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Any Other Communications from Members


Councillor Bruce and Alan Adams had advised that they would be late. Stephen Davis and Sue Tysal advised that they had to leave by 7.45 and Marais Leenders had to leave at 6.30.


Update on Schools Forum Membership - verbal update


Roger Shortt advised that he would look at getting a temporary replacement for Jacquie Willis, who had left Beavers School. Tony Ryan had left Chiswick School and Kevin Prunty was stepping in to replace him. There was a vacancy on the Diocese Board, which Michael Marks was liaising to fill. It was noted that there were a number of colleagues coming to the end of their two years and elections would be taking place next term.


Minutes of the meeting held on 28 November 2016 and matters arising pdf icon PDF 33 KB


Minutes of the meeting held on 28 November 2016 (agenda item 3) were agreed with an amendment to delete the duplicated paragraph (item 27, page 1 refers).


Matters Arising


a)    The Chair advised that information on insurance buy-back had been re-sent (item 30, page 2 refers).

b)    The Chair advised that a further report outlining the process for operating the SEN funding matrix and transitional funding arrangements for special schools and SEN centres would be provided to the next meeting (item 33.5, page 3 refers).

c)    Shabana Kausar, Strategic Finance Lead for Schools, advised that a review of the financial process to look at bank facilities would take place after the Budget was set. A meeting with the Council’s bank account manager was being arranged and she would be looking for volunteers to work on it (item 36, page 5 refers).


Update on the Proposed New Model for Managing Behaviour Support


Michael Marks, Director of Education and Early Intervention Services, reminded members that they had brought the proposed model to the last Forum meeting. Primary colleagues had voted for the new model, but felt they couldn’t commit individual schools.


(Councillor Bruce and Alan Adams joined the meeting at this point)


Penny Stephen, Senior Education Advisor for Vulnerable Groups, gave the headline statistics of responses from schools and advised that it wasn’t currently viable unless more positive responses were received from schools.




a)    That a commitment would be sought for two years with a one-year notice period and that there would be a clear threshold.

b)    That Mr Marks would send a letter to all schools, including those who had already replied.

c)    That a deadline to respond would be set at Friday the following week.


Feedback from School Forum Members on the 2017/18 Saving Proposals and Primary De-Delegation pdf icon PDF 2 MB


See email from Michael Marks and Explanatory Note (agenda item 5)


Ms Kausar advised that the item had been discussed by the Forum at their previous meeting and that there were two single options.


The Chair referred to feedback he had received and felt that the views had acknowledged the need to close the gap. However, there was a reluctance about the position everyone was in and the potential impact that it would have on young people.


Following some discussion the Forum acknowledged that the recommendations were set out in item 6 on the agenda and felt that they would like to include their own form of wording as part of the resolution.


(Marais Leender left the meeting at this point).


The Forum agreed that they would continue to encourage schools to lobby the Government over the impact from the savings proposals.


2017/18 DSG Funding, Saving Options and Budget pdf icon PDF 100 KB

Additional documents:


See report by Shabana Kausar, Strategic Finance Lead for Schools (agenda item 6)


Ms Kausnar made the presentation.




a)    That the Forum note the:

i)             2017/18 provisional DSG allocation (subject to in-year changes) of £163m, net of academy and free school recoupment

ii)            An estimated increase in DSG of £10.6m from 2016/17, of which £4.9m relates to changes in national funding formula and the remaining relates to demographic growth

iii)           2017/18 DSG funding shortfall of £4.4m, this includes approved savings of £1.9m

iv)           Update on Early Years Funding


b)    That the Forum members agree and recommend to the Lead Member to approve:

i)             The 2017/18 Budget of £239.4m, as detailed in appendix 2 (column r)

ii)            The School Budget Proforma, included under appendix 3

iii)           The revised funding allocation for Education Services grant of £0.6m, which will be retained at £25.50 per pupil rate across all schools, including special schools and pupil referral units (PRU)

iv)           The £1.5m transfer of available Schools Block funding to the High Needs Block

v)            That the Forum recognise the budget pressures on the DSG and the difficulty in setting a balanced budget across the authority.  It must be noted that schools and education services are already stretched and current real cuts are impacting on schools and on the education and support young people receive. They acknowledge that the least worst option for future cuts are the proposals for a £50 AWPU cut and a 1.5% cut to special schools and reluctantly ask the local authority to proceed with these savings, noting that the impact on schools which be a significantly negative impact for children and young people. They recommend that the local authority continues to explore opportunities for maintaining a decent level of education funding and do so by any means possible.


c)    That Primary Schools Forum members agree services they want to continue to de-delegate funds in 2017/18 and note that, where de-delegation is ceased, a commitment is required from schools to fund costs incurred by the Council services whilst being disbanded for a maximum period of 6 months.

d)    That the Forum’s preferred method for funding the copyright licences is to treat the payment as a de-delegated service.

e)    That Forum members task officers to put together an initial briefing paper on the service reviews identified under section 12 identifying timelines for each area.

f)     That Kevin Prunty, Chris Hill and Stephen Davis be proactive in lobbying.


Update on 2017/18 Stage 2 DfE Consultation on School and High Need National Funding Formula - verbal update


Ms Kausnar advised that she would send out the dates for the February workshops and that a report would be provided to the February Forum meeting.


Forward Plan Update pdf icon PDF 15 KB


See School Forum Forward Plan January – March 2017 (agenda item 8)


The report was noted.


Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Schools forum will be held on Monday 27 February 2017 at 6pm in Committee Rooms 1 & 2, Civic Centre.


The date of the next meeting was noted and it was acknowledged that dates for the new municipal year would need to be decided.