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Venue: The Meeting Room, Ground Floor to the left of the Porters Lodge, Chiswick Town Hall

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Note: Additional Special Meeting 

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Apologies for absence, declarations of interest or any other communications from Members


Apologies had been received from Councillor Binda Rai and Co-opted Member, James Wisdom and Councillor Corinna Smart, Cabinet Member for LB Hounslow.


Val Bott attended as a substitute for James Wisdom to represent the Friends of Gunnersbury Park and the Trust.


Presentation on Sports Hub


Marianne Boyle, LB Hounslow and Jonathan Kirby, LB Ealing gave a brief presentation on the background to the consideration of the materials to be used for the Sports Hub. The presentation reminded members of the planning decision that the final materials should be discussed with ward councillors and agreed by the Chair of the Planning Committee; and advised members of the Historic England criteria for the materials in regard to restrained colours, sustainability, maintenance and affordability. The presentation set out the materials rejected on grounds of high cost, deterioration and uneven weathering and explained the reasons why specific materials had been selected, namely that they would retain colour and were easier to maintain. The Panel noted that only minimal changes could be made to the materials of the structure, but that they could look at the colour scheme.


Members were shown the original colour palette and a range of alternative colours. It was clarified that the preferred palette would be recommended to the Chair of Planning in LB Hounslow for approval, with Listed Consent required via Historic England. The alternative colours shown were non- standard colours so there would be a cost implication but this would not be significant.


Members were informed that there would be signs on the building. Discussion was ongoing about the nature of the signs but they would be in line with location and directional signs throughout the park, with most notices on the car park side of the building.


Val Bott, on behalf of the Friends and the Trust, advised that there was concern amongst the Friends and public at the industrial shape of the building within parkland, particularly as from a distance the mix of colours would not be visible and the building would appear as a dark, industrial type block, dominating open sightlines on an elevated site. The Friends and the Trust asked members to consider a lighter palette.


In considering the boards showing the alternative colour palettes, the Panel agreed that they would prefer lighter shades. The overall preference was for green, potentially with a slightly lighter brown tan colour at the base, to reflect the shades of the trees around the building and so to be less intrusive in the park setting. Members also asked for an image showing the other side of the building in green.


Action: It was agreed that revised images would be circulated the following week to members of the Panel, as well as to other ward councillors in Ealing Common ward, Brentford and Turnham Green wards and would then be sent to Historic England for comment. These could then be submitted to the planning authority for the planning condition to be discharged. Agreement was sought before Christmas to include in the building pack.


Marianne Boyle and Jonathan Kirby left the meeting at the end of this item.


Update on Park Events Licence Proposal


Chris Bunting, LB Ealing and Alex Duncan, of Events Umbrella, Ealing’s events service, introduced this item.


It was noted that there had been a meeting called in August to discuss the license proposal but that not all members of the Panel or local ward councillors had been invited to that meeting. Councillors Collins and Dabrowska had attended.


Chris Bunting advised that they had been commissioned by LB Ealing and LB Hounslow to develop a policy for the Park, as well as to manage events until the Community Interest Company (CIC) took over. Events Umbrella had been commissioned by LB Hounslow, the licensing authority, to produce the policies required.


It was understood that those members present at the August meeting had felt that a Gunnersbury Park events schedule was being decided prior to a policy being in place so consideration had been deferred and members were promised sight of a policy by September.


Alex Duncan informed the Panel that the LB Ealing policy had been adopted by the CIC in the interim but they were now looking to develop a bespoke policy for Gunnersbury Park. The policy would be developed first, with the license following the policy.


Councillor Dabrowska questioned why this process had taken three months and was advised that the budget and commissioning to undertake the work had only been confirmed earlier that week. 


Members expressed concern that recent arrangements to notify residents of events had not worked. Residents were unable to respond as there was no procedure enabling them to do so.


Mr Duncan advised that any policy would include a process for event approvals; the decision making process and how people would be informed to be able to comment. It was agreed that the members of the Panel could see a draft of the policy.


Concerns were raised about inappropriate commercial events being used simply as a revenue earner for the park. This concern had a long history so members were concerned to understand the parameters and guidance for approving events and to ensure that any policy should protect the park and not inconvenience local people.


Chris Bunting explained that the Business Plan for the park included events to generate income, which would all go back to the park and museum. The licence would cover a range of cultural events. Members understood that at the August meeting 56 event days per year had been mentioned, mostly between April and October. Set up and dismantling time would be needed for each event. It was recognised that many of these ‘events’ would be weddings but it would mean the park was busy every weekend and members questioned the effect on use by the public.


Councillor Dabrowska asked for a draft of the policy to be available for Panel and ward members to consider before any official consultation. She noted that this policy could set precedents for future policies beyond the immediate project.


Val Bott of the Friends and Development Trust noted that under the project the new Museum and  ...  view the full minutes text for item 26.


Update on the Trust


Val Bott of the Development Trust gave a brief update on the Trust’s work. They had submitted bids to the Sackler and Ford Foundations. There had been discussions concerning the marketing of the Small Mansion and the Stables and the possibility of finding new users because of the opportunities from an Enterprise Grant bid. A Trustee, Kevin Marney, had a background in property development and was working with Jonathan Kirby of LB Ealing on the nature of any agreement. He had recommended a new form of contract to avoid loose agreements as had been the case with some amenities in the past in the park.


The Trust had created a Facebook page – Revealing Gunnersbury and two Trustees were creating a new website for the Trust with opportunities for people to donate to be a part of the regeneration.


The Trust was a registered Charity with 7 Trustees and an open process of recruiting Trustees. The Trust had invited Mike Rowan, previously of LB Hounslow, to be a Trustee, given his considerable experience in this field. There were no other current vacancies for Trustees.


There was concern about the lack of information on how the public might engage with the Community Interest Company (CIC) and the Trust.


Action: Members suggested that it would be helpful for the January meeting if there were an update on the progress of the Community Interest Company (CIC) as well as the Trust


Dates of future meetings

Further meetings are scheduled for 27 January 2017 and 28 April 2017.


All meetings will be held at 6.30pm in the Board Room, Ground Floor, Chiswick Town Hall.




The next meeting was confirmed as Friday, 27 January 2017 at 6.30 p.m. in Chiswick Town Hall.


Urgent Business

Any business which the Chair agrees to accept on grounds of urgency.


There was no urgent business.