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Welcome and Apologies for Absence


Supt Raj Kohli welcomed members and accepted apologies for absence.



Minutes of the meeting held on 29 July 2015 & Matters Arising pdf icon PDF 84 KB


The minutes of 29 July 2015 were agreed with the following amendments:


Anita Bhogal to be inserted where spelled incorrectly as Anita Bhogal.


Matters arising:


Page 1


The Board received an update regarding the action on the structure for the Risk of Harm panel and the relationship with Concordia.  Permjit Chadha confirmed that Concordia was now operational.


Nigel Farmer reported that IOM was about to go through some changes. 


Page 2 - Strategy Outcomes Action Plan


Sabeel Khan reported that the RAG status of both items towards stated targets were now in Amber.


Page 3 - Violence against Women and Girls Strategy Group


Permjit reported that the pilot, making use of the video in training, would be looked at before further training was rolled out.


Page 4 – Youth Crime Management Board


The agreed action is to be deferred to the January Board meeting. 





The Terms of Reference for the Hounslow Community Safety Partnership Board are to be reviewed and an addendum created to for changes, including an outline of the relationship with Concordia.  James Jolly is to provide Key Performance Indicators for Concordia for consideration.


Permjit Chadha is to provide the board with a timeline (following an assessment of the pilot) for the roll out of ongoing training using the video ‘Who Cares’.


An update regarding attendance at the ASB sub-group is to be provided for the next meeting.


Feedback from the Youth Crime Board on the results of the Hate Crime campaign is to be provided by Sabeel Khan for the next meeting.


Rachel Heydon is to contact the relevant department to arrange possible training on the use of social media for police communications. 


Anita Bhogal is to meet with Rachel Heydon to discuss possible future approaches to sharing information from the Met.


Deferred Action:


Progress with regards to co-operation around data sharing by Hounslow Hate Crimes Support Service to be followed up with full report prepared for January meeting – Sabeel Khan and Permjit Chadha.



FGM Presentation

By Naima Ibrahim from Forward UK (10min plus questions)


Naima Ibrahim spoke to a power point presentation (not included in the pack). 


Questions asked by CSPB Members:


·         How is the success of the Community Champion being measured?

o   In terms of the numbers spoken to, and feedback given, also the number of people contacted and how many have received advice.

·         It was commented that these were actually outputs and the question was raised whether there were specific outcomes being tracked as well.

o   A specific outcome being tracked would be the number of girls being reported over time.

o   The names and addresses of people actually committing the crime locally and arrests being made in the UK as a result of intelligence gathered through the project.  (Anyone sharing information could be treated as a police ‘informant’ with no come back or identification. 

·         The Chair asked what CSPB could do to support the project.

o   To support the continuation of the project beyond the end of the contract in November 2016.

·         A request for the reported improvement in understanding to be ‘tested’ was made.

·         More qualitative data was requested.

·         Clarification was requested on the ‘no religious basis’ statement made during the talk

o   It was clarified that this is what the families are taught although there is in fact no actual religious basis for FGM – this had been taken out of context within some communities.

·         A position statement was requested with regard to where the project currently sat.

o   Half way through the 2 year contract.

·         The Chair said that any future bids would be around outcomes and not outputs and for this reason it was important to ensure that these were captured going forward.




For Community Safety - In order to consider the continued funding of the project beyond the end of the current contract, a position statement is to be prepared outlining outcomes (rather than outputs) achieved to date.


Safe Place Scheme Presentation

 By Sgt Ehab Al-Hashimi from MPS Hounslow (10 min including questions)


The Chair welcomed Sgt Ehab Al-Hashimi to the meeting to provide a report on the Safe Place Scheme.


Questions and comments following the presentation by Sgt Ehab Al-Hashimi:


·         How is the scheme advertised? Asked from the Appropriate Adult point of view.

o   A multi-faceted approach is used, through various meetings such as the DCF, carers meeting and through the Equalities Team.

o   It was also launched in the media (newspaper) last December.

·         Can the cards be picked up somewhere? And, are more ‘safe places’ needed?

o   Suggestions about possible places to put the cards was welcomed.  More venues are not necessary at the moment as work is still being done with the current ones which have experienced some continuity issues due to staff turnover.

·         Are there any good news stories?

o   A client had been helped and details could be provided although evidence indicated that that issues were not being reported as many clients with learning difficulties were unable to identify specific issues such as ‘hate’ crimes and did not report these or seek help.

·         It was questioned whether communications were aware of the scheme.

o   Anita Bhogal welcomed information on the scheme and agreed to send out a press release to raise awareness.

·         The Chair asked whether a phone app to identify the nearest safe place had been considered.

o   Permjit Chadha said this had been looked at.

·         Cllr Foote reported that the Council had data bases with people with learning disabilities which should be used to promote the scheme.

·         Cllr Foote suggested that pharmacies might be an ideal ‘safe place’ due to their long term retention of staff.

·         It was asked what type of shops were used.

o   It was reported that smaller shops, including coffee shops were part of the scheme, there had been some difficulty in getting buy in from the big brands.

·         Concerns were expressed at the use of coffee shops which were historically linked to CSE and the possible links that may exist with vulnerable adults.




 Rachel Heydon to meet with Sgt Ehab Al-Hashimi to discuss links with the Appropriate Adult scheme.


Anita Bhogal to be sent information for use in a press release to raise awareness of the scheme.


Sgt Al-Hashimi to provide details of any activity and good news stories from the scheme to promote it through the media.


Domestic Homicide Review


Permjit Chadha reported that the board was currently being put together and that 3 different CVs had been received for selection of a Chair, the list for the board had been approved, in consultation, Jacqui McShannon and Steve Liddicott.  Permjit reported that support had been received from MOPAC and other London boards. 


Raj Kohli agreed that it was not necessary to interview for the role of chair and that the appointment could be made on the basis of suitable available individuals with references.




The Chair for the DHR is to be selected on the basis of CVs and reference, not through interview.


Bids for Community Safety Partnership Reserve Fund pdf icon PDF 189 KB

2 Bids for the Board to consider (Costs for the Domestic Homicide Review and Additional Resources for the Hounslow Exiting Prostitution Project)

Additional documents:




·       Funding for the DHR in an amount of £16 000 is to be agreed by the Board on receipt of the formal bid paperwork.


·       A complete costing of the Exiting Prostitution Project, including the cost of police officer’s hours is to be provided by Sabeel Khan and Permjit Chadha.


o   Raj Kohli is to contact the Chairs of other CSPBs to look at a joined up approach within the Tri-Borough area.  A meeting of Chairs is to be set-up.


o   Permjit Chadha is to meet with Raj Kholi to discuss possible barriers to joined up working in regard to cross-borough working on the Exiting Prostitution Project.


o   £13 000 additional funding was agreed by the Board to support an increase in hours of the Exiting Prostitution dedicated staff member.


Implementation of the Borough's new Environmental Enforcement and Community Safety Proposals

By Cllr Richard Foote, Lead Member for Community Protection


Cllr Foote provided a verbal overview of the implementation of the new Environmental Enforcement and Community Safety structure.  Cllr Foote reported that ‘Kingdom’ had been contracted for a period of six months, to support the introduction of the new structure through the provision of additional officers.  It was reported that there was no cost to the Council for the contract as they would be deriving their entire income from the issue of fines.  The purpose of the contract was to ensure that there were as many people as possible out on the streets on the first day.   The intention was to make the best possible use of the limited available resources.


Questions asked:


·       What type of tickets would be issued by these officers?

o   Typical fines would be ASB related such as fly tipping, feeding birds, spitting etc.

o   Fixed Penalty Notices issued would be publicised.

·       Concerns were expressed at the use of data bases by Kingdom and it was questioned whether they held the correct licences and accreditation to do so.

o   Cllr Foote confirmed that Kingdom did have all the correct licences and accreditation for the work to be undertaken.

·       Raj Kohli questioned whether the same level of intelligence sharing would be available to the police, shared information had been useful and contributed to successful operations in the past.

o   Cllr Foote responded that there would be a lot of joined up working including the sharing of information allowing a faster response time to different situations.

o   Evidence of the success of the changes would be seen in the reduction in the number of ASBs.  There had been some concern that the ASB Act 2015 was not being used to its full extent, the new structure would lead to closer working with partners as well as area forums.

·       Rachel Heydon asked whether the new roles created would now be attending the SNB Ward Panel meetings.

o   Cllr Foote confirmed that they would.

o   Raj Kohli agreed that in the ideal world they would attend but that Ward Panels must be aware that there is a need to make changes (due to both strategic and financial pressures) and that this may not always be possible.

·       Raj Kholi questioned who would be managing the strategic oversight of the project, and expressed concern that Kingdom may leave a legacy of target fines due to the financing agreement.

o   Aled Richards will have strategic oversight

·       The number of staff being provided by Kingdom was questioned?

o   Cllr Foote confirmed that they would provide about 2 staff members for each area forum.

·       Raj Kohli questioned whether there where assurances that the diversity of the local area would be fully represented within the area teams by Kingdom staff.

o   Cllr Foote responded that Kingdom would, in the first instance, employ from within the borough this would help in terms of the diversity issues.

·       Raj Kohli questioned who held disciplinary responsibility in respect of rough wardens.

o   Cllr Foote confirmed that this was held by  ...  view the full minutes text for item 28.


Strategy Outcomes Action Plan Q2 Reporting - all agencies pdf icon PDF 262 KB


Sabeel Khan reported that they were on track to meet the outcomes.


Sigrid Blackman reported that a decision had been taken by Executive Directors to transfer the responsibility for the drug and alcohol treatment programme (Young People’s Substance Misuse) from Early Intervention Services to Public Health. Sigrid Blackman advised she would be taking the specifics of this forward with the relevant manager in EIS, Sandra Morrison. 


Sub-Group - updates and reports by the Chairs of the Sub-Groups pdf icon PDF 89 KB

a.    Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy Group

b.    Anti-Social Behaviour Prevention Group

c.    Integrated offender Management Strategy Group

d.    Youth Crime Management Board

e.    Hate Crime Prevention Forum

Additional documents:


1.     Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy Group – Permjit Chadha provided an update. No CSE issues were reported.


2.     Anti-Social Behaviour Prevention Group – the sub-group meeting had been cancelled and no updates were available.


3.     Integrated offender Management Strategy Group


Action: Nigel Farmer to meet with Niamh Farren to look at future relationship and representation on the CSPB.


4.     Youth Crime Management Board – an update was provided.


5.     Hate Crime Prevention Forum – an update was provided.

Raj Kohli asked the board to consider the use of a possible strategy to place vulnerable people into high risk areas to help identify / provoke perpetrators so that action could be taken.


Action: Permjit Chadha is to speak to Raj Kohli to consider possible strategies.


Election of Vice-Chair


Action: It was agreed that Aled Richards and Brendon Walsh are to be invited by Sabeel Khan to consider the role of Vice-Chair.


Date of next meeting - 27 January 2016


The date of the next meeting was noted.





Urgent Business

Any other items which the Chair accepts for consideration on the grounds of urgency


Raj Kohli requested a review of the Board membership and asked Sabeel Khan to meet with him to discuss this.


Rachel Heydon invited members to come along to the Bedfont sing-a-long on the 12 December 2015.