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Apologies for Absence, Declarations of interest and any other communications from Members


Apologies for absence were noted.


Minutes of the meeting held on 4 November 2015 pdf icon PDF 85 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 4 November 2016 were agreed as an accurate record.


Update on Office of Schools Adjudicator determination on The Aspirations Trust for Rivers Academy


Michael Marks, Director Education and Early Intervention, reminded the Forum that the Local Authority had challenged the admission arrangements set by Rivers Academy for 2016.  He advised that, on the 12th February 2016, the High Court made an order to quash some aspects of the determination which was made back in August 2015 which related to objections lodged regarding feeder schools. The High Court ordered that the ‘feeder schools’ element be reconsidered by another adjudicator. The rehearing would only consider the element that related to the feeder school criteria.


A further meeting would be held on the 20th April 2016 with the Schools Adjudicator, the Local Authority and the Heads of Southville Junior School, Victoria School and Bedfont Primary School to discuss the objections raised.


Update on Primary Admissions for 2016


Jasprit Sandhu, Admissions Officer LBH, advised that the Admissions Team was currently going through the primary applications that had been received on time for a place in reception. She advised that 3662 on time applications had been received and that the published admission number for Reception places in the London Borough of Hounslow was 3830. She advised that late applications were still being submitted and that approximately 100 late applications had been received. However, it was expected that there would be sufficient places for all of the applications received. It was projected that there would be sufficient places and an update would be reported to the next Forum meeting once the Pan London data had been exchanged.


Michael Marks reminded the Forum that at the last meeting progress with online admission applications had been reported. Mrs Sandhu advised that the process to apply for a primary transfer place had also been through the online application system and 3645 on time online applications had been received. She advised that the total number of paper applications received for primary places was 13.


Gary Murrell questioned whether there had been a high number of parents that needed support in completing the applications online. Mrs Sandhu advised that there had been a high turnout of parents that required support, in particular parents that were applying for secondary transfer places had attended application support sessions. After 31st October 2016, support sessions for parents submitting primary applications online were held. Mrs Sandhu advised that the admissions team had also started to receive acceptances for school places through the online system.


Mr Marks felt that it had been a very positive move to change the application process to an online only process. He acknowledged that it had created a lot more work for the admissions team in terms of the amount of time taken to support parents through the process. However, he emphasised that it had been beneficial as less mistakes had been made and parents were not able to mistakes such as applying for schools that they were not eligible for, such as single sex schools of the opposite gender.








Update on Secondary Admissions for 2016


Mrs Sandhu advised that 1 March 2016 was national offer day. She advised that all children in the London Borough of Hounslow had been offered a place at a school on national offer day.


Mrs Sandhu advised that just over 5082 secondary transfer applications had been received on-time. 2894 applications had been received from residents of the London Borough of Hounslow and 2188 applications had been received from residents of other Boroughs.


The forum was advised that the published number of places available in Year 7 in the London Borough of Hounslow was 2907. There were an additional 38 places at the Green School, 6 more places at Isleworth & Syon school for Boys and 12 extra places at Kingsley Academy.


Mrs Sandhu advised that there were 223 children that were not offered one of their 6 school preferences. She gave details of how places were allocated:


·       1851 children were allocated a place at their first preference school.

·       394 children were allocated a place at their second preference school.

·       201 children were allocated a place at their third preference school.

·       102 children were allocated a place at their fourth preference school.

·       73 children were allocated a place at their fifth preference school.

·       50 children were allocated a place at their sixth preference school.


Mrs Sandhu advised that the last distances offered were smaller for most of the schools in the Borough. She advised that in the previous year the last year the last distance offered a place at Heathland School was 1.123m, however it had reduced to 0.954m this year. The last distance offered for Lampton School had also reduced from 1.356m last year to 1.298m this year. The Forum was informed that only two schools had vacancies left at the end of the allocation process.


In response to questions, Mrs Sandhu advised that a grammar test pass mark did not guarantee that a child would automatically be allocated a place at a grammar school, as catchment areas for the grammar schools had recently been introduced. The forum was advised that the Tiffin school in Kingston had introduced a 15km distance around the school.


Michael Marks felt it could be useful to give more advice to parents about issues relating to Grammar Schools to help them understand and make informed decisions.


Mrs Sandhu advised that an open evening for all Year 6 parents was held at the Civic Centre in September to advise parents about the process of applying for a school place and also of the different types of criteria for different schools. Parents were strongly advised to consider their local school. Parents were also reminded to submit their applications on time and advised that if their application was late it would have a massive impact on whether they got a place at a preferred school.


The School Admissions Forum felt it would be helpful to share information about how grammar school places would be allocated with Primary School Heads. It was felt that Primary Heads could then provide realistic  ...  view the full minutes text for item 169.


Determination of Community Admission Arrangements for 2017 pdf icon PDF 617 KB


Mrs Sandhu reported that the School Admissions Regulations 2012 required all admission authorities to determine and set out admission arrangements describing how children would be admitted to school, including criteria that would be applied if there were more applications than places at the school. Admission Authorities were required to consult on their proposed admission arrangements  (including any supplementary forms) every seven years unless they were proposing to make a change to their admission arrangements, in which case they would need to consult on the changes before they were implemented.


There were no proposed changes to LBH admission arrangements for 2017/2018, apart from possible changes to Pan London dates within the secondary and primary admissions schemes and improving the explanations on such things as distance measurements, chronological age, etc. The LA did not receive any comments to the  proposals and therefore wished to determine them as outlined in the agenda item and would replace the existing arrangements with the proposed arrangements on the Council’ website. 


In addition the LA was provided with arrangements by the majority of academy and voluntary aided schools with the exception of Nishkam, Oak Hill, St Michael & St Martins and Kingsley Academy. Therefore it was assumed that there were no changes to the arrangements for 2016.


There were no major changes proposed by the admissions authorities that consulted with the LA. The majority of comments were around improving wording and providing clarity. All LBH schools were copied any arrangements from other admissions authorities which were being consulted upon. 


However, the LA had responded to Aspirations Trust regarding the 2017 Admission Arrangements as they were the same as the 2016 arrangements that had been objected to and were still subject to consultation with the OSA.


The LA would be following up with all the admissions authorities that consulted with them to get a copy of the determined arrangements for 2017.


Mrs Sandhu confirmed that the Local authority had not received any amendments to the proposals.




That the School Admissions Forum accepted the admissions arrangements for 2017/2018.



7pm: Jasprit Sandhu left the meeting at this point.


Update on School Status in LA


Michael Marks provided an update on the status of new school applications within the Borough. He advised that although they were unsuccessful with their first bid, the Hounslow Community Free School  would be submitting another bid.


Reach Academy would also be submitting a bid in the next round for a 3 form entry all through school. The forum was advised that  St Georges Enterprise School, a primary school for ages 4 to 11 years old, would be opening in Feltham in  in September 2017.





Government consultation on improving information in identifying children missing education


Michael Marks advised that there was a link to the consultation documents for this agenda item listed on the agenda.


Mr Marks advised that the Dfe had launched a consultation and had requested that all responses be submitted by 7 March 2016. The Local Authority had submitted a response.


Currently there was no legal duty on schools to inform Local Authorities of every case where a pupil had been removed from their admission register. The document sought views on strengthening the current regulations and related guidance to ensure that schools provided regular and accurate information to the Local Authority. New regulations and guidance would state that schools would be required to:

·       Inform the LA in every circumstance when the school is about to delete a pupil’s name from the admissions register

·       Inform the LA of the pupil’s destination school and home address if the pupil is moving to a new school

·       Provide information to their LA when registering new pupils, including the pupil’s address and previous school.


Mr Marks advised that the information required would be in cases where a child of compulsory school age was leaving a school before completing the school year; however, it would also give the Local Authority the discretion to require the same information on standard transitions. If the changes in the regulations were approved, they would be introduced for September 2016.


The Local Authority felt that the changes in reporting regulations would improve communication and co-ordination between schools and the Local Authority.


Liz Wolverson felt it would be very important to have a clear reporting mechanism or document to assist Head teachers reporting the details to the LA.


Mr Marks advised that outcome of the consultation would be reported back to a future meeting.



Free School and Academy status update pdf icon PDF 176 KB


Mr Marks advised that a consultation on changes for Berkley Primary school was expected soon. He advised that there were proposals for Berkley Primary School to change to an Academy and that it would be part of a Multi-Academy Trust.


The forum was advised that Space Studio West London was currently open in temporary accommodation in Feltham and that the long term plans were that Space Studio would move to the Rivers Academy site.


Edison Primary School had been approved as a successful Free School application and it was due to open in September 2016. The school would be using temporary accommodation on the site until the permanent new building had been built.


Bolder Academy was due to open in September 2017 initially as a five form entry school, increasing to six form entry. However, currently there were issues in relation to a site for the school.


The forum were advised that The Green School for Boys would initially be opening as a four form entry school rising to six form entry. The site for the school had been confirmed as the current Woodbridge Park site. Woodbridge Park would relocate to the current Wood Lane site and CATE would be relocating to St George’s Centre.



7.20pm: Mr Sapuran Gill left the meeting at this point.






Update on the need for Primary, Secondary and Special school places for 2016-2020


Michael Marks provided an update on the need for additional Primary and Secondary School places for 2016-2020.



In 2016 there would be 60 additional places at Hounslow Town through a new build. Edison School would be opening in September 2016 and would be offering 90 places. There would also be 30 extra places available at Floreat School.


In 2017 there would be 60 additional places at Wellington Primary through a new build on a split site. In 2018 a further 50 places would be made available at Nishkam School. 


There were currently no plans for the period 2016-2020 to build any further schools. However, Officers were working closely with the Strategic Planning team to understand the full scale of the development in the Feltham and Hounslow Town Centre housing zones as the housing targets in both areas would have a significant impact on future places beyond 2020.



In 2016 there would be no change to the permanent places however a contingency plan had been devised if necessary. The contingency plan would allow for an additional 48 places in year 7 comprising of 30 places at Green School for Girls, 6 places at Isleworth & Syon and 12 places at Kingsley Academy as the secondary figures had projected a shortfall of 21 places.


In 2017 Kingsley Academy would add in 2.4 forms of entry through the Priority Schools Building Programme plus two new free schools; Green School for Boys with 4 forms of entry and Bolder Academy would be opening with 5 forms of entry.


Cabinet had agreed to increase Chiswick Community School with an additional form of entry, Heston Community School with a further 1.5 forms of entry and Isleworth and Syon with a further 2.2 forms of entry in 2019 if required or earlier if necessary.


Michael Marks advised that there had been discussions with other Hounslow Secondary Schools about their potential to expand but those had not yet been formalised.  However, he advised that even with all the proposed increases, by 2019 a further 5.9 forms of entry would still be required to meet the projected demand for school places. He advised that the Local Authority had been in discussions with the EFA regarding the TFL site in Hanworth Road which could possibly provide a solution for a new 6 form entry secondary school.


In response to questions, Mr Marks advised that the special schools within the Borough would also be expanding and the projected figures would be circulated to the Forum.


Any Other Business


Michael Marks advised that the DfE was citing that the School Admissions Code was now simpler and easier for parents to understand. Under new plans the government wanted to ensure that every child had access to a good school place that their parents rightly expected and was therefore taking further action to simplify the school admission system and to ensure it worked for parents. The Admissions Code would be updated but it was not yet clear when this would be complete. 



Dates of future meetings

The date of the next meeting is Tuesday 28th June 2016 at 6.30pm.


Dates of future meetings:


·       Thursday 13th October 2016 at 6.30pm

·       Monday 20th March 2017 at 6.30pm


The date of the next meeting was noted at Tuesday 28th June 2016.