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Apologies for absence, declarations of interest or any other communications from Members


Declarations of Interest:


Agenda Item 7: Councillors Davies and Lee advised that they were residents of the Gunnersbury Park Estate.




Issue Tracking pdf icon PDF 30 KB


Councillor Todd advised that the Leisure Policy would be presented to Borough Council and it would be useful to get an update from the Lead Member.



The Chair requested that the Citizen Participation item be added to the Issue Tracking table to ensure that the item was discussed at a future meeting.



That the report was noted.





Update on the status of Planning Applications previously considered by the Chiswick Area Forum pdf icon PDF 36 KB



That the report was noted.



Local Policing Update - Inspector Edwards pdf icon PDF 108 KB


See the report of the Sector Inspector – Agenda Item 4.


Inspector Edwards reported that there would be more police officers working out of Chiswick Police Station. There would be approximately 200 police officers arriving from Hammersmith and Fulham as a temporary measure whilst the headquarters in Hammersmith were being renovated. The result would be an increased uniformed police presence in Chiswick High Road. It was clarified that officers from Hammersmith & Fulham would not have any involvement in tackling local crime. However, police officers from Hammersmith & Fulham could be deployed to incidents in Chiswick if the incidents were serious enough.


Inspector Edwards confirmed that the PCSOs for Chiswick would remain in post and there would be one PCSO per ward.


Inspector Edwards advised that moped enabled crimes had increased and officers were working across Chiswick to try to deter this type of crime. Work to reduce moped enabled crime was ongoing.


There had been a rise in house burglaries during the run up to Christmas. The burglaries had been more blatantly undertaken and were carried out through the front windows of properties and in one case the whole sash window of a property had been removed. Inspector Edwards advised that a person had been arrested for the robberies.


Begging had been taking place around Chiswick High Road. Inspector Edwards advised that some operations had been undertaken over Christmas and a team of professional beggars had been arrested.


In response to a query, Inspector Edwards advised that there had been several incidents of dogs attacking other dogs in Chiswick House Grounds. He advised that following one particularly vicious incident the police referred the case to court and the dog in question had to be put down.


The Forum thanked Inspector Edwards for the update and continued hard work.


Chiswick Roundabout Development - Presentation by the developer pdf icon PDF 9 MB


See presentation slides on the proposal, attached with the electronic agenda following the meeting for reference, Agenda Item 5.


The developers presented proposals for Chiswick Curve on Chiswick Roundabout.


The following concerns were raised at the meeting:

-        It was felt that public transport in the area was already inadequate.

-        Concerns were raised by residents and Members that the local infrastructure would be unable to cope with more people moving into the area.

-        Concerns were raised with regard to the impact on local schools and healthcare services. It was noted that the demand on education provision and healthcare services would increase due to the increase in the number of residents and families moving into the area.

-        A suggestion was made that tunnelling could be offered to provide separate pedestrian walkways.

-        It was noted that 84 parking spaces for 320 flats would not be enough and would result in more on-road parking in already heavily congested streets.

-        There were concerns that the development was not sustainable,

-        It was felt that the proposals would result in an overdevelopment of the site resulting in a claustrophobic atmosphere in the area.

-        Residents expressed concern that once the Chiswick Curve application was approved, an application for a large development on B&Q site would be submitted which would further result in an overdevelopment of the area.

-        Concerns raised about the height of the proposal and need for 32 floors.

-        Concerns were raised in respect of the impact of the glass building for drivers on the M4. It was suggested that the glare from the building could cause a blinding impact for vehicles which would be very dangerous.

-        Concerns were raised that a large shadow from the 32 storey building would negatively impact sunlight for nearby properties.

-        Further concerns were raised about the creation of a wind tunnel as a result of the development.

-        The developers advised that some CIL funds had been requested so that improvements to the local infrastructure could be carried out.

-        Concerns were raised that adequate consultation with local residents had not been carried out.

-        It was felt that the proposed development was not in accordance with the Local Plan.

-        It was felt that the building would harm local views and the character of the surrounding area.

-        It was emphasised that the proposal for 750 square metres of space for a children’s play area was not adequate and would not meet the need.

-        It was noted that the developer had proposed that there would an improved pedestrian crossing scheme.


Councillors Lee, Davies and Thompson, the ward councillors, advised that they were strongly opposed to the application. Councillor Lee invited members of the public to attend a public meeting in opposition to the proposed development would be taking place at 7.30pm on Wednesday 27th January 2016 at the Memorial British Legion Club off Dukes Avenue.




Members noted the presentation from the developers.  



Public Forum


Resurfacing on Wellesley Gardens


Concerns were raised by a member of the public in relation to the replacement of paving stones on Wellesley Road. Residents expressed concern that the existing paving stones would be replaced with tarmac and they requested that the paving be replaced like for like.


The Chair advised that he was aware of the issue and he advised that it would be followed up as Member’s casework.



Elliott Road


A resident of Elliott Road advised that she had been a resident of Elliott Road for twenty years and had never had any complaints with the road surface over the years, until the road was re-surfaced in August 2015. She advised that Elliott Road was resurfaced by the Council in August and the work carried out was of a very poor quality resulting in potholes and pools of water during rainy weather. She explained that she had lodged complaints about the poor road surface to the Council and had received no reply. She advised that works carried out in neighbouring roads had been completed to a much higher standard.


Councillor Lee advised that he was the ward councillor for Elliott Road and that he would visit the site the following day and would pursue the issue as Member’s casework.




Planning Application called in by members of the Area Forum pdf icon PDF 208 KB

·       Land at Horticultural Place, Chiswick


See the report of the Head of Development Control Call In – Agenda Item 6.


Councillor Thompson advised that he called in the application due to the volume of objections that he had received after the application had been published on the pending decisions list. He advised that concerns were raised about the design, size, and impact of the development.



Sean Tickle spoke on behalf of the agent for the scheme. He advised that the application sought the demolition of an existing car-park to allow for the erection of six four-bedroom townhouses with underground parking. He advised that three blocks within the scheme already benefitted from permitted development rights. He emphasised that the scheme provided six family homes in Chiswick with basement parking. He reminded that the location was currently a car-park and therefore green open space would not be used for the development. Mr Tickle advised that the houses were proposed to be three storeys and the third storey was a setback roof storey. It was emphasised that there were no habitable windows being overlooked at Sharon Road or Autumn Rise on Sutton Court Road.


Mr Tickle stated that the scheme was wholly in accordance with the Mayor’s density policy. In terms of the impact on sunlight for neighbouring properties he advised that all except one window passed the sunlight test. He advised that the roof terraces would be sunken into the scheme and therefore would provide screening and prevent overlooking into neighbours gardens. To alleviate concerns with regard to damage to trees in the area, it was stated that all trees had been tested and all trees in neighbouring gardens would be protected. Any trees damaged as a result of the works would be replaced.


Mr Tickle advised that a public exhibition with details of the proposed scheme was carried out and generally there had been a broad view in favour of the scheme.



Mr Iain Burnett spoke in objection to the application. He advised that he was a resident of Sharon Road and his house backed on to the proposed development. He advised that he represented many affected properties including Sutton Court Road residents that were objecting to the application.


Mr Burnett stated that the underground car park requirement was to provide 29 spaces for vehicles. He expressed concern that the spaces in the car park had been shrunk to meet the target requirement of 29 spaces and the spaces would be much smaller than the national guidelines. The layout of the car park prevented access to several spaces due to the location of pillars. As a result  the underground car park would not function as proposed.


It was stated that the distance to neighbouring properties was much smaller than the developer stated. Concerns were raised with regard to light depravation and it was stated that BRE light calculations had not been met.


Mr Burnett felt that the roof terraces that would be perched at apex of each roof would overlook each other and would also overlook  ...  view the full minutes text for item 11.


Permanent No Entry Restrictions to Park Place Drive & Princes Avenue from Gunnersbury Avenue - Gareth James (LBH) pdf icon PDF 128 KB

Additional documents:


See the report of the Senior Transport Projects Officer – Agenda Item 7


Gareth James, Senior Transport Projects Officer, presented the report. He advised that at the meeting of the Chiswick Area Forum in January 2013 it was agreed to trial the no-entry scheme to Park Place Drive and Princes Avenue from Gunnersbury Avenue. The trial began in August 2015 and residents were written to in November 2015 to ask for feedback on whether the no-entry restrictions should be made permanent. 86 online survey responses were received, of which 67% were in favour of making the restrictions permanent. 31% were against and 2% had selected ‘don’t know’. Four respondents to the survey had stated that they had a disability and were in favour of making the no-entry restrictions permanent.


The Parking Compliance department had stated that more regular enforcement of the restrictions in the area would be carried out with immediate effect. Mr James advised that traffic surveys had indicated that Princes Road would need to be made a priority. The cost associated with making the no-entry restrictions permanent would be £600.


Councillor McGregor suggested that the scheme could be reviewed in three or four years’ time.


Councillor Davies advised that she strongly supported the scheme along with two-thirds of the residents within the estate. She supported the recommendation to make the No-Entry restrictions permanent and she did not feel a review in three or four years’ time was necessary. She felt it was important to find ways to enforce against motorists that were ignoring the no-entry signs.


Ms Jenny Mark a local resident expressed concern that the response rate to the consultation was very low. She felt that a proper traffic survey needed to be carried out that identified where the vehicles came from that were using the route as a rat-run. She advised that the Gunnersbury Park Estate required a mechanism that resulted in safe vehicular movement and she felt strongly that that the permanent no-entry scheme would result in more congestion which therefore would not be safe.


Ms Mark suggested that a sign could be installed that stated ‘No-Entry Except for emergency and Health Vehicles’. She felt that disabled residents were more likely to depend on vehicles from different health services requiring access.


In response to concerns raised about responses to the survey, Mr James advised that the response rate for the survey was considered to be better than in the past. He stated that it would be possible to look into different signage options.


Mr Roger Vipond, a resident at Gunnersbury Triangle emphasised that since the no-entry trial had been introduced Gunnersbury Avenue was a much safer and improved area.


Councillor Lee moved approval of the recommendation. This was seconded by Councillor Davies and a vote for approval was carried unanimously.




1.1 That the Chiswick Area Forum noted the results of the consultation conducted between 25th November 2015 and 16th December 2015 on the trialled “no entry” restrictions that were introduced through an Experimental  ...  view the full minutes text for item 12.


Great West Corridor, Local Plan Review presentation - Chris Smith (LBH) & Alex Bird (LBH) pdf icon PDF 71 KB

Additional documents:


See report from the Executive Director of Regeneration, Economic Development and Environment, Agenda Item 9.


Alex Bird (Planning Policy Officer LBH) and Chris Smith (Planning Policy Officer LBH) presented the Great West Corridor Local Plan Review. Ms Bird advised that the Local Plan was adopted in September 2015 and the Council welcomed comments and views about the plan from residents and Councillors. The Great West Corridor plan set out ten key issues and views about those issues were being sought.


Work on the plans was still being carried out including research on employment space and an employment land review. In terms of the infrastructure and delivery, a report about potential school sites would be presented to Cabinet in Spring. Transport infrastructures were an absolute necessity to facilitate the Great West Corridor.


Mr Smith advised that a consultation was open for residents to submit their comments and views and would remain open until Monday 22nd February 2016.


Councillor Lee stated that due to the Brentford football club development major changes to strengthen transport links would be required. He advised that there was a railway line under Gunnersbury Avenue that had not been used since the 1930s. Councillor Lee suggested that it could be bought back into use to alleviate traffic on the roads, particularly on match days.


Councillor Lee felt strongly that Chiswick should not be included within the Great West Corridor and that the Great West Corridor should stop at the end of the Great West Road and not go as far as Chiswick High Road.


9:55pm – Councillor Lee proposed the suspension of standing orders to extend the meeting until 10.30pm. The motion to extend the meeting until 10.30pm was seconded by Councillor Todd. A vote on the motion was taken as follows:


For: Councillor Lee, Councillor Hearn and Councillor Todd.

Against: Councillor Davies, Councillor Oulds and Councillor McGregor.


As the vote resulted in a tie, the Chair used his casting vote to approve the motion to suspend standing orders to allow the meeting to continue until 10.30pm.


Chris Smith advised that if residents or Members had any views or comments about the Great West Corridor Local Plan they should submit a response to the consultation. He advised that, in the long-term, the document could be used as a guidance document for the planning committee.



The Area Forum noted the Issues Consultations for the Local Plan Reviews: Great West Corridor and encouraged stakeholders and community representatives to use this opportunity to shape the content of the Plans. 


10.15pm – Councillor Davies and Councillor Oulds left the meeting.




Budget 2016-2017 - Councillor Dennison pdf icon PDF 119 KB


Councillor Lee left the room at 10.17pm, the meeting was inquorate at this point but the remaining members chose to continue.


See presentation slides from the meeting, attached with the electronic agenda pack for reference, Agenda Item 11.



Councillor Thompson and Councillor Lee returned to the meeting at 10.20pm



Councillor Dennison took members through the presentation slides.  In response to questions, he sought to assure residents that, whilst it was inevitable that there would be some impact on frontline services given the scale of the budget cuts required, the Administration was committed to protecting statutory services and ensuring that the impact on services was kept to a minimum. 


Councilor Dennison advised that the Mid Term Financial Statement would be available from Wednesday 27 January 2016 and that a copy would be published with the electronic agenda pack of this meeting for reference.


The revised Medium Term Financial Statement would be available on the Council’s website from Wednesday 27 January 2016 (See Budget Savings Proposals 2016-17 report to the Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting 2 February 2016): https://democraticservices.hounslow.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=211&MId=9345




The presentation was noted


Street Improvement Fund - Gareth James (LBH) pdf icon PDF 45 KB

Additional documents:


See report from the Head of Traffic and Transport, Agenda Item 15.


Gareth James, Senior Transport Project Officer, encouraged further bids to be submitted for the current period for the Street Improvement Fund. 



·       The Area Forum noted the work that had been progressed to date on ‘Street Improvement Fund’ projects for 2015-16.

·       It noted that applications to the Street Improvement Fund 2016-17 were now open and would close at the end of February 2016.



Small Grant Application - Marilyn Smith (LBH) pdf icon PDF 112 KB

Additional documents:


See report of the Third Sector Partnership Manager (agenda item 8).


Councillor Todd moved approval of the application and this was seconded by Councillor McGregor and approved unanimously.


Resolved -


That a small grant be awarded to the following organisation for the amount indicated:-


Organisation                                                                        Amount

Chiswick House Kitchen Garden Apiary                                   £463



Minutes of the meeting held on 3 November 2015 pdf icon PDF 60 KB


This item was deferred to the next meeting for confirmation.


Minutes of the meeting held on 17 November 2015 pdf icon PDF 76 KB


This item was deferred to the next meeting for confirmation.



Urgent Business


Any business which the Chair agrees to accept on grounds of urgency.


There was no urgent business.


Date of next meeting - 8 March 2016


The date of the next meeting was noted.