and invited questions.


10:05pm: Councillor McGregor left the meeting.


He advised that two budgets had been set in the current year to enable a longer term view to be taken of the cutbacks forced on the authority by Government budget constraints. The budget would go to Cabinet in February 2017 and then to Scrutiny; only minor adjustments would be necessary in February 2018. Major changes to parking permits were to be introduced with large increases for the second and third car and also a surcharge for diesel vehicles



Briefing note: Legible London pdf icon PDF 283 KB

Additional documents:


See the briefing note by Simon Le Good, Transport Planner – Agenda Item 7


Mr Frost presented the briefing note and gave details about the Legible London scheme.


Peter Eversden, a local resident, referred to a sign on Turnham Green Station platform that said ‘Alight here for Bedford Park’ and he noted that the report had suggested that the sign would not be replaced. He expressed a wish that the sign be kept as it had historical value.


Mark Frost advised that the purpose of the scheme was to reduce signage and street clutter overall. However, he noted the request made by Mr Eversden and advised that retaining the sign in question could be looked into.




·         That Members noted that a Legible London scheme was being developed for Chiswick with implementation planned for financial year 2017/18.

·         That Members approved the general locations of the proposed signage and would provide officers with feedback for any changes required before commencing with the project.



Briefing note: The Workary, an affordable business start-up space in Chiswick Library - Imran Choudhury and Fiona Hart pdf icon PDF 275 KB


The Chair welcomed Imran Chaudhary, Director of Leisure and Public Health LBH, Ryan Smith of West London Business and David Fletcher of Wimbletech to the meeting. The Chair reminded the Area Forum that this item was on the agenda as it had been deferred from the previous meeting.


Mr Choudhury advised that The Workary on the first floor of Chiswick library was a positive use of the space and he assured Members that The Workary had not displaced any existing library functions. In response to questions, Mr Choudhury advised that the contract that the Council had signed with Carillion allowed Carillion to sub-let the room. He advised Members that initially the Council was not aware that the room had been sub-let and he agreed that it would have been better for Carillion to have consulted the Council before sub-letting the room, however he confirmed that Carillion had not breached the contract.


David Fletcher advised that when Wimbletech’s lease of the room commenced, the room had been in a bad state and had been used as a dumping ground. The change in the use of the room had been very positive and its new use as The Workary was of benefit to lots of people.


In response to a question, Imran Choudhury advised that he attended quarterly meetings with Carillion and they were aware that this approach taken with the sub-letting of Chiswick library without consulting the Council was not the approach to take. Carillion had been advised that in the future they must consult the Council before making plans to sub-let any public spaces. Mr Choudhury advised that the Council had not planned for this use at Chiswick library. However, now that it was in place it was considered to be a positive addition that would benefit small businesses and the wider community and had also increased the footfall to the library.




That the response from the Director of Leisure and Public Health was noted.


Minutes of the meeting held on 20 September 2016 pdf icon PDF 228 KB


Confirmation of the minutes was deferred to the next meeting.


Minutes of the meeting held on 8 November 2016 pdf icon PDF 169 KB


Confirmation of the minutes was deferred to the next meeting.


Urgent Business


Any business which the Chair agrees to accept on grounds of urgency.


There was no urgent business.


Date of next meeting - 14 March 2017


The date of the next meeting was noted.