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Appointment of Chair


Cllr Shantanu Rajawat was appointed Chair. He thanked Cllrs Richard Foote and Surinder Purewal for their attendance.



Cllr Shantanu Rajawat was appointed Chair. He thanked Cllrs Richard Foote and Surinder Purewal for their attendance.



Gunnersbury Park, Popes Lane, London pdf icon PDF 230 KB

Application for the grant of a premises licence.

Additional documents:


Application for the grant of a premises licence.






Section 17


Notification of decision following a Licensing Panel hearing to determine an application for a premises licence


PREMISES: Gunnersbury Park, Popes Lane, London, W3 8LQ.



TO:    London Borough of Hounslow





THAT following a hearing before the Licensing and General Purposes Sub

Committee (the Licensing Panel)


ON 31 July 2017


HOUNSLOW COUNCIL, as the Licensing Authority for the premises




That the application for the grant of a premises licence, as amended, be GRANTED IN FULL and on the terms and conditions contained within the application to include any applicable mandatory conditions.


Licensable activities:


Supply of alcohol for consumption on and off the premises

Monday to Sunday 11.00 to 22:30


Plays, Films, Indoor sports events, Boxing or wrestling entertainments

Monday to Sunday 09.00 to 23.00


Live music, Recorded music, Performance of dance, Anything of a similar description

Monday to Sunday 09.00 to 23.00


Hours premises are open to the public

Monday to Sunday 08:00 to dusk.


Events will be categorised as follows:

              Small Events: 499 people max on site at any one time.

              Medium Events: 5,000 people max.

              Large Events: 10,000 people max.

              Special Events: More than 10,000 people on site at any one time.


The following restrictions will apply:

              There will be no more than 4 special events in a calendar year.

              There will be no more than 5 large events in a calendar year.

              There will no more than 10 medium events in a calendar year.

              There will be no more than 28 small events in a calendar year.

              Combination of Large and Special Events will not exceed 8 days.

              Combination of Medium, Large and Special Events not to exceed 10 days.

              Combination of Small, Medium, Large and Special Events not to exceed 28 days.




And with the following conditions attached to the licence:



Proposed Licence Conditions: Gunnersbury Park Estate




1.       Definitions:

a.  Event Organiser: All third-parties who wish to utilise this premises licence will be referred to as Event Organisers.


b. Event Management Team: This refers to the key team of people assisting the Event Organiser in delivering a safe event and promoting the licensing objectives.   This   includes   the   Event Organiser   and   potentially key personnel contracted by the Event Organiser, for example; the Head of Security and/or Health and Safety Officer.


c. Event Management  Plan: Is a "living document" that outlines the management structure, roles and responsibilities, contact details, organisation, control, monitoring, communication plans, policies and procedures of the event management team, production schedules, contractor information and comprehensive  method statements relating to the effective delivery of the event. This document will vary in scope and content for each event.


d.  Events Policy:  Refers to Gunnersbury  Park's established  events policy. Event Organisers that utilise this Premises Licence  ...  view the full decision text for item 2.


Please see the report by the Director of Regeneration, Economic Development and Environment (agenda item 2) and the attached appendices.


Please see the decision sheet for full details of the hours and conditions of the licence as granted.


Please note that condition numbers referred to below are those on the original application, published in the agenda pack. The numbers set out in the published decision differ as three additional conditions were accepted during the course of the hearing.


The legal adviser to the Panel was Harinder Dhaliwal and Licensing Manager Lewis Aldous represented the Licensing Authority.


The applicant was represented by solicitor Bob Huffam and David Stockdale (Heritage & Arts manager LB Hounslow), Alex Duncan (Events Umbrella) and David Bowler (CIC) also attended.


Two Ealing Councillors, Cllr Jon Ball and Cllr Joanna Dabrowska (both Ealing Common ward) attended as did over 25 local residents. 109 written objections were read and taken into account (108 from other persons and one from a Councillor.)


Mr Aldous presented the report which was agreed by the applicant. The Panel confirmed that they had received and read the Gunnersbury Park Outdoor Events Policy, which had been submitted as a late document after the agenda had been published.


Cllr Dabrowska advised that she spoke on behalf of several named constituents, some of whom had submitted representations in their own right, all of whom had asked her to speak for them at the hearing. She questioned whether the policy was fit for purpose, for example it required that neighbouring Councillors be consulted, whereas she had not been informed and had only discovered the application’s existence at another meeting on 7 July. She also felt that the Council’s policy of informing households within a 50 metre radius was inadequate in this instance as large scale events in the park would have a far reaching impact, therefore a much greater number of households should have been consulted.


Cllr Dabrowska was concerned that the licence was too ‘all-encompassing’, for instance permitting sales of alcohol for consumption off the premises which she felt could lead to increased crime and disorder in the area and she was not confident that issues of anti-social behaviour (ASB) would be adequately addressed.  Noise was a major concern; tolerable for a single event (the Mela) but much worse if there were multiple events in a year and she proposed that sound be carefully directed to minimise impact on neighbouring residential properties. Residents had experienced problems with parking during the Mela for many years, including the blocking of private driveways and there was no confidence that sufficient measures had been taken to marshal this in future. 28 events a year, with the possibility of more than one in any given day, was excessive and this volume could increase pollution from traffic congestion as well as cause damage to the green space of the park itself. Setting up and taking down time added to the actual duration of the events and would block access to public space for  ...  view the full minutes text for item 2.


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Procedure for the conduct of Panel hearings. pdf icon PDF 195 KB


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