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Election of Chair and Vice Chair

In accordance with the terms of reference for this Panel, the position of Chair for 2017-18 is held by an Ealing Member; Vice-Chair is held by a Hounslow Member.


Councillor Yvonne Johnson was appointed as Chair for the coming year.

Councillor Myra Savin was appointed as Vice-Chair for the coming year.




Apologies for absence, declarations of interest or any other communications from Members


Apologies were received on behalf of Councillors Davies and Collins and on behalf of James Wisdom (deputised at this meeting by Val Bott, Friends of Gunnersbury Park).


There were no declarations of interest.


Heritage Progress Report pdf icon PDF 442 KB


David Stockdale reported that large parts of the planned works were nearing completion and that those works not funded would be made safe.  The museum would be completed by the end of 2017, after which it would be taken over by museum staff and fitted out.  David reminded members that the overall value of the project was £21m, a large proportion of which had been funded by external agencies. 


Val Bott noted that the Development Trust had experienced difficulties in securing funding, due largely to the delay in setting up the charity, which resulted in work starting on fundable projects, which then meant that they were no longer eligible for grants.  Recent small grants would fund the conservation of a carriage and the main gate.  Val reported positive feedback on the new meadows.  Capel Manor College students had been really happy to work with the chief gardener.  Councillor Walker also commented on how good the new playground looked.


Referring to 2.9 of the submitted report, Val confirmed that the Historic England funding had been unlocked by an exceptional grant of £6,617 from Friends of Gunnersbury Park towards the works.  There was concern that the Friends’ contribution had not been acknowledged on site as requested.   


When asked for the location of the floors tested in May (see 3.3 of submitted report), David Stockdale agreed to pass this question to Bridget Gregory at Ealing for a response.


Councillor Dabrowska joined the meeting at this point and asked what the current and future arrangements were for construction traffic to access the park.  Mr Stockdale stated that the heritage main Popes Lane gate was closed to the public so that the tennis courts construction traffic would use the existing car park and, as the contractor for the main construction work had not yet been agreed, access arrangements were yet to be finalised.  



The submitted report was noted.


Sports Progress Report pdf icon PDF 130 KB


David Stockdale provided a brief background update on the sports hub project, the construction phase for which was expected to take 18 months.



The submitted report was noted.



London Mela 2017 and Gunnersbury Licensing Update pdf icon PDF 307 KB


Members noted the submitted report, noting in particular the following points:

·       The importance of conditioning directional noise for large events at the park – particularly relevant to residents on the Lionel Road side of the park.

·       The need for notification letters to be sent to the Panel, local residents around the park and to local councillors, including timings for the event.

·       Members noted that any notices displayed around the park for local residents should also include the date of the forthcoming event so that residents could refer to this should they wish to submit representations about the event.

·       The need for a transport strategy plan for large events

·       Members of the Joint Advisory Panel asked to be sent an emergency contact for large events, such as the forthcoming Mela, so that they could report any issues on residents’ behalf should they be approached by local constituents during the event.


Concerns were raised that the events licence for the Mela would be considered by Hounslow before the policy had been agreed.  It was suggested that the events licence for this year’s Mela should be considered as a standalone licence and that, only once the overarching policy had been approved, all future licences would refer to that policy.



·       The Chair asked that members’ concerns on the events licence were fed back to Hounslow Council’s Licensing Team for their attention.

·       Referring to the consultation on the overarching policy, the Chair asked members to send representations to David Stockdale. 



Update from the Gunnersbury Estate (2026) CIC and Gunnersbury Development Trust pdf icon PDF 230 KB


Members noted the submitted update.  There was some discussion on funding options for the external park lighting outside the museum.  Val Bott recalled that previous grants had funded the replacement of lamps, which she hoped meant that only the electricity supply required refurbishment.  Whilst it was acknowledged that works to the outdoor lighting was not included in the works originally proposed, members agreed that the lack of lighting curtailed the opening times for the museum during the darker winter months and that a solution should be sought. Funding suggestions included approaching a commercial partner and bidding for ward panel funding. 


David Bowler informed members that he hoped to present a clearer report on the many legal issues in the park at the October meeting.  The CIC was currently running on a skeleton staff but this should improve by the Autumn.


Referring to Section B of the submitted report, Val Bott said that the Development Trust was seeking advice about the most appropriate Rothschild family trusts which she was sure they would share with David Bowler.  Again it was suggested that commercial partners could be approached for funding. 


Project Issues and Workstreams

Verbal update on next public consultation, park opening, and café build and opening.


David Stockdale confirmed that, whilst all options were being considered in respect of the marketing of the Small Mansion, no solution had yet been recommended or costed.


The next project consultation was anticipated to be on the sports project in December 2017. 


Members reiterated requests to be included on the guest list at any ceremonial opening at the park. 


Park Operational Issues

Verbal update on Potomac Lake, play equipment, trees and benches.


David Stockdale confirmed that the Potomac Lake had now been secured, notices erected and locks changed. Members were assured that the Head Gardener had been carrying out regular patrols of the grounds as part of their duties and that residents were encouraged to report any issues to members of the Panel so that these could be investigated.



Minutes of the meeting held on 28 April 2017 pdf icon PDF 119 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 28 April 2017 were agreed and signed by the Chair as a correct record, subject to the following amendment:


Minute 41: Progress Report – Capital Projects Update (Paragraph 1):

Correction to the following sentence: “In discussion on the restoration of the kitchen gardens members supported proposals to include a memorial to Joan Catterall.”  It was confirmed that, in accordance with previous discussions at this Panel, that an internal volunteer space at the Museum should be named after Joan Catterall, rather than an outside space.  David Bowler confirmed that he would be very happy to name one of the rooms after Joan.





Date of future meeting - Friday 6 October 2017 from 6.30pm


Urgent Business

Any business which the Chair agrees to accept on grounds of urgency.


No urgent business was raised.