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Apologies for absence, declarations of interest or any other communications from Members


Communications - CPZ update


Grove Park CPZ Extension

The statutory consultation for the proposed CPZ expansion would be published on Friday 11 March 2016. A letter had been sent out to approximately 540 residents advising them of the November 2015 decision and the start of the statutory consultation.


Area 2 Riverside – CPZ Re-consultation

Following a request from the Chiswick Area Forum, residents in Area 2 were being asked for their views on a CPZ decision to extend the Grove Park CPZ and to further investigate a CPZ for Area 1, residents in Sutton Court were also being included in the re-consultation.


Area 1 – Riverside – CPZ Design Consultation

An initial scheme design was being drawn up and a consultation would begin on the design in May 2016.


Areas 3, 4 and 5

All residents and businesses in areas 3, 4 and 5 including Thames Village and other adjacent private streets had been advised in writing that the CPZ proposals for these areas would be progressed no further.




The Area Forum was informed that three petitions had been submitted to the London Borough of Hounslow.


1)    A petition with 28 signatures requesting an increase in parking restrictions in Welstead Way and Bath Road had been submitted. The Chiswick Area Forum noted that the petition had been forwarded to the Council’s Traffic and Transport Department who would be looking into the issue.


2)    A petition with 73 signatures had been submitted in objection to the introduction of wheelie bins in Paxton Road. The petition had been passed on to the Council’s Waste and Recycling Department who had confirmed that they would be responding directly to the lead petitioner.


3)    A petition with 373 signatures requesting a reversal of the decision to implement wheelie bins in Chiswick for houses with small front gardens had been submitted. The petition had been passed on to the Council’s Waste and Recycling Department who had confirmed that they would be responding directly to the lead petitioner


Issue Tracking


Mr Richard Bateson, a local resident, expressed concern that the first floor of Chiswick library was being sub-let for commercial uses. He advised that the original Sanderson lease stated that the building could only be used as a library. He asked that Members request a response on this issue from the Libraries Services Manager. Members agreed that a response on this issue would be sought.




Members noted the Issue tracking report.




Minutes of the meeting held on 19 January 2016


The minutes of the meeting held on 19 January 2016 were not available and would be brought to the next meeting for confirmation.


Minutes of the meeting held on 17 November 2015 pdf icon PDF 76 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 17 November 2015 were agreed as an accurate record.


Minutes of the meeting held on 3 November 2015 pdf icon PDF 60 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 3 November 2015 were agreed as an accurate record.


Matters Arising:


Members had a discussion about Ward Forums and the citizen participation report that was presented to the Chiswick Area Forum in November 2015. Members felt that the Area Forum in Chiswick already worked effectively and that the decision making processes that were carried out by the Area Forum were transparent and undertaken democratically. Concerns were raised that there were no budgets available to facilitate Ward Forums and that they were not perceived to be as transparent in terms of process and decision-making.


However, it was acknowledged that as a supplement to the Area Forum meetings the ward forums could be a useful device to consider smaller more ward specific issues. Members agreed that they would not rule out the option to convene ward forums as at times they could be very useful. Therefore it was agreed to keep the option open to arrange a ward forum if it was considered to be a more appropriate option.  




Public Forum


Mr Richard Bateson, a local resident advised that since 1948, despite being an adjacent Borough, Chiswick residents had been able to access a full range of NHS services in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. He advised that he had received treatment in both the former West London and Ravenscourt Park Hospitals as well as currently at the Hammersmith and Charing Cross Hospitals. As a response to the downgrading of facilities at several local hospitals brought about by the 2012 ‘Shaping a Healthier Future’ programme, five local authorities including the London Borough of Hounslow funded an Independent Healthcare Commission for North London chaired by Michael Mansfield QC. Mr Bateson advised that the commission had published an 87 page report whose findings had been published in the local press in Ealing and Hammersmith however had received little attention in Hounslow.


Mr Bateson advised that residents in Chiswick were very concerned about the future of Charing Cross Hospital which would be losing its ‘blue light’ Accident and Emergency department. Mr Bateson recommended that all Councillors obtain a copy of the report by the Independent Healthcare Commission for North London and that the Chiswick Area Forum support the holding of a public meeting with various Health stakeholders.


Members of the Chiswick Area Forum agreed that the future of local healthcare services in the local area was a very important issue for all residents. Regretfully, Members advised that they did not have any powers to influence the decisions being made.



Rodrigo Sanchez, Political Assistant to the Conservative Group,  to obtain a copy of the report and to circulate to Members of the Chiswick Area Forum to allow them to discuss the issue outside the meeting.


408-430 Chiswick High Road - Presentation by the developer


Representatives of Lendlease, the developers, presented key points in relation to the application for 408-430 Chiswick High Road.


Mr Richard Cook advised that Lendlease was an experienced developer with extensive knowledge of working with listed buildings. He advised that Lendlease had submitted a revised planning application for 408-430 Chiswick High Road to address changes in planning policy. He presented a summary of the revised application and advised that the planning process had been properly followed. Mr Cook advised that as part of the application the development would deliver on its promise to provide affordable housing units.


The forum was advised that there were no major changes to the original plans in the revised application. The changes in the revised applications related to the inclusion of a bin store for the retail outlets and the inclusion of a fire escape to the rear of the Public House. The layout of the apartments on the corner of Essex Place had been revised to include provision for storage space inside each unit, increasing the size of the apartments. However, it was confirmed that the external dimensions of the proposal had not been significantly altered.


In response to further questions, the forum was advised that a one-bedroom apartment would be valued at £420K and the top floor apartment would be valued at £1.25 million. The developer advised that twelve of the proposed apartments had already been sold to local people within a five mile radius of the site. Members expressed concern that the affordable housing units developed would not realistically be considered to be affordable. However, Mr Cook stated that the Council had advised the developer that Intermediate Housing would be required as part of the development.


Concerns were raised in relation to the parking provision proposed in the application. Mr Richard Cook advised that residents could own cars but that there would only be ten disabled parking spaces available. Therefore, residents with cars would have to find alternative parking arrangements. Members expressed concern that the development would add to existing parking pressures in the area. 



Rebecca Frayne, Chair of Friends of Turnham Green, spoke in objection to the application. She advised that the Chiswick High Road Action Group, the Acton Green Group and the West Chiswick and Gunnersbury Society were also strongly opposed to the application. Ms Frayne emphasised that the application being presented was effectively the same application as the previously submitted application which had been held up due to the Judicial Review process. She stated that the amendments in the application were insignificant and that the submission of a new virtually unchanged application was an underhand tactic being used to side step the JR process. She emphasised that residents were strongly opposed to the application and had used their own funds to fight the application via the correct legal processes and would continue to fight the development. Ms Frayne asked the Chiswick Area Forum to support residents and to rigorously refuse the application by Lendlease.


Marie Rabouhans, Chair  ...  view the full minutes text for item 27.


Neighbourhood Enforcement - presentation by Gerry McCarthy pdf icon PDF 523 KB


See presentation slides displayed at the meeting and attached with the electronic agenda pack, Agenda Item 7.


Gerry McCarthy, Head of Enforcement, Community Safety and Commercial Regulation, took Members through the presentation slides, drawing attention to the Enforcement team structure chart and the expectation that teams would bring regular updates to the Area Forum. This would include ‘heat maps’ for fly-tipping, etc., an example of which was given in the presentation slides. The Neighbourhood Enforcement service would provide a new approach to reducing environmental crime and anti-social behaviour.


Councillor Lynch welcomed the new enforcement service and felt that it would provide a positive change for enforcement of this type. He suggested that it would be helpful to work closely with street sweepers as they could report back on areas where there was persistent littering and fly tipping. Mr McCarthy advised that the enforcement team would be relying on street sweepers to provide information on fly tipping and littering and would also be using 98 fixed CCTV cameras across the Borough and 16 mobile cameras that could be moved and used when needed in problem areas. 


Mr McCarthy acknowledged that fly tipping from flats above shops was a problem and advised that the enforcement teams were aware of the issue. He advised that the teams would be contacting other Boroughs to investigate other ways to manage fly tipping from flats above shops.


The Forum was advised that the details of how to report issues and to which enforcement team had been published in the lastest edition of Hounslow Matters.

Mr McCarthy advised that the enforcement website was currently being developed and that all information relating to the new service would be available on the website in the future. In the meantime, the following contact email address was given for residents to report any issues in relation to littering and fly tipping: pollution@hounslow.gov.uk


In response to questions, Mr McCarthy advised that Key Performance Indicators for response times and other aspects of the service were currently being devised.



Marie Rabouhans, a local resident, suggested that it would be very helpful to have an enforcement update presented to the next Residents Group meeting on 18 March 2016.




The Chiswick Area Forum noted the presentation and requested quarterly progress updates.


Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure - Kieran Taylor pdf icon PDF 208 KB


See submitted briefing note from the Executive Director of Regeneration, Economic Development and Environment, Agenda Item 8.


Kieran Taylor, Transport Planner, provided a short update, adding that he would be emailing ward members over the coming months with proposed sites for EV charge points for two schemes within Chiswick.


The cost to install each socket was approximately £400 and the owner of the electric vehicle purchased a metering cable and would be billed each month for the electricity usage. In response to questions, Mr Taylor advised that the Council was working closely with Hounslow Highways when fitting the charging sockets into existing lamp columns so that additional street furniture would not be installed into already busy streets.


It was estimated that there were currently in the region of 100+ privately owned electric vehicles borough.  Mr Taylor confirmed that there was no concession for electric vehicle owners living in controlled parking zones. 



·         Members noted that the Source London charging network was under new ownership and that the new owners (BPL) were seeking to increase the number of charge points in the borough.

·         The Area Forum noted that the borough had received funding from Transport for London to trial new EV charge points, which could be retrofitted into lamp columns.

·         The Area Forum approved in principle the installation of EV sockets in lamp columns, to serve residents with no off-street parking and associated advisory bay markings.




99a Devonshire Road - Proposed Partial Stopping Up of Highway (Adopted Footway) pdf icon PDF 88 KB

Additional documents:


See the report by the Principal Transport Planner Neighbourhoods and Developments - Agenda Item 9.


Councillor Lynch moved approval of the recommendation in the report. This was seconded by Councillor Barwood and a vote for approval was carried unanimously.




1.1         That in view of the granting of planning permission 00354/99A/P4 (P/2015/0856) and subject to the applicant first paying all costs associated with the proposal, Members resolved to make a draft stopping up order in relation to the unadopted highway outside 99 and 99a Devonshire Road, London, W4 2HU, as shown on the map appended to the report, under Section 247 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (“the Act”) ;


1.2         That authority be delegated to the Director of Regeneration Economic Development and Environment (REDe) to publicise the draft stopping up order under the procedure set out in Section 252 of the Act;


1.3         If no objections were received or any objections received were withdrawn, that authority be given to the Director of REDe to confirm the making of the stopping up order under the procedure set out in Section 252 of the Act.


1.4         If there were outstanding objections, that the Director of REDe report back to the Chiswick Area Forum, to allow Members to consider the objections and determine whether or not to proceed with the proposal (which would then have to be referred to the Mayor of London as noted in paragraphs 4.3 & 4.4 of this Report).



Small Grants Applications pdf icon PDF 109 KB

Additional documents:


See report from the Third Sector Partnerships Manager, Agenda Item 10.


The Chair advised that due to the Area Forum Small Grants scheme being abolished on 31st March 2016 there had been a larger number of applications for funding for the last round.


Councillor Lynch moved approval of the applications for funding on page 26 of the agenda pack for the following organisations:

·         Cultural Community Solutions

·         Super Inspired Ltd

·         William Hogarth

·         The Friends of St Nicholas Church

·         3rd Chiswick Scouts

·         ABC Explorer Unit.

This was seconded by Councillor Barwood and approved unanimously for all applications. Except the application for The Friends of St Nicholas Church where the vote was carried. Councillor Lee had abstained during the vote for this application, however the remaining Members were in favour of approval.


Katherine Tomkinson, Area Participation Officer, referred Members to a tabled pack of applications that had been received too late to include in the published agenda report. As this was the last round of small grant funding, the Chair had agreed to the late applications being presented at the meeting.

Applications had been received from the following organisations:

·         Met Police

·         Abundance London

·         Grove Park Terrace Street Party Committee

·         Chiswick Sea Cadets

·         Emmanuel Boathouse

·         Friends of Turnham Green


Councillor Lynch proposed that the Area Forum delegate authority to the Chair of the Chiswick Area Forum to determine the remaining tabled applications once further evidence and documentation from the organisations applying was received. Councillor Barwood seconded the proposal and it was unanimously agreed to delegate the authority to the Chair to determine the following applications outside of the meeting.





1.1  That the Chiswick Area Forum considered the Small Grant applications received set out in Appendices A and B and the tabled reports and appendices.

1.2  That the following funding amounts were agreed for the following organisations:


·         Cultural Community Solutions                       - £300.00

·         Super Inspired Ltd                                             - £500.00

·         William Hogarth                                                 - £500.00

·         The Friends of St Nicholas Church               - £500.00

·         3rd Chiswick Scouts                                          - £497.39

·         ABC Explorer Unit                                             - £498.50



1.3  That the authority to determine the following applications pending further evidence be delegated to the Chair:

·         Met Police

·         Abundance London

·         Grove Park Terrace Street Party Committee

·         Chiswick Sea Cadets

·         Emmanuel Boathouse

·         Friends of Turnham Green




9.55pm: Councillor McGregor arrived at the meeting.





Urgent Business


Any business which the Chair agrees to accept on grounds of urgency.


An application had been received for the position of co-opted Member to the Chiswick Area Forum. A further expression of interest had been made by a member of the public present at the meeting. Members agreed that a panel of two members would find a suitable date to interview the two candidates for a co-optee position.


Date of next meeting - 10 May 2016


The date of the next meeting was noted.