Hounslow Council

Agenda and minutes

Venue: Cooks Room, Spring Grove House, West Thames College

Contact: Kay Duffy on 020 8583 2067 or at Email: kay.duffy@hounslow.gov.uk 

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4.00-4.05pm Welcome

The Chair will open the meeting, invite introductions, welcome new attendees and take apologies for absence.


Apologies were noted on behalf of Katie Boylan, Nicola Burbidge and Sue Jeffers (represented by David Thomas), Stephen Fry, Mary Harpley, Mahnoor Khan, Raj Kohli (represented by Ch. Insp. Wayne Matthews), Peter Matthew and Roger Shortt.


It was noted that Alex Tambourides had been replaced by Phillip Brewley-Eldridge as a result of the recent Hounslow Community Network (HCN) elections. The Chair welcomed Mr Brewley-Eldridge to his first meeting and took a round of introductions.


4.05-4.10pm Previous minutes and matters arising pdf icon PDF 137 KB

Opportunity for attendees to raise any issues of accuracy before agreeing the minutes and to raise any matters arising not covered by the agenda.


The minutes of the meeting held on 5 October 2016 were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chair.  There were no matters arising.


4.10-4.20pm Update Report pdf icon PDF 346 KB

This item will present the standard update report, including information on the work of other strategic partnerships in the borough, areas of work initiated by the partnership and other matters of interest.  There is no new information from several of the groups but there are specific updates from the following:

·       Community Safety Partnership

·       Cranford Stronger Together Project

·       Welfare Reform Group

·       Hounslow Voluntary Sector

·       Children’s Delivery Group


See report from the Head of Policy and Scrutiny, Agenda Item 3.


Ian Duke introduced his submitted report, noting in particular the recruitment of Lara Kelly to the Cranford Stronger Together project.  The Network Officer post had also now been filled and was working with residents on the Meadows Estate.  The Project Officer post would be filled from 4 January and it was hoped that the project would be launched in February 2017.


Referring to the identified gaps in the membership of the Infrastructure Sub-group, David Thomas suggested that the new Managing Director should be nominated as the CCG representative.  Ch. Insp. Matthews suggested that Mr Kohli should represent the MPS, Ch. Insp. Matthews as deputy where required.  Kevin Sarwar-Polley said that he would liaise with Andy Roper at HCN and report back on a suitable VCSE representative. 





4.20-4.40pm Regeneration and Economic Development Strategy pdf icon PDF 216 KB

On the 16 June 2016 meeting it was resolved that the Regeneration and Economic Development Strategy would be tabled at the Board for discussion.  Alan Hesketh and Joyce Ip from London Borough of Hounslow will provide an overview of the strategy and also set out for comment proposals for the governance arrangements to ensure delivery of the strategy.


See report from the Head of Regeneration, Spatial Planning and Economic Development, Agenda Item 4.


Alan Hesketh, Head of Regeneration, Spatial Planning and Economic Development, and his colleague Joyce Ip, Regeneration Officer, briefed the Board on the submitted report and responded to questions on the Community Infrastructure Levy and the spending of accrued S106 funding.




4.40-5.40pm Community Resilience Measure: Towards a policy framework and ongoing testing of the model pdf icon PDF 221 KB

At the last meeting, the Board considered the latest testing of the model across four LSOA areas.  The testing demonstrated that the tool seemed accurate in showing what was happening in an area, though it requires qualitative validation to understand the drivers.  Given the greater levels confidence in the tool, the Board was keen to start looking at what this might mean in terms of developing a new policy framework.  Under this item Ian Duke will set out the thinking to date and run a workshop session for the Board to help shape the next steps.  The Board will also hear about the latest use of the tool to understand the drivers of high-levels to avoidable A&E usage.

Additional documents:


See report from the Head of Policy and Scrutiny, Agenda Item 3.


Katie Boylan joined the meeting at this point.


Ian Duke provided a brief update on the model for members asked the Board to consider the key areas for discussion as detailed in the submitted report.  Members supported the continuing work of this Board, noting the benefits of the strategic partnership work, which enabled partners to learn from each other and fostering integration and resilience within the borough’s communities, reducing their dependence of communities on services.


** Kevin supported the work done on building resilience and relationship building, referencing the study of ‘complex adaptive systems’, which he suggested was a much better model to assess relationships.


David and Greg provided examples from their own organisations that illustrated how focussing on the reasons why certain groups were high services users and working to mitigate that need resulted in reducing that dependence. The Chair noted the added complication of a transient population when effecting changes in behaviour, referring specifically to the work done to embed the borough’s waste and recycling message. 


Referring to the four principles listed at the end of the presentation slides, Ch. Insp. Matthews noted the all organisations were going through a period of change.  It was important, therefore, to be transparent with partners and stakeholders in the knowledge that some of the messages may not be well received and relationships may be difficult.  Ian suggested that the third and fourth principle should be combined to focus on mitigation rather than prevention. 


5.40-5.55pm Review of 2016 and planning for 2017 pdf icon PDF 336 KB

An opportunity to discuss the Board’s role and work programme over the past year, direction, and future plans for activity.  This item will also facilitate the Board’s election of the next Chair, and propose revisions to the Terms of Reference following decisions made during 2016 on membership and meeting schedule.


See report from the Head of Policy and Scrutiny, Agenda Item 6.


The Terms of Reference had not been included with the pack and would be circulated to members for their comments after this meeting, together with a list of dates for the coming year. ACTION: Clerk.


Kevin suggested that further engagement with the borough’s young people was carried out.  Ian suggested that this could be addressed by adding to the Board’s membership and encouraged members to make suggestions for any identified gaps in the membership. 


Councillor Mann had indicated that he would be happy to continue as Chair and encouraged members to email Ian if they were interested in the position outside this meeting.


5.55-6.00pm AOB, agenda for next meeting and close


The Chair wished everyone a very Happy New Year and looked forward to seeing everyone again at the Board’s meeting on 1 March 2017.