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Apologies for absence, declarations of interest or any other communications from Members


Declarations of Interest:



Agenda Item 4:

·       Councillor Barwood declared that she was a residents of Wolseley Gardens

·       All Councillors advised that they had received correspondence regarding this item.

·       Councillors Lee and Davies advised that the objectors to this item had attended their surgery.

·       Councillor McGregor advised that he had attended a site visit for this item.





Issue Tracking pdf icon PDF 9 KB


See the report by the clerk – Agenda Item 2




That the report was noted.


Update on the status of Planning Applications previously considered by the Chiswick Area Forum pdf icon PDF 103 KB


See the report by the clerk – Agenda Item 3




That the report was noted.



Local Police Report - Inspector Edwards pdf icon PDF 224 KB


See the report of the Sector Inspector – Agenda Item 5.


Inspector Edwards presented the police report. He advised that a restructure was currently being carried out and that there had been a reduction in the number of police sergeants. However, there would still be the same number of PCSOs. It would be possible to use Officers more flexibly across Chiswick and Brentford & Isleworth.


The police also had more powers move beggars on, however it was more difficult to deal with buskers. The number of buskers along Chiswick High Road had increased. Inspector Edwards advised that buskers were normally dealt with through the use of bye-laws. However, the London Borough of Hounslow did not have any bye-laws relating to buskers. As a result the Council’s enforcement powers, public space protection orders and ASBO powers were being investigated. Inspector Edwards requested that Chiswick Area Forum consider whether the issue was significant enough for the police to pursue it through the Council.


The following concerns were also discussed:

·       Burglaries carried out on mopeds.

·       An increase in the number of house burglaries.

·       Officers were carrying out searches to find and dispose of discarded knives and other weapons.

·       Concerns were raised about anti-social and threatening behaviour from delivery boys towards local residents.

·       In particular, concerns were raised about a planned Oktoberfest event that would require extra policing.



That the police report was noted.




Results of the Area 2 Riverside CPZ re-consultation - Caroline Stanyan (LBH) pdf icon PDF 279 KB

Additional documents:


 See the report of the Developments & Parking, Traffic and Transport Officer – Agenda Item 6


Caroline Stanyan, Developments & Parking, Traffic and Transport Officer, presented the report and answered questions from Members.


Councillor Lynch moved approval of the recommendation and this was seconded by Councillor Todd, a vote for approval was carried.




a)    That Members noted  the results of the Area 2 Riverside Ward controlled parking zone (CPZ) re-consultation and agreed to allow officers to progress to informal detailed design consultation on a new CPZ for all roads within Area 2 (Burnaby Crescent, Burnaby Gardens, Compton Crescent, Deans Close, Falcon Close, Fauconberg Road, Florence Gardens, Gordon Road, Grove Park Terrace, Harvard Hill, Hazledene Road, Nightingale Close, St Mary’s Grove, St Thomas Road, Sutton Court, Whitehall Gardens, Whitehall Park Road and Wolseley Gardens).

b)    That Members agreed that all residents of the current consultation be advised of the consultation results and the decision of the Area Forum.




Residential Crossovers and off street parking policy - Amarpal Soor (LBH) pdf icon PDF 124 KB

Additional documents:


See the report of the Principal Transport Planner – Agenda Item 7


Amarpal Soor, Team Leader Parking Management Officer, presented the report and answered questions from Members.


Concerns were raised in relation to the following issues:

·       The loss of on street parking bays due to an increase in the number of crossovers installed in roads within CPZ areas.

·       There were concerns raised with regard to the impact on rainwater run-off, drainage and flooding.

·       The impact on the street scene and loss of greenery due to crossovers being installed.

·       Residents were apprehensive that the installation of the crossovers would be carried out by Hounslow Highways.

·       It would be essential to ensure that enforcement took place against drivers illegally crossing the pavements to park outside their homes.

·       Suggestions were made that non-permeable existing crossovers be dug up and re-done to ensure they were constructed with permeable materials.

·       Concerns were raised following reports that Hounslow Highways had offered discounts to residents that requested a crossover in a road where there were existing works already being carried out.




          Councillor Todd recommended that this item be deferred and be brought back to the next Area Forum meeting to allow time for constructive responses to the consultation to be formulated.



Planning Application called in by members of the Area Forum pdf icon PDF 301 KB

·         34 Wolseley Gardens, Chiswick

·         Pissarros, Corney Reach Way, Chiswick

·         Kew Bridge Arches, Chiswick


34 Wolseley Gardens


This application was called in by Councillor Sam Hearn. Mr John Cockerill, owner of the property, spoke in favour of the application.

He raised the following points:

·       That the property was already converted into two flats.

·       The proposal would update and modernise the property.

·       The loft design layout would be identical to that of an existing property in Wolseley Gardens.

·       There would be no detrimental impact on neighbouring properties.


Sharon Piert, a neighbour living at 32 Wolseley Gardens, spoke in objection to the application. The following concerns were raised in objection:

·       The number of tenants living within the property would increase as the number of flats and living space would be increased.

·       Concerns were raised about the loss of outlook and sunlight for the neighbouring properties.

·       There would be an increase in the amount of noise and disturbance due an almost doubling of the occupancy at 34 Wolseley Gardens.

·       Concerns were raised that it would be an overdevelopment of the site.

·       It was noted that a petition with 30 signatures against the application had been submitted.


Councillor Lynch felt that more detailed discussion regarding the proposed development was required and he moved that the application be determined at the Planning Committee to allow further consideration and debate by Members. This was seconded by Councillor Lee and a vote in favour of the motion was unanimous.



That planning application number 01223/34/P3 be determined by Members at Planning Committee.



Pissaros, Corney Reach Way


This application had been called in by several members due to the high level of public interest in this item. Mr Patrick Reedman and Mr Rudi Mareki agents for the applicant spoke in favour of the application.


9.00pm: Councillor Lee left the room


The following points were emphasised by the agents:

·       The property had been empty since 2014 and that there was no requirement for the restaurant use to be retained.

·       The agent advised that 3 separate public meetings had been held to consult members of the public.

·       To address concerns regarding loss of outlook and privacy, the windows in the development would be set back.


9.10pm: Councillor Lee came back to the meeting.


Dr Steve Austin spoke in objection to the application on behalf of over 100 residents and raised the following points:


·       Concerns were raised that the application proposed an overdevelopment on the site.

·       It was emphasised that the development would be out of character with the existing neo-Georgian buildings in the area.

·       There were concerns raised that if the application was approved the local community would lose the local community hub.

·       Concerns were raised about an increase in traffic to a very small estate.

·       Concerns about emergency access for the RNLI were raised.



That planning application number 01689/D/P5 be determined by Officers under delegated authority if Officers recommend refusal. If Officers recommend approval of the application, then the application be referred to the Planning Committee.



Kew Bridge Arches, Chiswick


This application was called in by Councillor Sam Hearn. Members  ...  view the full minutes text for item 40.


Public Forum


Fly-tipping and dumping of rubbish in The Ridgeway and the corner of Princes Avenue

Genevieve Robson, a local resident, expressed concerns about an ongoing problem of rubbish and fly-tipping on The Ridgeway, in particular outside the parade of shops. Concerns were raised that the rubbish bags were being ripped open by vermin and that there were health and safety concerns. She advised that she had complained to Hounslow Highways on several occasions regarding the issue.


Councillor Lee advised that he shared Ms Robson’s concerns and he  requested that the issue be referred to Hounslow Highways. He requested that a representative from Hounslow Highways attend a future meeting of the Area Forum in relation to concerns about fly-tipping.


9.50pm: The suspension of standing orders was moved and seconded to allow the meeting to continue until 10.30pm.


Housing Allocations Policy Consultation - Liz Smale (LBH) pdf icon PDF 161 KB


See Housing Allocations Policy Consultation – Agenda item 8


Liz Smale, Senior Strategy Officer, presented the report on revising Hounslow’s Housing Allocations Policy and asked Members and the public to submit their views on the consultation via the web site.


Members noted that the Policy would be taken to Cabinet in the Autumn 2016, following the consultation process.


10.25pm: Councillor Davies left the meeting





That the presentation was noted and that Members and the public would submit their views and comments to the consultation, via the web site.



Minutes of the meeting held on 19 January 2016 pdf icon PDF 265 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 19 January 2016 were deferred to the next meeting.


Minutes of the meeting held on 8 March 2016 pdf icon PDF 242 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 8 March 2016 were deferred to the next meeting.


Urgent Business


Any business which the Chair agrees to accept on grounds of urgency.


There was no urgent business for consideration.


Date of the next meeting - 5 July 2016


The date of the next meeting was noted as 5 July 2016.