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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Cooks Room, Spring Grove House, West Thames College, London Road, Isleworth

Contact: Kay Duffy on 020 8583 2067 or at Email: kay.duffy@hounslow.gov.uk 

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4.00-4.05pm - Welcome

The Chair will open the meeting, invite introductions, welcome new attendees and take apologies for absence.


The Chair thanked everyone for their attendance and welcomed a round of introductions. 


Apologies were submitted on behalf of Areesha Ahmed, Anu Bilon (deputised by Jonathan Harris), Nicola Burbidge, Mary Harpley and Roger Shortt.  Stephen Hutchinson submitted apologies for lateness on behalf of Zara Qureshi who joined the meeting during Agenda Item 4 (see Minute 30).  Sue Jeffers had submitted apologies in anticipation of for her late arrival to the meeting and joined the meeting during Agenda Item 5 (see Minute 32). 


4.05-4.10pm - Previous minutes and matters arising pdf icon PDF 88 KB

Opportunity for attendees to raise any issues of accuracy before agreeing the minutes and to raise any matters arising not covered by the agenda.


The minutes of the meeting held on 21 May 2015 were agreed and signed by the Chair as a correct record.


4.30-4.50pm - Update Report pdf icon PDF 167 KB

The Board’s usual update report will include a particular focus on:


·         Cranford Stronger Together Project

The report provides an update on the progress of the project and a discussion on the next steps.


·         Development of a Community Resilience Model for Hounslow

Following the Board’s approval to develop a model that can identify where communities’ resilience is weakest, the report provides an update on the progress made to date.


·         Welfare Reform

An update on the work of the Welfare Reform Group, looking ahead to the next stage of the roll out of Universal Credit in January 2015.


·         Other Partnerships in the Borough

Various updates on the work of other strategic partnerships in the Borough.


·         Active Living

The Borough’s Annual Public Health Report will focus on ‘Active Living’ in 2015.   Hounslow’s Director of Public Health, Dr Imran Choudhury, will present the report for discussion.

Additional documents:


See submitted reports, together with the Active Living slide presentation, attached to the electronic agenda pack following the meeting for reference, Agenda Item 4.


Active Living:

Imran Choudhury, Hounslow Council’s Director of Public Health, took members through his slide presentation, noting that Active Living was one of the Health and Wellbeing Board’s key priorities and that he was keen to involve other partners in the proposals.  He asked the Board to consider how their individual organisations could focus on and promote the Active Living agenda.


It was acknowledged that the level of physical activity has a strong connection to an individual’s wellbeing and their risk of long-term disease.  Physical inactivity was measured as less than 30 minutes physical exertion per week. Active living was not only about sport, but simply about ‘moving more’.  There was scientific evidence to support the fact that even small changes in behaviour, such as advising office workers to work standing up for part of their day, could have positive benefits on an individual’s wellbeing.


Public Health England had advised that planned programmes should be designed to positively impact high numbers of people (more than 50,000 people) and staff were working with other departments within the Council and with partner organisations to ensure that this was the case.  The borough had a number of leisure centres and these had received investment in recent years, as had the borough’s parks. 


In response to questions Mr Choudhury:

·       Acknowledged the request for green gyms in the borough’s parks but drew attention to the issue of maintaining these facilities.  Whilst he could not guarantee green gyms in all of the borough’s parks, he agreed that they would be installed wherever possible.

·       Acknowledged the suggestion that reducing the working day to the Swedish model of a 6 hour day made people more productive whilst they were at work. 

·       Agreed that physical activity and stress went hand in hand, suggesting that the more physically active an individual was, the better their wellbeing.

·       Stated that the Beat The Streets (https://hounslow.beatthestreet.me/) campaign encouraged residents in the Heston and Feltham areas to walk more.  Through this programme residents were being actively encouraged to change their behaviour for the better.


Mr Choudhury provided a number of examples used in other parts of the country to encourage higher levels of activity and promote behavioural change.   At the Health and Wellbeing Board’s November meeting he would submit his Annual Public Health Report themed around physical activity and addressing inactivity in the borough.  He reiterated the message that a partnership approach benefitted all sectors of the community.  The Chair thanked Mr Choudhury for his presentation and opened the floor for suggestions from members on how they felt their organisations could support the initiative.


Jonathan Harris stated that JobCentre Plus supported the wellbeing agenda by educating their staff about the importance of active living and how small changes can have big impacts.  He suggested that this could possibly be expanded to users of the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 30.


4.10-4.30pm - Board Membership pdf icon PDF 130 KB

At the last Board meeting, partners discussed the Board’s membership and it was agreed that there were gaps for housing, community and voluntary services and one of the Borough’s larger private sector employers.  This item will update the Board on progress made in securing representation from these sectors.


See submitted report from the Head of Policy and Scrutiny, Agenda Item 3.


Ian Duke indicated that the Board’s recommendations at its May meeting were almost all completed with the confirmation of the new meeting schedule and the expansion of the membership.  The Hounslow Community Network elections were scheduled for December and would update the 3 Community and Voluntary Sector (CVS) members for the New Year. 



The Board formally approved the new members and the meeting schedule for the coming year.


4.50-5.20pm - Future Hounslow - New and emerging communities pdf icon PDF 171 KB

Last year Hounslow Council’s Community Partnerships Unit (CPU) commissioned Middlesex University to look at a number of new and emerging communities in the Borough – including Algerian, Afghan, Burmese and Sri Lankan populations.  This item will revisit the Board’s focus on population trends and trajectories and provide an overview of the profile, needs and interactions of the new and emerging communities in the Borough from the research.


See submitted reports from the Head of Policy and Scrutiny, Agenda Item 5.


Lucy Hadley briefed members on the submitted report and invited questions. 

Raj Kohli sought clarification as to whether the borough had a significant Lithuanian community, following reports of tensions within the Polish community. 


The Board acknowledged the difficulties in identifying newly arrived communities and the estimation that the Borough’s population was on average between 15,000-20,000 above the published Census calculations.  It was suggested that more work could be done to inform new residents to the borough before they left their home country, via the High Commission or Embassy, on exactly what they could expect when they arrived in the UK. 


Sue Jeffers informed the Board that HealthWatch Hounslow had visited 10 GP surgeries and spoken to 500 people to ask them how they found out about services.  One of the outcomes of this work had been the suggestion that GPs surgeries should also be providing information in the languages identified for the new communities.  Anecdotal information suggested that established Polish communities were now bringing over their elderly relatives who were accessing secondary services such as acute A&E services and bypassing primary care.  Sue informed the Board that a set of actions would be compiled as a result of the work completed by HealthWatch.  



·       Lucy Hadley to circulate the report commissioned by Hounslow’s Community Partnerships Unit on New & Emerging Communities to Board Members,with a note that it is not for wider circulation.

·       Raj Kohli stated that information materials for new arrivals into the Borough could be provided at the High Commission or Heathrow Airport.

·       Marjorie Semple stated she would feedback findings to Head teachers’ Forum in the Borough.

·       Sue Jeffers to use information in conjunction with Healthcare Commission report on similar issue.


Zara Qureshi left the meeting at this point.


5.20-5.50pm - Community Infrastructure Planning pdf icon PDF 229 KB

At the last Board meeting partners reiterated their concerns about the impact of demographic and population change on demand for services and infrastructure in Hounslow.  The Board agreed to discuss planning for infrastructure in the Borough in the context of population growth and how this can be delivered and funded.

Additional documents:


See submitted report by the Head of Policy and Scrutiny, Agenda Item 6.


Alan Hesketh, Interim Head of Regeneration, Spatial Planning and Economic Development at the Council, together with Danalee Edmund, Senior Infrastructure Planner, provided a briefing on the submitted report.  Drawing attention to the differing planning timescales for education, health, transport and housing, Mr Hesketh acknowledged the short term bottlenecks in ensuring that the necessary infrastructure was in place in tandem with the ambitious building programme to provide more than 800 residential units per year.   


When asked whether officers had an overall picture of who was monitoring what in relation to the key areas of provision, Mr Hesketh confirmed that strong links had been established with Transport for London and with the relevant departments within the Council. 


It was acknowledged that the Board had not been actively engaged in the discussions on infrastructure needs up to this point.  Stephen Fry suggested that low prioritisation had been given to employment land in the Local Plan. The Board should, he said, be looking at synergies in the health and employment provision strategies.  The Chair added that manufacturing space was also lacking (pointing to the move of Brompton Bikes from the borough).


Mr Hesketh acknowledged the loss of employment sites over the last 3 years, as a result of the current Mayor of London’s priority on housing provision, but pointed to Hounslow’s plans for additional B1 (business use) land within the current Infrastructure Delivery Plan.


The Board agreed the need to identify the stakeholders and pass this information to Mr Hesketh’s team to feed into the Council’s ongoing infrastructure planning process.   Sue indicated that NHS property services and NHS England were looking at working through a primary care estates plan, a strategy document on which was due to be submitted to NHS England in December.  She confirmed that she had asked colleagues to liaise with the relevant officers at the Local Authority to ensure both parties were kept informed of the issues.



·       All partners to nominate representative to form part of virtual network of infrastructure providers, who will share ongoing information and updates on the Borough’s various infrastructure requirements to inform more coordinated planning.

·       Sue Jeffers to share details of the colleague responsible for the CCG/ NHS Hounslow’s physical estate with the Council’s Infrastructure Planning Team.


5.50-5.55pm - Items for the next meeting on 16 December 2015


Stephen Fry suggested that reducing the quantity of scheduled meetings had increased the availability of members to attend.  However there was a need to balance the agenda to ensure that the Board was discussing the issues in enough detail and not trying to include too much on each agenda.



·       Agenda planning and the need to restrict the length of agendas: ID to add this for discussion in the Review of 2015/Planning for 2016 item at the next Board meeting