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Venue: Chiswick Town Hall, Heathfield Terrace, Chiswick W4 4JN

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Apologies for absence, declarations of interest or any other communications from Members


Apologies noted.  No declarations of interest.


In attendance:

David Bowler – CEO, Gunnersbury CIC

Bridget – Gunnersbury Project Manager, Ealing Council

Marianne Boyle – Hounslow Council


Minutes of the meeting held on 27 January 2017 pdf icon PDF 139 KB


Minutes of the meeting held on 27 January 2017 agreed and signed by the Chair as a correct record.


Matters Arising:


Minute 33: Gunnersbury Events Policy and Licensing:

Marianne Boyle confirmed that no further comments had been submitted since the Panel’s April meeting.  However, David Stockdale was prepared to incorporate any further comments received following today’s meeting. Members requested an updated copy of the Policy to ensure submitted comments had been addressed.


Marianne confirmed that, whilst it was planned, a zoning map was not yet available for Gunnersbury.  The forthcoming Mela would be held on the sports pitches in the interim.


Members were asked to suggest preferred dates and times for a further site visit.  It was agreed that officers would email members of this Panel and Friends of Gunnersbury Park with a small list of suggested dates. (ACTION: Marianne Boyle/ David Stockdale)



Gunnersbury Public Update Meetings, Feedback on Issues and Future Public Consultations pdf icon PDF 102 KB

To include an update on the outcome of Gunnersbury Park Project Meeting on 30 March 2017


Marianne Boyle briefed members on the submitted update.  There was some discussion on the level of publicity provided for consultation events, given the low attendance by Hounslow residents at the last event.  It was acknowledged that the next consultation event would focus on plans for the Mela.  Members suggested changing the July Panel date from July 21 to July 7 in line with the planning process for the Mela. (ACTION: Kay)


James Wisdom stated that consultation meetings had been publicised through Chiswick W4, Brentford TW8 websites and by the Friends of Gunnersbury Park.  He raised concern at the lack of clarity as to the scale of income that had to be generated from an event such as the Mela. 


David Bowler acknowledged the need for thorough forward planning, noting that he would look at maximising the usage of certain areas of the park.  He would seek the views of this Panel on the issues before going out to wider consultation. It was accepted that, whist the 2017 Mela was likely to be similar to previous events, changes to landscaping and parking arrangements would need to be taken into account for events from 2018 onwards.  The Chair suggested establishing a small task and finish group to look in more detail at potential issues as part of the planning process.


Progress Report - Capital Projects Update (Park, Museum, Sports Hub) pdf icon PDF 328 KB

To include an update on the financial situation, proposed project timelines.  This item will also include an update on the Gothic Tower and Potomac Pond.


Bridget Gregory briefed members on the submitted document. 


Silk wallpaper was expertly removed from the Long Gallery in the Large Mansion and would be stored in the archive.  However, a small section has been retained in situ for reference.  The anticipated opening to the public was Spring 2018.  The café was due to open in August 2017.  In discussion on the restoration of the kitchen gardens members supported proposals to include a memorial to Joan Catterall.  Members of the Panel requested that all members be invited to the launch event, not just the Leaders of the respective authorities.  (ACTION: Bridget Gregory)


James Wisdom noted his disappointment at the omission in the submitted report of the £6,000 donation from the Friends of Gunnersbury Park in February this year, together with the fact that a meeting request with James Townsend had not been acknowledged.  Councillor Johnson suggested that this matter could be resolved outside this meeting.  (ACTION: Bridget Gregory)


Marianne Boyle noted that work was expected to begin on the sports pitches and tennis courts from September 2017 with a tendering process, with a view to shortlisting and selecting the preferred bidder in Summer 2018. 


Whilst some repairs had been carried out on the Potomac Tower as part of Phase 1, it was part of the management and maintenance plan and would be included in the CIC business plan.  Heritage England had also been consulted and were keen to fund further repairs. 


Limited resources prevented further work on the Potomac pond at this time. Officers were working closely with Chris Ellis, Head Gardener, and Capel Manor students on the landscaping.  Officers were aware of members’ concerns around unauthorised fishing on the lake and confirmed that the lock had been changed to strengthen security around the lake. Park Guard was also aware of the matter.


There followed some discussion on the marketing of the small mansion.  Ealing had appointed Lambeth, Smith and Hampton as property experts. A viability study would be carried out on the stables and discussions had begun with Heritage England on the submission of a funding bid. 


Members discussed concerns at bringing residential back to Gunnersbury and reiterated their request for other options to be seriously considered in the alternative. After some discussion on the history of residential apartments on the site, Bridget assured members that officers were looking at all options but minded that the building had been very difficult to market because of the enormous renovation costs involved. 


Community Interest Company (CIC) and Development Trust Update

A CEO has been appointed following interviews.  There will be a formal announcement shortly.


David Bowler introduced himself and his experience to date.  He confirmed the intention to use the Small Mansion as the base for the CIC before eventually moving to the Large Mansion sometime in 2018 once works had been completed.  David was meeting with officers from Ealing and Hounslow to ensure he was fully briefed.  He noted that it was a privilege to take responsibility for such an asset and thanked members for the comments and points raised this evening.  He assured members that he would be working to ensure the work of the CIC and the Trust board were aligned to allow for open robust discussion.


Dates of future meetings

Friday 21 July and 6 October 2017.


It was agreed to move the July 21 date forward to 7 July 2017. 

James Wisdom submitted apologies for the new date and members agreed that Val Bott could attend as his substitute.



Urgent Business

Any business which the Chair agrees to accept on grounds of urgency.


There was no urgent business.