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Venue: The Hogarth Hall, Chiswick Town Hall

Contact: Chaspal Sandhu on 020 8583 2065 or at Email: CAF@hounslow.gov.uk 

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Appointment of the Chair of the Area Forum

The Clerk will open the meeting and seek nominations for the Chair of the Area Forum





Councillor Adrian Lee was nominated, seconded and appointed as Chair of the Chiswick Area Committee for the municipal year 2016/2017.




Appointments of the Area Forum for the municipal year pdf icon PDF 230 KB

Additional documents:




That the following appointments be made to the Chiswick Area Committee for the municipal year 2016/2017.



  • Councillor Peter Thompson as the Vice-Chair of the Chiswick Area Forum for the municipal year 2016/2017.


  • Councillor Paul Lynch as the Committee’s representative on the Community Investment Advisory Panel.



  • Members agreed to discuss the appointments to a S.106 sub-group outside of the main meeting.



Area Forum Terms of Reference pdf icon PDF 213 KB

As this is the first meeting of the municipal year, members are asked to note the Terms of Reference document, as confirmed at Borough Council on 24 May 2016.





The Area Forum noted the terms of reference document, as agreed at Borough Council on 24 May 2016. 



Apologies for absence, declarations of interest or any other communications from Members


Declarations of Interest:



Agenda Item 7:

·         All Councillors advised that they had received correspondence regarding the planning applications that had been called-in for 23 Thornton Avenue and 74 Dukes Avenue.

·         Councillor Todd advised that he had attended a site visit for 23 Thornton Avenue.



Issue Tracking pdf icon PDF 13 KB


See the report by the clerk – Agenda Item 5




That the report was noted.




Update on the status of Planning Applications previously considered by the Chiswick Area Forum pdf icon PDF 108 KB


See the report by the clerk – Agenda Item 6




That the report was noted.




Planning Application called in by Members of the Area Forum pdf icon PDF 504 KB

·         23 Thornton Avenue

·         74 Dukes Avenue

·         69 Strand on the Green


23 Thornton Avenue



This application was called in by Councillor John Todd. He introduced the application and advised that it proposed the installation of external air conditioning units along the boundary wall in the back garden at the ground level.


Mr Peter Black, a neighbour living at 25 Thornton Avenue, spoke in objection to the application. The following concerns were raised in objection:

·         External air conditioning units were considered to be inappropriate for a residential property and out of keeping with the local area.

·         Concerns were raised about the loss of outlook and sunlight for the neighbouring properties.

·         There were concerns raised about the noise disturbance that would be caused by the units which would have a detrimental impact on the lives of neighbouring properties.

·         Concerns were raised that it was very difficult to enforce planning permission that was subject to certain conditions.

·         Further reports and assessments regarding the noise impact would need to be carried out.


Councillor Todd felt that more detailed discussion regarding the proposed development was required and he suggested that further noise impact assessments be carried out before the application was determined. Therefore, he moved that the application be determined at the Planning Committee to allow further consideration and debate by Members. This was seconded by Councillor McGregor and a vote in favour of the motion was unanimous.



That planning application number 01122/23/P3 be determined by Members at Planning Committee.



74 Dukes Avenue


This application was called in by Councillor Peter Thompson. He introduced the application and advised that it proposed an extension of a basement floor incorporating a rear lightwell with a glass balustrade and erection of a side roof extension to the house. Councillor Thompson advised that basement extensions were becoming more common across London however he expressed concern that Hounslow Council did not have a specific planning policy for basement applications and therefore such applications required careful consideration.



The agent for the applicant was present at the meeting but chose not to speak at the meeting.


Mr Phillip Nelson, a neighbour living at 72 Dukes Avenue and Mr John Armstrong, a neighbour living at 76 Dukes Avenue, spoke in objection to the application. The following concerns were raised in objection:

·         That the proposed basement extension was not subordinate to the main house and was more than double the footprint of the exiting house. Therefore, it was considered that the proposal was excessive and out of proportion.

·         The proposal for the basement contradicted the previous planning decision P4 which restricted the the size of the basement to remain within the footprint of the existing house.

·         Concerns were raised that the application was misleading and inaccurate and referred to the ground floor extension as ‘existing’ when in fact it had only been approved with planning permission.

·         The objectors advised that in March 2016 a smaller basement application had been recommended for refusal therefore it would be inconsistent and to recommend this application for a much larger basement for approval.

·         Concerns were also raised  ...  view the full minutes text for item 53.


Public Forum


Charing Cross Hospital A& E


Mr Richard Bateson, a local resident, referred to the minutes of the March meeting where the report by the Independent Healthcare Commission for North London was discussed. He questioned whether any progress had been made by Members of the Forum in accessing the report and whether it would be worthwhile holding a public meeting to discuss the impact further. In response to questions raised, the Chair advised that the report had been obtained and distributed to all members of the Chiswick Area Forum.        


It was suggested that the questions raised by Mr Bateson be referred to the administration at Hounslow Council and possibly referred to the Overview & Scrutiny Committee. Members advised that the Chiswick Area Forum did not have any control over these issues and as a way forward the Chair of the Chiswick Area Forum agreed to write to the Leader of the Council to suggest that the issue be discussed at Borough Council. The Chair advised that he would also forward the concerns raised on to the Chair of the Health and Adults Scrutiny Panel.



Fly-tipping and dumping of rubbish in The Ridgeway and the corner of Princes Avenue


Genevieve Robson, a local resident, wished to raise the ongoing issue of rubbish and fly-tipping on The Ridgeway and Princes Drive. She advised that she had sent several emails reporting the issue and she had since received a response from Hounslow Highways which stated that the area had been cleaned and that there was no issue to deal with. However, Ms Robson emphasised that there was still rubbish there and that the issue had not been resolved. Councillors Lee and Davies agreed that the issue of rubbish and flytipping was still ongoing and requested a response about this issue for the September meeting.



Verbal Update on Dukes Meadows Masterplan


Stefania Horne, Head of Parks, gave an update on works being done at the Dukes Meadows site. She explained that a desktop study took place to identify issues, understand the usage and identify priorities for improvements at Dukes Meadows. The report would be published in the Autumn. The site was well used for a variety of sport and recreational activities, estimating over a million visits to the site each year. A short-term plan to tackle immediate issues such as improved maintenance, fly tipping and BBQs on the site had been identified. A longer-term plan to further develop the vision for the site, improve the public realm and improve sport facilities was also being developed and a consultation would take place in the Autumn. Enforcement would also be strengthened through the introduction of CCTV and a Parkguard and the site would be closely monitored.


Members thanked Ms Horne for the update and looked forward to being kept informed of further work for the improvement of the site.




Noise Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) Consultation pdf icon PDF 170 KB


21:23pm: Councillor Lynch left the meeting


Surinderpal Suri, Principal Environmental Strategy Officer, presented the briefing note and advised that the Council was preparing a consultation on the Noise Supplementary Planning document. The document was designed to address the noise impact generated from large scale developments.


Councillor Davies suggested that it would be helpful to publish a link to the consultation documents on the ChiswickW4 website.




              i.        That Members noted that the Noise Supplementary Planning Document was due to commence on 13th July 2016, unless there were unforeseen reasons for delay.

            ii.        That Members noted that residents would be notified of the consultation results.


Draft Crossover Policy Consultation Briefing Note pdf icon PDF 267 KB


Kate Tomkinson, Area Participation Officer, presented the briefing note on residential crossovers and off-street parking.


Concerns were raised in relation to a conflict of interest from Hounslow Highways as it was suggested that they would benefit financially from the scheme and would therefore promote it. For that reason, it was felt that Hounslow Highways should have no involvement in the processing of crossover applications. It was felt that the procedure should be the same as for a planning application and that it should be administered via the Planning department to allow the opportunity for applications to be called in if necessary. It was emphasised that Hounslow Highways should not be involved in overseeing crossover applications.


Further concerns were raised with regard to the impact of crossovers in CPZ areas and how those applications would be managed. The impact of crossovers in conservation areas was also raised and whether there would be particular regulations or a policy to follow for such applications. The impact on flooding and poor drainage due to a loss of front gardens was also raised as a major concern. It was emphasised that only sustainable and permeable materials for crossovers should be used to assist with drainage.



Councillor Todd concurred with comments made by Mr Peter Eversden in relation to the impact on CPZ areas and noted that there were currently more parking permits issued than the number of bays actually available already in CPZ areas. There would be a significant impact on those CPZ areas if parking bays were lost due to the installation of crossovers.




      i.        That Members noted the status of the current consultation on this draft document and that all comments, questions and experiences should be submitted by the closing date of 28 July 2016.

    ii.        That Members noted that all consultation responses received by this date and accompanying officer comments will be reported to Cabinet where approval of a new policy will be sought.




Minutes of the meeting held on 19 January 2016 pdf icon PDF 265 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 19 January 2016 were agreed.


Matters Arising:


Following a request from residents, the Chiswick Area Forum agreed that it would strongly recommend that residents from Brentford and Chiswick be active participants and be consulted in any processes in relation to the Chiswick Curve planning application.


Minutes of the meeting held on 8 March 2016 pdf icon PDF 227 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 8 March 2016 were agreed.


Minutes of the meeting held on 10 May 2016 pdf icon PDF 153 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 10 May were agreed subject to the following amendment on page 37, Item 34, Paragraph 1: (Declarations of Interest).


That the following sentence be removed :


·         Councillors Lee and Davies advised that the objectors to this item had attended their surgery.



and replaced with;


·           Councillor Davies had attended Councillor Lee’s surgery where the objectors had attended and both Councillors Davies and Lee met with the objectors at a later date.



Urgent Business


Any business which the Chair agrees to accept on grounds of urgency.


There was no urgent business



Date of next meeting - 20 September 2016


The date of the next meeting was noted as 20 September 2016