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Schools Forum Membership


Roger Shortt advised that there were no nominees yet for a primary school representative and Paul Enright advised that there was a deanery meeting coming up, where they could discuss the vacancy on the Diocese Board.


The Chair suggested waiting for the elections in the summer term to fill the vacancies.


Minutes of the meeting held on 18 January 2017 and matters arising pdf icon PDF 124 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 18 November 2017 (agenda item 3) were agreed.


Matters Arising


The Chair advised that Kevin Prunty, Chris Hill and Stephen Davis had met and notes would be produced about a strategy for lobbying about budgets (item 6f), page 3 refers).


Transactional HR and Payroll Services to Schools pdf icon PDF 321 KB


See report by Steve Williams, Head of Human Resources (agenda item 4)


Steve Williams and Ohifeme Ohiosimuane made the presentation and responded to questions from the Forum.


In response to a question about the responsibility for running the Council’s administration as the employer of maintained staff, Steve Williams advised that HR normally retained a set of files and then moved the files to the school when the school moved its provider. Advisory services would still remain within the Council. He confirmed that the Council had statutory obligations towards maintained schools and there was still a statutory obligation for schools to inform the Council if they took on staff or staff left.


In response to further questions, Mr Williams undertook to find out if Liberata would be able to provide conditions of services and to feed the information back through Shabana Kausar.


Mr Williams advised that he would be sending out a guidance note in the next month and the Forum asked for it to be done in the following week. Michael Marks, Director of Education and Early Intervention Services, asked that the note include clarity on key HR issues as well as the transactional and payroll services.


It was also agreed that two providers, one of them being Liberata, would come in and make a presentation to Head Teachers. The Chair asked for that to be done prior to Easter and Mr Williams felt that that potential dates could be as early as next week.




a)    That Mr Williams would find out about the conditions of service provided by Liberata and feed that information back through Ms Kausar.

b)    That a guidance note would be provided during the following week and would include clarity on key issues in HR as well as transactional and payroll services.

c)    That a presentation by the two providers would be made to Head Teachers prior to Easter.


SEN Matrix - verbal update


Annita Cornish, Head of SEN and Disabilities, advised that they were still aiming to introduce the matrix from 1 April. They would put together a communication at the beginning of next week and circulate dates for workshops. She proposed that an update be provided to the Schools Forum in 6 months.


It was suggested that information be circulated to the Task & Finish Group. Michael Marks advised that the Group didn’t have to be the same people and the Chair suggested asking the four groups for nominations.



a)    That Annita Cornish would put together a communication at the beginning of next week and circulate dates for workshops.

b)    That an update be provided to the Schools Forum in 6 months.

c)    That information be circulated to the Task & Finish Group

d)    That the four groups nominate representatives to the Task & Finish Group.


Update on Managing Behaviour Model pdf icon PDF 213 KB


See agenda item 6


Michael Marks advised that, with effect from 1 April 2017, the Local Authority would cease to deliver, or indeed offer, any Behaviour Support service to the primary sector.


In response to questions, Michael Marks advised that he would need to check with Sheena Poley with regard to schools with vacancies and that he would send out a communication before the end of March.


2017/18 DSG pdf icon PDF 96 KB

·         Early Years Block Proposals

·         Updated Budget Pressures

Additional documents:


See report by Shabana Kausar (agenda item 7)


Ms Kausar made the presentation.




a)    That the Schools Forum note:

i)             The revised 2017/18 DSG funding shortfall of £0.9m (3.3)

ii)            The high needs funding shortfall of £0.4m (5.1)

iii)           The early years funding shortfall of £0.4m (6.5)

b)    That the Schools Forum agree to recommend to the Lead Member to approve the following early years funding proposals, as set out in the section 6 of the main report and appendix 5 (funding for 3 and 4-year olds items a-h, funding for 2-year olds items i-l):

i)             That all early year settings to receive £4.60 per hour for delivering 15 hours from 1 April 2017 and 30 hours from 1 September 2017.

ii)            Childminders to receive transitional funding, protecting their hourly rate in 2017/18 at 2016/17 rate.

iii)           The Council to implement only the deprivation supplement in 2017/18 at a reduced hourly rate of 27p.

iv)           Transitional protection to be provided to all settings that lose more than £1,000 of their deprivation funding between 2016/17 and 2017/18.

v)            In-year contingency of £0.41m to be held centrally for funding additional in year places.

vi)           £0.25m to be retained centrally, of which £0.18m relates to administration and implementation function and £0.07m relates to the gradutee leaders fund.

vii)         99.6% of budget (including in year contingency) passported to providers of which 2.4% relates to supplements.

viii)        1.16% of budget to be retained centrally.

ix)           All early years settings to receive £5.87 per hour from 1 April 2017.

x)            Schools and PVIs to receive transitional protection of 9p per hour up to 31 August 2017.

xi)           Schools with managed provision to receive transitional protection of 18p per hour up to 31 August 2017.

xii)         Childminders to receive transitional protection of 9p per hour up to 31 March 2018.

c)    That the Schools Forum task Council officers and School Forum representatives to undertake the key tasks set out under section 8.4 and report back to the Schools Forum by the recommended dates.


National Funding Formula - Stage 2 Consultation


Shabana Kausar made the presentation, which the Chair asked her to circulate.

In response to questions, she advised that the minimum funding guarantee was 3% and that she would put it in a summary, when she sent it out with the draft response.


Councillor Bruce advised that the local MPs were keen to engage on this issue with everyone, including schools and Roger Shortt advised that he would be circulating the form the form provided at the meeting with the MPs the following day.


Schools Forum Forward Plan pdf icon PDF 15 KB


See report (agenda item 9)


The report was noted.


Date of Next Meeting - to be confirmed


Ms Kausar advised that they would look at dates for the new municipal year in the Forward Plan.


Any other urgent business


Paul Enright advised that he and Marais Leenders had met with union representatives to discuss trade union facility time, which they felt should come back to a future meeting.


The Chair asked for it to be put into the Forward Plan and Michael Marks advised that he would talk to HR about the discussions.