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Venue: The Hogarth Hall, Chiswick Town Hall

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Apologies for absence, declarations of interest or any other communications from Members


Declarations of Interest:



·         Councillor Todd declared that he was on the panel/group working with officers on the Dukes Meadows project.

·         Councillor McGregor advised that he lived on Abinger Road and that he had also called in two planning applications on Abinger Road.

·         Councillor McGregor advised that he had been on a site visit to the Seventh Adventist Church which had a planning application that had been called in.



Councillor Lynch reminded the Area Forum that all small grants applications would need to be submitted by 27 January 2017.




Issue Tracking pdf icon PDF 301 KB


See the report by the clerk – Agenda Item 2



Chiswick Library

The Chair advised that there was an item about Chiswick Library listed on the Agenda and that the Director of Public Health and Leisure was unable to attend the meeting. Therefore, this item would be deferred to the meeting in January to allow the Director of Public Health and Leisure to attend.



Gunnersbury Park Fly tipping

Councillor Todd noted that Members Matters had referred to enforcement visits and he suggested that the enforcement teams could focus on Gunnersbury Lane. Anthony Robinson, Team Leader for the Chiswick Area Enforcement Team, advised that Gunnersbury Avenue was already a targeted hotspot and in the last two months a section 46 notice had been served in the area. He advised that there had been a noticeable improvement in that area and that the enforcement teams would continue with regular monitoring of the area.


It was agreed that this item would continue to be kept on the Issue Tracker and that the Chair would discuss hotspot areas to target with Members of the Chiswick Area Forum outside of the main meeting.



Tree Report

A tree report with information about pollarding and a schedule of works was requested for the March 2017 meeting. A contact number for residents to contact the Council or Hounslow Highways with queries about trees was also requested.



Devonshire Road

Councillor Todd raised the issue of pavement resurfacing. Concerns were raised that Hounslow Highways was reneging on its assurances to replace paving stones with ‘like for like’ paving stones in agreed Heritage Streets in certain parts of Chiswick. He advised that residents were understandably frustrated and angry with resurfacing of those streets with tar and the reneging on the agreement by Hounslow Highways. A report on the resurfacing of pavements in Heritage Streets by Hounslow Highways was requested for the March 2017 meeting.





That the report was noted.


Update on the status of Planning Applications previously considered by the Chiswick Area Forum pdf icon PDF 106 KB


See the report by the clerk – Agenda Item 3




That the report was noted.




Planning Applications called in by Members of the Area Forum pdf icon PDF 472 KB

·         29 Abinger Road

·         31 Abinger Road


See the report by Marilyn Smith – Agenda Item 4



29 Abinger Road and 31 Abinger Road


Both applications had been called in by Councillor McGregor. He advised that he had called in both applications as he had felt that there had been a sense of unfairness with how the applications had been processed. He advised that the applications were both for loft extensions, with dormer windows, for a pair of joined semi-detached houses. One of the applications had been recommended for approval and the other had been recommended for refusal. He felt that further consideration of each application was required.


Mr Gould, the owner of 31 Abinger Road, advised that his application had been recommended for refusal and he spoke in favour of the application. Mr Gould advised that in discussions with the planning department he was told that if 31 Abinger Road had received approval it would have changed the character of the original house. However, he emphasised that Abinger Road was very diverse and there were lots of different types of houses on Abinger Road already.


Simon Cavell, the agent for 29 Abinger Road, advised that two designs had been submitted and that no.29 had a shortened ridge line. He advised that the application with the shorter ridge line for 29 Abinger Road had been approved and Mr Gould’s application for No. 31 Abinger Road had requested an extended ridge line and it was refused by planning officers.


Councillor McGregor proposed that both applications be referred to the Planning Committee so that both properties could have the extended ridge line approved. This was seconded by Councillor Lynch and a vote in favour was carried.



That planning application number 00002/31/P1 and planning application number 00002/29/P2 be determined by Members at Planning Committee.



8:10pm: Councillor Sam Hearn left the meeting.



Seventh Day Adventist church.


This application was called in by Councillor McGregor. He introduced the application and advised that he had called it in because it was a very prominent building on Bath Road and several residents had raised concerns about how the works were being carried out on site. Concerns about anti-social behaviour on the site and overlooking had also been raised by residents. He advised that the Planning department had not yet reached a decision on the application therefore he felt it would be worthwhile for the Area Forum to discuss the application to inform the Officers decision making process.


Mrs Okenla, a resident that lived near to the Church, advised that she and her fellow residents wanted to ascertain if the changes in the new planning application would have a detrimental impact on nearby residents. She advised that residents had not seen any plans and therefore did not know what the changes would look like or whether there would be any further noise impacts, light pollution or glare from the new windows. She stated that the new building had more windows than the previous building and a lot of noise was generated from the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 84.


Local Police Report - Inspector Edwards pdf icon PDF 221 KB


See the report of the Sector Inspector – Agenda Item 5.


Inspector Edwards presented the police report. He advised that Chiswick Police Station was completely full to maximum capacity with 250 staff working from the station. It was a very busy police station and the result was a very visible police presence in Chiswick.


The following concerns were also discussed:

·         There had been a large increase in the number or burglaries being carried out in St Marys Grove and Gordon Road. However, the forum was advised that the perpetrator had been arrested and charged and sentenced to serve two and a half years in prison.

·         A large operation to tackle burglaries being carried out on mopeds had been successfully undertaken.

·         A mobile police station would be set up in Chiswick to try to help lower the number of burglaries.

·         Concerns were raised about anti-social and threatening behaviour from secondary school children on Chiswick High Road and on Chiswick Back Common. The police were working closely with the school to identify and educate the children involved. Extra CCTV had also been installed to help reduce the disturbances. The school’s Head Teacher and other senior teachers had been regularly going out onto the roads to help move the kids on and send them home. Inspector Edwards advised that the Turnham Green team were monitoring the situation as a priority.




That the police report was noted.




Briefing Note: Petition requesting traffic calming measures on Eastbury Grove, Chiswick Grove, Dorchester Grove, Balfern Grove, Ashbourne Grove and Chiswick Lane pdf icon PDF 506 KB


See the Briefing note – Agenda Item 5.


Gareth James, Area Participation Officer, presented the report.


Following a short discussion, Councillor McGregor strongly supported the introduction of a 20mph zone and suggested it would be beneficial to include the A316. Councillor Lynch felt that the report was very clear and moved approval of the recommendation, this was seconded by Councillor Davies and a vote for approval was unanimous.




1.    That Members agreed that the petition be kept under review.

2.    That Members agreed that 20mph speed limits be prioritised for implementation on the roads listed in the petition.

3.    That a speed survey be commissioned to assess the level of compliance with 20mph limits.

4.    That the lead petitioner be advised of the Forum’s decision.




Verbal update from Abundance London


Karen Liebreich and Sarah Cruz, representatives from Abundance London, gave a presentation about a project to improve the underground bridges at Turnham Green tube station.


The Chiswick Area Forum were advised that Abundance London had received Section 106 funding to install a mural at the Turnham Green Bridges which would hugely improve the outlook of the area. The proposal was to install a mural featuring a series of old maps from around 1745 to present day with the River Thames flowing through the maps. The mural would feature photographs of significant landmarks and events in Chiswick including Chiswick House, Fullers Brewery, Hogarth House and also a photograph of the boat race.


Although the amount of Section 106 funding received was very generous, further funding would be required to complete the project. Abundance London planned to launch some ambitious fundraising plans in January 2017 and it was hoped that TfL would pay for the installation of the mural.


There was a discussion about cleaning and maintenance of the mural and concerns were raised about flyposting and grease seepage from the train tracks.


Members of the Chiswick Area Forum expressed a huge thank you to Karen Liebreich and Sarah Cruz who had both put in a lot of time and work to improve the area with a mural that everyone would be able to enjoy.


Public Forum




Catherine Meisels, a local resident and representative of the Friends of Chiswick Common, raised the issue of tree maintenance and public health and safety. She advised that in general trees and shrubs on Chiswick Common had been allowed to grow too big and had started to block light to the paths that crossed the Common, creating potentially dangerous dark areas.


More specifically, Ms Meisels advised that a resident in Rose Garden had allowed her large cherry trees to grow too big bordering Castle Place. The cherry trees had not been pruned for many years, the branches were hanging very low over the footpath and were also high enough to brush against the roof of the end house of the row of cottages potentially causing damage. Ms Meisels requested that the cherry trees be cutback appropriately and that the overgrown trees and shrubs on the Common also be sensitively pruned.


As the Head of Parks was at the meeting for another item on the agenda she advised that she had noted Ms Meisels comments and asked Ms Meisels to forward her concerns on to her via email and that she would investigate the matter further.


The Chair reminded that the Chiswick Area Forum had also requested a report on trees and a schedule of maintenance. The Chair requested that the concerns raised by Ms Meisels be forwarded to Hounslow Highways.



Dukes Meadows Verbal Update - Stefania Horne


Stefania Horne, Head of Parks and Nick Trim from Continuum gave a verbal update on Dukes Meadows. The Forum was advised that the Dukes Meadows site was an incredible asset and that the improvements required on the site were wide ranging, focusing on public access and physical activity. The main priorities for the Dukes Meadows site would be to improve the open space/public access areas, improve the Thames path and support sports and recreation initiatives with the integration of new facilities.


A public consultation would be available online from Monday 14th November and boards displaying the plans would also be available at Chiswick Town Hall for residents and users of the Dukes Meadows site to view. There would be opportunities for further consultation with stakeholders after the 20th November and it was expected that the plans would be finalised by the end of February 2017.




That the Chiswick Area Forum noted the update on the Dukes Meadows site.



Enforcement Team Update -Nick Millard/Anthony Robinson


Nick Millard introduced himself as the new Neighbourhood Enforcement Manager and Anthony Robinson as the Chiswick Team Leader. Mr Millard and Mr Robinson gave a presentation about enforcement within the Chiswick area. 


The Area Forum was advised that a performance report containing all monthly data would be available next year and it would be presented to the Area Forum in the Spring to show how well the enforcement services were working.




That the presentation was noted.


Briefing note: Update on the Workary, an affordable business start-up space in Chiswick Library - Fiona Hart pdf icon PDF 276 KB


Members were advised that the Director for Leisure and Public Health was unable to attend this meeting to give an update on The Workary and Chiswick Library.


Councillor Todd moved that this item be deferred to the next meeting and that the Director for Leisure and Public Health be invited to attend the meeting in January. This was seconded by Councillor Lynch and a vote for deferral of this item was unanimously agreed.



That this item was deferred to the next meeting.



Air Quality and Chiswick schools - Councillor Theo Dennison/ Surinderpal Suri pdf icon PDF 422 KB


See the report by Air Quality Officer - Agenda Item 10


Surinderpal Suri advised that the air quality report in relation to Chiswick schools had been requested by the Chiswick Area Forum. He advised that initially the report had identified three schools within Hounslow that exhibited nitrogen dioxide. Following further investigation, only two of the three schools were found to have exceeding levels of nitrogen dioxide. However, Mr Suri advised that the Council’s measurements found the levels to be lower than the TfL survey and therefore did not identify significant risk to the children in those schools.


In response to questions, Councillor Dennison advised that the schools in the surveys were chosen by TfL. Despite St Mary’s School and William Hogarth School being next to each other, Mr Suri advised that the results for each school could be very different as the pollution levels changed by the metre.


Councillor Thompson suggested that the governing bodies of the schools identified should be notified of the findings and given assistance access to funds to mitigate the pollution impact such as planting trees. Councillor Dennison assured that the schools would be informed of the findings and the Council would discuss funding streams for mitigation.


Councillor Todd emphasised that the Chiswick Area Forum and residents wanted a low emission zone in Chiswick. Mr Suri advised that whole of the London Borough of Hounslow was already a low emission zone. However, there were also ultra-low emission zones which required the authority of the Mayor. He advised that the Council had written to the Mayor to request an ultra-low emission zone.


In response to a question from Councillor Todd, Mr Suri advised that the Council had purchased equipment to test pollution levels in Brentford. He advised that the Council had received funding to test pollution levels in the Brentford area. Councillor Todd requested that similar pollution monitors should be purchased to test pollution levels in Chiswick. Councillor Dennison advised that if the Area Forum wanted additional monitoring equipment to monitor pollution levels in Chiswick he would be happy to allocate Section 106 funds for that purpose.



9.55pm: The suspension of standing orders was moved and seconded to allow the meeting to continue until 10.15pm.





That the report was noted.




Proposed CIL Governance Framework on the allocation process of a 'meaningful neighbourhood proportion - Councillor Theo Dennison pdf icon PDF 493 KB


See report from the Planning Policy Team - Agenda Item 9


Councillor Theo Dennison presented the report and provided clarification on the governance process for the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), which had replaced S106 obligations. He advised that the CIL was a straightforward tax on developers. The sums collected would be divided into three separate pots of funding. The strategic element (80%) could be spent anywhere in the borough, the neighbourhood element (15%) would be spent within the ‘neighbourhood area’ where it was generated.  Members were advised that the neighbourhood pot would be allocated in a very similar way to S106 funds. The forum was advised that next year there would be regular reports to the Area Forum reporting on the amounts of CIL funding collected in the area and also asking for suggestions on schemes to spend the CIL monies on. All councillors would be invited to suggest schemes.


Concerns were raised that the new process of allocating funds did not allow ward Councillors to have much involvement or influence over the prioritisation of projects or allocation of monies. In response, the Area Forum was advised that the creation of wishlists and the prioritising of projects had led to a delay in the spending of S106 monies and for that reason ward councillor approval/prioritising had been removed to allow the monies to be allocated to worthwhile projects in a timelier manner. Councillor Dennison clarified that he would not be blocking any suggestions for schemes made by ward Councillors.




The Area Forum noted the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and s106 governance framework, in particular the allocation of a ‘local’ neighbourhood meaningful proportion of Hounslow CIL income.












Minutes of the meeting held on 5 July 2016 pdf icon PDF 223 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 5 July 2016 were agreed subject to the following amendment on page 32, Item 60, Bullet Point 2: (Minutes of the meeting held on 10 May)


That the following sentence be removed:


·           Councillor Davies had attended Councillor Lee’s surgery where the objectors had attended and both Councillors Davies and Lee met with the objectors at a later date.


and replaced with;


·           The objectors had attended Councillor Lee’s surgery. Subsequently, both Councillor Lee and Councillor Davies met with the objectors at a later date.






Minutes of the meeting held on 20 September 2016 pdf icon PDF 245 KB


Confirmation of the minutes was deferred to the next meeting.



Urgent Business


Any business which the Chair agrees to accept on grounds of urgency.


There was no urgent business.


Date of next meeting - 24 January 2017