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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Banks Room, Spring Grove House, West Thames College

Contact: Kay Duffy on 020 8583 2067 or at Email: kay.duffy@hounslow.gov.uk 

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4.00-4.05pm Welcome

The Chair will open the meeting, invite introductions, welcome new attendees and take apologies for absence.


Councillor Amrit Mann welcomed everyone to the meeting and invited a round of introductions.


4.05-4.10pm Previous minutes and matters arising pdf icon PDF 43 KB

Opportunity for attendees to raise any issues of accuracy before agreeing the minutes and to raise any matters arising not covered by the agenda.


The minutes of the meeting held on 16 December 2015 were agreed and signed by the Chair as a correct record.  There were no matters arising.


4.10-4.40pm - Update Report pdf icon PDF 224 KB

This item will present the standard update report, including information on the work of other strategic partnerships in the borough, areas of work initiated by the partnership and other matters of interest. There will be specific updates on:


·       Cranford Stronger Together Project

An update on progress made to launch the next stage of the project.

·       Welfare Reform

An update on the impacts of current and future welfare reforms in the borough.

·       Infrastructure Planning

Further information requested by the Board on how a proposed virtual infrastructure network will work to inform planning and development in Hounslow, and how the borough’s plans for regeneration, planning and development fit together.

·       Multi-agency demand tool

Jo Sage, Head of Intelligence Hub at Hounslow Council, will provide an update on the bid to develop a multi-agency tool for demand management through the LGA Digital Transformation Fund, and invite expressions of interest from partners

Additional documents:


See the Update Report attached at Agenda Item 3.


Hounslow Economic Business Forum (HEBF)

Stephen Fry expanded on the summary provided in the submitted report, noting that the HEBF had discussed how the newly proposed housing zones would impact on community infrastructure needs in the borough.  There followed a discussion amongst Board members on Hounslow’s community infrastructure needs, resulting in the agreement to include a comprehensive proposal at a future meeting on how the Board could input into infrastructure planning in the borough.


Children’s Delivery Group (CDG)

Members noted concerns that CDG meetings had been cancelled a number of times in recent months.  It was agreed to follow this matter up outside this meeting with the Director of Children’s and Adults’ Services and provide an update to the next Board meeting.


Multi-agency Demand Tool:

Jo Sage, Head of Intelligence Hub at Hounslow Council, provided an update on the project, which members supported. The Board requested the completion of case studies and ethnographic work once the top 20 adults with complex needs had been identified. This was believed necessary in order to understand the challenges and barriers faced by these individuals. It was suggested that information from the voluntary community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector would also be of value.   Frank Spraggs offered to provide employment training and support to those adults identified through the project as being ready for employment.


4.40-5.10pm - VCSE Sector and Compact Review pdf icon PDF 128 KB

At the Board’s last meeting members noted a forthcoming review of the Hounslow Compact – which outlines a code of practice for partnership working between public bodies and the Voluntary Community Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector in the borough – and requested a further discussion. This item will provide more information on the review, and a working draft of the new Compact. It will be delivered by Aine Hayes and Kevin Sarwar-Polley.

Additional documents:


See submitted report at Agenda Item 4.


Aine Hayes, the Council’s Third Sector Partnerships Manager, and Kevin Sarwar-Polley introduced this item.  The focus of the discussion on the Compact that followed was on proposed ‘Commitment 2’ (Ensure that local VCSE organisations play a greater role in delivering public services by opening up new funding opportunities and ensuring all commissioning and grant allocation opportunities are accessible).  There was general agreement that the Compact should be a quality standards document for both public and VCSE sectors.  


Kevin Sarwar-Polley and Stephen Fry agreed to look at the issue of ensuring coherent local definition of social value within the Council’s procurement processes to benefit both VCSE and SME sectors.  The Board also agreed that partners should contact Aine Hayes for more information and to be more engaged in the review.  The matter would be brought back to Board for agreement later in the year.


5.10-5.40pm - Community Resilience Measure pdf icon PDF 134 KB

At the last Board meeting, the partnership requested further analysis of the measure (including by overlaying data), and how it could be used most effectively - including to drive strategic planning for the borough in the future. This item will be delivered by Hounslow’s Policy and Scrutiny and Intelligence Hub teams.

Additional documents:


See submitted report at Agenda Item 5.


Jo Sage, Head of Intelligence Hub, and Ian Duke provided members with an PowerPoint presentation on the project, which included maps of resilience and education outcomes.  The Board acknowledged the detail contained within the presentation and requested further mapped resilience data on levels of Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO) overlaid with reports of fires, and on outcomes such as crime, faith groups, ethnicity, etc.


It was agreed that further desk based research and analysis on the four local areas of interest should be carried out with the view that one small area should be selected to undertake the second stage of the model, qualitative validation.


5.40-5.55pm - Terms of Reference (report tabled at meeting) pdf icon PDF 67 KB

Following the Board’s discussion at its last meeting as part of the review of work in 2015 and planning for 2016, this item provides feedback from discussion held regarding the partnership and its influence moving forward.


See report tabled at the meeting and included with the electronic agenda pack for reference at Agenda Item 6.


The Board acknowledged that, although formalising the Board’s relationship with other partnerships and organisations in the borough was considered important, it was clear that this should not result in the Board becoming a formal or restricted structure again.  Retaining space as an independent “think tank” was considered paramount. Members saw themselves as the conduits of information discussed at meetings, which they could then pass back to their respective organisations and partnerships.


As a way forward it was agreed that:

·       Policy & Scrutiny officers look at strengthening informal channels and conduits between partnerships, such as issues that arose at the Health & Wellbeing Board but which could not be considered by that body in greater depth.  

·       Policy & Scrutiny officers to focus on influencing through the product, rather than process, such as the Community Resilience agenda.  There was a brief discussion on the Future Borough strategy and how this might be best handled in future.  

·       Policy & Scrutiny officers to present solutions for problems identified at the next meeting.


5.55-6.00pm AOB, Agenda for next meeting and Close

Date of next scheduled meeting on 15 June 2016.


It was agreed that items for the next scheduled meeting should include:

·       Community Resilience model: results of desk-based profiling and proposal for qualitative work in one local area.

·       Hounslow Insight: demonstration of data observatory tool by Jo Sage.

·       Infrastructure planning: present comprehensive proposal for how Board and partners will feed into Local Development Framework and Infrastructure Plan on ongoing basis.

·       One Hounslow: Public Health Strategy and offer.