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Apologies for absence, declarations of interest or any other communications from Members


Apologies were submitted on behalf of Councillor Myra Savin.



Minutes of the meeting held on 21 October 2016 pdf icon PDF 214 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 21 October 2016 were agreed and signed by the Chair as a correct record, subject to the following amendment


Minute 31: Matters Arising:

James Wisdom noted the importance of appropriate weighting of the criteria for marketing the Small Mansion to ensure both financial viability and community use.


Minutes of the special additional meeting held on 18 November 2016 pdf icon PDF 118 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 18 November 2016 were agreed and signed by the Chair as a correct record, subject to one amendment:


Minute 27: Update on Trust (1st paragraph):

“Sackler and Ford Foundations.” to be amended to read “Sackler and Foyle Foundations.”


Gunnersbury Events Policy and Licensing pdf icon PDF 272 KB

Additional documents:


See draft Outdoor Events Policy 2017 submitted by David Stockdale, Agenda Item 4.


David Stockdale introduced the submitted document, noting that it had been drafted in the name of the Community Interest Company (CIC) who would later ratify the policy.  No further action would be taken on the document until the CIC had been established.  The idea was to have in place a blanket CIC events license for Gunnersbury Park and that for each particular event, a separate licensing application would have to be submitted to the local authority. 


In the discussion that followed the following points were raised:

·       James Wisdom sought clarification on the wording of the final sentence in the Introduction, suggesting that the policy should also in future cover the CIC for major events at the park;

·       James expressed the view that the policy should focus on the overall benefit of future events and the attractiveness of the park as it would be experienced by people in and around Gunnersbury.

·       Whilst it was acknowledged that the park would need a sustainable income stream, members agreed that this income generation should not be to the detriment of the lives of its closest neighbours and those who enjoyed the amenity of the park;

·       Clarification was sought on the term ‘special events’.  David stated that any event likely to cause noise disturbance would automatically require a level 4 consultation.  He added that CIC-led events would automatically be classified as ‘special events’;

·       Some concern was noted in relation to events such as funfairs, which may last longer than a few days and require infrastructure such as the installation of portable toilets and temporary paths.  Further detail was sought on whether restorative costs to ensure the park was brought back to its original condition after the event would be built into the charging model for larger events;

·       It was suggested that Council-led events should also be included with those events that would always be regarded as ‘special events’;

·       Members discussed the proposal to divide the park into zones to ensure minimum disruption to neighbouring residents and businesses during particular types of events.  A request was made for a physical copy of a zoning map for the park, together with a plan of the layout for the new sports pitches;

·       Concerns were raised in relation to the terms of membership of the CIC.  Clarification was sought as to whether the ‘CIC senior members’ (local authority representatives) would have the power to discharge the rest of the board membership, which it was felt would deter volunteers from joining the CIC in the first place.  The Chair sought to reassure members that both Hounslow and Ealing Councils would monitor the CIC and retain the power to hold members to account;

·       Members discussed the classification of ‘sensitive events’ (Paragraph 4.3.1).  An example of ‘adult only admission’ was suggested as any event classed as ‘Over 18’s only’ admission.  Whilst it was considered that more definition was required on the criteria for such events, members acknowledged that a  ...  view the full minutes text for item 33.


Progress Report - Capital Projects Update (Park, Museum, Sports Hub) pdf icon PDF 449 KB


David Stockdale provided members with an update on individual works on the grounds.  He confirmed that, as works were completed, those parts of the park would be reopened to the public with the large mansion and museum expected to be open by Spring 2018.  


David was asked for a short bullet point list of key dates for public information on the timeline.


When asked what had caused delays in the completion schedule, David reminded members that any refurbishment of old buildings was liable to uncover unforeseen problems.  He assured members, however, that fixed budgets meant that the timeline was the only thing that would be allowed to slip.  He paid tribute to the Ealing Major Projects department for ensuring that work carried out to address the identified problems had not impacted on the available budget.  He agreed to make enquiries to arrange a further site visit for committee members. (Action: David Stockdale)


In response to a question on the Chiswick and Treaty Centre archives, David confirmed that both the Small Mansion and archives buildings were in a poor state of repair and that there remained a circa. £10 million capital deficit in respect of works required at the Small Mansion and stables buildings.  It would only be possible to relocate the archives, should this funding be raised.


There had been a series of leaks south of the Large Mansion and at the pedestrian entrance.  Thames Water had investigated the leaks but found that, due to the age of the pipework, any repairs would be liable to further leakage in future.  The decision had been taken to install mains water to the east of the site, allowing the old system to be disconnected.  David also confirmed that no leak had been found between Baron’s Pond and Gunnersbury Park.


James Wisdom highlighted the funding received from Historic England and suggested the importance of including an article in the newsletter listing the works funded by Historic England.   David confirmed that he was happy to take this suggestion to the Board, adding that Historic England was a formal partner on the project board and echoing James’ views that their professional advice and support offered to date had been incredibly productive.


Councillor Johnson confirmed that Ealing Council had extended the funding for the technical team in Environmental Services, which had allowed the project team to continue.  Efficient project management had meant that any costs incurred for the long-term retention of scaffolding on site had been offset and balanced back into the overall budget. 


Community Interest Company (CIC) and Development Trust Update pdf icon PDF 251 KB


The submitted update was noted.


Dates of future meetings

The next meeting is scheduled for Friday, 28 April 2017 at 6.30 p.m. in the Board Room, Ground Floor, Chiswick Town Hall.


In line with the pattern of previous years, the following dates are suggested for further meetings of the Panel in 2017:


Friday, 14 July 2017 (or alternatively Friday, 7 July or Friday, 21 July)


Friday, 13 October 2017 (or alternatively Friday, 6 October or Friday, 20 October)




Members resolved to meet again on the 21 July and 6 October 2017.



Urgent Business

Any business which the Chair agrees to accept on grounds of urgency.


The Chair announced that this would be Carol Stiles’ last meeting before leaving Hounslow Council.  She wished to record the Committee’s deepest thanks for all the support and work Carol had given over the years, adding that Carol would be greatly missed.