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Welcome and Apologies for Absence


Carl Bussey welcomed members to the meeting and thanked Stuart Low, in his absence, for his contribution to the work of the Board.  Stuart Low (Vice-Chair) has now retired and apologised for his absence.


Carl Bussey suggested that Item 5 to be heard first, in a closed session.  He suggested that Cheryl Stafford and PC Gary Coffin could leave, if necessary, once their presentation was over.


Minutes of the meeting held on 28 May 2015 & Matters Arising pdf icon PDF 89 KB


Niamh Farren and James Jolly, working with Chris Domeny to continue discussions in order to ensure a decision is finalised regarding who Concordia report in to.  Final structure is to be shared before the date of the next meeting on 28 October 2015.




Rob Weir and Chris Domeney to meet and agree the way forward with regards to the structure for the Risk of Harm group and the relationship with the Concordia Sub-Group.


Carl Bussey to be linked to Donald McPhail, Chair of Local Safeguarding Children’s Board to explore cross-over in work around CSE



Election of Vice-Chair




The election of the Vice-Chair is to be proposed and agreed before the next meeting – e-mails to be sent by Jane Medici to co-ordinate this agreement.







Strategy Outcomes Action Plan pdf icon PDF 261 KB


Sabeel Khan delivered the report on the Strategy Outcomes Action Plan.  Carl Bussey questioned why all outcomes on the report were shown as green when no progress had been shown in certain areas and where no data was available.  Once further data became available it is possible that some areas would be reported as orange.  In respect to the targets for Protecting young people from offending, Chris Domeney confirmed that progress reported was as a result of the cohort included in the measurement (April 2013 – March 2014) and that current data for the 2014/ 2015 cohort showed significant decrease in the rate of re-offending.  He reported that the long term prospects looked good and that numbers were down for the pre-court cohort (35.5% down) although the reoffending cohort numbers were up by 37%.  Nationally a 2% target, year on year in the reduction in reoffending had been set.  In Hounslow this had been set at 5% over 2 years.


Reducing the effect on crime and harm caused by drug and alcohol is to be reported on by Dr Choudhury at the next meeting.


Niamh Farren reported that the figures for the reduction of reoffending (IOM) were current.




Sabeel Khan to review the rag status of the progress made toward the target ‘to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured in Road Traffic collisions and increase the perception of personal safety in the public realm’. Return to team discussions and realign to possible Amber status or provide evidence of progress.


Sabeel Khan to review the rag status of the progress made towards the target ‘to work in partnership with town centre shops and businesses to increase reporting of business crime.’



Update on the Exiting Prostitution Project


A confidential minute of this item is available separately.



Sub-Group - updates and reports


Violence Against Women & Girls Strategy Group pdf icon PDF 91 KB

Additional documents:


Permjit Chadha delivered the attached report.  She reported that there had been some difficulty getting the right number of referrals to MARAC and that a working group had been set up, as a sub-group of the LSCB, to report back on progress.  There had, in addition, been some issues with children sharing online explicit information as well as concerns around stalking and revenge porn. 


Permjit Chadha introduced the video ‘Who Cares’, giving a brief back ground to the production of the video.  The aim of the video was to challenge professionals and attitudes towards victims of domestic violence.  The video depicts two approaches by professionals.  The impersonal, non-supportive traditional perspective as opposed to the caring and supportive role now promoted among local services.  The video will continue to be used in training sessions with any public facing Hounslow staff.  Hounslow may be the first council in the country to adopt this approach.


Anita Bhangu asked whether it would be possible to put the video onto the intranet and promote it more widely to staff so that it could be viewed by everyone.  Permjit Chadha responded that this had been considered but that due to the content of the video it was important that it was viewed in a supportive environment where trained staff could be available in the event that anyone viewing the video was personally affected by the content.


Carl Bussey said that he was very positive about this work and congratulated the team on work done already.


Cllr Richard Foote expressed concern that the attitudes shown in the video still existed.  Permjit Chadha agreed that this was unfortunately true, however, they were working to change this and had been achieving some success in doing so.


Paul Fitzgerald left the meeting at this point due to call out duty – 15h35.




Invite Mark Broom to the next meeting as Chair of the VAWG – Jane Medici / Permjit Chadha


To share planned strategy for roll out of video and training to LBH employees


Anti-Social Behaviour Prevention Group pdf icon PDF 68 KB


Godfrey Hamilton has now been appointed Chair of this group.  It was reported that positive work had been done with the police although some members had not been attending the Anti-Social Behaviour Prevention Group meetings and Carl Bussey requested that this be addressed and offered to pick up on this with members from the police.


The next ASB Prevention Group meeting is diarised for 14th September 2015.




Non-Attendance of members, including police, to be followed up on with by organisers and – Permjit Chadha with support


Integrated Offender Management Strategy Group pdf icon PDF 88 KB


It was reported that there had been some difficulty in obtaining adequate representation from the Mental Health team.  This support, at strategic and practitioner level, is essential to ensure the particular needs among the cohort are met and the targets for offender employment achieved.  Nigel Farmer agreed to take this further, to get further details from Niamh Farren and link Carl Bussey with Martin Waddington.


Niamh Farren reported that with the start of a new cohort the overall strategy had been worked on with an agreed process and flow of activities now in place.  James Jolly reported that with IOM working alongside different services it was important to keep a good level of oversight in place with a clear understanding of strategy.  


Nigel Farmer questioned whether there would be an effect on the community payback scheme – Niamh Farren responded that this was not likely.  There has been a change to Niamh Farren’s role which will be reported on fully at the next meeting.  ACO interviews were currently being held.




The involvement of representatives from Mental Health to be followed up with discussions between Carl Bussey and Martin Waddington.  – Nigel Farmer to take this forward, linking Carl Bussey and Martin Waddinton.


Youth Crime Management Board pdf icon PDF 51 KB


The Chair for the Youth Crime Management Board is Alan Adams.  Chris Domeney invited questions on the attached report and reported that the Board had met all its objectives apart from the target for re-offending.  Further resources were being acquired and a strategy developed to address this.


Hate Crime Prevention Forum pdf icon PDF 59 KB


Some difficulty in obtaining adequate data from the Hate Crimes Support Service was reported although this was already being pursued.




Progress with regards to co-operation around data sharing by Hounslow Hate Crimes Support Service to be followed up with full report prepared for October meeting – Sabeel Khan and Permjit Chadha


Communications Planning


Anita Bhogul questioned whether objectives had been agreed by the board around press releases in Hounslow Matters.


Permjit Chadha reported that Twitter feeds had led to more victims calling in.


Anita Bhogul requested:


·         Information on the reporting channels from the police

·         Information on any planned event – to allow the Communications team to provide upfront support

·         Information on who the members of the partnership were and information that could be shared with regards to work being done with resident

·         Information around Eaves actions

·         Information from partners to be tweeted.


Rachel Heydon said it was important to co-ordinate messages and mentioned the way this was being done successfully by Kingston SNB.  Kingston SNB have a very active “alive” twitter feed providing constant updates – this had achieve some good results.  The number of tweets needed to be high and constant to get results.


Carl Bussey agreed that consistency was important as well as the need to keep the feeds live and provide constant updates.


Anita Bhogul confirmed that this was possible, they were able to get the messages out and she was happy to tweet “whatever”.  Anita Bhogul raised the question of promoting the board as a brand.  Permjit Chadha cautioned against this as this could lead to confusion, it was important to provide a shared message to residents.  Carl Bussey responded that while he would like to see greater use of the Board as a brand it was important to publicise activity and that the goal was a more active citizenship.


Anita Bhogul suggested a three phase campaign to promote civic responsibility and pride.  Carl Bussey asked that specific work be highlighted and shared.


The board agreed:


·         To adopt an approach that would increase openness and transparency

·         To proactively get messages out to victims

·         To share changes to youth sentencing guidance via twitter (Chris Domeney to provide details to Mary-Patricia Flyn  [Mary-Patricia.Flynn@hounslow.gov.uk])

·         Mary-Patricia Flyn is to attend meetings to do with youth

·         Anita Bhogul is to remain part of the HCSPB, attending future meetings and picking up items from the Agenda for sharing.


Rachel Heydon (SNB Chair) requested Comms support in developing a Communication Plan for SNB – Anita Bhogul is to follow this up.




Anita Bhogul to contact Rachel Heydon to agree way forward regarding a communications approach for SNB.


All members to forward details of events to be shared with the public to Anita Bhogul


Urgent Business

Any other items which the Chair accepts for consideration on the grounds of urgency


James Jolly reported that the MAPA strategy board had requested a health check.  He is to be in contact with MAPA partners. 


There was a question around the new Prevent Duty Co-ordinator and what their new responsibilities would be.  This information would need to be asked for from Joan Conlon, Community Inclusion and Participation Manager and Prevent Lead.


Jaswant Lall reported that free construction training was being offered on the drug and alcohol programme – this was supporting people into work. 


Cllr Sue Sampson is now on the partnership, her holds the portfolio for Communities including Domestic Violence.


Chris Benson reported that SNB had been awarded funding of £33 000 by MOPAC and that there was another £28 000 available this year.


Date of next meeting 28 October 2015